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19 issues found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
24500 Writer ui issues CONF --- Pasting table content into existing writer tables 2017-05-20
35545 Writer formatti issues CONF --- Float tables/graphics across page boundaries like LaTeX 2017-05-20
50547 gsl code issues CONF --- [GTK+ vclplug IIIMF input improvements] shortcuts not working in pre-edit mode 2013-07-30
56484 ui ui issues CONF --- Cannot Drag and Drop images across applications/windows 2014-02-04
56933 General ui issues CONF --- disable (grey out) menu entries when all submenu entries are unavailable 2013-02-07
59516 Base code issues CONF --- IT: Cannot insert decimal, real or float values properly 2013-02-07
68056 Calc formatti issues CONF --- Datapilot column order 2017-05-20
68567 General spell ch issues CONF --- Add possibility to accept apostrophe as last letter of a word 2013-02-24
39994 Writer ui issues CONF --- word-wide drop cap is not quite right 2013-08-07
47550 General ui issues CONF --- PDF export icon missing in File menu 2017-05-20
77791 General code issues CONF --- New export format PDF/X-3 (ISO 15930-3) to create documents for print-centers 2013-02-07
45343 Calc formatti issues ACCE --- colon not recognized as time separator in Italian 2017-05-20
18851 Installa code issues REOP --- add a "setupnet.bat" 2013-08-07
101451 Writer open-imp michael.ruess CLOS FIXE WW8: table imported with wrong position on ubuntu linux 2013-08-07
89232 Calc editing issues CLOS FIXE Fill operations should not touch filtered rows. 2019-10-12
118840 General chart issues CLOS FIXE Inserted chart into other document type, copied from Calc, loses data 2017-05-20
89920 Writer editing michael.ruess CLOS FIXE Objects (Fontwork, Movie and Sound) only selectable via Ctrl-Click 'cause it's inserted "in background" by default 2013-08-07
21747 General code thorsten.martens CLOS IRRE Directory lock until quickstarter closed 2010-11-28
45909 Base code marc.neumann CLOS FIXE form title contains readonly string when open for data input 2017-05-20
19 issues found.