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21 issues found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
121193 Internat BiDi issues ACCE --- Alt+Arrow & Cmd+Arrow move cursor in the opposite directions, in RTL text editing 2017-05-20
88925 ui ui issues UNCO --- bullet list arrows are confusing in rtl mode 2013-01-29
99446 Writer formatti issues CONF --- Rotation doesn't work for Bidi chars in non-Bidi version 2017-05-20
100737 Calc formatti issues CONF --- Signed numbers displayed incorrectly in RTL Calc 2017-05-20
102002 extensio pdfimpor issues CONF --- Wrong autogrow direction for RTL after PDF import 2013-01-23
102052 Calc ui issues CONF --- Function list and textarea in Calc Fucntion Wizard should be LTR 2013-03-25
104515 General ui issues CONF --- RTL UI: moving active embedded object to the left moves it to the right 2017-05-20
107936 Calc formatti issues CONF --- RTL cells are left-aligned in the formula bar 2013-08-19
107939 Calc formatti issues CONF --- RTL cells with no configured alignment should be right-aligned 2013-08-26
112382 gsl code issues ACCE --- Unicode mapping for PDF export of RTL-ligatures 2017-05-20
114216 Writer ui issues CONF --- Comment's options menu is across application border 2017-05-20
55178 Calc editing issues CONF --- Force Left To Right direction while editing formulas 2013-08-07
114234 Writer ui issues CONF --- in RTL UI paragraph aligment is displayed opposite in dialog 2017-05-20
114235 Writer ui issues CONF --- In CTL context "last line" option in papragraph dialog should also be named "right" not "left" 2017-05-20
72804 Writer ui issues CONF --- Border dialog preview incorrect for RTL 2017-05-20
76697 Impress viewing issues ACCE --- Slide Sorter display is always LTR 2017-05-20
80209 Writer formatti issues CONF --- Page Preview in RTL should order pages from Right-to-Left 2017-05-20
83000 General ui issues CONF --- CTL/Western samples in font drop-down list 2013-03-11
55175 Calc formatti issues CONF --- Default text alignment should follow sheet language direction 2013-08-07
55248 Writer editing issues CONF --- Incorrect cursor key movement between table cells of different directionality 2013-08-07
123308 Internat BiDi issues REOP --- Basic Formatting Shortcuts don't function when typing in another language. 2016-11-07
21 issues found.