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19 issues found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
4579 Writer configur issues CONF --- Special Character Shortcuts 2018-06-21
5156 Math ui issues CONF --- colors in formulas 2018-09-04
10530 Calc ui issues CONF --- Various printing default settings (to make things a bit slicker) 2013-02-07
13435 Math ui issues CONF --- add "therefore" math symbol 2013-08-07
34241 Writer save-exp issues CONF --- merge master document into a flat sxw/odt/text document 2013-08-07
42464 Base code issues CONF --- [RFE] allow to link tables from dfferent sources into one database file 2016-12-31
43652 Impress programm issues CONF --- Something like MS Producer in OO Impress's future 2013-02-07
44903 Calc ui issues CONF --- Calc terms should be changed to be more distinct, Change spreadsheet to workbook 2013-08-07
45988 Draw editing issues CONF --- When double clicking on a fontwork object, the text editing window should appear 2013-02-07
46414 Writer formatti issues CONF --- A do-not-break character-format attribute is needed so that words aren't hyphenated and broken apart 2014-10-31
50314 Math code issues CONF --- Formulas exported to word2000 format are nearly unreadable 2013-08-07
51131 General ui issues CONF --- Project Manager to Save and Restore Current State of All OOo Windows 2013-02-07
94514 Writer viewing issues CONF --- [Notes2] Option to print notes inside of the text 2018-09-12
17856 General ui issues CONF --- ability to choose what is displayed in titlebar 2020-01-17
35238 ui ui issues CONF --- Change behavior of Cancel in Autosave dialog 2013-02-07
46436 General ui issues CONF --- Should create two options menus. One for normal options and one for advanced. 2013-02-07
34050 ui ui issues CONF --- alternative way of entering unicode characters 2013-02-07
37292 Calc code issues CLOS DUPL Resize protected cell 2017-05-20
21280 Calc editing liushenf CLOS FIXE when cut/copy rows/columns & paste-special, shift down/right options are disabled incorrectly 2014-04-03
19 issues found.