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ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
128344 General ui issues UNCO --- Line Color (of the border) icon - need to correct some entries Tue 18:50
128343 General ui issues UNCO --- Toolbars and controls - interaction Mon 18:20
128340 General ui issues UNCO --- Change of Icon style not applied to all UI elements immediately 2020-03-18
128339 General ui issues UNCO --- AOO Draw & Impress, Sidebar: Navigator deck - wrong tooltip 2020-03-15
126141 General ui issues CONF --- File creation or PDF export fails with pound (#) in export filename (nonexistent object error) 2020-03-13
128337 General ui issues UNCO --- Customize-Toolbars dialog - ad infinitum? 2020-03-13
76385 General ui issues ACCE --- "JRE Defective" notification window loops and is modal. 2020-03-10
128326 General ui issues CONF --- Sidebar - mysterious optical glitch in Calc Navigator 2020-03-08
128322 General ui issues CONF --- Draw & Impress: Zoom toolbar, Zoom Out command - extended tip 2020-03-07
128320 General ui issues UNCO --- Add Commands dialog - missing part in description 2020-03-05
128319 General ui issues UNCO --- Add Commands dialog - tooltip glitch 2020-03-05
128318 General ui issues UNCO --- Change Icon dialog annoyances 2020-03-04
122257 General ui issues CONF --- [sidebar] Enhancement meta issue 2020-03-04
121960 General ui issues CONF --- [sidebar] Disabling commands is broken 2020-03-04
122379 General ui issues CONF --- [sidebar] regression in cursor navigation of some content panel toolbars closing toolbar rather than moving focus for selection 2020-03-04
122433 General ui issues CONF --- [sidebar]: Extended tooltips shown in normal tooltips mode in Line and Area Decks 2020-03-04
124436 General ui issues CONF --- the Increase Spacing and Decrease Spacing buttons change the paragraph spacing value inconsistently 2020-03-04
128317 General ui issues UNCO --- Status bar - tooltips partly invisible 2020-03-04
128314 General ui issues UNCO --- Start Center - odd behaviour of tooltips 2020-03-03
128310 General ui issues CONF --- Windows explorer crashes when opening specific file 2020-03-01
128288 General ui issues CONF --- "Edit" menu items: "Undo","Redo" - linguistic difference in AOO components 2020-02-16
128292 General ui issues UNCO --- Draw & Impress - odd behaviour of Picture toolbar and plenty of optical glitches 2020-02-15
128289 General ui issues CONF --- Impress & Draw - Graphic Toolbar glitch? 2020-02-13
128281 General ui issues REOP --- Misleading dialog title 2020-02-09
17856 General ui issues CONF --- ability to choose what is displayed in titlebar 2020-01-17
87396 General ui issues UNCO --- Selected font switches back to default font when using non-default language styles (Western/Asian/CTL) 2020-01-15
88355 General ui issues CONF --- Save/export to OOXML (aka Office Open XML, Microsoft Office 12) 2020-01-05
126659 General ui issues CONF --- Extension update is suggesting the installed version 2019-12-06
128227 General ui issues CONF --- Ctrl+q and Ctrl+w shortcuts don't work when document opened in read-only mode 2019-11-15
127789 General ui issues CONF --- update error(s) including program and extension 2019-10-27
14986 General ui issues CONF --- OOo generates weird log messages when accessing a Samba share 2019-10-13
128049 General ui issues REOP --- Error opening file from Samba share 2019-10-13
124854 General ui issues CONF --- Add "Feedback" link as Help item 2019-10-13
127589 General ui issues UNCO --- Wrong path suggested at "save as" when original path contains non-ASCII characters 2019-10-09
122328 General ui issues CONF --- Gallery: better name for "Textshapes" theme 2019-10-05
125985 General ui issues CONF --- Corrections for EN UI and Help (v4.2.0) 2019-10-03
123070 General ui issues CONF --- New icon size only applied for new Window 2019-10-03
128056 General ui issues CONF --- Styles (Writer) and settings (Extras | Options) don't disappear when altered or overwritten 2019-09-24
125061 General ui issues UNCO --- File – Save will destroy styles.xml 2019-09-09
79174 General ui issues CONF --- macro recorder : Simplify recording and use 2019-08-27
39306 General ui issues CONF --- After language change, ooo should offer automatic restart 2019-08-26
55002 General ui issues CONF --- Add Recent Document to the Quick Starter Menu 2019-08-25
124659 General ui issues CONF --- Unification required: [< Back] and [Next >] buttons 2019-08-18
125348 General ui issues CONF --- Sidebar switches to inches instead of centimetres 2019-08-18
127956 General ui issues UNCO --- Text Format Not Consistent Between OSes 2019-07-24
128133 General ui issues UNCO --- On macOS, OpenOffice should use the system font (SF) 2019-07-04
64337 General ui issues CONF --- Tools>Customize>Keyboard: Wrong "Can't" in explication for CTRL+Z, CTRL+Y 2019-05-20
125469 General ui issues UNCO --- Japanese input not working under Japanese OS: text from IME is never inserted 2019-05-19
124183 General ui issues REOP --- Remove not working connections from Address Book Data Source Wizard 2019-04-28
128095 General ui issues UNCO --- OO crashes when clicking in Preferences window with BetterTouchTool enabled 2019-04-21
120610 General ui issues CONF --- Documents created from Windows shell context menu have language set to NONE, causing spell checking to fail 2019-04-09
127979 General ui issues UNCO --- Abnormal CPU usage scrolling page 2019-04-04
127924 General ui issues UNCO --- Inserting Sound or Video kills AOO 2019-03-08
127925 General ui issues UNCO --- Regression - Inserting media file do not work - format not supported 2019-03-08
127768 General ui issues CONF --- Add script referenced from Issue #121930 to the standard profile 2019-02-27
127434 General ui issues UNCO --- undefined symbol: component_getImplementationEnvironmentExt 2019-02-13
12686 General ui issues CONF --- Tabbed Document Windows 2019-02-01
127154 General ui issues CONF --- Extension Manager hangs on macOS 2019-01-23
78228 General ui issues CONF --- Lists should be sorted numerically rather than alphanumerically 2019-01-20
125502 General ui issues CONF --- Extension Manager: Check for updates window opens and stays in background, behind Extension Manager 2019-01-12
127270 General ui issues UNCO --- Emulated bolding ("singular" font) with color gives outline effect 2018-11-19
125906 General ui issues UNCO --- Incorrect font handling (not all fonts/styles shown and wrong implementation), at least on MacOS with Helvetica Neue 2018-11-16
123652 General ui issues UNCO --- include 40px icon in soffice.exe 2018-09-08
126883 General ui issues CONF --- PDF export: Invalid characters depending on fonts 2018-08-30
59968 General ui issues CONF --- openoffice not finding installed client certificates 2018-08-02
6514 General ui issues CONF --- Graphics are selecteable in help system 2018-07-26
93496 General ui issues UNCO --- Help text font size is small (hard to read) and not adjustable persistently 2018-07-26
116213 General ui issues ACCE --- Modernize Help look & feel 2018-07-21
127567 General ui issues UNCO --- Print Page range To - From upper boundary validations are done in two visible steps instead of one 2018-06-18
104879 General ui issues CONF --- make automatic backups turned on by default 2018-04-08
127743 General ui issues UNCO --- CopyPaste + Handwriting Pad Input: last pasted item is input instead of text from handwriting pad app 2018-04-01
118228 General ui issues UNCO --- Crash any file sent to print on Epson Stylus DX3800 2018-03-19
127719 General ui issues CONF --- Save Error if Filename Contains Hash Character (#) 2018-03-01
127684 General ui issues UNCO --- Please update System Requirements to state the maximum screen resolution supported 2018-02-03
127520 General ui issues CONF --- Extension Manager's window frozen 2018-01-02
122809 General ui issues CONF --- Windows 7, 8, 10 - Jump list "recent document" support 2017-12-13
69065 General ui issues CONF --- OpenOffice My Documents path vs. last used path 2017-11-09
127588 General ui issues CONF --- Windows builds: Add OS name and version in About dialog 2017-11-07
127571 General ui issues CONF --- Progress bar is not dismissed after failed save 2017-10-25
127569 General ui issues UNCO --- Support for Boost TR1 library should be removed for Boost >= 1.65.0 2017-10-22
127561 General ui issues UNCO --- [MacOS] Application becomes unresponsive when long text (over 65535 chars) is entered in any text field 2017-10-21
127556 General ui issues CONF --- Add hint to remember to download always from the original source 2017-10-14
2425 General ui issues CONF --- Tooltips for Status Bar items missing 2017-08-14
127466 General ui issues UNCO --- OpenOffice: HEIF & HEVC files not displayed correctly 2017-07-04
118958 General ui issues CONF --- Crash when try copy from WIN 'File - Open' dialog. 2017-05-20
122346 General ui issues REOP --- AOO doesn't recognize installed printers 2017-05-20
123661 General ui issues UNCO --- Unexpected closure notice will not go away 2017-05-20
124275 General ui issues UNCO --- error message when trying to save a new document: There was a problem connecting to you SZ6X6SEFXO and unable to proceed 2017-05-20
123852 General ui issues UNCO --- Several OpenOffice apps run on Windows 2008 R2 Server via Microsoft Remote Desktop cause Ms RDP 8 client for OS X to crash 2017-05-20
119947 General ui issues CONF --- [Windows 8 certification]Windows App Certification Kit - Test for "Section 4 Apps must adhere to system restart manager messages" is failed 2017-05-20
104514 General ui issues CONF --- Save All is enabled after editing 2017-05-20
112580 General ui issues CONF --- [automation][e_platforms.bas] office freezes on installing an extension 2017-05-20
87854 General ui issues CONF --- Text in MS Office doc looks bad in OOo but good in MS Office 2017-05-20
93293 General ui issues CONF --- different zoom and view behavior of OLE Objects 2017-05-20
102998 General ui issues CONF --- Number in Page Preview's doc title counts up every time opened 2017-05-20
103830 General ui issues CONF --- provide UI element to toggle the status of the configuration item introduced by 102448 2017-05-20
95782 General ui issues CONF --- command-A fails to select all text in Spotlight search field of Open dialogue of OOo for Mac OS X 2017-05-20
100191 General ui issues CONF --- Overline attributes in control property browser is ignored by the control 2017-05-20
97086 General ui issues ACCE --- Try to determine ZHS/ZHT/JAN/KOR preference from system settings 2017-05-20
113119 General ui issues CONF --- Update downloader does not verifiy downloaded files 2017-05-20
103893 General ui issues CONF --- OLE object's font color is black when page background is fuscous 2017-05-20
113465 General ui issues CONF --- sfx2: Search & Replace dialog on BASIC IDE truncates strings 2017-05-20
116963 General ui issues CONF --- xpdf: Pdf export function and forms 2017-05-20
112029 General ui issues ACCE --- Toolbar controls: Multiple state switching due to background activity 2017-05-20
94087 General ui issues CONF --- Missing text in media playback toolbar expansion 2017-05-20
90720 General ui issues CONF --- Gallery Double Click Issue 2017-05-20
115699 General ui issues ACCE --- Extend the Addons.xcu implementation to merge entries into context menus 2017-05-20
95295 General ui issues ACCE --- disable UI for screen font antialiasing if it is disabled system-wide 2017-05-20
104332 General ui issues CONF --- When saving a new document, the default name "Untitled <#>" is not selected 2017-05-20
115580 General ui issues REOP --- copy words from writer/calc to impress, font size changed. 2017-05-20
105034 General ui issues CONF --- OOo works choppy after waking from sleep / returning from hibernation 2017-05-20
85933 General ui issues CONF --- Data source dock window pops up when pressing F4 after leaving chart edit mode 2017-05-20
87565 General ui issues CONF --- Basic IDE: Run Macro does not show all documents in list 2017-05-20
97702 General ui issues ACCE --- Wrong file name suggestion when exporting to PDF and a subfolder with the same name exists 2017-05-20
116831 General ui issues CONF --- Row headers column of Grid control should be resizeable 2017-05-20
97518 General ui issues UNCO --- always crash when openning a file from a mail 2017-05-20
94394 General ui issues CONF --- Services (interapplication communication on Mac OS X): provider services in OOo 2017-05-20
106639 General ui issues CONF --- [s10updates] icons for attachments in evolutoin are too big 2017-05-20
101659 General ui issues CONF --- Fractional GTK UI font size is rounded down to an integer 2017-05-20
99742 General ui issues CONF --- Arabic tabs name shown incorrectly 2017-05-20
52248 General ui issues CONF --- Modify flag is set after printing though option is not set 2017-05-20
55771 General ui issues CONF --- MailMergeWizard: "Back to wizard" float has useless close-button 2017-05-20
45169 General ui issues CONF --- The ampersant ("&") should not be used in UI ("Search & Replace" -> Search and Replace") 2017-05-20
70474 General ui issues CONF --- Saving file with ? in its name doesn´t work under UNIX 2017-05-20
53094 General ui issues CONF --- Open behaviour of Options dialog 2017-05-20
73122 General ui issues CONF --- Not possible to open any documents when OLE object active 2017-05-20
63284 General ui issues ACCE --- Control property browser: Wrong font in special character dialog 2017-05-20
38068 General ui issues ACCE --- wrong focus after inserting default draw object using CTRL+RETURN 2017-05-20
56844 General ui issues CONF --- Fields (i.e. date, time) display as "?" when drag & drop from Impress to Calc 2017-05-20
71501 General ui issues CONF --- Dragging an mpeg file into document Writer won't recognize this one 2017-05-20
54150 General ui issues CONF --- MailMerge Wizard: Select list of recipients: Buttons Filter... and Other Table... are active without function 2017-05-20
44693 General ui issues ACCE --- no progress is visible if the error rep has been delivered successfully. 2017-05-20
52779 General ui issues ACCE --- BASIC-IDE: Problematic behaviour of Watch- and Calls-Windows 2017-05-20
41327 General ui issues CONF --- Field docInfomation(Modify) doesn't work well 2017-05-20
52817 General ui issues CONF --- Only part of OLE Object is visible after "Insert - create from file" 2017-05-20
37186 General ui issues ACCE --- the "Add" dialog of Gallery themes, doesn't show media files 2017-05-20
46703 General ui issues CONF --- OLE inplace prevent to Open a Doc 2017-05-20
63315 General ui issues CONF --- Insert of OLE object with not existing name or of wrong type causes strange behaviour, even crash 2017-05-20
50182 General ui issues CONF --- saving a version of a document in old (OOo 1.x) format yields unwanted format warning 2017-05-20
50876 General ui issues CONF --- bogus "file does not exist" error trying to save to directory with no write permission 2017-05-20
65020 General ui issues CONF --- RFE: File/Reload should not re-issue the macro warning when previously confirmed to execute macros 2017-05-20
78838 General ui issues CONF --- OO.o document window not selectable with Alt-Tab if Assign Action dialog open 2017-05-20
73720 General ui issues CONF --- Asian text font preview in "Format/Character" dialog works unreliable 2017-05-20
79278 General ui issues CONF --- Format painter button stays down but does nothing after clicking another tool 2017-05-20
61808 General ui issues CONF --- missing text in media toolbar submenu 2017-05-20
50240 General ui issues ACCE --- In macro editor, double-click variables names does not select the underscore character 2017-05-20
55818 General ui issues CONF --- Calc does not recognise templates without file extension 2017-05-20
63287 General ui issues ACCE --- Control property browser: Set macro to multiple controls 2017-05-20
49470 General ui issues CONF --- Filter Selection accepts OK with no filter specified 2017-05-20
38055 General ui issues ACCE --- persistent gallery themes - Impl 2017-05-20
54751 General ui issues ACCE --- Command Organize Macros shows nothing 2017-05-20
54753 General ui issues ACCE --- JavaScript share libraries are editable 2017-05-20
53710 General ui issues CONF --- Macro Security: Double messagebox when executing macros ans security set to high 2017-05-20
49034 General ui issues ACCE --- automatically checbox is disabled 2017-05-20
83755 General ui issues ACCE --- Help pages displayed in BASIC organizer 2017-05-20
48509 General ui issues CONF --- default language information lost while Copy & Paste 2017-05-20
56762 General ui issues CONF --- "#" as a part of a filename does not work in openoffice save 2017-05-20
66197 General ui issues CONF --- Wrong naming of clipboard-content 2017-05-20
76412 General ui issues CONF --- RTF: large part of table lost when exporting a table pasted from browser 2017-05-20
45641 General ui issues CONF --- "Trusted file locations": paths are case-sensitive on windows 2017-05-20
62826 General ui issues CONF --- Tools/Options -> Internet/Proxy: No validation of user input 2017-05-20
72980 General ui issues CONF --- counter is wrong when a document is printed several times 2017-05-20
49785 General ui issues ACCE --- Adding Recent Documents to Toolbar does not work 2017-05-20
54024 General ui issues CONF --- Linked Calc OLE comes up read-only if opened directly 2017-05-20
47875 General ui issues CONF --- More informative dialog is requested, in case a document was loaded using incorrect password 2017-05-20
24828 General ui issues ACCE --- Dialog "searchkey not found" not modal 2017-05-20
49670 General ui issues ACCE --- clicking arrow buttons in font dropdownlist scrolls too much at first time 2017-05-20
74430 General ui issues CONF --- Color added to the palette in one application doesn't show up while adding embedde OLE object 2017-05-20
7084 General ui issues CONF --- link in menu bar to issuezilla 2017-05-20
28415 General ui issues CONF --- Add "Rename" entry/functionality to "Template Organizer" 2017-05-20
27984 General ui issues CONF --- Error message wrong for write-protected files 2017-05-20
55297 General ui issues CONF --- Error: BitmapEx::BitmapEx( const ResId& rResId ): could not load image <res/mainmapp_32_8.png> 2017-05-20
46262 General ui issues CONF --- ERROR: invalid argument type 2017-05-20
24294 General ui issues CONF --- Print from Context Menu causes window resize 2017-05-20
27279 General ui issues ACCE --- With document including Floating Frame, something wrong when you switching between two OO application 2017-05-20
84446 General ui issues CONF --- File dialog should apply default extension before checking for existing folder 2017-05-20
23445 General ui issues ACCE --- Error: Fixed text exceeds Window Width 2017-05-20
77029 General ui issues ACCE --- Treelist should keep open at selected macro during the session 2017-05-20
28821 General ui issues CONF --- Overlap of list boxes in file picker with small font sizes 2017-05-20
20035 General ui issues ACCE --- After filerecovery: display a warning that macros have been disabled 2017-05-20
32562 General ui issues CONF --- Assertion "No Filter for storage found" when opening SO5 document with Math OLE 2017-05-20
33726 General ui issues CONF --- on-screen picking dictionary translation 2017-05-20
27327 General ui issues CONF --- File Open dialog does not support directory shortcuts. 2017-05-20
60138 General ui issues CONF --- Only placeholder instead of linked .dxf image visible 2017-05-20
30806 General ui issues CONF --- Don't select checked word on context spell checking 2017-05-20
27050 General ui issues ACCE --- OO.o does not ask for saving Changes in editing Macros 2017-05-20
34794 General ui issues CONF --- switching to B/w mode of picture brings not the desired effect 2017-05-20
70473 General ui issues CONF --- No change to new default-dir in FileOpen, when FileSave can't save in that dir 2017-05-20
29196 General ui issues ACCE --- Zero files displayed if directory access denied 2017-05-20
28267 General ui issues ACCE --- unsuccessful pdf export enables save-icon 2017-05-20
31913 General ui issues ACCE --- Pls start implementation of "R2L-enabled Control Forms" feature. Also please create sub-tasks within DEV. Thx. 2017-05-20
34712 General ui issues ACCE --- Additional missing properties for some controls 2017-05-20
34547 General ui issues ACCE --- PushButtons do not support transparent background 2017-05-20
41015 General ui issues CONF --- Tools/Options doesn´t show the default section as opened 2017-05-20
47550 General ui issues CONF --- PDF export icon missing in File menu 2017-05-20
27067 General ui issues ACCE --- Deleting A Version Corrupts Dialog Title 2017-05-20
14705 General ui issues ACCE --- Improve handling of incomplete/invalid libraries 2017-05-20
62208 General ui issues CONF --- Display of Thai characters in Writers HTML source view garbled 2017-05-20
70215 General ui issues ACCE --- Javascript Rhino debugger hides some runtime errors 2017-05-20
32359 General ui issues ACCE --- Play, Pause, Stop and Repeat missing in context menu of Media object 2017-05-20
20050 General ui issues CONF --- database beamer is gone after switch back from fullscreen mode 2017-05-20
5614 General ui issues CONF --- Accessing a directory with a busy component caused OO to appear to freeze / crash 2017-05-20
47460 General ui issues CONF --- missing document file extensions in Basic Macro dialog 2017-05-20
34550 General ui issues ACCE --- Missing TriState for ToggleButtons 2017-05-20
32489 General ui issues REOP --- Open pw prot. file with wrong pw, API call exited abnormaly 2017-05-20
54754 General ui issues ACCE --- BeanShell share libraries are editable 2017-05-20
108631 General ui issues UNCO --- Preprocessor defines in layout-pre.hxx to save typing namespace qualifiers break compile 2017-05-20
111057 General ui issues CONF --- Error when open 2 files 2017-05-20
122330 General ui issues CONF --- [sidebar] Some items enabled on protected content 2017-05-20
43249 General ui issues ACCE --- Inconsistent use of a word for "Measurement unit" in UI 2017-05-20
121924 General ui issues CONF --- Undo stack filled with unnecessary actions 2017-05-20
122318 General ui issues ACCE --- Colour listboxes are not sorted by colour name 2017-05-20
90118 General ui issues CONF --- PDF created with PDFCreator lose internal hyperlinks 2017-05-20
84613 General ui issues REOP --- Credits URL in About box and splash screen no longer maintained 2017-05-20
122609 General ui issues CONF --- [sidebar] Gallery path must not be displayed because too long 2017-05-20
125981 General ui issues CONF --- [UX] "JRE not available": Improve the shown error message, create a webpage to show more details 2017-05-20
121940 General ui issues CONF --- [sidebar] let user customize the order of the panels 2017-05-20
74389 General ui issues CONF --- Name of templates category not shown in edit mode 2017-05-20
88163 General ui issues CONF --- File/properties/user defined fields get mixed up 2017-05-20
38054 General ui issues CONF --- persistent gallery themes - Spec 2017-05-20
74263 General ui issues CONF --- Error uploading ms-word doc to Windows Sharepoint 2017-05-20
80244 General ui issues CONF --- Testtool: Enhance Display HID dialog to become a three pane window 2017-05-20
95771 General ui issues CONF --- PDF export filter gives a false notion of security 2017-05-20
73126 General ui issues CONF --- OOo 1.1.5 OLE object has wrong text in Clipboard list 2017-05-20
83442 General ui issues ACCE --- Crash when exporting Basic dialog with formatted field and multiple languages support 2017-05-20
87912 General ui issues CONF --- WW8: "Company" name added to properties by export to MS Office formats 2017-05-20
66924 General ui issues CONF --- Graphic lost on copy graphics with caption from Writer to Calc 2017-05-20
96462 General ui issues ACCE --- Assigning a macro to an event - textboxes should be editable 2017-05-20
96595 General ui issues ACCE --- cannot save-to a location with a dead, outdated, unconnected lockfile 2017-05-20
99447 General ui issues ACCE --- The preview content is wrong for "Small capitals" 2017-05-20
5226 General ui issues CONF --- Save Icon Greys out when no changes made 2017-05-20
20643 General ui issues CONF --- Drawing OLE object not sized correctly when inserted 2017-05-20
38049 General ui issues CONF --- persistent gallery themes 2017-05-20
80245 General ui issues CONF --- Testtool: Enhance Display HID dialog to show declared dialogs as tree view 2017-05-20
115808 General ui issues CONF --- Crash when opening lots of documents at once 2017-05-20
65183 General ui issues CONF --- Exporting to an open PDF file yields three error messages 2017-05-20
26957 General ui issues CONF --- error opening hyperlink to bookmark in ms word document 2017-05-20
83984 General ui issues CONF --- Opening a password protected document from the OS blocks opening more documents until password dialog is confirmed 2017-05-20
104971 General ui issues CONF --- PDF button truncates file names with "#" 2017-05-20
80101 General ui issues CONF --- OOo UI hangs while saving on a webdav server with password 2017-05-20
58090 General ui issues CONF --- unsuccessful printing leaves the "Modified" flag of a document broken 2017-05-20
103053 General ui issues CONF --- IME should be disabled for password input box 2017-05-20
106359 General ui issues CONF --- [CWS printerpullpages] Transparency warning is "on" but does not appear 2017-05-20
69212 General ui issues CONF --- applets not functional in OOo -> UI redesign needed 2017-05-20
51154 General ui issues CONF --- save recent document history more often 2017-05-20
70901 General ui issues CONF --- TestTool problems in BASIC IDE: DialogWindow.typeKeys and ControlPropertiesDialog 2017-05-20
51367 General ui issues CONF --- Improve the error message regarding impossibility to create the backup on saving. 2017-05-20
111984 General ui issues CONF --- [CWS findbar01] Testtool: Hidden toolbar controls appear as visible 2017-05-20
22082 General ui issues CONF --- Session cookies not sent when embedded in MSIE 2017-05-20
70402 General ui issues CONF --- Many Icons in "Further objects" dialog not shown when file assoziation activated during installation 2017-05-20
75342 General ui issues CONF --- Allow to not save "Last used printer" in the document 2017-05-20
86573 General ui issues CONF --- Cannot paste anything from external app into OOo dialogs 2017-05-20
78182 General ui issues ACCE --- OOo Basic IDE: Save As... is always disabled 2017-05-20
95706 General ui issues CONF --- Window title miscounts when closing and opening multiple views of same document (Win and Mac only) 2017-05-20
115214 General ui issues CONF --- Export file picker does not remember last file type anymore 2017-05-20
78958 General ui issues CONF --- paragraph style changes occur without request just by visiting border and background tabpage 2017-05-20
70403 General ui issues CONF --- Give seperate icon for each OOo application as object 2017-05-20
72005 General ui issues CONF --- Allowing language selection from Templates and documents dialog 2017-05-20
71338 General ui issues CONF --- Setting a document with macros to read-only pops up the security dialog again 2017-05-20
96235 General ui issues CONF --- Tools menu | Customize… | option to customise Keyboard is missing if Tools menu is called whilst Start Centre is present 2017-05-20
115111 General ui issues CONF --- Cannot "Break Link" to an OLE object 2017-05-20
104240 General ui issues ACCE --- The upper part of the box bracket glyphs from OpenSymbol font is missing at small zoom levels 2017-05-20
77392 General ui issues ACCE --- Ampersand (&) does not work in OOo BASIC editor's Find And Replace 2017-05-20
111707 General ui issues CONF --- Document closer closes Office after executing macro handling "hidden view" 2017-05-20
95366 General ui issues CONF --- ODF Format Level Warning 2017-05-20
105257 General ui issues CONF --- Error of display EMF 2017-05-20
71349 General ui issues REOP --- Using OOo created PDF as OLE object will lead to Error graphic when saving 2017-05-20
97967 General ui issues CONF --- "Media playback" toolbar has blank item in "Visible Buttons" 2017-05-20
46837 General ui issues CONF --- Save button initially active after opening file 2017-05-20
79311 General ui issues ACCE --- BASIC IDE/Usability: Dialog controls invisible/cannot be distinguished 2017-05-20
69973 General ui issues CONF --- filenames with non native encoding cannot be loaded 2017-05-20
70529 General ui issues CONF --- Create a more meaningful message at occuring online connection problems 2017-05-20
78494 General ui issues CONF --- Undo on deleting floating frame corrupts frame content 2017-05-20
102979 General ui issues CONF --- "Enter password" dialog could be improved 2017-05-20
85461 General ui issues ACCE --- Pasting text between different OOo instances might change font settings 2017-05-20
73797 General ui issues CONF --- Document restored by crash-reporter may show a dialog too early 2017-05-20
104515 General ui issues CONF --- RTL UI: moving active embedded object to the left moves it to the right 2017-05-20
114225 General ui issues CONF --- Wrong use of %productname variable in Document Converter 2017-05-20
103908 General ui issues CONF --- "View" selector in "Media playback" toolbar is not functional 2017-05-20
76401 General ui issues REOP --- Active OLE objects (and Charts) are misplaced in impress 2017-05-20
96611 General ui issues UNCO --- First person to open a read-only document has exclusive lock on it. Nobody else than this first user can open it for read-write. 2017-05-20
84700 General ui issues CONF --- Testtool cannot use .getText on static text field 2017-05-20
83311 General ui issues CONF --- Enter password dialog does not indicate minimum password length 2017-05-20
93987 General ui issues CONF --- OLE frame incorrectly positioned when acting as server in e.g. MS Office 2017-05-20
117221 General ui issues CONF --- [CWS findbar02] Bubble help (i.e. re-search from start) should disappear as soon as the focus changes 2017-05-20
117502 General ui issues CONF --- OLE editing in Impress/Draw: hatching frame is not correct 2017-05-20
84685 General ui issues CONF --- Testtool gets utterly confused with en_GB.UTF-8 locale 2017-05-20
72575 General ui issues ACCE --- Extension default application in browsers has bad name 2017-05-20
68685 General ui issues CONF --- Set Default Filename for New Document 2017-05-20
115606 General ui issues CONF --- Search tool bar information about re-search is not accessible 2017-05-20
54265 General ui issues CONF --- DocumentConverter: Button "Show Logfile" has no Help-ID 2017-05-20
89105 General ui issues REOP --- Annoying and useless message when loading 3.x document 2017-05-20
12891 General ui issues CONF --- Insert | Graphic over graphic opens Graphics dialog (should offer option to replace image) 2017-05-20
105169 General ui issues ACCE --- Non-Basic scripts of an extension for all users are not found by "Organize macros" 2017-05-20
75606 General ui issues CONF --- Find window should be dockable 2017-05-20
97048 General ui issues CONF --- Japanese help is displayed using Chinese fonts on Max OS X 10.4.11 2017-05-20
58695 General ui issues ACCE --- String not localizable in flash filter 2017-05-20
88124 General ui issues CONF --- Template name not shown in File/properties under certain circumstances 2017-05-20
27081 General ui issues CONF --- make all keyboard keys able to be assigned to shortcuts 2017-05-20
86909 General ui issues CONF --- assertion: invalid element id 2017-05-20
60124 General ui issues CONF --- Document containing many iconified objects won't save on Linux 2017-05-20
117293 General ui issues CONF --- [CWS findbar02] Bubble help has hard-coded size (will not fit all translations) 2017-05-20
77338 General ui issues ACCE --- 2 or more numerical labels cause compile error in Basic 2017-05-20
6010 General ui issues CONF --- Add ablility to Print/Preview OLE indepent 2017-05-20
88500 General ui issues CONF --- Save error on files open extended period of time. 2017-05-20
117593 General ui issues CONF --- Just opening "more options" assumes that "read only" option is checked when saving with password in MS Format 2017-05-20
79207 General ui issues CONF --- Testtool is unable to access ok-button on ScriptSelector 2017-05-20
95320 General ui issues CONF --- Inconsistent labelling of unsaved documents 2017-05-20
56225 General ui issues ACCE --- crashreporter doesn't show error message if proxy isn't configured 2017-05-20
97020 General ui issues ACCE --- Optimize Lucene scoring 2017-05-20
84192 General ui issues CONF --- New methods for treelists: expand()/collapse() 2017-05-20
94931 General ui issues CONF --- OOo does not redraw an empty Floating Frame after minimizing window 2017-05-20
117596 General ui issues CONF --- Second clipboard action pastes metafile from first action 2017-05-20
93627 General ui issues CONF --- Untranslated objects names in AutoTexts (pt_BR) 2017-05-20
97888 General ui issues CONF --- Stylist and its sub-dialogs are not modal to each other 2017-05-20
70401 General ui issues CONF --- Iconified objects should have full namestring "inside" 2017-05-20
44883 General ui issues CONF --- Selecting Tools - Options - Java takes some time -> hourglass icon? 2017-05-20
113644 General ui issues UNCO --- Printing on 12 Inch Fanfold Paper 2017-05-20
66154 General ui issues CONF --- Insert notes on images and other non-text objects 2017-05-20
123961 General ui issues ACCE --- won't link because of inconsistence in declaration of ColorControl::SetCurColorSelect 2017-05-20
106764 General ui issues CONF --- Save as with alien filetype loses the path when saving as ODF 2017-05-20
61724 General ui issues CONF --- Runtime Error while opening a document in a win98 network via Windows Explorer 2017-05-20
72045 General ui issues UNCO --- [Samba] Save as to a cifs share results in a read-only file. 2017-05-20
54423 General ui issues CONF --- Disable hidden icons in the "visible buttons" menu when the Asian or CTL support is disabled 2017-05-20
109542 General ui issues UNCO --- framework: Digital Signature info availability 2017-05-20
117309 General ui issues CONF --- ACD Chemsketch and Open Office 2017-05-20
63875 General ui issues CONF --- Unabilaty to save a document ('unable to write') because of removed temporary files. 2017-05-20
106590 General ui issues UNCO --- Floating (Navigator) window opens on the wrong screen 2017-05-20
107318 General ui issues CONF --- Collecting StartCenter improvements 2017-05-20
48904 General ui issues CONF --- Cell Background Color Pallet 2017-05-20
97688 General ui issues CONF --- better default gradient set 2017-05-20
105333 General ui issues CONF --- Assigning document icons to file types even when user sets soffice as default applicaton. 2017-05-20
81227 General ui issues CONF --- Add Web URL field in Tools - Options - - User Data 2017-05-20
43306 General ui issues CONF --- MediaPlayer under Unix/Linux should work "out of the box" 2017-05-20
26589 General ui issues CONF --- Add a change methode of linked pictures 2017-05-20
46480 General ui issues CONF --- Backup before saving new version overwrites wrong backup file 2017-04-10
127377 General ui issues UNCO --- Screen Scaling 2017-03-27
109645 General ui issues CONF --- Make Extenstion Manager GUI optional on install 2017-03-20
99520 General ui issues CONF --- malfunction of multimedia keyboard 2017-02-24
127327 General ui issues UNCO --- Too fast scrolling 2017-02-23
127321 General ui issues CONF --- Improved Recent Document Menu Option 2017-02-12
106517 General ui issues CONF --- Add menu item "recent files" to quickstarter 2017-02-11
73534 General ui issues CONF --- Recent Documents in GNOMEs Places menu only contains saved OOo files, not the ones that are only opened 2017-02-11
111031 General ui issues CONF --- Recently used files combo box in "insert picture" of OOo dialogs contains all document types, not only pictures 2017-02-11
50042 General ui issues CONF --- non-existing files from the "recent files" menu should be removed 2017-02-11
127309 General ui issues UNCO --- Tree control in Basic macro dialog crashes 2017-02-01
86541 General ui issues CONF --- Error message "No JRE Error" in macro dialogs suggests that Java is required to run Basic & Pyton,, with is incorrect 2016-11-08
127187 General ui issues UNCO --- Can access samba share but not open any files 2016-10-25
84630 General ui issues UNCO --- "direct save" (drag-and-drop save) e.g. to Nautilus 2016-10-21
123036 General ui ydario CONF --- Type 1 fonts are not embedded in exported PDFs (font is substituted) under OS/2 2016-10-17
118097 General ui issues UNCO --- save-as-dialog forces Finder to connect to all network aliases in current folder 2016-10-10
122569 General ui issues CONF --- Start Center: Recent Document list should use more of available space 2016-10-08
126846 General ui issues CONF --- Analysis Task: Major Recurring Data/Operation Loss/Corruption Situations 2016-08-30
120463 General ui issues CONF --- Provide functionality or a tool to reset/rename the user profile 2016-08-24
127004 General ui issues UNCO --- Inconsistent behaviour for Graphics cache option field "Remove from memory after" 2016-06-18
67385 General ui issues CONF --- embed arbitrary binary files into documents 2016-04-25
47839 General ui issues CONF --- Missing hint in Internet Search dialog: Engine Modifications 'Prefix', 'Suffix', 'Separator' need to be done for all 3 radio button 'Type' selections 2016-02-17
126767 General ui issues CONF --- Toolbar icons black out 2016-01-02
126757 General ui issues UNCO --- Warning on file save when modification time changed 2015-12-30
126634 General ui issues UNCO --- program will not quit 2015-11-09
126633 General ui issues CONF --- Redesigning Appearance option page 2015-11-07
122592 General ui issues CONF --- Only writer takes care of security setting "Ctrl-click required to follow hyperlinks" 2015-10-18
120519 General ui issues CONF --- Allow to set Adjustment Values for Custom shapes (with yellow handle) 2015-10-14
125925 General ui issues UNCO --- Convert Excel to PDF not working for big images 2015-09-29
125483 General ui issues UNCO --- Corrupted font display on Japanese OS/2 systems 2015-09-14
122006 General ui issues UNCO --- Unexpected quits after using load/save and print preview 2015-09-12
125986 General ui issues CONF --- List box within writing aids dialog too small 2015-08-26
126482 General ui issues REOP --- files open in read only 2015-08-21
126379 General ui issues UNCO --- Sidebar ‘Position and Size’ field validation can yield incorrect values. Unit conversion and validation occurring in the middle of keyboard entry – Inconsistent behavior. 2015-06-23
125404 General ui issues UNCO --- Document window is being replaced when Find&Replace dialog is open 2015-06-14
125890 General ui issues UNCO --- The "Keep Current Format" (versus ODF ) option is misleading - it should be "Keep Selected Format" 2015-05-02
126059 General ui issues UNCO --- OOo should support optional Graphite user interfaces 2015-04-28
126249 General ui issues UNCO --- Mac-Windows incompatibility with cropped images 2015-04-16
126042 General ui issues CONF --- Sidebar resets every time Openoffice Writer is opened 2015-04-03
126201 General ui issues CONF --- svm graphic image works in AOO 4.0, doesn't work in AOO 4.1.1 2015-03-24
126163 General ui issues UNCO --- Add Quickstarter tip 2015-03-09
104661 General ui issues UNCO --- Saving to file should take place in a process independent of the GUI 2015-03-03
126133 General ui issues CONF --- Small column width 2015-02-26
125989 General ui issues CONF --- Sidebar without group highlighting 2015-02-19
125792 General ui issues CONF --- CRASH when open Web page 2015-02-13
125235 General ui issues CONF --- Export to PDF defaults to last used directory 2015-01-15
125869 General ui issues UNCO --- Total Crash: Special character trying to scroll down with scroll bar-drag 2015-01-14
125756 General ui issues CONF --- GUI frame breaks down after exiting Full Screen mode 2015-01-14
27439 General ui issues CONF --- Capability to edit OOo OLE object in separate window 2015-01-12
126021 General ui issues UNCO --- UI glitches and misplaced button within macro editor 2015-01-10
125988 General ui issues CONF --- Text for dropdown box within view dialog too long 2015-01-07
81438 General ui issues CONF --- Inserting an object as a background graphic is possible only from writer 2015-01-07
125552 General ui issues CONF --- "Use the same icons in the sidebar as in the toolbars and menu items" 2015-01-06
67817 General ui issues CONF --- Recent Documents Display 2015-01-02
117592 General ui issues CONF --- "More options" buttons and others with ▼▼ double down arrow label: text misaligned too far down to bottom 2015-01-01
125990 General ui issues UNCO --- Processes are started with user interaction when looking for a Java runtime environment 2015-01-01
94225 General ui issues UNCO --- Dialogs not Mac Style / Aqua 2014-11-27
125909 General ui issues UNCO --- context menu -> font list cut off after or limited to the first 100 fonts 2014-11-27
125903 General ui issues UNCO --- Position coordinates values should be limited to page size related useful values independent to measure value 2014-11-26
118239 General ui issues UNCO --- A general error occurred while accessing your central configuration. 2014-11-22
125856 General ui issues UNCO --- Some font names are disappeared from drop down font list. (4.1.1 win , 4.1.1 mac and 4.1.0 mac) 2014-11-14
125855 General ui issues UNCO --- Google’s Noto font names aren’t on drop down font list properly. (4.1.0 mac and 4.1.1 mac) 2014-11-14
125827 General ui issues CONF --- Options-Load/Save-General dialog is not high enough 2014-11-06
125809 General ui issues UNCO --- Remove obsolete Background tab from object property dialog 2014-10-30
125805 General ui issues CONF --- Table Properties| Sofware crashes if calculation of table width is not complete when "spacing" is updated to a value greater than table width 2014-10-30
122665 General ui issues CONF --- Start Center Application buttons have too small width for max Scaling 2014-10-28
125755 General ui issues UNCO --- 4.1 crashes all the time 2014-10-20
109685 General ui issues REOP --- Windows Search fails to find ODT files when searching for words preceded by a tab 2014-10-16
105642 General ui issues CONF --- Re-design and UI improvements for color palettes (meta-issue) 2014-10-09
34073 General ui issues CONF --- Alt+drag no longer works for moving toolbar buttons 2014-10-02
40747 General ui issues CONF --- Two seperate commands both named Insert>Formula 2014-09-30
80005 General ui issues CONF --- File - Rename... 2014-09-27
123191 General ui issues CONF --- Double Click on icon in toolbar opens WIN OS File dialog twice 2014-09-27
106262 General ui issues CONF --- pinning to task bar is wrong 2014-09-24
969 General ui issues CONF --- Caps and double caps autocorrect 2014-09-24
6033 General ui issues CONF --- Page view size 2014-09-24
125499 General ui issues CONF --- Cannot add internet search engine 2014-09-09
112914 General ui issues CONF --- Find tool bar : management of the entries of the list 2014-08-25
74197 General ui issues CONF --- users should be warned before saving a document in temp 2014-08-10
87607 General ui issues REOP --- Customize event window does not show assigned actions in 1.1 document 2014-08-07
125340 General ui issues UNCO --- registrymodifications.xcu file - starts as 17 kBytes, grows to 500 kBytes 2014-08-02
125342 General ui issues CONF --- automatic color (on white background) isn't black on Linux 2014-08-01
125196 General ui issues UNCO --- SOFT HYPHEN (optional hyphen) cannot be found by regular expression and Unicode code point 2014-07-18
125269 General ui issues UNCO --- Font Styles are limited to 16 styles per family 2014-07-17
124763 General ui issues CONF --- Replace old type Icons with Pulldowns 2014-07-07
125173 General ui issues CONF --- invalid path for TEMP files 2014-07-02
124985 General ui issues UNCO --- [Meta] Meta Bug for collecting bugs which appeal for AOO 4.1.x 2014-06-23
125114 General ui issues CONF --- MacOSX: XDesktop.terminate() does not work 2014-06-18
124986 General ui issues CONF --- Window size not saved with document 2014-06-16
125099 General ui issues UNCO --- Windows 8.1 File Explorer crash on right hand click option 2014-06-14
125083 General ui issues ACCE --- insert option to enable ODF 1.2 encryption AES-256 2014-06-12
125026 General ui issues CONF --- PDF Export Dialog conformation to Print Dialog required 2014-06-06
86857 General ui issues CONF --- Extended help tips are shown all the time 2014-06-06
125057 General ui issues CONF --- Check box form control prints "x" instead of tick-hook 2014-06-06
122561 General ui issues CONF --- OS Save (as) dialog file type dropdown shows file name extension twice 2014-06-03
125021 General ui issues UNCO --- Descenders get cropped within OS/X widgets 2014-06-03
44139 General ui issues CONF --- Yes-No question in dialog should have Yes-No answer buttons (+ Cancel) 2014-06-03
53114 General ui issues CONF --- Help Agent to be removed or redesigned 2014-06-03
7186 General ui issues ACCE --- Re-work on help agent concept 2014-06-03
125027 General ui issues UNCO --- PDF export dialog needs preview like Print Preview 2014-06-02
125018 General ui issues UNCO --- OO can't open or save documents on a samba share on a nas 2014-06-02
125029 General ui issues UNCO --- search in Load URL field (history) 2014-06-02
125014 General ui issues REOP --- Operating system print dialog unavailable 2014-05-30
124998 General ui issues CONF --- Pickers for Color, Linestyle and similar can be opened 2 times 2014-05-28
122780 General ui issues UNCO --- FREEZE when Click 'Insert Section -> Insert' dialog is incorrectly activated by 'Edit -> paste' 2014-05-27
124851 General ui issues CONF --- CRASH when click 'Edit File' for document with OS-Write-Protected-Flag 2014-05-27
124982 General ui issues CONF --- [sidebar] Size and customization not retained 2014-05-25
124920 General ui issues UNCO --- Switching desktops on Mac OS (Mission Control) is extremely erratic 2014-05-17
22133 General ui issues REOP --- CALC, Draw, IMPRESS: Editing Hyperlink is too difficult; add context menu entry like in writer 2014-05-16
124853 General ui issues CONF --- Pasting into "Find" field pastes into "Input Line" and inserts 2014-05-16
78653 General ui issues CONF --- Request for Tools > Options > User Data to be looked into 2014-05-14
124897 General ui issues UNCO --- Where ever possible default should be whole-numbered (or simple fractions) values for Tab stops, indents, column widths and similar position properties 2014-05-14
51333 General ui issues UNCO --- Add "Apply" button to dialogs "Tools-Options" and "Tools-Customize" 2014-05-13
103397 General ui issues CONF --- Wrong mouse pointer view "moving hand" instead of "pointing figner hand" when hover hyperlink 2014-05-13
124882 General ui issues CONF --- Tag for "URL Name" input line missing in Hyperlink Toolbar 2014-05-13
90408 General ui issues CONF --- Paragraph/cell style incorrectly changed by click on background tab 2014-05-13
124863 General ui issues CONF --- Ugly grey text line background in File - Print - General - Details 2014-05-13
124874 General ui issues UNCO --- crash on click load/save in preferences 2014-05-12
124794 General ui issues CONF --- Create icons for menus and toolbars 2014-05-06
124809 General ui issues CONF --- Icons in menus not shown although the option to show icons is selected 2014-05-05
21865 General ui issues CONF --- consistency with coloring buttons accross all applications 2014-05-05
45396 General ui issues CONF --- "Apply" button in "Appearance" box 2014-05-03
124792 General ui issues CONF --- List of Locale settings should point to the Location instead to a Language 2014-05-01
124771 General ui issues CONF --- provide a possibility to open files by drag and drop from filemanager to AOO even if other AOO windows are open 2014-04-29
62091 General ui issues UNCO --- Add option not to bring to foreground application with newly opened Document 2014-04-28
124746 General ui issues CONF --- Replace "Title" by "Name" for file names 2014-04-28
21634 General ui issues CONF --- Quickstarter option suggestion: Load Quickstarter on login/system start 2014-04-24
124698 General ui issues CONF --- RFE: Sidebar Usability 2014-04-17
113692 General ui issues CONF --- Too many places to change measurements 2014-04-17
41063 General ui issues CONF --- to choose his Certifcat container for digital Signatures 2014-04-16
122061 General ui issues REOP --- First click into spin boxes should select complete content 2014-04-16
124656 General ui issues UNCO --- unable to disable the Quickstarter (Linux) 2014-04-15
124676 General ui issues CONF --- Printing does not respect size of a form control "text box" 2014-04-13
96287 General ui issues CONF --- Disabling any menu command via API disables menu item Tools > Macros > Organize Macros 2014-04-11
123008 General ui issues CONF --- Sidebar is missing a keyboard shortcut assignment 2014-04-11
123722 General ui issues CONF --- [sidebar]: <enter> in Spacing/Indent spinboxes adds "enter" to text instead of confirming value 2014-04-07
89577 General ui issues CONF --- Format paintbrush does not work between 2 documents 2014-04-04
98833 General ui issues CONF --- font name localization with OO's own option 2014-04-04
87255 General ui issues CONF --- Simple and easy to use language switcher 2014-04-04
123766 General ui issues CONF --- Customize Keyboard: <Cntrl+Shift+-> (Unbreakable hyphen) Missing in Key Combination list 2014-04-02
124140 General ui issues CONF --- Allow changing cursor shape/color 2014-04-02
123425 General ui issues CONF --- Use "More languages..." instead of "More..." in language selection context menu 2014-03-29
61589 General ui issues CONF --- resize or make some dialogues as well as dropped down menus and other text showing controls resizable (as well as save their size + back to default option) in order to get rid of some scrollbars in them or to avoid users having to scroll the text 2014-03-26
123886 General ui issues CONF --- Toolbars customization 'Cancel' does the same like 'OK' 2014-03-26
96025 General ui issues CONF --- Not existing Button "Next" and Error Report mentioned in Recovery Dialog 2014-03-25
123019 General ui issues CONF --- Enhance "Find All" to include browsable list 2014-03-25
100414 General ui issues CONF --- Installing a new dictionary requires a full restart of OO but there is no notification that this should be done 2014-03-24
124489 General ui issues CONF --- Extension Manager: add small message for successful installation 2014-03-24
102345 General ui issues CONF --- Installing broken/corrupted extension .oxt files fails without an error message 2014-03-24
67807 General ui issues CONF --- Hide mouse pointer when typing 2014-03-20
101481 General ui issues UNCO --- Meaningful user message when unable to Save a file in Read Only Mode 2014-03-17
122305 General ui issues CONF --- [sidebar] Sidebar does not use large icons. 2014-03-17
124372 General ui issues CONF --- the tooltip is "Number %NUMBERINGSAMPLE" 2014-03-17
49961 General ui issues UNCO --- Styles Preview required in Format Management and related dialogs 2014-03-16
123469 General ui issues UNCO --- Need possibility to kill 1 single soffice.bin file-open process for 1 document with problems without killing simultanuous soffice.bin processes 2014-03-16
123713 General ui issues CONF --- Huge Toolbars on custom themed Windows 7 (64bit) 2014-03-15
124200 General ui issues CONF --- PDF Export dialog: impossible to use pages selection input line before radio button 2014-03-13
53086 General ui issues CONF --- User friendly changes 2014-03-12
123472 General ui issues CONF --- When selecting text, automatically select entire word 2014-03-12
74233 General ui issues UNCO --- file open on one worksopace shows up on new workspace 2014-03-08
124291 General ui issues UNCO --- AOO opening temporary dialogues outside main application window on multimonitor systems. 2014-03-06
54987 General ui issues CONF --- FRQ: Collaborative editing 2014-03-06
92524 General ui issues UNCO --- Chemsketch ole-objects (chemical structures) inserted from file shown as placeholder 2014-03-06
114917 General ui issues CONF --- Improper 'font name' reporting on font conversion 2014-03-06
123406 General ui issues UNCO --- Umlauts and similar shown wrongly ("coded") in Navigator context menu 2014-03-06
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