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17 issues found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
124756 Calc help issues UNCO --- Calc, asks for a password, I don't know how or where to apply a password 2014-07-02
125927 Calc help issues UNCO --- Formula example for AVERAGEIF is wrong in helpfile 2014-12-03
125963 Calc help issues UNCO --- Examples of financial function with dates lead to #VALUE #WERT error 2014-12-24
126374 Calc help issues UNCO --- Search functions eg VLOOKUP require "Search criteria = ... " toggle to be ON - no help reference 2015-06-18
128190 Calc help issues UNCO --- Tooltip for SUMIFS has wrong syntax 2020-12-22
101621 Calc help issues CONF --- convert_add missing/misleading description gal, pt, oz, qt, bushel 2014-03-03
122739 Calc help issues CONF --- Missing Help: Why is border/background considered for "last cell with contents" in column, but not in row 2013-10-08
122799 Calc help issues CONF --- CRITBINOM has wrong description 2013-09-07
123756 Calc help issues CONF --- Help for Share document dialog is missing 2013-11-26
124035 Calc help issues CONF --- Incomplete misleading Help for 'Merge Cells' 2014-01-16
124435 Calc help issues CONF --- Improve Help for Text Rotation 2014-03-16
124472 Calc help issues CONF --- Bar Chart Help muddles axes 2014-03-20
124619 Calc help issues CONF --- 'Reset' button in Help wrongly called 'Back' button 2014-05-10
125244 Calc help issues CONF --- special entry in calc help crashes german AOO 2017-10-26
124119 Calc help issues CONF --- Extended Tooltip too general for HIDE actions 2014-11-15
126830 Calc help issues CONF --- Modulo function does not work properly, when dividend is result of calculations. 2016-02-15
127826 Calc help issues CONF --- Calc crashes when activating Help in Spreadsheet 2021-01-23
17 issues found.


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