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14 issues found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
49653 Writer viewing issues UNCO --- Arabic fonts do not display correctly like English font when we want to choose a font 2014-04-07
87396 General ui issues UNCO --- Selected font switches back to default font when using non-default language styles (Western/Asian/CTL) 2020-01-15
95140 Writer editing issues UNCO --- Tahoma font must not be the default with Arabic characters. 2014-03-06
111961 Writer save-exp issues UNCO --- when i export my document as xhtml . it's not detect my line text Direction corectly! 2018-04-18
119134 Writer formatti issues UNCO --- Arabic text are not using ligatures 2014-04-14
124202 Writer editing issues UNCO --- The Arabic Text turns into squares when trying to do a Heading. 2016-09-21
72680 Writer save-exp issues CONF --- Bullets and numbering not RTL when saving RTL document as HTML 2013-08-07
104515 General ui issues CONF --- RTL UI: moving active embedded object to the left moves it to the right 2017-05-20
105347 Impress editing issues CONF --- Right to Left bullets paragraph direction incorrect 2013-02-07
107413 Writer code issues CONF --- BiDi contexts should have two text cursors (caret) 2013-08-07
23041 Writer ui issues CONF --- Arabic Character Rotation Does Not Work (rtl text in ltr paragraph) 2013-08-07
76347 Internat localeda issues ACCE --- Add locale data for Arabic (Morocco) - ar_MA 2017-05-20
121193 Internat BiDi issues ACCE --- Alt+Arrow & Cmd+Arrow move cursor in the opposite directions, in RTL text editing 2017-05-20
123308 Internat BiDi issues REOP --- Basic Formatting Shortcuts don't function when typing in another language. 2016-11-07
14 issues found.