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15 issues found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
23792 Internat BiDi issues CONF --- find & replace : insert special character lack full unicode range 2017-05-20
63875 General ui issues CONF --- Unabilaty to save a document ('unable to write') because of removed temporary files. 2017-05-20
64400 Build To GNU make issues CONF --- Test Summanry 2017-05-20
73113 Writer editing issues CONF --- Shortcuts for en- and em-dashes 2013-08-07
73641 Calc viewing issues CONF --- In popup comments text with hyperlink invisible 2015-01-14
78926 Calc open-imp issues CONF --- Might apply some magic to CSV import with broken non-escaped quotes in fields 2017-05-20
83194 Writer open-imp issues CONF --- Importing HTML without encoding specified - use system localle. 2017-05-20
85253 Base code issues CONF --- Ability to customize database interface 2013-02-07
99910 Writer formatti issues CONF --- HTML: incorrect forming tables, too many borders imported 2017-05-20
2593 Writer code issues ACCE --- cross-references from Word documents; not possible to refer on paragraph number 2017-05-20
93997 Installa code floeff+ooo CLOS FIXE Portable OOo: formulas distorted (problem with opensymbol font) 2017-05-20
84721 Impress ui issues CLOS OBSO German UI strings in source files of Sun presentation minimizer 2018-03-27
89780 Writer open-imp issues CLOS DUPL Cannot correctly place cursor in text over frame "in background" 2013-08-07
85305 Calc code thomas.klarhoefer CLOS FIXE Dynamically grow a filtered range for autofilter, standard filter, and advanced filter 2017-05-20
14832 Impress editing wolframgarten CLOS FIXE Field "Page Count" is missing 2009-09-03
15 issues found.