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18 issues found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
23843 General ui issues CONF --- Font color icon is not affecting newly inserted text 2013-08-07
36253 Draw ui issues CONF --- New Fontwork: not usable on existing text 2017-05-20
38998 Calc formatti issues CONF --- No Right to Left Direction in Headers and Footers 2017-05-20
62879 Writer ui issues CONF --- Adding RTL/LTR buttons to toolbar should enable enhanced language (CTL) support or alert the user 2013-02-07
35569 Writer viewing issues CONF --- Character styles used to format numbering styles are not listed in the Stylist's Applied Styles view 2017-05-20
11553 gsl code issues ACCE --- Enhance font display in the Object Bar's font combo box 2017-05-20
86811 Writer viewing michael.ruess CLOS FIXE WW8: arabic/hindi numbers instead of decimal numbers - approved 2013-08-07
6342 General ui andreas.schluens CLOS DUPL Alt Modifier 2009-07-12
17514 Internat BiDi christian.guenther CLOS FIXE incorrect letter order / word order when exporting Hebrew as swf (flash) 2013-08-07
39515 Impress save-exp christian.guenther CLOS FIXE Hebrew font lost on export to PPT 2006-11-17
36691 gsl code eric.savary CLOS FIXE Reversed parethesis when exporting Hebrew documents with Type1 fonts to PDF 2007-07-06
11409 Installa code ericb CLOS NOT_ Use OS X Installer for X11 builds 2008-06-06
14069 Internat BiDi hdu CLOS FIXE Problems with placement of Hebrew vowels (nikud | diacritics) in Linux 2013-08-07
36490 gsl code hdu CLOS FIXE Wrong alignment for right-to-left text in PDF export for PDF-builtin fonts 2011-04-04
4976 Writer code issues CLOS DUPL poor html conversion 2019-02-03
7385 Infrastr Bugzilla issues CLOS NOT_ duplicate "dependancies" are not adjusted 2012-03-18
30631 General ui marc.neumann CLOS FIXE R2L enabled controls 2010-10-25
28526 Draw viewing wolframgarten CLOS FIXE Allow anti-aliasing of drawing objects 2009-02-09
18 issues found.