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18 issues found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
2864 Math ui issues CONF --- TeX style formula input whould be welcomed 2013-02-07
10166 Writer code issues CONF --- Reference/bibliography management is sorely lacking 2017-05-20
15379 Writer save-exp issues CONF --- Add ability to resize inserted pics (save pics with reduced resolution) 2019-04-06
25732 Draw code issues CONF --- Text flow from text box to text box 2017-05-20
29012 General chart issues CONF --- surface chart - 3d plot - contour plot 2013-12-18
40922 Impress viewing issues CONF --- Animated Image: Loop count doesn't work 2017-05-20
56380 Impress viewing issues CONF --- Animated images created within OO play too fast 2017-05-20
83744 Math code issues CONF --- Equation editor objects greek alphabet corruption when exporting in PDF 2013-08-07
94264 Writer viewing issues CONF --- Imported MS Word equations are not legible and can't be edited 2013-08-07
98110 Impress code issues CONF --- Impress Printing-Options behave strangely 2017-05-20
105023 Impress ui issues CONF --- Add objects, text and images movement/scaling/rotation transitions, like Keynote's magic move 2013-02-07
11756 Writer code issues ACCE --- Errors Importing MSWord docs with Equation Editor Math Typeset 2013-08-07
92475 Impress viewing issues ACCE --- Embedded movies do not play and loop correctly 2017-05-20
4260 Writer code issues ACCE --- Proposals for Bibliographic facility enhancements. 2017-05-20
2497 Draw open-imp Armin.Le.Grand RESO FIXE allow import of SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) 2013-02-08
3395 Writer formatti issues CLOS WONT Reveal formatting codes 2017-05-20
50019 Calc formatti oc CLOS FIXE Cannot apply border formatting to multiple selection 2013-08-07
49991 Draw code ooo CLOS FIXE Allow embedding SVG vector graphics into all documents. 2017-05-20
18 issues found.