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36 issues found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
77257 Installa ui issues CONF --- File Association Manager for Windows version 2013-02-07
5929 General code issues CONF --- Make all line styles available everywhere in OO.o 2013-02-07
8275 Draw formatti issues CONF --- more border types (dashed, dotted, etc) 2013-04-19
11831 gsl code issues CONF --- print pages in specified order 2017-05-20
13791 Writer ui issues CONF --- Text flowing around table should not require frame 2017-05-20
18179 Writer code issues CONF --- Table: Draw table manually, resizing the table more flexible 2017-05-20
24500 Writer ui issues CONF --- Pasting table content into existing writer tables 2017-05-20
28913 ui code issues CONF --- Need list of regular expressions in UI to ease "Find and Replace" 2013-02-07
29234 Impress code issues CONF --- Need Page Styles in Draw and Impress 2019-10-06
33723 Calc editing issues CONF --- NF-DATE: Ability to turn off Number Recognition for incomplete dates in Calc 2015-02-20
47151 gsl code issues CONF --- Free RGB Color Selection without adding to color table 2013-02-07
51904 Base code issues CONF --- Wizard to import table to database 2014-01-16
60632 Writer editing issues CONF --- Keep with next paragraph does not work inside table cells; make it configurable 2013-02-07
62490 Calc open-imp issues CONF --- xls import of pivot tables does not create in sheet controls 2013-08-07
69845 Draw ui issues CONF --- Need for a picture-object dialog in draw/impress 2013-02-07
70480 Calc viewing issues CONF --- Counting the number of lines, columns or cells in the current selection 2016-12-24
74467 Impress viewing issues CONF --- Impress - Custom Animation - Movie Credits too fast. 2017-05-20
76518 Draw editing issues CONF --- Useful: Measuring lines following objects 2013-02-07
78914 General code issues CONF --- Universal "Fit to page goal" button for shrinking (or expanding) any document to X# of pages 2013-02-07
98111 gsl code issues CONF --- Cancel button should really cancel printout, not just stop sending more pages 2013-07-30
45511 Math ui issues CONF --- Integral sign too small and not scalable 2021-01-15
67620 Writer viewing issues CONF --- Make ToolTip for page/chapter on Scrollbar configurable 2013-02-07
7575 Draw ui issues ACCE --- Maintain connection points when grouping objects 2017-05-20
74858 Math ui issues ACCE --- Incorrect vertical alignment of "nested" matrices using mline 2013-08-07
95628 General code issues ACCE --- UserLayer location defaults to boot drive if username contains non ansi characters 2017-05-20
7512 ui ui issues ACCE --- Selection colour 2013-02-07
66846 Base code issues REOP --- Out of memory when opening large tables 2013-08-07
102116 General chart oc CLOS FIXE Saving pie (doughnut) chart to .xls looses color 2013-02-24
71327 udk code eliyuan CLOS DUPL update to python 2.5 2011-04-11
51662 Internat localeda erack CLOS DUPL Read separators and formats from Windows Regional Settings. 2017-05-20
89232 Calc editing issues CLOS FIXE Fill operations should not touch filtered rows. 2019-10-12
972 Math ui michael.ruess CLOS FIXE Alignment of baselines of formula and text in writer 2011-03-14
5658 Calc programm oc CLOS FIXE Spreadsheet thinks a number is a string (text) 2017-05-20
22304 gsl code philipp.lohmann CLOS FIXE OOo prints multiple copies of a document incorrectly 2010-10-23
12587 General chart thomas.klarhoefer CLOS FIXE Inserting/editing arbitrary text objects in chart 2013-02-24
59171 Installa code CLOS IRRE Shared configuration lost during update 2013-08-07
36 issues found.