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10 issues found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
45135 Writer programm aem2 CLOS DUPL "JRE Required" Error Message Will Not Close 2005-08-05
42604 ui ui e.matthis CLOS DUPL Extremely misleading wording in "Enable JRE" warning 2005-05-02
37153 Writer ui joachim.lingner CLOS DUPL Writer/Web displays double errormessage when Java is missing 2013-08-07
46471 General ui joachim.lingner CLOS DUPL 'Organize Macros' for python causes 'Enable JRE' dialog to pop up sevearl times 2008-05-17
46680 General scriptin joachim.lingner CLOS DUPL Superfluous request of JRE in Tools > Macros 2005-05-31
50663 Writer ui joachim.lingner CLOS DUPL JRE error message 2013-08-07
52160 Writer ui joerg.skottke CLOS DUPL Multiple "JRE Defective" popups when editing image properties 2005-07-20
47528 ui ui stefan.baltzer CLOS DUPL "Enable JRE"-dialog opens several times in "Customize"-dialog without telling why 2005-05-31
41511 General scriptin tomaisoc CLOS DUPL JRE warning goes into infinite loop 2010-11-11
36978 Writer editing tomaisoc CLOS DUPL add hyperlink without jre results in 15 identical warnings 2013-08-07
10 issues found.