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14 issues found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
94331 General ui issues CONF --- Paste email address into outlook express hangs Writer 2013-08-07
3545 Writer ui issues CONF --- Easier Cropping and rotating of images 2017-05-15
15859 Writer code issues CONF --- Document comparison synchronises poorly 2013-08-07
28994 Impress ui issues CONF --- Save new colors inside the document (make custom colors easily available) 2015-03-06
35718 Calc editing issues CONF --- ODFF: Excels subtotal function knows two parameter sets. One to include hidden cell and one to exclude hidden cells. should behave the same way. 2015-03-17
89078 Calc code issues CONF --- GETPIVOTDATA doesn't allow to reference a data pilot in another document 2013-02-07
107305 General chart issues CONF --- 3D Pie charts are too thick - make it customizable 2013-09-25
2497 Draw open-imp Armin.Le.Grand RESO FIXE allow import of SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) 2013-02-08
48702 Writer open-imp issues RESO FIXE Support SVG import in Gallery 2013-08-07
97102 Impress editing clippka CLOS IRRE Paste of table containing merged cells loses formatting 2010-03-12
89232 Calc editing issues CLOS FIXE Fill operations should not touch filtered rows. 2019-10-12
42282 gsl code michael.ruess CLOS FIXE Dualhead: popup dialogs appear off screen if second monitor is not connected 2010-11-09
5759 Calc ui oc CLOS FIXE DataPilot: allow more than 8 data fields 2017-05-20
28670 General chart thomas.klarhoefer CLOS FIXE implement explicit resize of legend 2013-02-24
14 issues found.