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29 issues found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
104604 Writer save-exp issues UNCO --- epub support 2013-07-22
58887 General ui issues UNCO --- Make the database registering more intuitive 2014-02-19
3790 Writer code issues CONF --- RTF: Import Word 97-2000 RTF for Drawing Objects (Shapes) 2017-05-20
31927 General ui issues CONF --- No activity report during long lasting operations 2013-02-07
35053 Writer code issues CONF --- Mail merge with spreadsheet documents loses non-default date formats 2017-05-20
49861 Installa code issues CONF --- NSIS: remove the directory after the NSIS is finished 2020-10-24
58221 Base code issues CONF --- Sort records in step 6 of Mailmerge Wizzard 2013-02-07
58882 Base code issues CONF --- Use the spreadsheet data in right way, not just (incorrectly) guess the type 2013-02-07
62468 ui www issues CONF --- Easy way to select spellchecker's dictionary 2013-02-07
62906 General code issues CONF --- Default export directory, set by the same way as home directory 2013-02-07
69970 Writer save-exp issues CONF --- WW6: export corrupts diacritical symbols 2017-05-20
82772 Writer code issues CONF --- Copying cells destroys formula when caculating across two different tables 2017-05-20
87999 Calc open-imp issues CONF --- In "standard" data type csv import should never convert items with one dot to dates 2013-01-29
17113 General code issues CONF --- Highlighting (text selection) not kept when switching to page preview and back 2013-02-07
35191 Base code issues CONF --- Not all, only ~11 rows displayed in MailMerge / Table window 2013-02-07
58324 Base code issues CONF --- RFE: Spreadsheet support in Database wizard 2013-02-07
58602 Impress save-exp issues CONF --- Warning if characters aren't available while export to SWF 2017-05-20
29196 General ui issues ACCE --- Zero files displayed if directory access denied 2017-05-20
32785 Calc save-exp issues ACCE --- Excel Export BIFF5: missing character encoding 2013-08-07
2497 Draw open-imp Armin.Le.Grand RESO FIXE allow import of SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) 2013-02-08
35093 Calc code issues RESO FIXE Find (and replace) on selected cells is misleading 2015-11-16
16492 Impress ui bettina.haberer CLOS DUPL Auto-fullscreen when opening presentation 2010-03-12
84421 Calc editing issues CLOS WONT Search functions by their description 2017-05-20
22905 Installa ui olaf-openoffice CLOS FIXE Registration and license agreement should not appear when using -alluser during installation 2008-04-18
84417 General chart stefan.baltzer CLOS FIXE Unable to edit existing chart title with IME or clipboard 2013-02-24
84416 General chart thomas.klarhoefer CLOS NOT_ Not all data are plotted in chart 2013-02-24
84419 General chart thomas.klarhoefer CLOS DUPL Chart wizard -data range locked, unable to specify the range 2013-02-24
84420 General chart thomas.klarhoefer CLOS NOT_ Chart preview missing in the new chart wizzard 2013-02-24
8824 Impress ui wolframgarten CLOS FIXE Increase/decrease font size icons 2009-09-09
29 issues found.