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23 issues found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
83885 Infrastr Website issues UNCO --- New OOo Website Proposal - Main Page 2013-02-07
14008 Writer ui issues CONF --- Allow anchor settings in frame styles (graphic-styles) 2017-10-04
29042 Calc code issues CONF --- sortlist don't allow enter words with other upper-case/lower-case 2013-02-07
29234 Impress code issues CONF --- Need Page Styles in Draw and Impress 2019-10-06
49185 Base code issues CONF --- Queries can't call macro functions 2017-06-21
52755 Impress installa issues CONF --- .pps files should open in presentation mode as with PowerPoint 2016-03-17
86048 ui ui issues CONF --- Menu Text Colour/Color on a theme with black menu bars 2013-01-29
90630 ui ui issues CONF --- Ugly background of buttons in Start Center 2013-01-29
92562 Calc ui issues CONF --- Unable to display dialog filter with autofilter in full screen mode 2013-01-29
102979 General ui issues CONF --- "Enter password" dialog could be improved 2017-05-20
103627 Impress editing issues CONF --- Automatic table of content & outline features for impress 2013-02-07
113578 Writer ui issues CONF --- Mailmerge: reset "Data to fields" state 2014-03-01
22183 Calc code issues CONF --- Cannot change date format in header/footer 2013-02-07
89746 General thesauru issues RESO FIXE French synonym for d├ęchet is Afrique 2013-02-24
84210 Writer viewing h.ilter CLOS FIXE Controls are displayed outside the page in the page preview 2013-08-07
116720 General chart IngridvdM CLOS DUPL Add Data Table tab like with Excel 2013-02-24
3959 Writer viewing issues CLOS WONT Outline View (aka MS Word) 2017-05-20
19194 Writer ui issues CLOS NOT_ superscripted characters height position is size-dependant? shouldn't be! 2017-05-20
111290 General ui issues CLOS DUPL Better protection for file if crash occurs 2017-05-20
83601 Internat ui CLOS WONT French Translation of "Mailing" toward "Publipostage" 2010-04-11
85146 Calc programm spreadsheet CLOS DUPL Copy does not work correctly with AutoFilter 2008-07-18
48976 Impress open-imp wolframgarten CLOS FIXE Importing a PowerPoint file does not give correct numbering on lists. 2008-10-17
17091 Calc ui bettina.haberer CLOS WONT Add Center Across Selection feature to spreadsheet 2017-10-29
23 issues found.