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11 issues found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
11121 Writer formatti issues CONF --- Styles for tables 2017-05-20
51904 Base code issues CONF --- Wizard to import table to database 2014-01-16
73097 Writer ui issues CONF --- tab stops get shifted to right on indented paragraph 2017-05-20
17960 Writer ui issues CONF --- Users should have the option to create parallel (aka unlinked) columns 2017-05-20
31050 Calc code issues ACCE --- Hyperlinks applied to Number cell contents in .xls lost after import 2013-08-07
75791 Impress viewing Armin.Le.Grand CLOS NOT_ Circles less accurate than in Powerpoint 2013-08-07
3959 Writer viewing issues CLOS WONT Outline View (aka MS Word) 2017-05-20
15511 General ui issues CLOS DUPL Autocomplete for StarBasic editor 2018-01-09
72957 lingucom other maison.godard CLOS DUPL User settings overridden by installation 2008-11-05
1598 Writer viewing stefan.baltzer CLOS FIXE Display multiple pages beside each other while editing 2013-08-07
43354 Impress editing wolframgarten CLOS FIXE Master Design slides get deleted when no slide uses them 2009-02-17
11 issues found.