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239 issues found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
86087 Impress code issues UNCO --- the second line is not flush left. 2013-02-07
88790 Impress code issues UNCO --- you can't set value in above paragraph in first paragraph,and also can't set value in below paragraph in last paragraph. 2013-02-07
102586 extensio presente groucho266 CONF --- [Presenter screen]Open,close and reopen hyperlink document, crash OOo 2017-05-20
97175 Calc editing issues CONF --- Calc crashed When pasting table from Writer not MS word 2013-01-29
97186 General www issues CONF --- Insert a new Hyperlink document with long name, OOo crashes after applying 2017-05-20
97259 Draw code issues CONF --- Draw&Impress crashed if copy and paste part of table in empty area 2017-05-20
97297 Writer save-exp issues CONF --- Crash when save a new XML Filter which has the Unkonwn attribute 2013-08-07
97300 Draw code issues CONF --- Drawing or Impress crashed when modifying links of inserted file 2017-05-20
97334 Impress code issues CONF --- Impress crashes when setting 'Custom Animation' for characters inserted on the animated gif picture 2017-05-20
97341 Draw code issues CONF --- Drawing&Impress crashes: select 'Input' in the Drawing bar which shows all of visible buttons 2017-05-20
97381 General code issues CONF --- Insert a new Hyperlink document with illegal character, OOo crashes after applying 2013-01-29
97385 Writer code issues CONF --- Loop when inserting an object into "hidden" text 2017-05-20
97389 Calc code issues CONF --- Calc hangs when double_clicking OLE text object containingting HTML text 2013-01-29
97415 General code issues CONF --- OOo hangs: Access a file which doesn't exist via CTRL+Click link 2013-01-29
97420 Writer code issues CONF --- Writer crashes after Undo-Redo-Undo with tracked changes not shown 2013-08-07
97472 Impress code issues CONF --- hide all Custom Slide Show, OOo CRASH when showing 2017-05-20
97474 Writer code issues CONF --- Move table-formula, split cell and merge the whole table, Undo and Redo many times, crashes Writer 2013-08-07
97481 Writer code issues CONF --- Undo on sorting in nesed tables crashes Writer 2013-08-07
97551 Writer code issues CONF --- Insert Object into Index and edit Index, Undo-Redo crashes Writer 2013-08-07
97566 Writer code issues CONF --- Open Sina index page hangs OOo 2017-05-20
97573 Draw ui issues CONF --- Do sth. on the deleted theme, crashes OOo 2017-05-20
97632 Writer code issues CONF --- Writer Crash: copy any DBC case punctuation from MS Word to Writer, then operate Chinese translate 2013-08-07
97649 Calc code issues CONF --- Full Screen View switch on/off while switch typewriting and enter characters in Find&Replace dialog, crashes OOo 2013-01-29
97654 Writer open-imp issues CONF --- Writer: serious efficiency defect when open large pure-text .doc file 2017-05-20
98100 General code issues CONF --- Click Design mode on/off after opening Form controls' properties, Assign action and Macro Selector dialog, crashes OOo 2013-01-29
98382 General code issues CONF --- Modify a style which has been deleted, crashes OOo 2013-08-07
101236 Writer code issues CONF --- chinese translation for doc containing "-----" crashes OOo 2013-08-07
101666 Writer code issues CONF --- Anchor picture as character,check record and delete picture,uncheck show,UNDO several times,crashes OOo 2017-05-20
103049 Writer code issues CONF --- Compare document between new doc and doc with footnote, Undo, crashes OOo 2017-05-20
103852 Calc code issues CONF --- Data range shrinks, switch to another OOo doc, do sth. on Data range, OOo hangs. 2013-01-29
114079 Impress code issues CONF --- Close master view and click used master page, crashes OOo 2014-03-17
83887 Impress code issues CONF --- Show slide ,the hyperlink button does not work. 2017-05-20
84441 Calc code issues CONF --- Undo in a protected sheet 2013-02-07
84444 Calc code issues CONF --- The direction of the text can be changed from tool bar in a protected sheet 2017-05-20
84526 Impress code issues CONF --- bullets and numbering lost after paste 2018-06-18
84531 Impress code issues CONF --- add custom animation to the movie,the custom animation is of no effect 2013-02-07
84558 Writer code issues CONF --- character font changed during Chinese translation 2013-02-07
84632 Writer code issues CONF --- font effects will effect paragraph mark (paragraph break) 2013-02-07
84633 Writer code issues CONF --- adjust font size with Reduce Font, abnormal When reached 2 2017-05-20
84634 Writer code issues CONF --- When Drop caps characters greater than page, text will disappear 2013-08-07
84681 Writer ui issues CONF --- Chinese character Numbering error for list numberings >100 2017-05-20
84683 General code issues CONF --- visible buttons submenu have a blank option 2013-02-07
84736 General code issues CONF --- DDE link and DIF paste cause Chinese character garbage 2017-05-20
84739 Calc code issues CONF --- copy text on a picture, font size changed 2013-02-07
84740 General code issues CONF --- copy table from writer to calc, reference point need modify 2013-02-07
84867 Impress code issues CONF --- preview in "spacing above paragraph" shows too small 2017-05-20
84871 Impress code issues CONF --- Insert master pages,the slide icon of outline view become smaller. 2017-05-20
84872 Impress code issues CONF --- page number of outline view is wrong 2017-05-20
84895 Impress code issues CONF --- Hyperlink in outline is not work. 2017-05-20
84975 Impress code issues CONF --- before insert slide or page number,the slide show the page on handout 2017-05-20
84978 Impress code issues CONF --- the field default language is wrong. 2013-02-07
85784 Writer printing issues CONF --- Uncheck Dawing in Pinter Otions Dialog, drawings still printed 2013-08-07
86339 Calc code issues CONF --- set note to background, copy cell, paste, note move to left 2013-01-29
86618 Impress code issues CONF --- The cursor is difficult to local in the text box after opening the spellcheck dialog box. 2017-05-20
86622 Impress code issues CONF --- after pasteing the movie, two black lines appear. 2017-05-20
86668 Impress code issues CONF --- linking PPT,the change could not be saved. 2017-05-20
86763 Impress code issues CONF --- I can not change the text direction in the master. 2017-05-20
86861 Impress code issues CONF --- the empty txt file could not be insert impress. 2013-02-07
86898 Impress code issues CONF --- The text could not be add any coustom animation. 2017-05-20
86899 General ui issues CONF --- There is a blank list in open dialog box. 2013-01-29
87177 Impress code issues CONF --- In file dialog,the link icon is gray. 2017-05-20
87227 Impress code issues CONF --- I Proprose to add the "htm" type in file type list in impress and drawing. 2017-05-20
87270 Impress code issues CONF --- Change the layout to slide, the bullets become into the same one. 2017-05-20
87312 Impress code issues CONF --- The master page picture is not show completely. 2017-05-20
87313 Impress ui issues CONF --- The names of master pages are not translated into Chinese. 2017-05-20
87537 Writer code issues CONF --- missing data while Chinese-translation with a draw object selected 2013-01-29
87540 General scriptin issues CONF --- Open a excel document with macro, scripts are remarked. 2013-01-29
88368 Impress code issues CONF --- Switch the view,the "first line" is lost. 2017-05-20
88625 Impress code issues CONF --- The new slide is added out of turn in handout. 2017-05-20
88719 Impress code issues CONF --- the logic of spellcheck is confusing. 2017-05-20
88721 Impress code issues CONF --- Switch among the layouts, the word is not wraped. 2017-05-20
88786 Impress code issues CONF --- Custom Animation Sound Effect Not Played After ODP File Moved 2017-05-20
88787 Impress code issues CONF --- Changing the slide of layouts cause the animation is lost . 2017-05-20
88794 Impress code issues CONF --- The color of font is not displayed in outline view. 2017-05-20
89706 Impress code issues CONF --- Hyperlink could not jump to handout view of a impress. 2017-05-20
90278 Impress code issues CONF --- Title "vertically centered" becomes "top" after UNDO from 'Top to bottom' 2017-05-20
90284 Impress code issues CONF --- The effect of animations is not good to text on the drawing 2017-05-20
91492 Impress code issues CONF --- "Read only" is not work in wizards. 2017-05-20
97188 Draw formatti issues CONF --- Opening a modal dialog still allows to operate toolboxes. 2017-05-20
97189 Impress code issues CONF --- Format error discovered in the file content.xml at position 2,4885(row,col) 2013-08-07
97387 Writer editing issues CONF --- crash when insert a nested table into a section with multi columns 2017-05-20
97419 Draw code issues CONF --- Modeless dialog opens when deleting a new layer's name and click Save or Open button 2017-05-20
97650 Writer editing issues CONF --- Writer block: paste a web page, then set page columns 2017-05-20
97651 Calc save-exp issues CONF --- Calc block: Save the special .ods file as "Microsoft Excel 2003 XML" type 2013-08-09
97652 Draw code issues CONF --- Insert table with more than 50 columns and rows hangs Drawing and Impress 2017-05-20
97655 Calc code issues CONF --- Dropdown list shows wrong data after setting validity Criteria Allow as cell range 2013-01-29
97659 Impress editing issues CONF --- "New" button in standard toolbar failure after create an Impress doc via File wizards within an opening Impress doc 2017-05-20
97683 Calc code issues CONF --- Content of Note stay the status before updating the content 2013-01-29
97684 Draw code issues CONF --- 'To equal proportions' doesn't work when spliting cells horizontally 2017-05-20
97731 Calc code issues CONF --- Slide page displays wrong after Undo Page Format 2013-01-29
97734 Impress editing issues CONF --- Inserting slide by right-click layourts-style dose not apply to the slide 2017-05-20
97737 Impress editing issues CONF --- "Bullets and Numbering" in text field apply error when switch layout from "Title Slide" to "Title, Text" 2017-05-20
97786 Impress open-imp issues CONF --- Cannot insert OO file which has password 2017-05-20
97787 Calc code issues CONF --- Character spacing flips from "Expanded" to "Condensed" when value is >928.8pt 2013-08-07
97885 Calc code issues CONF --- Font and Font size show disharmony in Calc After chinese translation 2013-01-29
97967 General ui issues CONF --- "Media playback" toolbar has blank item in "Visible Buttons" 2017-05-20
97968 Impress code issues CONF --- Double-click Default can't display Slide Design dialog after creating a new page/slide 2013-02-07
97970 General code issues CONF --- Can't open hyperlink which target is a MS ppt slide page 2013-01-29
97971 Calc code issues CONF --- Vertical Scroll bar was fixed after doing AutoFilter or Standard Filter 2013-01-29
98012 Calc code issues CONF --- function DAYSINMONTH and DATSINYEAR caculate error 2013-01-29
98016 Draw code issues CONF --- Split cells twice on the same row of table 2017-05-20
98019 Calc code issues CONF --- Spacing to contents works in a mess when editting cells and show contents 2013-01-29
98105 Calc code issues CONF --- Paste cell on two sheets, sheet protection destroyed 2013-01-29
98215 Calc code issues CONF --- Insert gallery into calc successfully after protecting sheet 2013-01-29
98219 General code issues CONF --- Set macro for 'Push button', click the button after Design Mode off 2013-01-29
98221 Calc ui issues CONF --- program switch to engender unclosed prompt dialog-box in calc 2013-01-29
98267 Writer code issues CONF --- Page numbers increase continuously when inserting a video file as linked section 2017-05-20
98268 Calc code issues CONF --- replace text after protecting sheet, many hint dialog open 2013-01-29
98299 Calc code issues CONF --- Cursor locates on characters (not between characters) in vertical Text and Callouts 2013-01-29
98334 General ui issues CONF --- "Surface" setting in 3D-settings has no effection 2013-01-29
98336 Calc code issues CONF --- Date format changes when editing MMï¼DDï¼YYYY HH:MM:SS date format 2013-01-29
98341 Impress viewing issues CONF --- Animated image's Area effect dosen't display in slide show 2017-05-20
98384 Impress editing issues CONF --- Undo failure after expand slide in outline view 2017-05-20
99141 Writer save-exp issues CONF --- Version save error when delete some internal version(s) before it 2017-05-20
99184 General code issues CONF --- AutoFormat dialog shouldn't set "AutoFit width and height" value when check or uncheck "Alignment" 2013-01-29
99399 Calc editing issues CONF --- Undo error in edit-mode with a cell has function 2013-01-29
99702 Writer editing issues CONF --- button function error of "Numbering On/Off" and "Bullets On/Off" with formatted text 2017-05-20
99755 Impress editing issues CONF --- custom animation assign error in paragraphs 2017-05-20
99756 Impress open-imp issues CONF --- Master file doesn't update properly when link file adds slide 2017-05-20
99838 Writer formatti issues CONF --- WW8: OOo-object cannot be activated in MSWord 2017-05-20
99839 Calc configur issues CONF --- set tabstop value over range, the value jump back to min value 2013-01-29
102771 Impress code issues CONF --- Diselect Animate attached shape, it still works 2017-05-20
103114 Calc viewing issues CONF --- Autofilter:dropdown items not shown in list after deleting rows and UNDO 2013-01-29
103201 General code issues CONF --- [ZH]Can't replace the last character in paragraph 2013-01-29
103232 Calc formatti issues CONF --- Print notes doesn't work 2013-01-29
103646 Calc editing issues CONF --- Can't click down_arrow of pasting after pasting by "DDE link" and opening&closing Funtion Wizard 2013-01-29
103652 Calc code issues CONF --- autofilter not possible, Undo and Redo, restore wrongly 2013-01-29
103680 Writer formatti issues CONF --- Graphics don't show in numbering/bullets when graphics are animated *.gif 2019-12-21
103868 General ui issues CONF --- Right_click context shouldn't show in Enter password text box 2013-01-29
106120 Writer formatti issues CONF --- lose character format of certain paragraph(depend on the position the mouse clicked) when using paintbrush 2013-08-07
114003 Calc code issues CONF --- trace dependents between different sheets, hangs Calc 2013-01-29
86897 Impress code issues CONF --- Hover over the hyperlink, the help tips is not appear. 2017-05-20
86950 Impress code issues CONF --- Undo layout changes: "Properties - Layouts " selection mark follows with 1 step delay 2017-05-20
87168 Impress ui issues CONF --- No UNDO for 'hide slide' 2017-05-20
88672 Impress code issues CONF --- The underline is put in the wrong position in custom animation pane 2017-05-20
88720 Impress code issues CONF --- when changing the page format, there are a mistake in impress. 2017-05-20
88791 Impress code issues CONF --- The undo button is gray in outline view. 2017-05-20
99939 Writer editing issues CONF --- Cannot close the Hyperlink dialog when a shape is selected 2017-05-20
103866 General ui issues CONF --- Document names with ~ show wrongly in Recent Documents and Documents list 2013-01-29
88619 Impress ui issues CONF --- The name of in menu should be changed from "Drawing view" to "Normal view" 2017-05-20
87174 Impress code issues ACCE --- You can input some chinese characters into a read-only presentation 2013-08-07
88631 Impress code issues ACCE --- Open PPT,and set the line spacing ,you could select the text. 2013-08-07
97817 Writer editing issues ACCE --- content in text field disappear when setting Hyperlink 2017-05-20
84733 Calc code issues REOP --- assign a font to a cell, when input text, the font is changed to Arial 2013-02-07
98058 Calc editing issues REOP --- "Similarity search" leads to search failure in Calc 2013-01-29
86337 Calc formatti issues REOP --- Make double-clicking on percentage formatted cell function the same as single-click 2013-02-07
97476 Writer editing issues RESO FIXE CRASH when 'Autofit -> Distribute Columns Evenly' after particular preparation steps 2014-01-31
102534 Impress ui Armin.Le.Grand CLOS FIXE Crash when selecting emphasis custom animation 2009-09-03
97301 Draw code clippka CLOS FIXE arithmetic progression problem make OOo crashed after Merging Cells and Split Cells with the adjacent column 2009-10-12
97299 Writer code eric.savary CLOS FIXE Writer crashed when setting cursor to Note and clicking 'Undo' 2013-08-07
97380 Writer code eric.savary CLOS FIXE Writer crashes: Delete all Notes and Undo between Original document and Window document 2013-08-07
101214 Writer code eric.savary CLOS FIXE Preview userdefined Autotext with indexs and tables, crashes OOo 2013-08-07
97588 Impress code graphicsneedsconfirm CLOS DUPL Combination of Trigger in Timing and Group text in Text Animation, crashes Impress 2009-01-05
102531 Draw code graphicsneedsconfirm CLOS IRRE Split and merge cells,Reload or reopen file, crashes OOo 2009-06-05
91527 Impress code groucho266 CLOS DUPL crash about outline. 2008-07-10
96777 Impress formatti groucho266 CLOS FIXE (I) Crash when creating new note master 2009-06-04
97383 Impress save-exp groucho266 CLOS DUPL deadlock when insert itself as an object 2013-08-07
97477 Impress code groucho266 CLOS IRRE Find&Replace under Handout and do it again after switching to other View crashes Impress 2013-08-07
97577 Writer code h.ilter CLOS FIXE Edit address list associating with CSV file has been deleted, crashes Writer 2013-08-07
97346 Impress code marc.neumann CLOS FIXE Impress crashes when draging Check box to the top of 'Tab Order' dialog 2009-02-25
97295 Writer code michael.ruess CLOS FIXE Writer crashed when editing the 'Frame' inserted via Placeholder 2013-08-07
97379 Writer code michael.ruess CLOS FIXE Crash after deactivating certain Calc OLE in Writer 2013-08-07
97384 Writer code michael.ruess CLOS FIXE Deleting characters and insert a Writer file under Record Changes mode crashes Writer 2013-08-07
97421 Writer code michael.ruess CLOS FIXE Writer loops after deleting invisible recorded changes and Undo 2013-08-07
97471 Writer code michael.ruess CLOS FIXE Group two drawings, double-click one drawing meanwhile entering characters crashes writer 2013-08-07
97565 Writer code michael.ruess CLOS FIXE Insert Index and moveup Text on Navigator crashes Master document 2013-08-07
97570 Writer code michael.ruess CLOS FIXE Insert a file with Object document and Undo twice crashes Writer 2013-08-07
97572 Writer editing michael.ruess CLOS FIXE Crash when edit an editable "Index/Table" item after select the whole text 2013-08-07
101009 Writer code michael.ruess CLOS FIXE Crash when turning off "Show changes" after "compare document" 2013-08-07
103733 Writer code CLOS DUPL Compare document between empty document and a docment with notes and changing record, crash OOo 2013-08-07
97336 Calc code oc CLOS FIXE Calc crashes when rightclick-Default to set the character in Text or Callouts 2017-05-20
101353 Writer code os_ooo CLOS FIXE Adjust table cloumn width and switch between dialog tabs -> loop 2017-05-20
104124 Writer code os_ooo CLOS DUPL Copy graphics from website, right_click->save graphics, OOo crashes 2013-08-07
97386 Writer code pb CLOS FIXE OOo crashed: Close 'Styles and Formatting' dialog and later close 'Paragraph Style' dialog 2013-08-07
97567 Writer code stefan.baltzer CLOS IRRE Export as PDF under Page Preview and Reload writer file crashes OOo 2013-08-07
101125 Writer code stefan.baltzer CLOS DUPL ^$ freezes writer containing table (Find & replace) 2009-09-23
101149 Writer code stefan.baltzer CLOS IRRE ^. freezes writer (Find & replace) 2013-08-07
97549 Writer code swneedsconfirm CLOS DUPL Insert a table into Frame hangs Writer 2009-01-06
97554 Writer code swneedsconfirm CLOS DUPL Compare document with two pictures and Enter on the second picture crashes Writer 2009-01-13
97574 Writer code swneedsconfirm CLOS DUPL Under a table, insert a .doc file with OLE object, then undo lead a crash 2009-01-05
97575 Writer code swneedsconfirm CLOS DUPL Open files except office files with ASCII Filter, crashes OOo 2008-12-25
97630 Writer code swneedsconfirm CLOS IRRE Loop when pasting or deleting specific string multiply 2009-08-11
101740 General code thorsten.martens CLOS FIXE Right click blank area on toolbar with sub menu, crashes OOo 2011-02-17
87360 Impress code wolframgarten CLOS IRRE Delete the words in outline view, and the Ooo crash. 2013-08-07
97190 Impress code wolframgarten CLOS FIXE Impress crashes: Load blank template and double click this blank template in Slide design dialog 2009-02-17
97296 Impress code wolframgarten CLOS FIXE Impress crashed: Click Custom Animation pan after canceling ' Edit File ' in Standard bar 2009-02-17
97298 Draw code wolframgarten CLOS FIXE Drawing or Impress crashed after merging cells and spliting cells severy times 2009-07-16
97347 Impress code wolframgarten CLOS FIXE Insert a table, edit it, undo and insert again, OOo crashes 2009-02-16
97478 Impress code wolframgarten CLOS FIXE Crash when "Increase Spacing" on demoted text 2009-02-16
97552 Draw code wolframgarten CLOS FIXE Insert Object document with password as a link, input wrong password and Cancle crashes Drawing and Impress 2009-02-16
97571 Impress editing wolframgarten CLOS FIXE Impress hung when double right-click on Adding "Custom Animation" 2009-05-20
97634 Impress code wolframgarten CLOS FIXE Impress Crash: when Find&Replace dialogbox show, switch view among "Notes", "Handout" and "Slide Sorter" 2009-02-16
101006 Impress code wolframgarten CLOS FIXE Crash when applying layout for three pages, Undo three times and then applying layout again 2017-05-20
103047 Impress code wolframgarten CLOS FIXE Apply to selected slides in task pane (layouts), crashes OOo 2017-05-20
103757 Impress code wolframgarten CLOS FIXE Paste slide continuously in thumbnail under Slide Sorter view, crash OOo 2009-11-17
98760 General scriptin ab CLOS IRRE macro cannot be removed in ImageMap 2009-07-12
84559 Impress code christian.guenther CLOS DUPL open the accessories of mail,the chinese Numbering change to bullets 2008-01-10
84977 Draw ui christian.guenther CLOS IRRE Slides standing at a closer range on Pages windows. 2008-05-22
87314 Impress code christian.guenther CLOS NOT_ The number of master page couldn't show up. 2008-05-05
86700 Impress code clippka CLOS OBSO The movie could not be played after copy a document 2017-02-13
88077 Impress code clippka CLOS FIXE There is a gradient shows different in editing from showing slide 2017-05-20
98948 Impress editing clippka CLOS DUPL copy and paste a modified table, the change dosen't remain in Impress 2013-08-07
86436 Calc editing daniel.rentz CLOS DUPL copy cell to writer, extra line inserted 2013-08-07
84412 Calc save-exp frank CLOS FIXE insert note->display note->copy/past->save->reopen->note disappear 2013-08-07
88621 Impress code graphicsneedsconfirm CLOS IRRE When spellchecking in master pages on zh-OO2.4rc6. The slide switch into Notes view. 2008-10-29
98069 Impress code groucho266 CLOS FIXE Assertion: "PageSelector::DeselectAllPages: the selected pages counter is not 0" 2010-02-22
87276 General code issues CLOS IRRE Duplicate shortcut key in the menu list 2017-05-20
88674 Impress code issues CLOS FIXE The movie show a black rectangle, can't display any frames 2018-01-19
89703 General ui issues CLOS IRRE Open the URL, but the name is wrong. 2017-05-20
97682 Impress viewing issues CLOS OBSO Impress: pointer in nevigator is nullification 2018-07-01
100745 General ui issues CLOS FIXE Several entries in a menu are assigned the same key 2017-05-20
84678 Writer code michael.ruess CLOS WONT Text direction set to right-to-left (horizontal) in frame dialog, it doesn't work. 2014-01-01
85260 Writer viewing michael.ruess CLOS DUPL on the following pages, the top border of splitted table should be a black line 2008-01-15
86559 Writer code michael.ruess CLOS DUPL Move object with ALT+Cursor behavior strange when under heading text. 2008-02-29
97388 Writer editing michael.ruess CLOS FIXE Crash while set the "Max. base text size" to 0 in "Text Grid" 2013-08-07
103121 Writer ui michael.ruess CLOS FIXE Caption for inserted object is not consistent with Autocaption position setting 2013-08-07
97857 Calc code oc CLOS FIXE Dropdown list shows number format after setting validity as Date 2013-08-07
97974 Calc code oc CLOS FIXE Can't draw after autofilter and Undo 2013-08-07
84425 Calc code spreadsheet CLOS DUPL note in protected sheet seems can be edited 2007-12-10
84440 Calc code spreadsheet CLOS DUPL There is no more page after current page, Next Page and Last Page button still available 2007-12-12
97479 Calc editing spreadsheet CLOS DUPL Copy one cell, paste to the whole sheet, Calc lost response 2008-12-26
97589 Calc editing spreadsheet CLOS DUPL Serious efficience problem when fill the whole sheet, lead to block 2009-04-27
99252 Calc editing spreadsheet CLOS DUPL hyperlink lost after text replace in Calc 2009-04-27
97523 Writer editing swneedsconfirm CLOS DUPL Crash when undo in a doc with sorted picture which has been anchored as charactor 2008-12-23
97739 Writer editing swneedsconfirm CLOS WONT Format error when "Decrease Indent" or "Increase Indent" by Tab or Backspace key 2009-01-06
97742 Writer editing swneedsconfirm CLOS IRRE "Left-to-right" and "Right-to-left" button in "Formatting" bar cannot be adapted to visible 2009-01-05
97744 Writer save-exp swneedsconfirm CLOS DUPL Header and Footer failure when save a writer doc as ".doc" file type which contents "Indexes and Tables" in first line 2009-06-27
97760 Writer save-exp swneedsconfirm CLOS DUPL Save as "Microsoft Word 95/6.0" lead to Chinese charactor change into "? " 2009-01-05
97884 Writer code swneedsconfirm CLOS WONT Insert page number or page count on envelop, page number or count can't show 2009-01-16
99938 Writer editing swneedsconfirm CLOS DUPL "Ctrl+A" cannot select the text under a table, which is at top of the doc 2009-03-06
102990 Writer editing swneedsconfirm CLOS DUPL Can't recover chart after deleting one column and UNDO 2009-06-22
103093 Writer formatti swneedsconfirm CLOS DUPL the inconsistency between Writer and Impress regarding leading line spacing 2009-06-25
97969 General code thorsten.martens CLOS FIXE overwriting own templates unsuccessfully 2010-01-06
88371 Impress code wolframgarten CLOS FIXE There are a mistake about format paintbrush. 2017-05-20
88788 Impress code wolframgarten CLOS IRRE The color bar bave disappeared after draging it. 2008-05-07
98859 Impress editing wolframgarten CLOS FIXE Custom animation "Change Font Size" cannot save font size setting 2009-07-16
93642 Calc code yonggang.mao CLOS DUPL Paintbrush doesn't work in a cell with 2 or more font colors 2009-11-05
99901 Calc viewing spreadsheet CLOS DUPL Chinese characters in Chart subtitle displays poorly in Calc 2009-04-24
103231 Draw code groucho266 CLOS DUPL Can't set focus on characters which expanded spacing is more than 928.8 2009-07-12
239 issues found.