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950 issues found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
44719 Base code issues UNCO --- Form Wizard has unusable record focus functionality 2013-02-07
48529 Base code issues UNCO --- Ability to create a full-function DB from a spreadsheet/workbook 2013-02-07
98548 Base code issues UNCO --- [MSSQL]Memory leak when opening tables via ODBC 2013-01-29
101972 Base code issues UNCO --- Crash when open a table using IBM UniOLEDB, ADO and OO 2013-02-02
116901 Base code issues UNCO --- Does not access Evolutions Address Book anymore 2013-10-29
40420 Base code issues UNCO --- Firebird DBMS SDBC Driver 2020-12-07
42479 Base code issues UNCO --- Create Primary only available through right-click context menu 2013-02-07
42574 Base code issues UNCO --- Storage of database password 2013-02-07
44845 Base code issues UNCO --- Import MS Access applications 2013-02-07
47850 Base code issues UNCO --- Wizard field does not accept drag-n-drop file 2013-02-07
47975 Base code issues UNCO --- HSQLDB "identity" type not in list of column types 2013-02-07
48446 Base code issues UNCO --- Table Design/Field properties GUI messed up. 2013-02-07
48449 Base code issues UNCO --- New db wizard not remember register option previously selected 2013-02-07
48450 Base code issues UNCO --- Unneccessary options, too many steps to create new database 2013-02-07
48452 Base code issues UNCO --- New Database not remember the last file opened 2013-02-07
48960 Base code issues UNCO --- Printing function in Base 2013-02-07
49000 Base code issues UNCO --- Cut and paste between fields is uneffective. 2013-02-07
49181 Base code issues UNCO --- Tables don't resize vertically in reports 2013-02-07
49824 Base code issues UNCO --- Hyperlinks imported as plain text in Base 2013-02-07
53233 Base code issues UNCO --- Combo box to automatically update underlying table if value entered does not exist 2013-02-07
53275 Base code issues UNCO --- Listbox values being deleted in form when listbox properties not set to "value list" 2013-02-07
53831 Base code issues UNCO --- Tables panel divider cannot be moved (preview cannot be resized) 2013-02-07
53992 Base code issues UNCO --- Number formats have only 3 alternatives in condition handling 2013-02-07
54322 Base code issues UNCO --- File/print is missing from table relationships screen 2013-02-07
54324 Base code issues UNCO --- Ability to add text/labels and drawing object to tools/relationships 2013-02-07
54328 Base code issues UNCO --- Tools/relationships - See/generate SQL statements 2013-02-07
54429 Base code issues UNCO --- Database column formatting lost when switch off the Datasources button and switch on again 2013-02-07
55654 Base code issues UNCO --- Allow using data from different tables in database reports (detailview) 2013-02-07
55968 Base code issues UNCO --- Initial AutoValue of Primary Key differs depending upon creation method 2013-02-07
56074 Base code issues UNCO --- Listbox editting of wizard created form does not function as expected 2013-02-07
56293 Base code issues UNCO --- it translation: cannot use aggregate functions from wizard 2013-02-07
56421 Base code issues UNCO --- Data to text date output doesn't respect format 2013-02-07
56894 Base code issues UNCO --- selecting in table edit page is inconsistent 2013-02-07
57513 Base code issues UNCO --- OO Base frontend does not recognize UNION SELECT statements 2013-02-07
57514 Base code issues UNCO --- CASE WHEN isn't recognized by OO Base's frontend 2013-02-07
57520 Base code issues UNCO --- When clicking "data to fields" nothing happens 2013-02-07
57577 Base code issues UNCO --- Add ability to store multiple selections from listbox in bound field. 2013-02-07
58446 Base code issues UNCO --- DB2 SQLCODE -243 on query against joined tables 2014-10-14
62143 Base code issues UNCO --- automatic lookup table, lov, list box 2013-02-07
62245 Base code issues UNCO --- Calc field formats not correctly overtaken by import in data source 2013-02-07
63882 Base code issues UNCO --- a 'runtime viewer' would improve the oo handling 2013-02-07
64093 Base code issues UNCO --- Importing data from Calc to Base is not available 2013-02-07
65813 Base code issues UNCO --- GUI freezes while generating form letter files 2013-02-07
66539 Base code issues UNCO --- JDBC access should support connection parameters 2013-08-07
66593 Base code issues UNCO --- additional alignment property for numerical controls 2017-05-20
66674 Base code issues UNCO --- Behavior of the tab-key in rich text controls 2013-02-07
66837 Base code issues UNCO --- HSQL improvement: Cannot use column aliases as variables in queries 2013-08-07
67295 Base code issues UNCO --- Activate AutoValue by default when adding Primary Key 2013-08-07
67726 Base code issues UNCO --- calculated fields outcomes should be usable inside the same query 2013-08-07
67845 Base code issues UNCO --- Saving Base Report does not default to My Documents 2013-08-07
68309 Base code issues UNCO --- Forms and 2 or more tables 2013-08-07
69193 Base code issues UNCO --- switch between forms before subform can be used 2013-08-07
69196 Base code issues UNCO --- Insert Row does not work when editing Table 2013-10-16
69243 Base code issues UNCO --- SQL direct not usable for QiQ query definition OOD680_m1 2013-08-07
71611 Base code issues UNCO --- Database report with custom template 2013-08-07
72144 Base code issues UNCO --- Cannot use a parameter for IN clause for query 2013-08-07
73060 Base code issues UNCO --- Multple Data Sources in one Database File 2013-08-07
75442 Base code issues UNCO --- ODBC connection IBM UniVerse fails to retrieve meta-data and/or data 2013-08-07
75699 Base code issues UNCO --- [Informix ODBC] Query design converts timestamp of midnight to date only 2013-08-07
78522 Base code issues UNCO --- forms: checkboxes and listboxes are disabled when EscapeProcessing = false 2017-05-20
80350 Base code issues UNCO --- report controls/detail area 2013-08-07
83577 Base code issues UNCO --- Searching in subforms not possible 2013-02-07
86770 Base code issues UNCO --- Query Data via NotesSQL (ODBC) causes OOo and Lotus Notes crashes (worked on OOo 1.1.5) 2013-02-07
90393 Base code issues UNCO --- Updateable MySQL views cannot be updated via OOBase 2013-02-07
93847 Base code issues UNCO --- Allow Named Parameter in IN ( ... ) clause 2013-02-07
94036 Base code issues UNCO --- When starting open office in listening mode with java registered databases are not recognised 2013-01-29
94788 Base code issues UNCO --- Primary key field ID starts with 0 2013-02-07
95712 Base code issues UNCO --- Save View to SQL Server 2005 via JDBC returns error 2013-01-29
96256 Base code issues UNCO --- Numeric field control can not increment by decimals 2013-02-07
96703 Base code issues UNCO --- Form-subform relation fails with direct SQL 2013-01-29
96824 Base code issues UNCO --- Add "primary key"-button to toolbar 2015-08-11
99032 Base code issues UNCO --- Multiple Column Lookup ComboBox, Lookup Listbox 2013-02-07
99243 Base code issues UNCO --- If you dont close More Controls by hand they displayed always 2013-01-29
99532 Base code issues UNCO --- Listbox Limiting or Narrowing for form List box 2013-03-08
99980 Base code issues UNCO --- Lost Format of Integer (and Other Numeric Fields) 2013-01-29
100229 Base code issues UNCO --- In a date field (with no default date registered) in a form, the current date isn't displayed 2013-02-07
100471 Base code issues UNCO --- Result of data sort function 2013-02-07
100760 Base code issues UNCO --- Copy Table Wizard -> Apply Columns needs up/down buttons 2013-01-29
101129 Base code issues UNCO --- Make SQL tool window non-modal 2013-02-07
101332 Base code issues UNCO --- URL recognition in Base 2013-02-07
101686 Base code issues UNCO --- Selecting relations by mouse too difficult 2013-02-07
102006 Base code issues UNCO --- Word Completion in Base 2013-02-07
102208 Base code issues UNCO --- "Register the database" wording 2013-01-29
102623 Base code issues UNCO --- Character set conversion doesn't work correctly for field and table names using ODBC 2013-01-29
102864 Base code issues UNCO --- Want to create several sheets in one form 2013-02-07
103321 Base code issues UNCO --- Recognize and support Enum datatype 2013-01-29
103489 Base code issues UNCO --- Database projects should have "Properties" as well 2013-02-07
103581 Base code issues UNCO --- Database:Words evidenced when "Search a word in a Form"!!! 2013-02-07
103672 Base code issues UNCO --- [Postgres] database form list box inserts incorrect primary key value 2013-01-29
103829 Base code issues UNCO --- DbaseImport not on top 2013-02-07
104154 Base code issues UNCO --- Load URL history does not remember odb documents 2014-02-05
104345 Base code issues UNCO --- Base: ESC-key should function to break entry in field 2013-01-29
104960 Base code issues UNCO --- n-n relations needed in database gui 2013-02-07
105004 Base code issues UNCO --- Make OOo Base UI and navigation looks similar to calcu. 2013-02-07
105030 Base code issues UNCO --- Empty tables and Empty alert box under certain conditions 2013-01-29
105119 Base code issues UNCO --- missing entry "Reload Document" under menu/file 2013-02-07
105691 Base code issues UNCO --- Append data from sheet 2013-01-29
105801 Base code issues UNCO --- Add support to upate result set when based on a view, when the underlying database manager supports updateable views 2013-02-07
105872 Base code issues UNCO --- Form filters break with a HSQL 1.9 backend 2013-01-29
106709 Base code issues UNCO --- Crash when left application run overnight 2013-01-29
106831 Base code issues UNCO --- Filters in subforms 2013-01-29
107094 Base code issues UNCO --- Form edit window size shrinks with each save, close and reopen 2013-02-02
107207 Base code issues UNCO --- Optional field in mdb left blank fails (cannot be saved) 2013-01-29
107224 Base code issues UNCO --- after copying a table with data, can not open due to "unknown column in order clause" 2013-02-02
107281 Base code issues UNCO --- Time field with spinner apparently not nullable 2013-01-29
107290 Base code issues UNCO --- control formatting for database forms has dead-ends & is unorganized 2013-01-29
107601 Base code issues UNCO --- Problem opening MSSQL tables via unixODBC with uniqueidentifier as primary key 2013-01-29
107627 Base code issues UNCO --- Alert when user attempts to create relation between 2 fields of same type but different length. 2013-02-07
107633 Base code issues UNCO --- Enhance Form Grid Control for Copy to work as it does with DataViews in 3.2 2013-02-07
107646 Base code issues UNCO --- MS Access/MDB/Jet: autoselect same workgroup as MS Access 2013-02-07
108071 Base code issues UNCO --- ODBC UTF16 2013-01-29
108155 Base code issues UNCO --- arbitrary dataset in formular variables 2013-01-29
108199 Base code issues UNCO --- Form control > "Replace With... " > List box should be drop down 2013-02-07
108292 Base code issues UNCO --- Base sheets with sub-tabs 2013-01-29
108299 Base code issues UNCO --- table edit + Form-editor broken - regression to 3.1.+stopper 2013-01-29
108363 Base code issues UNCO --- coloured rows in tablecontrols 2013-01-29
109328 Base code issues UNCO --- Statements must been closed after calling a Stored Porcedure in MySQL 2013-01-29
109608 Base code issues UNCO --- form navigation buttons do not work although direct selection of database entries is possible. 2013-01-29
109740 Base code issues UNCO --- Using writer for a Mail Merge with data stored in an ODB-File produces a file lock on the ODB-File, which persists until *every* OpenOffice window has been closed, although the *.lck file of the ODB gets removed as supposed. 2017-05-20
109898 Base code issues UNCO --- oForm.insertRow() doesn't work correct 2013-01-29
109953 Base code issues UNCO --- Using already registered data source not possible in Address Data Source Wizard 2013-01-29
110117 Base code issues UNCO --- Turning off alias options in Advanced settings does not remove aliased table name from SQL 2013-02-07
110157 Base code issues UNCO --- Memo length should retain value when editing a table in design view. 2013-01-29
110190 Base code issues UNCO --- Column headings used in report writer instead of column names 2013-01-29
110324 Base code issues UNCO --- Macro assigned to "Before updating of the record" event in the Form control, executes twice 2013-01-29
110705 Base code issues UNCO --- Saving data with mouseclick in forms must be removable 2013-02-07
110723 Base code issues UNCO --- SDBC Driver Date Problem 2013-07-30
111151 Base code issues UNCO --- form controls change height if dpi is set from 96 to 120 on windows 2013-01-29
111300 Base code issues UNCO --- postgresql sdbc driver fails to install on x86_64 2013-07-30
111465 Base code issues UNCO --- [Sqlite-ODBC] Paste from Calc to Base table ignores current clipboard contents 2013-01-29
111491 Base code issues UNCO --- Defect in XStorable.storeToURL( "Private:stream", xPropertySet) 2013-01-29
111615 Base code issues UNCO --- Using MS Access as backend without program 2013-02-07
111616 Base code issues UNCO --- MSA embedded bitmaps are not available in OO form 2013-01-29
112126 Base code issues UNCO --- Query wizard doesn't keep table relations 2013-02-02
112412 Base code issues UNCO --- Ineffective DB.Table.field reassignment 2013-01-29
112798 Base code issues UNCO --- Relationship Designer - workspace size limited to desktop resolution 2013-02-07
113090 Base code issues UNCO --- Copy query by drag and drop. cause OOo crash 2014-04-02
113140 Base code issues UNCO --- more than 8 columns dont work with PostgreSQL 2013-07-30
113250 Base code issues UNCO --- Cannot stop database query when retreiving large data sets 2013-01-29
113554 Base code issues UNCO --- Base crashes after SQL insert error from a subform when using button actions to navigate through parent form records 2013-01-29
114527 Base code issues UNCO --- Database does not show updated mysql data 2013-01-29
114556 Base code issues UNCO --- Clipboard data from spreadsheet in ooCALC to TABLE does not past updated clipboard content. 2013-07-30
114648 Base code issues UNCO --- Enable Parameter Name Substitution 2013-01-29
114692 Base code issues UNCO --- Remember ruler status when editing database forms 2013-02-07
114760 Base code issues UNCO --- LDAP - mailnews.js - no mapping 2013-01-29
114816 Base code issues UNCO --- Column formating is lost when changing query content 2013-02-07
115060 Base code issues UNCO --- BASE file isn't freed after closing program 2013-01-29
115257 Base code issues UNCO --- Make TableFilter a "Negative list" 2013-01-29
115401 Base code issues UNCO --- copytablewizard: currency fields from MS Access loose decimal places 2013-01-29
115411 Base code issues UNCO --- Database does not release document 2013-01-29
115454 Base code issues UNCO --- Create encrypted database 2013-02-07
115467 Base code issues UNCO --- Exception when using on second entry. 2013-01-29
115573 Base code issues UNCO --- Unquoted password in connection string of sdbc-postgresql 2013-07-30
115998 Base code issues UNCO --- 3.3 RC7 doesn't recall form window size on OS X 10.6.5 2013-01-29
116116 Base code issues UNCO --- Evolution webdav and couchdb addressbooks should be visible in OOo 2013-02-07
116243 Base code issues UNCO --- execution of database operations measurably slower in Ubuntu than Windows 2013-04-02
116608 Base code issues UNCO --- Base table data view: Filters are cleared/reset when a filter set results in no matches. and must be re-entered. 2013-01-29
116610 Base code issues UNCO --- Copy and pasting from client to host using remote desktop client in windows results in crash. 2014-04-02
116801 Base code issues UNCO --- Postgresql SDBC Driver Heuristics for detecting primary key don't work 2013-02-07
116905 Base code issues UNCO --- Base - With Checkboxes, crashes on screen resolution 1024x576 (Standard netbook/umpc resolution) 2013-07-22
117090 Base code issues UNCO --- OO 3.3 Base Forms severely broken on Netbook resolutions 2013-01-29
117214 Base code issues UNCO --- Erroneous date displays from query results of timestamp fields vary according to SQL parser activation 2013-02-02
117279 Base code issues UNCO --- doImport function cause OpenOffice to crash 2013-05-27
117468 Base code issues UNCO --- problem creating a form with a subform (in a more-to-more relationship) using tables on a database server, connected to OoBase by for example JDBC 2013-01-29
117654 Base code issues UNCO --- No way to insert/modify rows of a view 2013-02-07
117754 Base code issues UNCO --- form filtering with Date/Timestamp field for Oracle not possible 2013-01-29
117901 Base code issues UNCO --- Database crashes and lost data 2013-05-27
118010 Base code issues UNCO --- Cannot assign "02.04.1945" to Date (Win7, german) 2013-01-29
118014 Base code issues UNCO --- ODBC regression between 3.3 and 3.2 2013-05-27
118089 Base code issues UNCO --- Extra Row on query to Outlook contacts 2013-01-29
118121 Base code issues UNCO --- Sorting function doesn't work properly on concationation fields 2013-01-29
118136 Base code issues UNCO --- Address Data Source for KDE address book produces empty file 2013-01-29
118194 Base code issues UNCO --- Renaming Queries leads to unusable database 2015-09-30
118340 Base code issues UNCO --- Colour-coding in SQL editor should reflect " vs ' distinction 2013-02-07
118350 Base code issues UNCO --- OO crashs when opening a JDBC connection AND a connection to a registered odb in oo 3.3 2013-05-27
118354 Base code issues UNCO --- base file will not open after saving and after recovery 2013-01-29
118381 Base code issues UNCO --- no spell check or grammar check in tables, forms, or reports in the database 2013-01-29
118422 Base code issues UNCO --- cannot create tables within new database 2013-01-29
118441 Base code issues UNCO --- xlink:actuate="onLoad" has no effect for db:component 2013-01-29
118978 Base code issues UNCO --- Ask before saving (committing) changed records 2013-06-03
119234 Base code issues UNCO --- Form events are not called as expected 2013-01-29
119602 Base code issues UNCO --- ODBC connection using 32bit mysql odbc connector on Mac OSX fails to display any table data 2013-01-29
119642 Base code issues UNCO --- Wrong Where clause generated 2013-01-29
119938 Base code issues UNCO --- MySQL-ODBC table open fails in: [MySQL][ODBC 3.51 Diver][mysqld=3.23.52] Optional feature not implemented. 2013-01-29
119979 Base code issues UNCO --- Nested Query gives Wrong Result 2013-01-29
120022 Base code issues UNCO --- MySQL table is fine, but it is in trouble in base 2013-01-29
120117 Base code issues UNCO --- Standard Filter on numeric fields is ignored 2013-01-29
120120 Base code issues UNCO --- Fail to modify existing entries in bibliography database 2013-01-29
120274 Base code issues UNCO --- Macro warning persists when all macro are deleted 2013-01-29
120287 Base code issues UNCO --- Scrolling error when allowdeletes allowupdates allowinserts are False 2013-01-29
120406 Base code issues UNCO --- In database made in earlier OOo version, datasheet style form will only display (apparently) random integers (mostly value 0) irrespective of field types 2013-01-29
120424 Base code issues UNCO --- cannot open database templates 2013-01-29
120431 Base code issues UNCO --- ODBC generates a "cursor error" when the modification switches the record out of the "visible" recordset (filter rules) 2013-01-29
120584 Base code issues UNCO --- JRE error 2013-01-29
120852 Base code issues UNCO --- Message boxes don't let the user actually configure AOO 2013-01-29
121160 Base code issues UNCO --- Simple report from query remains empty 2014-06-10
121330 Base code issues UNCO --- Report will not work if data sorting is included 2017-05-20
121377 Base code issues UNCO --- [dBase] adding new entry adds cryptic letters to empty fields which crashes some functions 2017-05-20
121575 Base code issues UNCO --- cmd left/right arrow shortcut crashes base 2017-05-20
121640 Base code issues UNCO --- Database in odb file cannot be moved with external database 2013-02-06
121728 Base code issues UNCO --- CannotActivateFactoryException was caught. 2017-05-20
121856 Base code issues UNCO --- JT400 takes too much time to return SQL results 2013-03-06
121862 Base code issues UNCO --- Mail Merge will not Print unless Open Office is closed down and the process killed, then restarted. 2013-03-26
122084 Base code issues UNCO --- Can't insert new field/column in Table Design BEFORE/AFTER existing one 2013-04-18
122091 Base code issues UNCO --- Text import options get lost 2013-04-18
122117 Base code issues UNCO --- Connection to the data source "database name" could not be established. an unknown error occured. 2013-04-21
122154 Base code issues UNCO --- It wont work the date in the report "dummy" text 2017-05-20
122217 Base code issues UNCO --- Unable to open spreadsheet 2013-05-02
122223 Base code issues UNCO --- When i connect cubrid( with base, base can not load the data. 2013-05-19
122286 Base code issues UNCO --- postgres DB query using ilike '%something%' result in syntax error 2013-05-10
122297 Base code issues UNCO --- CRASH when open Extension Manager from Base 2013-05-21
122382 Base code issues UNCO --- AOO fails when using wizards only with WIN 8 2013-05-27
122407 Base code issues UNCO --- Copy-paste before opening a image, in the filechooser, causes Base to stops responding. 2013-05-29
122623 Base code issues UNCO --- Properties Box Scrolls Unwanted 2013-07-02
122624 Base code issues UNCO --- Search Box has Wrong Itemindex 2013-06-28
122625 Base code issues UNCO --- After Editing a Table the Window does not Close 2013-06-28
122630 Base code issues UNCO --- Form Design -> Form Properties 2013-06-29
122672 Base code issues UNCO --- Open Close of Table 2014-08-22
122674 Base code issues UNCO --- Preview on/off 2014-01-29
122696 Base code issues UNCO --- Intermitting Comment Yields Syntax Error 2013-07-08
122944 Base code issues UNCO --- Use * and ? directly as a criterion in a query in draft mode. 2013-08-06
123094 Base code issues UNCO --- Freezing with message 'Not Responding' 2014-10-21
123200 Base code issues UNCO --- option-arrow in query design view crashes Base 2013-09-10
123327 Base code issues UNCO --- [RFE]: Allow functions as well as values for DATE fields defaults 2013-09-22
124007 Base code issues UNCO --- Search in form view doesn't search through whole database 2014-01-12
124018 Base code issues UNCO --- authentication to database while drag and drop data from calc 2014-01-15
124023 Base code issues UNCO --- Open Office is damaged and can not be opened 2014-01-14
124037 Base code issues UNCO --- Can only select records from one table in creating a report or form 2014-01-16
124098 Base code issues UNCO --- contents of memo field is carried over to other record when a record is deleted 2017-05-20
124146 Base code issues UNCO --- ERROR messages SQL Status 37000 Error Code -11 2014-01-30
124288 Base code issues UNCO --- can't finish form a base 2014-02-21
124503 Base code issues UNCO --- Dragging query from Base to a Calc sheet causes an error in Ooo 4.01 2014-03-24
124668 Base code issues UNCO --- Base Report Multi-column 2014-04-12
124768 Base code issues UNCO --- After clicking OK on Base query for Java version, Open Office quits unexpectedly 2014-04-29
124817 Base code issues UNCO --- Does not recognize the mysql-connector-x.x.x-java-bin.jar file 2014-05-11
125069 Base code issues UNCO --- Multiple thumbnail pics as grayscale 2014-06-07
125091 Base code issues UNCO --- Form Navigation 2014-06-13
125092 Base code issues UNCO --- History of Tables 2017-05-20
125207 Base code issues UNCO --- Copy/Paste in Form 2014-07-06
125423 Base code issues UNCO --- Form wizard fields are not updating 2014-08-21
125425 Base code issues UNCO --- "Create tables using table wizard" is disabled 2014-08-16
125427 Base code issues UNCO --- Not displaying the background data in form wizard 2014-08-13
125428 Base code issues UNCO --- Set name is not updating in Form wizard 2014-08-13
125429 Base code issues UNCO --- Sometimes next option is disabled in table wizard 2014-08-13
125432 Base code issues UNCO --- In table wizard table name is not updating 2014-08-13
125436 Base code issues UNCO --- Font colour option is not working (Around its working) 2014-08-14
125453 Base code issues UNCO --- Forms: Sometimes More controls tool bar is not Displaying 2014-08-18
125459 Base code issues UNCO --- Tables:When connecting spreadsheet to base it displays error message 2014-08-20
125462 Base code issues UNCO --- Forms:Fields are directly displaying in Table columns(sometimes) 2014-08-19
125463 Base code issues UNCO --- Automatically openoffice hangs without any reason 2014-08-20
125467 Base code issues UNCO --- forms:check box is not updating data(sometimes) 2014-08-20
125468 Base code issues UNCO --- Registered database is not deleting 2014-08-20
125478 Base code issues UNCO --- Register Database was doesn't open 2014-08-21
125480 Base code issues UNCO --- Forms:while updating combo box properties Aoo not responding(sometimes) 2014-08-21
125486 Base code issues UNCO --- OpenOffice was crashses 2014-08-25
125488 Base code issues UNCO --- Forms:"Bring to Front" option is not working 2014-08-22
125489 Base code issues UNCO --- Forms:list box is not working 2014-08-22
125494 Base code issues UNCO --- Tables:Fields are updating slowly(sometimes) 2014-08-23
125503 Base code issues UNCO --- Name of the query was not updating 2014-08-25
125507 Base code issues UNCO --- Forms:Print preview option is disabled 2014-08-25
125508 Base code issues UNCO --- Selected data was missing 2014-08-25
125509 Base code issues UNCO --- Forms:Fields are not displaying in Add field 2014-08-25
125515 Base code issues UNCO --- Selected data was missing in Detail or Summary 2014-08-26
125517 Base code issues UNCO --- Arrow (>) button was not enable 2014-08-26
125523 Base code issues UNCO --- Forms:Group option is not working 2014-08-27
125524 Base code issues UNCO --- Queries:In "Detail or Summary" some of the fields are not displaying 2014-08-27
125525 Base code issues UNCO --- Forms:In alignment option "center and bottom" options are not working 2014-08-27
125527 Base code issues UNCO --- Queries:Selected data was not displaying in Grouping conditions 2014-08-28
125557 Base code issues UNCO --- Reports:Labeling fields are not updating 2014-09-02
125564 Base code issues UNCO --- Reports:Deselected data is disappearing 2014-09-03
125565 Base code issues UNCO --- Reports:Some more option can add in wizard view 2014-09-03
125569 Base code issues UNCO --- Last two fields of Label fail to print. 2014-09-03
125573 Base code issues UNCO --- Reports:some options are missing in "choose layout" 2014-09-04
125574 Base code issues UNCO --- Reports:while clicking back option fields are missing 2014-09-04
125575 Base code issues UNCO --- Reports:Grouping fields are missing 2014-09-04
125588 Base code issues UNCO --- Reports:Guides when moving option is not working 2014-09-05
125606 Base code issues UNCO --- Forms:Sub form based on existing relation is not working 2014-09-10
125652 Base code issues UNCO --- New record does not create a blank record - it duplicates the last record 2014-09-22
125654 Base code issues UNCO --- Forms do limit entry to length set by MySQL database field 2014-09-25
125680 Base code issues UNCO --- Creating form not using the designer produces a text document, not a database form 2014-09-26
125772 Base code issues UNCO --- in query my list sorted by the date, but in reports - don't can get sorted output 2015-12-15
126031 Base code issues UNCO --- program unexpected closed 2015-01-13
126085 Base code issues UNCO --- Based closes unexpectedly 2017-05-20
57004 Base code issues UNCO --- macro recorder does not work in embedded Base forms 2013-02-07
57200 Base code issues UNCO --- Listboxes in forms display inappropriate blank entry. 2013-02-07
64408 Base code issues UNCO --- Can't set primary keys for derby/java db databases 2013-02-07
101003 Base code issues UNCO --- Incorrect placement of caption in drop-down menu 2013-01-29
101601 Base code issues UNCO --- Wishes for Base product 2013-01-29
101688 Base code issues UNCO --- BigInt text fields are too small 2014-08-20
110276 Base code issues UNCO --- Help text for Base (Create New database) needs improvement 2013-01-29
116871 Base code issues UNCO --- tablecontrolwizard on form adds integer field as numeric into table control 2013-01-29
52912 Base code issues UNCO --- Make use of foreign keys to guess form object types in table wizard 2013-02-07
52915 Base code issues UNCO --- Allow the copying of database form "table control" object contents 2013-02-07
52916 Base code issues UNCO --- Make "Navigation bar" form control fit in different shapes 2013-02-07
101004 Base code issues UNCO --- 'Add Field' window is hidden under 'Sun Report Builder' window 2013-02-07
118575 Base code issues UNCO --- OOo Base will not reopen a database after I have created a new Query in it. 2013-01-29
118638 Base code issues UNCO --- Query with left or right join fails in 3.3 but worked in 3.2 2013-01-29
118833 Base code issues UNCO --- Desktop frozen on database log-in 2017-05-20
126412 Base code issues UNCO --- Suggestion: Add "Copy with full precision" for Base tables 2016-06-15
126562 Base code issues UNCO --- Repeated loaded records on large editable tables or queries 2015-09-30
127266 Base code issues UNCO --- Photo links flicker with Image Control when scrolling the page 2017-01-03
127286 Base code issues UNCO --- Cannot open table in data view 2017-01-17
127465 Base code issues UNCO --- UNION & UNION ALL queries fail to produce visible results in BASE query design window. 2017-07-06
127688 Base code issues UNCO --- Data from some tables are not displayed 2018-05-09
127750 Base code issues UNCO --- "Password required" no longer availlable for existing spreadsheet connection 2018-04-08
127993 Base code issues UNCO --- Change datatype in a Primary Key with int autoincrement to varchar 2019-01-02
128017 Base code issues UNCO --- OS X 10.14 Find Record icon stops capturing mouse clicks after one find in one of two forms used 2019-01-24
13745 Base code issues CONF --- Unwanted garbage appearing in forms for PostgreSQL data 2013-08-07
52187 Base code issues CONF --- Link to Spreadsheet file not working correctly 2017-05-20
55496 Base code issues CONF --- embedded databases are prone to data loss 2013-08-07
63449 Base code issues CONF --- Bibliography entry update does not work 2013-08-07
63829 Base code issues CONF --- [Samba] Cant open embedded Base file for editing from mounted disk (nfs or smb) 2013-02-07
73025 Base code issues CONF --- Connecting to PostgreSQL via ODBC OOo crashed 2013-08-07
77921 Base code issues CONF --- RPT: Use SvxRuler for the report design 2017-05-20
84075 Base code issues CONF --- Import from .xls using Database Wizard 2013-02-07
95106 Base code issues CONF --- UTF8 not supported 2013-02-07
112359 Base code issues CONF --- Base broken on armel (The data could not be loaded. Syntax error in SQL expression= 2013-02-07
117203 Base code issues CONF --- Jre6 update 23 has a big performance lost unusable. 2013-02-07
118363 Base code issues CONF --- Copy From OOo Base Query Fails To Grab Full Selection 2013-11-17
122115 Base code issues CONF --- Record mixup/repetition when loading chunks from SQL-DB 2013-05-04
122596 Base code issues CONF --- Unable to edit table's existing fields in a db2 table 2017-05-20
122611 Base code issues CONF --- Unable to edit CSV table 2013-06-28
122667 Base code issues CONF --- Unable to update(but able to delete) table's existing fields in a Text(CSV) table 2013-07-03
123157 Base code issues CONF --- CRASH when Exiting "Design mode" in form with SQL database connection 2014-03-25
127570 Base code issues CONF --- Can't fill data into base forms 2020-01-03
128035 Base code issues CONF --- Can't use AOO with MariaDB and JDBC 2020-04-04
3711 Base code issues CONF --- [RFE] show progress bar or animation while importing system address book 2013-08-07
6641 Base code issues CONF --- [RFE] Possible to use XML as datasource in Writer (Calc, etc.) 2013-08-07
7234 Base code issues CONF --- Link function in Data Source Administration times out 2017-05-20
8847 Base code issues CONF --- No date criteria with ODBC 2013-08-07
8949 Base code issues CONF --- [RFE] query on several tables of a DBase/Calc database 2016-12-30
10277 Base code issues CONF --- Query Design window: can't enter "raw" LDAP query 2013-02-07
10822 Base code issues CONF --- [RFE] Primary Key Assignment Dialog needs improving ? 2013-08-07
12524 Base code issues CONF --- Changes to width optimization of table view fields in Data Source Browser 2013-02-07
13113 Base code issues CONF --- Suggestions for improving image controls in forms. 2013-02-07
13203 Base code issues CONF --- [RFE] Form Text Box should perform spell check 2013-08-07
13257 Base code issues CONF --- Form combo box to have multiple columns 2017-05-20
13266 Base code issues CONF --- Rich text input in form controls 2019-06-17
13607 Base code issues CONF --- Round off error in currency field 2013-08-07
15026 Base code issues CONF --- List box with dropdown=no has extra item 2017-05-20
15202 Base code issues CONF --- [RFE] allow faster deletion of table data 2013-08-07
16792 Base code issues CONF --- DSB copy/paste to spreadsheet vs. drag-n-drop 2017-05-20
18610 Base code issues CONF --- copy table auto pilot: usability issues when column type not matched automatically 2013-08-07
19253 Base code issues CONF --- [RFE] Evolution address book data in OOo not editable in table grid view. 2013-02-07
19387 Base code issues CONF --- Save datasource information to file 2013-02-07
19518 Base code issues CONF --- drag and drop with ranges in Database View 2013-02-07
20315 Base code issues CONF --- Q-PCD EaseOfUse-29: The Address Book should be easier to use after the autopilot is completed 2017-05-20
24489 Base code issues CONF --- Inconsistent behaviour in drag and drop in different data views 2013-08-07
24551 Base code issues CONF --- Provide ability to search and replace data in my DataSource records. 2013-02-07
24671 Base code issues CONF --- Text string such as 1/5 becomes date from text data source 2013-08-07
24930 Base code issues CONF --- Can't select and delete multiple columns in Query Designer 2013-08-07
24943 Base code issues CONF --- Position And Size dialogue when designing forms to be non modal 2013-02-07
24946 Base code issues CONF --- Add position and size properties to Control dialog as well as Position/Size dialog in Form design. 2013-02-07
25062 Base code issues CONF --- Columns should scroll in Query Designer when moving columns 2013-02-07
25091 Base code issues CONF --- Data source: allow TriState property for check box columns 2013-02-07
25991 Base code issues CONF --- Ability to set dBase data source as read only 2017-05-20
26593 Base code issues CONF --- Size of check box or radio button doesn't follow the font size 2019-07-12
26643 Base code issues CONF --- Add the Edit Data button to the Customize Toolbars dialog 2013-08-07
26644 Base code issues CONF --- Add jump-back and jump-ahead arrows to database form toolbar 2013-08-07
26896 Base code issues CONF --- Floating numbers in fields of MySQL database form are altered 2017-05-20
26931 Base code issues CONF --- OOo Contact connection to Evolution is loosing accented characters 2017-05-20
26982 Base code issues CONF --- Add ability to specify data source as Read only 2018-09-22
27416 Base code issues CONF --- ParameterNameSubstitution doesn't work for filter 2017-05-20
29380 Base code issues CONF --- Database Query Export/Database export 2013-02-07
29661 Base code issues CONF --- dBase driver should be extended to allow multiuser read/write 2013-02-07
29683 Base code issues CONF --- Query Designer to have Group function for Calc data sources 2013-02-07
29734 Base code issues CONF --- Provide ability to Refresh all Ranges from Data source 2013-02-07
29896 Base code issues CONF --- ignores MS Access record locking 2013-02-07
30381 Base code issues CONF --- table column in MS access database cannot be saved - data lost when changing table structure 2013-08-07
30988 Base code issues CONF --- Unable to use primary keys generated by database triggers 2013-08-07
31202 Base code issues CONF --- warning if fields used are missing from data source 2013-02-07
32117 Base code issues CONF --- SQLite SDBC driver for OOo 2020-07-08
33375 Base code issues CONF --- OpenGroupware Address-book data-source support 2013-02-07
33521 Base code issues CONF --- Please add Microsoft Database support to new DB application 2013-02-07
33592 Base code issues CONF --- Request to provide all OOo document types in new Base document 2013-02-07
33664 Base code issues CONF --- DataSourceView of assigned form can be accessed in full screen mode but you can't navigat 2017-05-20
33724 Base code issues CONF --- MySQL does not stop two processes/users overwriting each others changes in a record 2013-02-07
33744 Base code issues CONF --- Add Cut to context sensitive menus in the Database application 2013-02-07
33752 Base code issues CONF --- Provide ability to import Forms and Reports into new Database document 2013-02-07
33969 Base code issues CONF --- Evolution driver makes "Connection Type" wizard freeze sometimes 2017-05-20
34518 Base code issues CONF --- The Form Filter doesn't allow filtering of parts of a date e.g. YYYY-10-DD 2013-02-07
34522 Base code issues CONF --- When self defined help text of text field is too long -> no linebreak 2013-02-07
35264 Base code issues CONF --- Show Driver info at registered databases Options tab 2013-02-07
35530 Base code issues CONF --- Openoffice truncate numeric-values 2013-08-07
35654 Base code issues CONF --- Database driver for Berkeley DB files 2013-02-07
36153 Base code issues CONF --- listbox: please let the autopilot create connections with sheet cells 2013-02-07
36219 Base code issues CONF --- The property browser for controls (dialog controls as well as form controls) switches slowly 2013-08-07
36231 Base code issues CONF --- forms: option "explicit commit" is missing 2017-05-20
37096 Base code issues CONF --- Hyperlink color for dialogs needed 2013-08-07
37669 Base code issues CONF --- date entry in table fields resetted if format wrong 2013-02-07
37688 Base code issues CONF --- RFE: allow data insertion/update/deletion using SQL query design 2013-02-07
37893 Base code issues CONF --- Setting Data Source access dynamically for current document in StarBasic 2013-02-07
39007 Base code issues CONF --- field validation is not done when entered wrong datatype in the filed. 2013-02-07
40248 Base code issues CONF --- Limit to fields not honoured 2013-02-07
40251 Base code issues CONF --- OO.o base does not give error when text is entered into numeric field. 2013-02-07
40387 Base code issues CONF --- Error while compiling, missing libstdc++ 3.4 in Fedora Core 2 2013-02-07
41280 Base code issues CONF --- Highlight the default action in context menu for database objects. 2013-02-07
41370 Base code issues CONF --- "Edit Database File" assumes database is a file 2017-05-20
42358 Base code issues CONF --- MySQL/ODBC: dynamic max-text-length on text fields works improperly 2013-08-07
42463 Base code issues CONF --- Add new SQL queries types (like MS access) 2013-10-26
42464 Base code issues CONF --- [RFE] allow to link tables from dfferent sources into one database file 2016-12-31
42614 Base code issues CONF --- No Way to Share Database Applications and have multiple people using the same application at once 2013-02-07
42711 Base code issues CONF --- Form created with wizard, doesn't keep data source when saved 2017-05-20
43409 Base code issues CONF --- OO "Base" is so generic a name it is very hard to search 2013-02-07
43456 Base code issues CONF --- allow write access to Spreadsheet and flat file databases 2013-02-07
43528 Base code issues CONF --- Can't insert new field/column in Table Design BEFORE/AFTER existing one 2013-08-07
44000 Base code issues CONF --- deleting a record from a PostgreSQL table with a SERIAL field leaves garbage 2013-08-07
44043 Base code issues CONF --- [RFE] allow to access pasword protected MS Access databases 2013-02-07
44565 Base code issues CONF --- Database form is modified when scrolling 2017-05-20
44754 Base code issues CONF --- Add ODBC driver for ODB. 2013-02-07
44758 Base code issues CONF --- Addition of JDBC Connectivity for ODB 2013-02-07
46315 Base code issues CONF --- Default values for a timestamp field in a table control is not consistent. 2013-02-07
47269 Base code issues CONF --- Title of report does not persist 2013-08-07
47665 Base code issues CONF --- Base Forms Edit: Date Field uses only the format 'Left justified'. 2013-02-07
47668 Base code issues CONF --- Base Forms Open: Double Field does not use the format stored in table definition and displays as default '1000'. 2017-05-20
47669 Base code issues CONF --- Base Forms Open: Fields created with wizard are longer then the constraint set in Table. 2017-05-20
47729 Base code issues CONF --- Base Queries Open: More then one column should be selectable 2013-02-07
48024 Base code issues CONF --- Base fails to see stored functions when using PostgreSql ODBC.Net connector 2013-02-07
48116 Base code issues CONF --- Support SubSelects in Query Design View 2013-02-07
48442 Base code issues CONF --- Error in auto generated column for primary key feature 2013-08-07
49008 Base code issues CONF --- Any type of SQL query should be supported. 2013-02-07
49041 Base code issues CONF --- Navigation goes back one extra record after deletion of the last record in form 2017-05-20
49043 Base code issues CONF --- JDBC returns DATE as TEXT[varchar] on IBM UniVerse 2013-02-07
49092 Base code issues CONF --- Right-click in form doesn't show Form… entry in pop-up dialog window 2013-02-07
49185 Base code issues CONF --- Queries can't call macro functions 2017-06-21
49389 Base code issues CONF --- browsing a table via page up and down does not move cursor 2013-08-07
49708 Base code issues CONF --- Cut & Paste data from Calc to Base 2013-02-07
49839 Base code issues CONF --- hyperlinks between database forms 2013-02-07
49944 Base code issues CONF --- date/time/pattern/currency fields cannot be linked to spreadsheet cells currently 2013-02-07
50159 Base code issues CONF --- Add possiblility to save the preview type of each database document container 2013-08-07
50681 Base code issues CONF --- Address-Book Datasource Wizard must allow user to specify addressbook location 2013-02-07
51144 Base code issues CONF --- Import from other data sources 2013-02-07
51151 Base code issues CONF --- performance issue when using spreadsheet data pilot with a database 2017-05-20
51380 Base code issues CONF --- UNION statement support 2013-02-07
51538 Base code issues CONF --- Query wizard should use defined relations 2013-02-07
51632 Base code issues CONF --- display which table in DB is linked to which scal and swriter doc 2013-02-07
51783 Base code issues CONF --- New Table - Adding primary key ID expected to be an autovalue field 2013-02-07
51904 Base code issues CONF --- Wizard to import table to database 2014-01-16
51930 Base code issues CONF --- RFE: more flexible import mechanisms 2013-02-07
52336 Base code issues CONF --- [RFE] per-object window settings in database documents 2013-08-07
52337 Base code issues CONF --- TableWizard: Error message should be improved 2013-08-07
52459 Base code issues CONF --- API: Mutliple calls to assigned event handler for sub-form controls 2017-05-20
53282 Base code issues CONF --- "form as table" view seems to have arbitrary and illogical column order 2017-05-20
53863 Base code issues CONF --- Ability to define multiple categories in create table wizard 2013-02-07
54181 Base code issues CONF --- Can't undo data changes in a database table 2013-02-07
54441 Base code issues CONF --- Unlink combined sizing of form control and control name in Base 2013-02-07
54905 Base code issues CONF --- BASE: Open a form using a button within a form 2015-01-29
55029 Base code issues CONF --- Tables on HSQLDB server allways readonly 2015-03-06
55187 Base code issues CONF --- Frame scroll bars are impractical for large tables 2013-02-07
55191 Base code issues CONF --- OO Base: footnote count in report 2013-08-07
55196 Base code issues CONF --- By creating database thunderbird adressbook is ignored if mozilla adressbook is present 2017-05-20
55791 Base code issues CONF --- Writer toolbar settings disappear after using forms and closing database 2017-05-20
55848 Base code issues CONF --- default options for Database Wizard and text files 2013-02-07
55894 Base code issues CONF --- [RFE] support password protected embedded HSQLDB databases 2013-08-07
55923 Base code issues CONF --- Alignment of numbers not saved in reports 2013-08-07
56474 Base code issues CONF --- selecting all fields from a table in query window 2013-02-07
56892 Base code issues CONF --- printing in database tables and queries (design, view) not possible 2013-02-07
57097 Base code issues CONF --- API: cannot create new empty form document using the public UNO API 2017-05-20
57150 Base code issues CONF --- copy and paste between base forms creates one form per control 2017-05-20
57331 Base code issues CONF --- convert reports from OOo1.1 to OOo2 2013-02-07
57967 Base code issues CONF --- Mail Merge not working with database queries 2013-02-12
58083 Base code issues CONF --- tab table view 2013-02-07
58221 Base code issues CONF --- Sort records in step 6 of Mailmerge Wizzard 2013-02-07
58288 Base code issues CONF --- [meta] tracking: HSQLDB integration issues 2013-08-07
58445 Base code issues CONF --- confusing terms in Edit - Database 2013-02-07
58882 Base code issues CONF --- Use the spreadsheet data in right way, not just (incorrectly) guess the type 2013-02-07
59084 Base code issues CONF --- Cannot connect to Outlook Addresses in special case 2017-05-20
59516 Base code issues CONF --- IT: Cannot insert decimal, real or float values properly 2013-02-07
59695 Base code issues CONF --- create new eye catching styles for the formwizard 2013-08-07
59846 Base code issues CONF --- New record in a subform is not linked to the form record (as Access does) 2017-05-20
59901 Base code issues CONF --- Report with Screenbeans template has blank first page 2013-08-07
59917 Base code issues CONF --- Missing charset CP737 2013-02-07
60030 Base code issues CONF --- copy a new form to another database loses source data connection 2013-08-07
60079 Base code issues CONF --- add ability to insert rows in tables 2013-02-07
60230 Base code issues CONF --- Ability to print queries 2013-02-07
60732 Base code issues CONF --- Set selected controls to same size/height 2013-02-07
60734 Base code issues CONF --- In form design - pasting fields should paste at position where cursor is 2013-10-30
60735 Base code issues CONF --- forms should have "before new record" and "after new record" events 2013-08-07
60846 Base code issues CONF --- Query/Report Enhancement. 2013-02-07
60847 Base code issues CONF --- Stored Proc Support 2017-01-23
60938 Base code issues CONF --- postgresql-sdbc: import from calc spreadsheet produces wrong schema name 2013-08-07
61186 Base code issues CONF --- Make form control values accessible to SQL 2013-02-07
61869 Base code issues CONF --- HSQL access/field update via attached macro doesn´t work 2017-05-20
62751 Base code issues CONF --- Option to allow update of tables/views that don't have a 'bookmark' field 2013-02-07
62799 Base code issues CONF --- Premature DB updates from subform table controls 2017-05-20
62933 Base code issues CONF --- FEATURE REQUEST: Tabbed Database Browsing 2013-02-07
63448 Base code issues CONF --- Cannot edit anything in Sybase SLQAnywhere tables via JDBC 2013-02-07
63859 Base code issues CONF --- issue in adding record in a form in the database application 2013-02-07
63963 Base code issues CONF --- Error message by deleting db table from type ms win adressbook 2017-05-20
63964 Base code issues CONF --- Error message by saving an index in ms win adressbook 2017-05-20
64649 Base code issues CONF --- OOo turns INNER JOIN query to WHERE in Design mode 2013-08-07
65346 Base code issues CONF --- Forms: read/write access to imported data 2013-02-07
65682 Base code issues CONF --- "Bound field" of list boxes is one-off in case of table sources 2017-05-20
65759 Base code issues CONF --- Number and Date fields in Base Report ignore table vertical alignment settings 2013-08-07
65775 Base code issues CONF --- update mozilla bootstrap stuff for a recent mozilla API 2017-05-20
65878 Base code issues CONF --- Format of Rows in Forms are per default different from Format in Tables 2017-05-20
66115 Base code issues CONF --- DatabyseTypes not available on Mac Intel 2013-08-07
66323 Base code issues CONF --- Document info of a bas form is wrong 2013-08-07
67010 Base code issues CONF --- updatability of simple queries such as "SELECT * FROM <query>" where <query> is "SELECT * FROM <table>" 2013-08-07
67114 Base code issues CONF --- trying to create an ENUM column in a MySQL table fails with a syntax error 2013-08-07
67667 Base code issues CONF --- form/dialog scrollbar controls: UI for LiveScroll property 2017-05-20
68332 Base code issues CONF --- navigation toolbar form control should have a "Search record" button 2017-05-20
68337 Base code issues CONF --- asking for parameters should offer a list box for foreign keys, where possible 2017-05-20
68687 Base code issues CONF --- allow mixed case extensions for dbase files 2013-08-07
68859 Base code issues CONF --- [RFE] ability to change own password, even if no complete user administration is possible 2013-08-07
68877 Base code issues CONF --- [RFE] want to associate descriptions with tables/queries/forms 2017-05-20
69258 Base code issues CONF --- SQL query not working as subform 2017-05-20
69935 Base code issues CONF --- Oo Base doesn't have sufficient number of data types for database tables! Formatting is also not accepted. 2013-08-07
69963 Base code issues CONF --- Need to change inconsistent UI strings in Copy table dialog 2013-08-07
70995 Base code issues CONF --- Temp space location not obeying configuration 2017-05-20
71210 Base code issues CONF --- Ability to easily hide unnecessary entries of menu, tool bars, and pane tasks 2013-08-07
71212 Base code issues CONF --- Ability to specify a certain form to be displayed at loading a Base file 2013-08-07
71584 Base code issues CONF --- mutiple selections of table fields to add to query in design view not working 2013-08-07
72371 Base code issues CONF --- Base - please allow to reorder columns of table 2013-08-07
72424 Base code issues CONF --- Enable editing of data in queries or table view 2014-06-30
72447 Base code issues CONF --- Can not undo Base delete in Database Beamer 2013-08-07
72483 Base code issues CONF --- Cannot type line break into text field 2013-08-07
72676 Base code issues CONF --- Cannot select list box with Multiselect=ON and DropDown=ON 2017-05-20
72866 Base code issues CONF --- Entry form with subform displays incorr # of records 2013-02-07
73032 Base code issues CONF --- Can't create table in Derby database 2013-08-07
73133 Base code issues CONF --- Quick switch between editing and viewing 2013-08-07
73134 Base code issues CONF --- Tables to drop-lists 2013-08-07
73213 Base code issues CONF --- Integrate HSQLDB as Server Mode service (with native driver) 2015-03-06
73351 Base code issues CONF --- Data lost from Table Cell in Edit Mode when Resize Row 2013-08-07
74895 Base code issues CONF --- Forms not redrawn properly when switching betweyen Calc sheets 2013-02-07
74960 Base code issues CONF --- connect extended control elements with calc cells 2013-08-07
75436 Base code issues CONF --- Filtering form records by using an unbound control on the form 2013-08-07
75793 Base code issues CONF --- Printing form only prints visiable record 2013-08-07
75801 Base code issues CONF --- 'Bound Field' property on ListBox in GridControl column not saved next time form is opened 2017-05-20
75802 Base code issues CONF --- Forms should not use NOT NULL attribute to return Required message box 2013-08-07
75842 Base code issues CONF --- Very limited clipboard functionality 2013-08-07
76051 Base code issues CONF --- copy not possible in database beamer 2017-05-20
76096 Base code issues CONF --- PostgreSQL SDBC native driver not available for 64bit 2014-03-10
76571 Base code issues CONF --- allow calc cells as datasources in Time/Date Patternfields 2013-08-07
76572 Base code issues CONF --- using calc cells as data source for listbox - ignore empty cells ... 2013-08-07
76579 Base code issues CONF --- Allow text fields in Base form 2013-08-07
76772 Base code issues CONF --- multiuser in base 2013-08-07
77044 Base code issues CONF --- RPT: red triangle in report from char fields 2013-08-07
77046 Base code issues CONF --- RPT: inserting own graphics confuses 2013-08-07
77047 Base code issues CONF --- RPT: inputting and editing text in report may confuse 2013-02-07
77048 Base code issues CONF --- RPT: fit handles to hor./vert. lines 2013-08-07
77094 Base code issues CONF --- RPT: inserting text in shapes does not work 2013-08-07
77116 Base code issues CONF --- RPT: expressions in 'sorting & grouping' dialog should be validated, to early recognize errors 2013-08-07
77119 Base code issues CONF --- RPT: using fields from two tables in one report does not work 2013-08-07
77157 Base code issues CONF --- RPT: missing information that the control can't align 2013-08-07
77269 Base code issues CONF --- RPT: hard to tell which object is actually visible in the property browser 2013-08-07
77291 Base code issues CONF --- RPT: better Undo strings for geometry changes 2013-08-07
77448 Base code issues CONF --- postgresql connection settings: please explain in wizard 2013-08-07
77506 Base code issues CONF --- RPT: allow editing of label fields like text boxes 2013-08-07
77603 Base code issues CONF --- RPT: change properties dialog to dockable window 2013-08-07
77605 Base code issues CONF --- RPT: in report output the field height doesn't adapt to the content 2013-08-07
77717 Base code issues CONF --- RPT: Control "Fixed Line" doesn't work as expected for lines 2013-08-07
77831 Base code issues CONF --- RPT: Images are always linked, but user don't know 2013-08-07
78380 Base code issues CONF --- odb files contain bogus reports 2013-08-07
78505 Base code issues CONF --- RPT: ERROR: Here is a double Style 2013-08-07
78507 Base code issues CONF --- Change to Table Selection page of combo & list box wizard 2013-02-07
78521 Base code issues CONF --- Save as: No message that overwriting wasn't successful 2013-08-07
78523 Base code issues CONF --- Query: Turning native sql off shouldn't destroy the structure of the query 2013-02-07
78574 Base code issues CONF --- Database not saved when form (or report) is saved 2013-08-07
78620 Base code issues CONF --- RPT: group field icons cutted 2013-08-07
79450 Base code issues CONF --- Allow connection to existing embedded database 2013-02-07
79654 Base code issues CONF --- RFE: reconnect to external database missing 2013-02-07
79982 Base code issues CONF --- enter path to thunderbird addressbook manually 2013-08-07
80155 Base code issues CONF --- RPT: "Repeat Section" = "Yes" produces too many page breaks 2020-11-23
80159 Base code issues CONF --- improve OOO access to DB2 2013-08-07
80202 Base code issues CONF --- RPT: make it possible to mark labels corresponding to marked textboxes 2013-08-07
80337 Base code issues CONF --- Embed JDBC jar in document (ODB) 2017-05-20
80429 Base code issues CONF --- Silent failure to open database table wizard 2013-08-07
80613 Base code issues CONF --- Connect diagram to a base query 2013-02-07
80925 Base code issues CONF --- RPT: images at the bottom of a page are shrunk if there is a page footer 2017-05-20
81018 Base code issues CONF --- Compact table menu option 2013-02-07
81099 Base code issues CONF --- Connection to MS Access database which has attachments 2013-02-07
81595 Base code issues CONF --- RFE: Save image from database to disk 2013-02-07
81652 Base code issues CONF --- view alteration in HSQL is prone to racing conditions 2017-05-20
81735 Base code issues CONF --- Table and fields names case-sensitive 2013-02-07
81921 Base code issues CONF --- [cws dba24a] mysql odbc releations design: error when close dialog with OK 2013-08-07
81933 Base code issues CONF --- RPT 1.0.1: strange behaviour by using formated fields 2013-02-07
82408 Base code issues CONF --- RPT: performance problem with image control in detail section 2013-08-07
82740 Base code issues CONF --- Issues with instructions to MySQL 2013-02-07
82940 Base code issues CONF --- text formatting in formatting fields fails 2013-08-07
83047 Base code issues CONF --- Cannot use views with Oracle 2013-08-07
83324 Base code issues CONF --- RPT: content (pics) of varbinary fields is shrunken in special case 2017-05-20
83578 Base code issues CONF --- Linking forms does not work 2013-02-07
83660 Base code issues CONF --- Cannot do join query on tables from different .odb documents 2013-02-07
83716 Base code issues CONF --- Mail Merge Unreliability 2013-02-07
83816 Base code issues CONF --- RFE: add database specific event for macros to the database application 2017-05-20
83921 Base code issues CONF --- repaint error in table control if border is changed 2013-08-07
84203 Base code issues CONF --- Base help not contain reference to JRE requirement 2013-02-07
84864 Base code issues CONF --- Format labels in table control 2013-02-07
84889 Base code issues CONF --- Spreadsheet as existing database => group by don't work! 2013-02-07
85120 Base code issues CONF --- Open form or report from desktop link 2013-03-14
85124 Base code issues CONF --- Crash - Java reports libz.so3 as "problemativ frame" 2017-05-20
85212 Base code issues CONF --- Select and copy several fields or records 2013-02-07
85253 Base code issues CONF --- Ability to customize database interface 2013-02-07
85770 Base code issues CONF --- RFE Add into Form wizard step for editing labels 2013-02-07
85774 Base code issues CONF --- Database Wizard is a Suite-Modal Dialog 2013-08-07
85785 Base code issues CONF --- Can't adjust lengh of char columns with JDBC and Oracle/Informix 2013-08-07
85792 Base code issues CONF --- no links between views 2013-07-30
85807 Base code issues CONF --- RELD: Ability to hide tables tables in relation designer 2013-02-07
85808 Base code issues CONF --- RELD: Ability to export the layout from the relationship window to a Draw document 2013-02-07
85818 Base code issues CONF --- Control in protected section allows editing of properties 2017-05-20
85967 Base code issues CONF --- Localise the SQL function MONTHNAME 2013-02-07
86001 Base code issues CONF --- Database list should not be in Tools-Options 2013-02-07
86169 Base code issues CONF --- Allow tables to be aliased in GUI query designer 2013-02-07
86232 Base code issues CONF --- move/sort order of datafields 2013-02-07
86398 Base code issues CONF --- When sending a report (attached to an e-mail), an error is given: "missing user account/defective setup". 2013-01-29
86615 Base code issues CONF --- Missing "name already used"-error message by using mysql db 2013-01-29
86748 Base code issues CONF --- Named Parameters not working with ADO 2013-02-07
86778 Base code issues CONF --- Forms scaled badly in Writer 2013-01-29
86855 Base code issues CONF --- embedded database forms opened from macro, when ODB file is not open on desktop DO NOT write data to disk 2013-01-29
86891 Base code issues CONF --- Allow integration between distinct databases as MS-Access do 2013-02-07
87383 Base code issues CONF --- RFE: introduce option to ignore system driver's quoting character 2013-08-07
87422 Base code issues CONF --- Creating an INTEGER ( or BIGINT ) field and setting to AutoValue should create PK 2013-02-07
88365 Base code issues CONF --- periods in Calc column headings break mail merge and labels creation 2013-02-07
88701 Base code issues CONF --- RFE: Numerical Field Control data entry error messages needed 2017-05-20
89039 Base code issues CONF --- Support MySQL datetime arithmetic like DATE_ADD and DATE_SUB with INTERVAL 2013-08-07
89510 Base code issues CONF --- It appears not possible to have more than one subform grid 2013-02-07
89532 Base code issues CONF --- Date field YYYYMMDD fails. 2017-05-20
89644 Base code issues CONF --- Linux access to MS-Access databases 2013-02-07
89645 Base code issues CONF --- Help info for JDBC/ODBC 2013-02-07
89773 Base code issues CONF --- Opening datasource from Calc file, saved in 3.0, triggers 'Update' message 2013-01-29
90376 Base code issues CONF --- Having Document Preview on affects Old_style reports 2013-08-07
90766 Base code issues CONF --- Query designer does not quote column named "D" or "T" in functons properly 2013-08-07
90774 Base code issues CONF --- accessing a Thunderbird address book not possible 2017-05-20
91054 Base code issues CONF --- Suggest table names with respect to DatabaseMetadata.supportsMixedCaseQuotedIdentifiers() 2013-02-07
91104 Base code issues CONF --- Navigation Bar does not recognise events 2017-05-20
91326 Base code issues CONF --- Copying rectangular range of a query to clipboard 2013-02-07
91327 Base code issues CONF --- Query parameters asked too often 2013-02-07
91790 Base code issues CONF --- Unnecessary code duplication - tMainMenuBar 2013-08-07
92384 Base code issues CONF --- New document language setting ignored for the HSQLDB in a newly created .odb 2017-05-20
92670 Base code issues CONF --- CDX, DBase index files, support 2013-02-07
93050 Base code issues CONF --- Form Wizzard 2013-02-07
93070 Base code issues CONF --- database wizard - open an exisitng db - UI confusing 2013-02-07
93099 Base code issues CONF --- "Save" icon state in query design's toolbar not updated when saving via keyboard or menu 2017-05-20
93194 Base code issues CONF --- Datasources View Does Not Display All Field Entries 2013-02-07
94507 Base code issues CONF --- DAY function missing for file based databases 2013-02-07
94543 Base code issues CONF --- Error on importing a timestamp field from AS-400 via ODBC 2013-01-29
94610 Base code issues CONF --- adressdatabase integration with odb file 2013-02-07
94730 Base code issues CONF --- [ru] table wizard does not work in Russian version 2013-08-07
94944 Base code issues CONF --- RPT: Provide a Base Report to Allow the Creation of Mailing Labels from within Base 2013-08-07
95225 Base code issues CONF --- cannot operate an opened drop-down-multi-line control in the property browser with the mouse 2013-08-07
95399 Base code issues CONF --- Can't edit Length in integer field 2013-01-29
95755 Base code issues CONF --- Automatic tabstops in subforms are not removeable 2013-08-07
95776 Base code issues CONF --- Saving a macro does not save the work 2013-02-07
95792 Base code issues CONF --- MySQL ODBC editing tables broken 2013-02-07
96330 Base code issues CONF --- creating left/right queries user experience 2013-02-07
96704 Base code issues CONF --- wrong handling of date from Calc when copy&paste to Base as HTML 2013-02-07
96716 Base code issues CONF --- writing to a writeable PostgreSQL view does not work 2013-02-07
96847 Base code issues CONF --- Add search and replace capabilities to SQL-Editor 2017-05-20
97043 Base code issues CONF --- SQL Syntax Highlighting: brackets highlighting according to cursor position 2017-05-20
97446 Base code issues CONF --- Form embedded picture not removed from ODB if deleted 2017-05-20
97740 Base code issues CONF --- translate error messages raised by HSQLDB backend 2017-05-20
97824 Base code issues CONF --- Table list does not refresh after changing external db 2013-08-07
97948 Base code issues CONF --- Query designer does not include table alias in ORDER BY clause 2013-08-07
98202 Base code issues CONF --- AutoValue claims to be not changeable but actually is 2013-02-07
98357 Base code issues CONF --- Need more Filter for database 2013-02-07
98772 Base code issues CONF --- Copy and Paste of Table gets garbled in Calc 2013-02-07
98773 Base code issues CONF --- Can't specify fonts of Report 2013-01-29
98877 Base code issues CONF --- add File/Templates menu item to Base, as in the other OOo applications 2017-06-21
98973 Base code issues CONF --- Events not working in tabelcontrol fields 2017-05-20
99374 Base code issues CONF --- DBA: make in possible to insert binary (image) data in table data view 2017-05-20
99375 Base code issues CONF --- silent conversion/overflow of values entered in the table data view, if they don't fit into the data range of the underlying table column 2017-05-20
99736 Base code issues CONF --- Search window in database form should not be modal 2017-05-20
99961 Base code issues CONF --- Modifying table design causes the db to grow (old data might be kept in file) 2013-01-29
100013 Base code issues CONF --- Relation Designer save Relation when user say "Do not save" 2013-08-07
100451 Base code issues CONF --- Base does not allow autotext 2013-02-07
100467 Base code issues CONF --- changes in standard values of the table do not get saved 2013-01-29
100765 Base code issues CONF --- Copy Table Wizard -> Apply Columns: Selection after adding field should be column just below last moved column 2013-01-29
100862 Base code issues CONF --- Macro assigned to Open Document for embedded forms is not called till the db has been closed and reopened 2013-02-07
100863 Base code issues CONF --- Macro asigned to Close Document on embedded forms is not called 2013-02-07
100870 Base code issues CONF --- Changing controlproperties by testtool does not work on Solaris 2013-08-07
101476 Base code issues CONF --- allow macros in database documents to be digitally signed 2017-05-20
101841 Base code issues CONF --- Memory leak in SQL statement executeUpdate() method 2013-08-07
101947 Base code issues CONF --- opening the query-edit dialog adds brackets to from statement 2013-01-29
102010 Base code issues CONF --- copy via toolbar icon not possible in form control after form filter 2017-05-20
102173 Base code issues CONF --- Allow OLE control in forms 2013-02-07
102631 Base code issues CONF --- testcase complex.dbaccess.DatabaseDocument fails on linux 2017-05-20
103296 Base code issues CONF --- Mail merge wizard: Save document leaves wrong document open 2017-05-20
103498 Base code issues CONF --- file locking: opening ods (used as datasource) prevents acces to datasource 2013-02-07
103756 Base code issues CONF --- Property "Mouse wheel scroll" igones setting "Always" in grid control columns 2013-01-29
103928 Base code issues CONF --- Possibility to write and read description for table, form or reports 2013-02-07
104346 Base code issues CONF --- Pattern field must remove ending spaces and not fills up with blanks 2020-03-06
104453 Base code issues CONF --- reports based on parametrized requests 2017-05-20
104454 Base code issues CONF --- LIKE should be COMME in Form Filter 2013-08-07
104927 Base code issues CONF --- openoffice base "old" report can not be sent by e-mail as .doc, or.pdf 2013-02-07
104968 Base code issues CONF --- The display times for standardvalues from tables beetwen GUI/SQL vary 2017-05-20
105259 Base code issues CONF --- Form position "jumps" during opening it, leaving screen clutter until completely loaded 2017-05-20
105391 Base code issues CONF --- databse ist not being saved when clicking on "save all" 2017-05-20
105496 Base code issues CONF --- MySQL timeouts 2013-02-07
105782 Base code issues CONF --- "Cycle = 'Active Record'" is ignored by table controls, they always proceed to the next record when TABbing out of the last column 2017-05-20
106104 Base code issues CONF --- [cws hsqldb19] SQL statement errors generates confusins error messages 2013-08-07
106461 Base code issues CONF --- [cws hsqldb19] Close main Base window, using window close icon, after SHUTDOWN command error 2013-08-07
106828 Base code issues CONF --- Filters in Forms/Subforms to find records with selected subrecords 2017-05-20
106896 Base code issues CONF --- Text Document - Assertion failed TransactionManager... 2013-01-29
106964 Base code issues CONF --- Field size not changes in table design mode 2013-02-07
107104 Base code issues CONF --- query design change SQL string (was:Subform binding fails with stamp field.) 2013-08-07
107443 Base code issues CONF --- When copying table columns, a default value is entered 2017-05-20
107486 Base code issues CONF --- UNO AWT based tree-Control -> Base form tree-control 2013-02-07
107812 Base code issues CONF --- base forms cannot handle Oracle's modus operandi for autogenerated values 2017-05-20
108099 Base code issues CONF --- allow list box controls to display columns other that the first column of the bound table/query 2017-05-20
108100 Base code issues CONF --- Table edit window not save default values to script 2013-08-07
108435 Base code issues CONF --- Add menu based export function for single or multiple table to a new calc file. 2017-05-20
108593 Base code issues CONF --- Base puts double quotes around (Oracle's) keyword SYSDATE in query throws "invalid identifier" error. 2013-08-07
109041 Base code issues CONF --- Acessing PostgreSQL stored procedures not possible with SQL queries and parameters 2013-01-29
110279 Base code issues CONF --- Pasting into a table assumes new table 2014-08-25
110314 Base code issues CONF --- the "key press" event doesn't get called when the generating control is a textbox in a gridcontrol with multtiline property set to true 2013-08-07
110581 Base code issues CONF --- dbase filter TimeStamp lower and equal (<=) bad Results 2013-08-07
110666 Base code issues CONF --- Date Controls with both a Spin Button and Dropdown Don't Spin 2013-08-07
110719 Base code issues CONF --- Date-select-field doesn't work correct after select-field 2013-01-29
111349 Base code issues CONF --- Text field value is not displayed when field is in table control 2017-05-20
111775 Base code issues CONF --- [MAC OSX] Can't paste to Base form text fields in readonly documents/forms 2017-05-20
112450 Base code issues CONF --- Using the command line macro calling don't work with ODB files 2013-08-07
112615 Base code issues CONF --- Table with slash in name, not show data in table data view 2013-02-07
113340 Base code issues CONF --- list box control: wrong way to enter items in the "data" tab 2013-02-07
113453 Base code issues CONF --- After setting more columns as primary key, can't open and update data of the table 2013-02-07
113508 Base code issues CONF --- Controls render incorreclty when ControlModel.NativeWidgetLook = TRUE for Gnome 2.30 2013-08-07
113909 Base code issues CONF --- Connect to KDE addressbook via akonadi connector 2013-02-07
114016 Base code issues CONF --- Hot-keys for copy and paste do not work in database-table 2013-02-07
114188 Base code issues CONF --- Base query that references another query fails if subquery has order by statement 2013-08-07
114304 Base code issues CONF --- Default not being set properly when creating a boolean field via SQL 2013-08-07
114314 Base code issues CONF --- Base only retreives first result set when MySQL procedure returns multiple result sets 2013-01-29
114333 Base code issues CONF --- "Data source as Table" function in Base forms causes form to refresh, discarding data 2017-05-20
115308 Base code issues CONF --- Base: Auto-type recognition reads extra line on import 2014-08-25
115434 Base code issues CONF --- [cws hsqldb19] Copy table to external hsqldb database Autovalue lost 2013-01-29
115435 Base code issues CONF --- [cws hsqldb19] The BLOB fields not copied to external hsqldb 2013-01-29
115918 Base code issues CONF --- [cws hsqldb19] Interval types gives assertions in query in external server connected file 2013-01-29
116577 Base code issues CONF --- Could not add data to .accdb external database file. 2013-02-07
116992 Base code issues CONF --- Binary blob column does work in table but not in view 2013-01-29
117093 Base code issues CONF --- Multiple Left Join gives wrong result 2013-08-07
117278 Base code issues CONF --- CAST shows non existing data in query results 2013-01-29
117280 Base code issues CONF --- Read only tables and forms in OO Database connected with Postgresql 2013-01-29
117443 Base code issues CONF --- [cws hsqldb19] Table wizard override AutoValuee setting 2014-04-04
117480 Base code issues CONF --- date entry in Form grid ignores data entered in ISO 8601 format. 2013-08-07
117819 Base code issues CONF --- Copy from table paste ordered fields 2013-08-07
117820 Base code issues CONF --- Msaccess pass-through query, error creating report 2013-01-29
117951 Base code issues CONF --- Old type report wrongly recognize date field 2013-01-29
117969 Base code issues CONF --- max/min values in "currency field" columns of table controls in db forms are wrongly interpretated 2017-05-20
118038 Base code issues CONF --- Unable to make primary key stick to table if we refuse its automatic creation in GUI 2013-02-07
118098 Base code issues CONF --- Text box filled with zeroes 2017-05-20
118193 Base code issues CONF --- Crash when inserting constant in query 2015-08-15
118670 Base code issues CONF --- Base crashes when connected to Spreadsheet and "SELECT DISTINCT" used 2013-11-28
119009 Base code issues CONF --- Primary Index cannot be created 2013-01-29
119147 Base code issues CONF --- Dragging a query into a sheet "The interface XQueriesSupplier is not availlable" 2016-12-30
119313 Base code issues CONF --- SQLite ODBC memo/text as primary key does not read 2020-07-08
119842 Base code issues CONF --- OOo 3.4.0 after upgrade from 3.2.0 can't read MS SQL Express Table Data 2013-01-29
120366 Base code issues CONF --- Default value set by user for a data field is not honoured 2013-01-29
120714 Base code issues CONF --- Document created on en_US version of Base gives error when used on es_ES install 2013-07-26
121222 Base code issues CONF --- [ORB] reports containing charts do not open in AOOo 3.4.1 anymore - "Failed to parse the report" 2014-02-18
121262 Base code issues CONF --- Lost Comments 2014-08-25
121311 Base code issues CONF --- Report wizard creates broken report when using a query instead of a table 2014-08-25
121695 Base code issues CONF --- SQL Queries: Using aliases "t" and "d" leads to syntax error 2013-02-11
121837 Base code issues CONF --- CWS hsqldb19: Update hsqldb to version 2.x 2015-05-17
122243 Base code issues CONF --- database field 'Record number' has no output in printing form letter (=mail merge) 2014-04-07
122604 Base code issues CONF --- Data sort does not work for Asc and Desc with group field when set it in Base report wizard 2014-01-24
122605 Base code issues CONF --- value of sort by is not stored when click back in Base report wizard 2013-06-27
122612 Base code issues CONF --- Unable to add more than one table in query design window for CSV database 2013-06-28
122668 Base code issues CONF --- Unable to add a field in a Text(CSV) table 2013-07-08
122669 Base code issues CONF --- Undo toolbar button is not enabled after delete a field from a Text(CSV) table 2013-07-08
122857 Base code issues CONF --- Set default value on data field as current date 2013-07-26
123199 Base code issues CONF --- Query wizard doesn't save search conditions 2015-11-07
123802 Base code issues CONF --- Using parameter query in email mailmerge crashes the office 2013-12-29
123949 Base code issues CONF --- Fractions of a second missing in Time Field 2014-08-19
124349 Base code issues CONF --- grouping order doesnt works 2014-04-21
124504 Base code issues CONF --- Base Report Wizard Sort 2014-04-02
124916 Base code issues CONF --- File dialog for selection ignores file extensions 2014-05-19
124987 Base code issues CONF --- Configuring address books fails with "SDBC driver for URL not found" 2019-07-12
125949 Base code issues CONF --- Connecting to an existing dBase database defines incorrect field widths 2017-01-29
126203 Base code issues CONF --- Runtime error with password protected DB Basic macro libraries 2015-04-01
11161 Base code issues CONF --- [RFE] record-based (additional to list-based) presentation of table/query data 2013-02-07
12055 Base code issues CONF --- [RFE] Allow multiple keys in data field 2017-05-20
16145 Base code issues CONF --- have parameterized queries without user interaction 2013-02-07
16146 Base code issues CONF --- have per-document DB Context / Datasources 2013-02-07
16560 Base code issues CONF --- New UI design for an User Administration 2013-08-07
18831 Base code issues CONF --- Import from OO spreadsheet and other external sources to datasource 2013-02-07
20305 Base code issues CONF --- Inconsistent behavior of cells in database beamer 2013-08-07
20536 Base code issues CONF --- schema is not shown in pasted table 2013-08-07
21482 Base code issues CONF --- [parser] MySQL driver should recognise "regexp" keyword 2013-08-07
21720 Base code issues CONF --- RFE: automatically offer allowed values when bound to ENUM fields 2013-02-07
21723 Base code issues CONF --- RFE: "Insert|Special Character" should work for form controls, too 2013-02-07
21949 Base code issues CONF --- There is not possible to "paste special" as "unformated text" a copied table from "data sources" 2013-02-07
22599 Base code issues CONF --- [RFE] auto-sizing for text-base controls 2013-08-07
22831 Base code issues CONF --- Scroll Slider scrolling of large database tables stops at record 40 2017-11-13
25621 Base code issues CONF --- Format lost in Sybase ODBC query 2013-08-07
30183 Base code issues CONF --- Data souce window (table header) does not scale correctly when left open and scale changed 2017-05-20
30247 Base code issues CONF --- DB field values ending with a space 2017-05-20
33743 Base code issues CONF --- Drag-and-Drop to move the Form in Database application 2013-02-07
33821 Base code issues CONF --- Suggesting to add dBase as an embedded format in OO2.x 2013-02-07
33941 Base code issues CONF --- Properties for form controls should open on double-click in every application 2017-05-20
35100 Base code issues CONF --- ODBC type File DSN not listed in Data source URL selection 2013-08-07
35191 Base code issues CONF --- Not all, only ~11 rows displayed in MailMerge / Table window 2013-02-07
46514 Base code issues CONF --- Shift+space in datasource view can't be unmapped via TOOLS / CONFIGURE 2017-05-20
46897 Base code issues CONF --- Openoffice Base requires java after install 2013-02-07
47313 Base code issues CONF --- Index dailog allows multiple choice of the same column 2017-05-20
48210 Base code issues CONF --- Request For MS Access Like Switchboard Feature 2013-02-07
49204 Base code issues CONF --- Base: Justify or Filled alignment for Field Format does not work 2013-08-07
49331 Base code issues CONF --- Report Wizard: Title of report is not reflected in report document 2017-05-20
50382 Base code issues CONF --- username needed when connect to a password protected spreadsheet database 2013-08-07
51485 Base code issues CONF --- change order of fields using Table Designer 2014-06-05
51763 Base code issues CONF --- In Base, scroll bar can cause visual artefacts 2017-05-20
56334 Base code issues CONF --- Misleading warning when saving database/changing table 2013-02-07
58324 Base code issues CONF --- RFE: Spreadsheet support in Database wizard 2013-02-07
59939 Base code issues CONF --- screen not scrolled smoothly by scrollbar 2017-05-20
62034 Base code issues CONF --- 2 Undo Actions created when inserting a TextBox 2017-05-20
62370 Base code issues CONF --- Cannot connect to Outlook Addresses if Distribution List exists 2017-05-20
62771 Base code issues CONF --- SQL query in List content of Form listbox gets broken when using shift-enter 2017-05-20
62828 Base code issues CONF --- super/subscript in "Text Box Formatting" toolbar are applied to text document, not form control 2017-05-20
66012 Base code issues CONF --- list box shows wrong column if datasource is parsed SELECT column1+clomn2 2017-05-20
66192 Base code issues CONF --- Windows menu doesn't show all open windows 2017-05-20
66627 Base code issues CONF --- [RFE] reloading a form should move to the same record as before the record 2017-05-20
67116 Base code issues CONF --- [RFE] descriptions of table columns should be propagated to form controls bound to those columns 2017-05-20
69499 Base code issues CONF --- filtering an LDAP table for NULL does not work 2017-05-20
70528 Base code issues CONF --- Option buttons and checkboxes truncated after copy & paste from db to spreadsheet 2017-05-20
71586 Base code issues CONF --- normal shortcut keys for selecting rows do not work 2017-05-20
73524 Base code issues CONF --- zoom disabled on database reports 2017-05-20
74531 Base code issues CONF --- Actual Technologies ODBC driver throws error when accessing tables 2013-08-07
77182 Base code issues CONF --- Dropping sorted column denies loading of data content 2017-05-20
77618 Base code issues CONF --- Listbox in BrowseBox not height enough with xfce4 desktop 2017-05-20
78106 Base code issues CONF --- wrong vertical align in report's data field 2013-08-07
78298 Base code issues CONF --- greyout of readonly fields in database inconsistent 2013-08-07
78663 Base code issues CONF --- using odbc text file driver table looks like update able but it isn't 2017-05-20
78823 Base code issues CONF --- dragging tab order with mouse doesn't activate OK button 2017-05-20
78945 Base code issues CONF --- RPT: ShowNumberOnFirstPage is missing in PageNumber dialog 2013-08-07
80371 Base code issues CONF --- copy table wizard: allow to specify a null date for columns where non-date values are imported as date values 2013-08-07
82022 Base code issues CONF --- Missing Option on Create Table Wizard Finish step needs Return To Database 2014-07-17
82023 Base code issues CONF --- Missing Option on New Table Wiard Final Step Create Another Table 2013-02-07
83209 Base code issues CONF --- RPT: The property browser is at first start smaller than it's minimum size 2013-08-07
83568 Base code issues CONF --- in postgre jdbc database file no inserting in 'bit' fields possible 2017-05-20
83652 Base code issues CONF --- Base to ask how to handle deleting fields in a relationship 2013-02-07
86867 Base code issues CONF --- "Load URL" in Base's standard toolbar shows temporary file entries 2013-08-07
88758 Base code issues CONF --- Scrollbar defective in OO Base 2017-05-20
89307 Base code issues CONF --- UnGroup Control from its Label changes GetByIndex 2017-05-20
91556 Base code issues CONF --- OOo Base. UI. icon used for same fonction is different. 2013-08-07
91559 Base code issues CONF --- OOo Base. Wizard UI should be the same. 2017-05-20
93476 Base code issues CONF --- switch the design mode in a form (opened for editing) marks the form as modified 2017-05-20
97811 Base code issues CONF --- Base SQL parser does not accept literal string value using '+' for concatenation 2013-01-29
102112 Base code issues CONF --- Query designer does breaks field name containging '/' and quotes both parts 2013-02-07
104023 Base code issues CONF --- Cannot re/set "Input required" property when "Empty string is Null" is "No" 2017-05-20
106335 Base code issues CONF --- Table Field with Formatted Field automatic highlighting 2017-05-20
108042 Base code issues CONF --- Form wizard - changing the order greyed out 2017-05-20
109580 Base code issues CONF --- Renaming a database table fails if the table is sorted or filtered 2013-08-07
109763 Base code issues CONF --- Using Form Based Filtering and the form: IN Operator the warning dialog regarding (,) vs (;) syntax usage is too vague to be useful 2013-08-07
112100 Base code issues CONF --- Text alignment property ignored by listbox control when embedded in table grid control 2013-01-29
114670 Base code issues CONF --- primary key addition misbehavior 2013-02-07
116399 Base code issues CONF --- Can no longer format boolean field as check box in OOo 3.3 RC Base reports 2013-08-07
20034 Base code issues CONF --- changing of data source settings should be regarded for opened database 2013-02-07
20336 Base code issues CONF --- Q-PCD Database-19: We should have database aware fields in Writer and Impress 2013-08-07
28797 Base code issues CONF --- Date Controls in Forms accept characters not valid in dates 2013-02-07
38119 Base code issues CONF --- date entry in table fields 2013-08-07
57976 Base code issues CONF --- drag and drop of table data to readonly table containers should indicate why its impossible 2017-05-20
60228 Base code issues CONF --- last character not selectable in Data Sources -> Insert Databases Column text field 2017-05-20
61915 Base code issues CONF --- repaint errors when creating form using the wizard in step 5 arrange controls 2017-05-20
65079 Base code issues CONF --- cannot find lookup function 2013-02-07
86611 Base code issues CONF --- UI for custom connection properties 2013-02-07
89247 Base code issues CONF --- Buttons too small for icons 2013-08-07
107096 Base code issues CONF --- In a macro, SQL order "Shutdown compact" fails 2013-08-07
113251 Base code issues CONF --- Must be able to use Run SQL Command Directly in all views 2013-08-07
118499 Base code issues CONF --- Boolean fields not working correctly in forms editor 2013-01-29
118691 Base code issues CONF --- Thunderbird address book connection wrong at birthday 2013-01-29
126130 Base code issues CONF --- Java 6 2021-06-17
126388 Base code issues CONF --- Macro library inside database not deleting 2015-07-05
126655 Base code issues CONF --- AOO crashes with Firebird's ODBC driver 2020-12-07
127044 Base code issues CONF --- Defects in the code 2017-11-09
127311 Base code issues CONF --- Form Properties > subform > Data tab: Cannot tab out of Link Master Fields or Link Slave Fields. 2017-03-12
127328 Base code issues CONF --- Forms in base app should disable sidebar 2017-02-21
127350 Base code issues CONF --- Table design: can't change length of Postgresql char types 2017-08-20
127731 Base code issues CONF --- AOO fails to open ODBC manager 2020-11-16
128108 Base code issues CONF --- Phantom records in table display view 2020-01-21
595 Base code issues ACCE --- [RFE] restrict input len in formatted fields (was: error entering) 2017-05-20
7595 Base code issues ACCE --- [dBase]Form / subform controls not saved -- lost on reopening 2013-08-07
8174 Base code issues ACCE --- soffice/some processes exit delayed after database access 2017-05-20
12329 Base code issues ACCE --- Form / Subform # Link from / Link to -> don't work with more than one parameter 2017-05-20
14868 Base code issues ACCE --- Form autopilot creates date/time field incorrectly in aligned 2013-08-07
14969 Base code issues ACCE --- [RFE] table control: allow TriState property for check box columns 2017-05-20
15101 Base code issues ACCE --- unbound check box in form appears in "form as table" view 2017-05-20
17209 Base code issues ACCE --- F4 Data Source View -> Shift + Space looses current cell content 2017-05-20
17285 Base code issues ACCE --- facility to display more than one column needed in list box 2017-05-20
19246 Base code issues ACCE --- [API] css.sdb.DataSourceBrowser: XSelectionSupplier interface not documented 2017-05-20
20457 Base code issues ACCE --- Q-PCD GnomeIntegration-CP-04: Extend current solution to import all adressbooks 2017-05-20
20748 Base code issues ACCE --- [meta] Copy Table Wizard issues 2013-08-07
21175 Base code issues ACCE --- Q-PCD Database-16: backup/restore database files 2017-05-20
23952 Base code issues ACCE --- need kind of "tabstop" property for grid columns, to exclude them from keyboard navigation 2017-05-20
33010 Base code issues ACCE --- tabindex not updated in logical readonly mode 2017-05-20
35464 Base code issues ACCE --- pasting strings longer 64K into memo fields does not work 2017-05-20
36152 Base code issues ACCE --- [RFE] form controls should be able handle relative cell references/named ranges/label ranges 2017-05-20
37069 Base code issues ACCE --- creating form controls via Drag'n'Drop in embedded documents, originating from foreign database, results in senseless control structure 2017-05-20
40784 Base code issues ACCE --- No possibillity to physically remove entries from DBase 2017-05-20
41293 Base code issues ACCE --- Sort buttons don't work on results of query with parameter 2017-05-20
45183 Base code issues ACCE --- FormWizard: Arrangement of the conrols on form document requires modifcation 2013-08-07
47169 Base code issues ACCE --- "Tab order" property not working properly for multiple controls with the same name 2017-05-20
48103 Base code issues ACCE --- Opening base file using context-menu Windows XP 2017-05-20
48594 Base code issues ACCE --- Tablewizard: ShortName longer than 10 chars 2013-08-07
49908 Base code issues ACCE --- API: Get the index of a named or referenced Element. 2017-05-20
50519 Base code issues ACCE --- API: css.text.MailMerge should support BookmarkSelection property 2013-08-07
52535 Base code issues ACCE --- Text Fields do not respect text color on printing 2017-05-20
53864 Base code issues ACCE --- Table createe wizard resets available columns list on table change 2013-08-07
54583 Base code issues ACCE --- TableWizard: Problems occur with AutoValue fields 2017-05-20
55128 Base code issues ACCE --- provide easy possibility to open a (secondary) form upon clicking a form button 2017-05-20
55740 Base code issues ACCE --- The table editor displays numeric and decimal numbers as doubles 2017-05-20
56871 Base code issues ACCE --- In base, Forms, TableControl does not format numbers correctly 2017-05-20
59125 Base code issues ACCE --- Table in Report wizard is wrongly named 2017-05-20
60739 Base code issues ACCE --- sub-form: "Analyze SQL command" == false breaks the form 2017-05-20
64231 Base code issues ACCE --- Mozilla Thunderbird Address Book connection is refreshed after OOo reload only 2017-05-20
64898 Base code issues ACCE --- show referenced record in subform for new record in main form 2017-05-20
65437 Base code issues ACCE --- wildcard substitution in parameter dialog doesn't work 2017-05-20
66559 Base code issues ACCE --- allow parameters in native queries (HSQLDB) 2017-05-20
67008 Base code issues ACCE --- creating a query based on another query with non-unique column names fails 2017-05-20
69526 Base code issues ACCE --- implement a user interface for HSQL's TEXT TABLES 2017-05-20
70307 Base code issues ACCE --- API: ODatabaseForm::XTabControllerModel::getGroupControl() 2017-05-20
75168 Base code issues ACCE --- More robust Java connection class caching in JConnection.cxx 2017-05-20
76552 Base code issues ACCE --- SQL Statement Window forgets history if closed 2017-05-20
102777 Base code issues ACCE --- HSQLDB messages are not localized 2013-01-29
109032 Base code issues ACCE --- CreateUnoDialog returns Null when Dialog/s running from other odb file at the same time 2017-05-20
116286 Base code issues ACCE --- Browse for MySQL direct connection socket 2017-05-20
3956 Base code issues ACCE --- Improvement of Assign column dialog 2013-08-07
7732 Base code issues ACCE --- bugfix found: using oWindow.Enable enables all Formelements in a sheet 2017-05-20
8642 Base code issues ACCE --- Bibliography database editor not starting if data source points to invalid DB 2013-08-07
12521 Base code issues ACCE --- Change column order in Data Source Browser by dragging 2013-08-07
12522 Base code issues ACCE --- Change sort order by clicking on column headers 2013-08-07
16779 Base code issues ACCE --- navigation toolbar vanishes in forms 2017-05-20
20316 Base code issues ACCE --- Q-PCD Database-21: improved data input in table view: memo fields and images 2017-05-20
20318 Base code issues ACCE --- Q-PCD Database-25: new form controls (multimedia and hyperlink) 2017-05-20
21268 Base code issues ACCE --- make data-aware components available to Basic dialogues 2017-05-20
24706 Base code issues ACCE --- Drag and drop from data source to Writer uses wrong column 2017-05-20
26816 Base code issues ACCE --- Property width, of column in grid control, has no content 2017-05-20
26817 Base code issues ACCE --- Property width, of column in grid control, allow negative value 2017-05-20
27115 Base code issues ACCE --- A record is still modified even when pressing CTRL+Z in a control 2017-05-20
37463 Base code issues ACCE --- dropdown combobox control close when using scrollbars 2017-05-20
47663 Base code issues ACCE --- Base Forms Open: Date Field does not use the format stored in table definition 2017-05-20
51918 Base code issues ACCE --- Toolbar can be placed under the KDE panel 2013-08-07
52782 Base code issues ACCE --- navigation bar form control does not zoom with the surrounding document 2017-05-20
53870 Base code issues ACCE --- Table create wizard deletes column without confirmaiton, no undo facility 2013-08-07
54826 Base code issues ACCE --- No hint to restart also the quickstarter when changing the java classpath 2017-09-28
61050 Base code issues ACCE --- [integration test] list box invalidity not properly visualized 2017-05-20
70308 Base code issues ACCE --- API: ODatasourceBrowser::XFormController 2017-05-20
76738 Base code issues ACCE --- OOo does not discard changes when file is closed 2017-05-20
5452 Base code issues ACCE --- ADO - Universal Data Files (UDL) for connection string 2013-08-07
26991 Base code issues REOP --- Include Preset Macros and Macro Wizard to Allow for easy MS Access Switchboard type DBMS Navigation 2013-02-07
33783 Base code issues REOP --- can not set AnchorType of a control in calc via API 2017-05-20
52703 Base code issues REOP --- table design: Find a better (more usable) UI for specifiying the initial/increment value of an auto-increment field 2013-08-07
60845 Base code issues REOP --- Action on Buttons to access other forms. 2013-02-07
66846 Base code issues REOP --- Out of memory when opening large tables 2013-08-07
93895 Base code issues REOP --- ODS, linked and used as datasource opens read only, and does not work a second time 2013-01-29
96825 Base code issues REOP --- in base query format is not memorized 2013-01-29
108303 Base code issues REOP --- [DBF]: Primkey can not be set for existing columns via GUI table editor 2013-01-29
113494 Base code issues REOP --- postgresql-sdbc-076a driver cause OOo to not start 2019-04-16
114187 Base code issues REOP --- Cannot see/remove query sorts from "order by" statement in query view 2013-01-29
52319 Base code issues REOP --- size of database forms changes when there are docked windows 2013-08-07
102625 Base code issues REOP --- Table Data View + ODBC issues select * from table to get only key data 2013-08-07
127591 Base code issues REOP --- Record multiplication scrolling a large Base table 2017-11-19
127646 Base code issues REOP --- Base crashes with macro autoexec 2020-10-11
950 issues found.