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16 issues found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
18205 Writer code h.ilter CLOS DUPL Insert GFX from file with GFX selected in doc opens GFX properties dialog 2003-09-08
24537 Writer ui h.ilter CLOS DUPL Insert|Graphics|From File gives wrong dialog when graphic is selected 2004-03-18
81057 General code issues CLOS DUPL Insert>Picture>From file consistency 2017-05-20
88132 Writer editing issues CLOS DUPL Picture and Drawing toolbars inconsisteny for "Insert From File" item. 2017-05-20
115816 Draw formatti issues CLOS DUPL Replacing images facility - has been lost in latest release ... 2017-05-20
122551 Impress editing issues CLOS DUPL Impress placeholder for jpgs longer works 2017-05-20
62362 Writer ui matthias.mueller-prove CLOS DUPL insert picture function brings up wrong dialog 2006-02-24
46169 Writer open-imp requirements CLOS DUPL Insert->Picture->From File opens the Picture Poperties window if an other picture in the document is already selected. 2013-08-07
61587 Writer editing requirements CLOS DUPL let user insert picture as replacement for a selected picture (Insert->Picture->... should open the Insert Picture dialogue when a picture is selected) 2006-02-04
101705 Writer editing swneedsconfirm CLOS DUPL Wrong behavior when inserting picture (and a picture is currently selected) 2009-05-09
105519 Writer editing swneedsconfirm CLOS DUPL Inserting a picture with menu results in picture dialog, when there is a selcted one. 2009-10-01
106340 Writer open-imp swneedsconfirm CLOS DUPL Replacing a picture by using Insert > Picture > From file… opens properties dialog instead of file open 2009-10-27
107704 Writer editing swneedsconfirm CLOS DUPL improve inserting of pictures (consistency like for text) 2009-12-15
4076 Writer ui christian.jansen CLOS DUPL Insert|Graphics|From fileMenu Option Enabled even when Graphic selected 2013-08-07
49640 Writer ui requirements CLOS DUPL Insert.Picture when picture is selected in document open Format.Picture dialog 2006-02-04
106786 Writer editing swneedsconfirm CLOS DUPL Picture format dialog box appears, instead of Insert Picture dialog box. 2009-11-10
16 issues found.