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29 issues found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
93601 Internat localeda issues UNCO --- Default title for table of contents should reside in the locale data, not UI localization 2013-01-29
42828 Internat code issues CONF --- When 'show Nonprinting characters', space after Thai text cause the text to be drawn twice with different font 2013-08-07
47801 Writer open-imp issues CONF --- WW8: Thai justification from Word 2003 not imported correctly 2017-05-20
47807 Writer save-exp issues CONF --- WW8: Thai justification not exported correctly 2017-05-20
47915 Writer save-exp issues CONF --- WW8: unspecified CTL language breaks export of default style's CTL font 2017-05-20
48064 Writer open-imp issues CONF --- WW8: Character formatting of Thai text lost on import from Word 97 2017-05-20
48278 Writer open-imp issues CONF --- RTF: font of Thai text lost on import from Word 97 2017-05-20
51619 Impress open-imp issues CONF --- Impress doesn't preserve default CTL font for Thai 2013-08-07
54841 Writer formatti issues CONF --- Problems with choosing between Western/Asian/CTL font for quote chars 2013-08-07
55339 Writer open-imp issues CONF --- WW8: Thai distribute justification from Word 97 not imported correctly 2017-05-20
57853 Writer ui issues CONF --- Can't disable space between latin and CTL text 2017-05-20
59576 gsl code issues CONF --- Can't copy text from PDF exported from OOo 2018-01-18
60826 Writer save-exp issues CONF --- WW8: spacing between Thai and English not preserved on import/export 2013-08-07
61083 Writer open-imp issues CONF --- WW8: hard formatted CTL font sometimes lost on import 2017-05-20
61104 Writer editing issues CONF --- Can't move the cursor (insertion point) when start moving from some position 2013-08-07
65872 Calc formatti issues CONF --- Thai text incorrectly display when use Vertically stacked in Calc 2013-08-07
92630 Calc configur issues CONF --- Default Thai/CTL fonts for Calc is not usable 2013-01-29
93600 Writer configur issues CONF --- Add all label formats available in Thailand 2017-05-20
103897 General code issues CONF --- Thai text in some UI elements will be displayed overlapped on Windows Vista / Windows 7 2013-08-07
103900 lingucom other issues CONF --- For Thai text in Writer, Ctrl+arrow key and double-click don't work on word boundaries 2013-02-07
103901 General code issues CONF --- OpenOffice.org Basic IDE text editor do not work with Thai text 2013-01-29
116087 Writer editing issues CONF --- [CTL] Base character displayed repeatly when applying hard character format 2017-05-20
82170 Writer editing issues CONF --- Autocomplete display double character for this word [CTL / Thai] 2013-08-07
86980 General scriptin issues CONF --- Incorrect cursor position in dialog box when use Thai language. 2017-05-20
55937 gsl code issues ACCE --- Cursor movement broken for combining characters in text boxes in dialogs 2017-05-20
58607 Writer formatti issues ACCE --- Outline Numbering 'show sublevel' not reflect ParentNumbering in Thai locale data 2017-05-20
59385 Writer ui issues ACCE --- Thai missing from Autocorrect language list 2017-05-20
93503 Calc save-exp issues ACCE --- Calc export of non-gregorian date to Excel loses format 2017-05-20
89974 Writer programm issues REOP --- Rendering of Thai Script Corrupted 2013-11-14
29 issues found.