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130 issues found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
93601 Internat localeda issues UNCO --- Default title for table of contents should reside in the locale data, not UI localization 2013-01-29
46089 Internat code issues CONF --- Font properties of complex script text lost when saved to Word XML format 2017-05-20
42171 gsl code issues CONF --- Display of invalid Thai combining character sequences broken on Windows 2017-05-20
42662 Internat code issues CONF --- Missing dotted circle breaks display of invalid combining sequences 2013-08-07
42663 Internat code issues CONF --- Display of invalid combining sequences broken with some Unicode fonts 2017-05-20
42731 Internat code issues CONF --- Should have visual feedback for current keyboard layout (e.g. change in cursor shape) 2013-08-07
42828 Internat code issues CONF --- When 'show Nonprinting characters', space after Thai text cause the text to be drawn twice with different font 2013-08-07
43043 Internat code issues CONF --- RFE: Number and currency spellout 2013-08-07
43583 App Dev api issues CONF --- RFE: Spellchecker API doesn't appropriate for languages without any space between words like Thai 2013-02-24
43776 Writer formatti issues CONF --- Underlining should optionally skip descenders and characters below baseline 2013-08-07
47801 Writer open-imp issues CONF --- WW8: Thai justification from Word 2003 not imported correctly 2017-05-20
47807 Writer save-exp issues CONF --- WW8: Thai justification not exported correctly 2017-05-20
47915 Writer save-exp issues CONF --- WW8: unspecified CTL language breaks export of default style's CTL font 2017-05-20
48064 Writer open-imp issues CONF --- WW8: Character formatting of Thai text lost on import from Word 97 2017-05-20
48208 Writer open-imp issues CONF --- RTF: Western text gets style's CTL font on import from Word 2017-05-20
48278 Writer open-imp issues CONF --- RTF: font of Thai text lost on import from Word 97 2017-05-20
51619 Impress open-imp issues CONF --- Impress doesn't preserve default CTL font for Thai 2013-08-07
54774 Internat code issues CONF --- Bad user experience when entering dates in Thai locale 2013-07-30
54841 Writer formatti issues CONF --- Problems with choosing between Western/Asian/CTL font for quote chars 2013-08-07
55067 Writer editing issues CONF --- thai: Input sequence checking does not work at the beginning of a run 2013-08-07
55339 Writer open-imp issues CONF --- WW8: Thai distribute justification from Word 97 not imported correctly 2017-05-20
55938 Internat code issues CONF --- TwoDigitYear config prop should be per-calendar 2013-02-07
57270 Writer save-exp issues CONF --- WW8: Thai and Western text in Autoshapes will break when exported 2017-05-20
57853 Writer ui issues CONF --- Can't disable space between latin and CTL text 2017-05-20
58610 Writer editing issues CONF --- Alphabetical Index - default mode for "Combine identical entries" should depend on locale 2017-06-25
59381 Installa ui issues CONF --- Extras needs localization for Thai 2013-07-30
59387 Writer viewing issues CONF --- No-width optional break indicator invisible except at large point sizes 2013-08-07
59576 gsl code issues CONF --- Can't copy text from PDF exported from OOo 2018-01-18
60826 Writer save-exp issues CONF --- WW8: spacing between Thai and English not preserved on import/export 2013-08-07
61083 Writer open-imp issues CONF --- WW8: hard formatted CTL font sometimes lost on import 2017-05-20
61104 Writer editing issues CONF --- Can't move the cursor (insertion point) when start moving from some position 2013-08-07
65872 Calc formatti issues CONF --- Thai text incorrectly display when use Vertically stacked in Calc 2013-08-07
92630 Calc configur issues CONF --- Default Thai/CTL fonts for Calc is not usable 2013-01-29
93600 Writer configur issues CONF --- Add all label formats available in Thailand 2017-05-20
103897 General code issues CONF --- Thai text in some UI elements will be displayed overlapped on Windows Vista / Windows 7 2013-08-07
103900 lingucom other issues CONF --- For Thai text in Writer, Ctrl+arrow key and double-click don't work on word boundaries 2013-02-07
103901 General code issues CONF --- OpenOffice.org Basic IDE text editor do not work with Thai text 2013-01-29
116087 Writer editing issues CONF --- [CTL] Base character displayed repeatly when applying hard character format 2017-05-20
42733 Internat ui issues CONF --- UI should not use term "CTL" 2013-08-07
43693 Writer formatti issues CONF --- Drop caps should work on cluster boundaries 2013-08-07
55069 Writer editing issues CONF --- thai:Clicking past end of line sometimes puts caret in the middle of a cell 2013-08-07
82170 Writer editing issues CONF --- Autocomplete display double character for this word [CTL / Thai] 2013-08-07
86980 General scriptin issues CONF --- Incorrect cursor position in dialog box when use Thai language. 2017-05-20
42728 Internat code issues CONF --- Optional bell/flash when invalid input sequence entered 2013-08-07
54681 General ui issues ACCE --- Cannot remove left-to-right and right-to-left buttons from toolbar 2013-02-07
55064 gsl code issues ACCE --- Cannot specify CTL font for text box form control 2017-05-20
55937 gsl code issues ACCE --- Cursor movement broken for combining characters in text boxes in dialogs 2017-05-20
58607 Writer formatti issues ACCE --- Outline Numbering 'show sublevel' not reflect ParentNumbering in Thai locale data 2017-05-20
59385 Writer ui issues ACCE --- Thai missing from Autocorrect language list 2017-05-20
93503 Calc save-exp issues ACCE --- Calc export of non-gregorian date to Excel loses format 2017-05-20
59332 Calc formatti issues ACCE --- Excessive [$-41E] in Thai native number formats 2017-05-20
89974 Writer programm issues REOP --- Rendering of Thai Script Corrupted 2013-11-14
92341 Writer open-imp openoffice RESO FIXE WW8: CTL/Thai font convert incorrectly when import from MS Office 2003 2013-08-07
42909 Internat code freuter CLOS DUPL Interoperability with MS Word - text language doesn't convert properly 2013-08-07
57224 General code hennes.rohling CLOS WONT CWS thaiissues doesn't start when OOo install path contains Thai chars 2006-02-09
46087 Internat code michael.ruess CLOS FIXE Complex script runs in exported .doc file are undisplayable in Word 2003 2013-08-07
42727 Internat code oc CLOS FIXE Interoperatability with Thai MS Excel 97 : BAHTTEXT() and t number format prefix 2013-08-07
102356 Calc editing ooo CLOS FIXE Calc assumes all date value input/output to be in Buddhist era when use Thai locale 2013-08-07
41860 Writer formatti stefan.baltzer CLOS FIXE uneven / inaccurate paragraph justification for Thai / CTL 2013-08-07
59659 Writer editing stefan.baltzer CLOS FIXE CTL "Type and Replace" swap Thai characters unexpectedly in different situations 2013-08-07
89262 gsl code stefan.baltzer CLOS FIXE X11+cairo: CJK/Thai/Arabic text not visible in vertical mode or when zoomed in 2009-07-20
44080 Internat code christian.guenther CLOS FIXE Thai shaping doesn't work when export to flash 2013-08-07
59427 Internat code eric.savary CLOS FIXE Cordia would be a better choice of default font for Thai in Impress 2013-08-07
63484 Internat code eric.savary CLOS FIXE Default font for Thai in Calc should be Tahoma not Angsana 2013-08-07
23784 Writer code falko.tesch CLOS DUPL CTL text (Thai): Wrong line breaking when export to ms word 2013-08-07
42735 Internat code falko.tesch CLOS WONT Should have separate font for each script as in Mozilla, instead of Western/Asian/CTL 2013-08-07
48123 General code falko.tesch CLOS DUPL Auto-enabling of CTL needs improvement 2006-01-11
59408 Calc code frank CLOS FIXE 15pt default font size causes row-height problems with Thai locale 2013-08-07
59410 Writer code h.ilter CLOS FIXE Default font for Thai should be Angsana 16pt not Angsana 18pt 2013-08-07
72129 gsl code hdu CLOS FIXE ttfonts with bad CMAP but good POST tables can be rescued 2008-08-22
88973 gsl code hdu CLOS DUPL Some glyphs (i.e. Arabic) are not displayed 2008-06-02
42730 General code helge.delfs CLOS FIXE Installation needs to auto-config OOo appropriately for an environment's current locale 2005-11-18
48117 Internat code helge.delfs CLOS FIXE Thai sequence input checking should be enabled by default 2013-08-07
43697 lingucom other hin.stone CLOS FIXE Need Thai language pack 2008-05-17
9865 document Manuals issues CLOS FIXE Thai translation for OO.o Setup Guide 2005-02-22
42967 Internat ui jjc CLOS FIXE Don't understand semantics of check-box to control whether Sequence Input Checking is or is not Restricted 2013-08-07
43767 Internat code jjc CLOS FIXE Support for Thai numbering types 2013-08-07
54746 Internat code jjc CLOS FIXE Need to add Thai numbering types to Thai locale data file 2013-08-07
60011 Internat code jjc CLOS FIXE Create Thai localized build of 2.0.1 fixing critical problems 2010-11-12
46732 Writer save-exp michael.ruess CLOS FIXE WW8: some Thai documents not exported with correct characters 2013-08-07
69256 Writer open-imp michael.ruess CLOS DUPL The language setting are wrong, when make a new OpenDocument Text from context menu 2006-09-05
65947 Base code needsconfirm CLOS DUPL Thai text problem when import Spreadsheet to Base document. 2013-08-07
31230 Infrastr Website nesshof CLOS FIXE THAI spell checking 2013-02-24
42738 Internat code nesshof CLOS WONT Make Pladao and OfficeTLE fonts conveniently available for OOo 2013-08-07
42660 Internat code oc CLOS FIXE [Calc] Need feature for easy manual override of incorrect word breaking 2013-08-07
43766 Internat code oc CLOS FIXE Inappropriate Thai date formats / non-functional 2013-08-07
43768 Internat code oc CLOS FIXE Add number formats using Thai digits 2013-08-07
48491 Calc open-imp oc CLOS FIXE Excel import: combining characters in sheet names not handled 2013-08-07
55068 Calc open-imp oc CLOS FIXE Font for CTL text incorrect after import from Excel 2013-08-07
59335 Calc code oc CLOS FIXE BATHTEXT() function is wrong when value is more than 1000000 2013-08-07
60296 Calc open-imp oc CLOS FIXE Calc: can't import fixed-width CSV with Thai text 2013-08-07
60034 Installa code olaf-openoffice CLOS FIXE Multilingual Thai/English installation set fails on Windows 98/Me 2006-02-01
42723 Internat code ooo CLOS DUPL Thai locale data incomplete 2013-08-07
29485 Writer code os_ooo CLOS DUPL Looses Language settings.default languages for documents when document created by right clicking 2013-08-07
59270 Writer editing os_ooo CLOS DUPL Autocorrect completion of month/weekdays broken for CTL but non-bidi 2013-08-07
42671 Native-L www samphan CLOS FIXE Turn input from Thai user community into proper issues 2012-01-30
42982 Internat ui samphan CLOS NOT_ Shortcut keys need Thai localization 2008-05-17
72695 Calc formatti spreadsheet CLOS DUPL Paste link make cells with Thai character unreadable 2007-01-29
81049 Calc formatti spreadsheet CLOS DUPL DDE pasting in calc cell has problem with Thai language 2007-08-27
41671 Internat code stefan.baltzer CLOS FIXE Thai line-breaking non-functional 2013-08-07
42469 Internat code stefan.baltzer CLOS FIXE Thai input sequence checking is broken 2013-08-07
42661 Internat code stefan.baltzer CLOS FIXE RFE: Thai need feature for automatic sequence input correction 2013-08-07
42725 Internat code stefan.baltzer CLOS FIXE Font size for default fonts needs to be configurable for each font 2013-08-07
42732 Internat code stefan.baltzer CLOS FIXE Font drop down should be aware of current keyboard layout 2013-08-07
42964 Internat code stefan.baltzer CLOS FIXE Localized menu has problem matching menu shortcut with input from keyboard 2013-08-07
42965 Internat code stefan.baltzer CLOS FIXE The number of 'Numbering type' dialog tab is fixed/hardcoded to 8 2013-08-07
43045 Internat code stefan.baltzer CLOS FIXE Ignore unused characters when numbering using Thai letters 2013-08-07
52055 Internat code stefan.baltzer CLOS FIXE Restricted sequence checking for Thai disallows some valid sequences 2013-08-07
54739 Internat code stefan.baltzer CLOS FIXE Need Thai support in IndexEntrySupplier 2013-08-07
54913 Draw editing stefan.baltzer CLOS FIXE Input sequence checking and correction needs to work in EditEngine (Calc, Draw, Impress) 2006-07-04
55063 Internat code stefan.baltzer CLOS FIXE Sentence selection broken for Thai 2013-08-07
55341 gsl code stefan.baltzer CLOS FIXE Underline size too thick with most Thai fonts 2006-05-15
59630 Writer editing stefan.baltzer CLOS DUPL Thai characters in text frame swap when load 2013-08-07
59633 Writer editing stefan.baltzer CLOS DUPL Thai characters swapped when using change tracking 2006-01-02
61397 gsl code stefan.baltzer CLOS FIXE Input sequence correction and checking should work in dialogs 2006-07-04
66108 gsl code stefan.baltzer CLOS FIXE Selection and layout problem of multi-script-CTL text 2006-07-28
85470 gsl code stefan.baltzer CLOS FIXE render text with cairo 2009-07-20
94606 Writer code stefan.baltzer CLOS IRRE OpenOffice.org allow line to be broken after non-breaking characters 2009-07-12
43666 Internat code stephan.bergmann.secondary CLOS FIXE Add TIS620 encoding missing from sal/textenc/tencinfo.c 2013-08-07
52240 General ui thorsten.martens CLOS DUPL problem opening filenames containing chinese characters from WIN EXPLORER 2007-02-08
66682 General ui thorsten.martens CLOS IRRE Thai Language pack in menu very small. 2013-08-07
32939 General code ulf.stroehler CLOS FIXE Pls. determin also the CJK and CTL document language and store in the configuration 2005-12-11
41672 Internat code ulf.stroehler CLOS FIXE Numbers inappropriately formatted using Thai digits 2013-08-07
56145 Internat code ulf.stroehler CLOS FIXE Set the default CTL font for Thai in all OOo applications to "Angsana New" 2013-08-07
60796 Installa ui vladimir.glazounov CLOS FIXE Thai installation set with Thai locale aborts when changing installation folder 2006-11-01
55538 Writer formatti wolframgarten CLOS FIXE Can't change font of a FontWork with Thai text 2013-08-07
59426 Impress code wolframgarten CLOS FIXE Incorrect default font size for Thai in Impress 2006-05-17
88376 gsl code wolframgarten CLOS FIXE X11: Wrong character mapping for some fonts 2009-04-28
17754 Internat code bettina.haberer CLOS DUPL Thai native number spellout. 2013-08-07
43698 General thesauru issues CLOS NOT_ Need Thai thesaurus 2019-08-02
130 issues found.