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10 issues found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
84646 Impress formatti christian.guenther CLOS DUPL Can't resize formula by handles in impress 2008-01-07
22476 Impress ui clippka CLOS DUPL Undesired change in "Protect Size" and "Keep Ratio" of a Formula Object in a Presentation 2013-08-07
28813 Impress ui clippka CLOS DUPL Annoyance: inserted math object size remains protected 2013-08-07
17469 Math ui michael.ruess CLOS DUPL have Math formulas size be non-protected standardly 2008-01-07
61834 General code requirements CLOS DUPL resize of formulars is not user friendly 2010-10-23
53487 ui ui stefan.baltzer CLOS DUPL Math object not resizeable 2005-08-22
8881 Math ui bettina.haberer CLOS DUPL Cannot resize formula / change text size 2003-09-08
23910 Math ui bettina.haberer CLOS DUPL Cannot Resize inserted formula Object 2005-01-29
17470 Math code niklas.nebel CLOS DUPL protection state of Math formulas jump back to protected after each resizing operation 2013-08-07
12615 Math code os_ooo CLOS DUPL Resizing of Formulae does not work 2013-08-07
10 issues found.