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136 issues found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
18081 Writer ui issues UNCO --- Allow user to specify how far underline goes under baseline 2016-03-02
28642 Writer ui issues UNCO --- Emphasis should be enabled by default, not only for asian languages. 2014-03-25
37530 Writer save-exp issues UNCO --- No encoding pulldown in save dialog leads to problems when sharing with windows 2014-04-04
80865 Writer open-imp issues UNCO --- import xhtml <ruby> as asian phonetic guide) 2014-03-23
83072 Writer code issues UNCO --- Tools | Language | Chinese translations broken when recording changes 2014-04-14
84932 Writer configur issues UNCO --- Allow setting default alignment and position in Asian Phonetic Guide (Ruby) 2014-03-11
88911 Writer code issues UNCO --- Display a double byte character of all by Asian text font. 2014-03-12
89656 Writer formatti issues UNCO --- Vertical ruby support does not work 2014-03-12
95352 General scriptin issues UNCO --- Japanese dictionary for spelling checker 2014-02-23
95354 Writer ui issues UNCO --- Japanese popup translation tool 2014-03-24
105214 Writer printing issues UNCO --- Chinese punctuation mark outside text border would not be printed out 2014-03-05
108074 Impress editing issues UNCO --- Text box with Korean characters can't be selected for editing 2014-06-14
118019 Writer formatti issues UNCO --- Line spacing is inconsistent between Linux and Windows 2017-04-26
118140 Writer formatti issues UNCO --- In Chinese Office 3.3 Writer shows a Chinese close quotation mark instead of a normal English double quotation mark 2014-03-13
119076 Writer formatti issues UNCO --- Japanese texts do not hold font settings on save and reload after "Default Formatting" is applied 2014-04-17
120462 Writer viewing issues UNCO --- Simplified Chinese translated into in-appropriated Traditional Chinese. 2014-03-06
121145 Writer ui issues UNCO --- Overlapping/illegible Japanese characters in menus and 'Help'. 2014-04-14
118370 Writer viewing issues UNCO --- RFE: Please correct the translation for Mail Merge Wizard 2014-03-06
118742 Writer formatti issues UNCO --- Japanese Ruby is improperly formatted against some Japanese fonts 2014-03-05
101417 Writer code issues CONF --- WW8: MS doc containing chinese characters, hangs OOo 2017-05-20
101585 Calc save-exp issues CONF --- [ZH] Write error when saving Calc document 2013-01-29
62698 Calc formatti issues CONF --- Calc cannot handle Asian phonetic guide (ruby) text 2013-08-07
63658 gsl code issues CONF --- Can't find cursor when using the "MS pinyin 2003" 2013-07-30
64447 Writer formatti issues CONF --- Bad context-sensitive rule to decide the font of some characters with Asian support 2014-05-03
80871 Calc editing issues CONF --- DateTimePicker does not work well 2013-08-07
81882 Impress save-exp issues CONF --- Right-to-Left CJK text is wrong when export to powerpoint document 2013-08-07
84681 Writer ui issues CONF --- Chinese character Numbering error for list numberings >100 2017-05-20
84736 General code issues CONF --- DDE link and DIF paste cause Chinese character garbage 2017-05-20
85137 Internat i18npool issues CONF --- [zh_CN] File->Wizards not localized 2017-05-20
85346 Calc formatti issues CONF --- Chinese date containing long date separator letters not parsed as date 2017-05-20
85404 Writer ui issues CONF --- not localized options in listbox in Insert Index/Table dialog 2013-01-29
85419 Writer code issues CONF --- Search text with specific attribute fail with font selected 2013-01-29
85420 Writer code issues CONF --- can't replac quotation markse correct in Tools->AutoCorrect->Custom quote 2013-01-29
85421 General code issues CONF --- Some Full-width characters can't convert to half-width characters 2013-01-29
87274 Native-L ja issues CONF --- 'tategaki' NG 2013-01-29
87537 Writer code issues CONF --- missing data while Chinese-translation with a draw object selected 2013-01-29
89359 Calc code issues CONF --- character can't display when swith between tabs if we use Ms-Pinyin2003 2013-01-29
89776 Internat ui issues CONF --- Some Ja messages are truncated in Insert Index/Table dialog 2017-05-20
91006 Calc code issues CONF --- The matter that passwords that I input in the "Enter password" dialog box are changed. 2013-01-29
91942 Calc ui issues CONF --- Characters distort in Header or Footer edit configuration 2013-01-29
92018 Calc ui issues CONF --- Time format string changed into text 2013-01-29
92071 Impress ui issues CONF --- can't match the right font for *.ppt 2013-08-07
94508 extensio pdfimpor issues CONF --- PDF Import Japanese texts look garbage [Extension version 0.3.1] 2013-07-30
97048 General ui issues CONF --- Japanese help is displayed using Chinese fonts on Max OS X 10.4.11 2017-05-20
100971 Calc programm issues CONF --- header/footer CJK font name inconsistent with global settings 2013-01-29
101551 Internat helpcont issues CONF --- [ZH] Black and White button incorrect translated in help content 2013-01-29
101857 Draw formatti issues CONF --- [ZH] Numbering becomes Bullets when saving and reloading doc 2017-05-20
103201 General code issues CONF --- [ZH]Can't replace the last character in paragraph 2013-01-29
104939 Impress formatti issues CONF --- [ZH] Forbidden character: Allow hanging punctuation doesn't work well 2013-02-07
115550 General ui issues CONF --- [zh] Export dialog no export button but save button 2013-01-29
115711 General ui issues CONF --- [zh]Insert>Comment and Find&Replace>more Options >Notes is different in OOo zh 2013-01-29
23041 Writer ui issues CONF --- Arabic Character Rotation Does Not Work (rtl text in ltr paragraph) 2013-08-07
65380 Writer code issues CONF --- compress punctuation error 2013-08-07
80897 Internat ui issues CONF --- [zh] Autotext is in japanese (TOP) 2013-02-07
103129 Writer save-exp issues CONF --- step0 for IVS-support document export: neutralize VS chars 2017-05-20
91750 Internat ui issues ACCE --- Japanese word cannot be searched in Search tab in Help window 2017-05-20
83268 porting MacOSX issues ACCE --- MacOSX: UI font for Japanese 2017-05-20
89362 Internat ui issues ACCE --- [JA][zh-CN][zh-TW][KO] Translation of "First/Last name/Initials" 2013-01-29
90040 Writer formatti issues ACCE --- the space between CJK character and western character 2013-07-30
92944 gsl code issues ACCE --- Aqua: PDF export for vertical text 2017-05-20
102943 Internat code issues ACCE --- meta-issue for tracking non-baseplane unicode problems 2017-05-20
103123 gsl code issues ACCE --- meta issue for tracking "Ideographic Variation Sequence" support 2017-05-20
103124 gsl code issues ACCE --- step0 for IVS-support on UNX platforms: neutralize VS chars 2017-05-20
103125 gsl code issues ACCE --- step0 for IVS-support on WIN platforms: neutralize VS chars 2017-05-20
103127 gsl code issues ACCE --- step0 for IVS-support on OSX platforms: neutralize VS chars 2017-05-20
103130 gsl code issues ACCE --- step1 for IVS-support on UNX platforms: use IVS-enabled fonts 2017-05-20
103131 gsl code issues ACCE --- step1 for IVS-support on WIN platforms: use IVS-enabled fonts 2017-05-20
103132 gsl code issues ACCE --- step1 for IVS-support on OSX platforms: use IVS-enabled fonts 2017-05-20
103604 Writer formatti issues ACCE --- emphasis mark does not show correctly possession with 90degrees 2017-05-20
103612 Writer formatti issues ACCE --- emphasis mark does not show correctly possession on vertical page 2017-05-20
104215 General www issues REOP --- Copy default font (Asian/CTL) but paste with western font 2013-08-07
115580 General ui issues REOP --- copy words from writer/calc to impress, font size changed. 2017-05-20
87629 Internat localeda RESO FIXE translation error in formula help (STDEVA, STDEVPA) 2013-08-07
85257 Writer formatti issues RESO FIXE indents not fit the habit of chinese people 2016-03-22
107471 Writer formatti issues RESO FIXE justified alignment fails if snap to text grid is enabled (grid ignored, latin text overlaps) 2015-09-25
82122 Internat ui khirano RESO FIXE [JA] files for translation update of 2.4 2013-08-07
84007 Internat i18npool vladimir.glazounov RESO FIXE Incorrect strings in ja, fr: reset status in DB 2013-08-07
83471 Internat ui RESO FIXE help: Chinese (trad): convention for Ctrl+<key> is inconsistent 2013-08-07
89158 Calc editing spreadsheet CLOS IRRE input with MS pinyin 2003, crash. 2009-07-12
83485 Writer code CLOS FIXE Translate issue in Asian layout in option dialog 2013-08-07
83517 Internat ui CLOS FIXE ko: incorrect translation for Columns (열 -> 단) 2013-08-07
83638 Internat ui CLOS FIXE ko: incorrect translation for Area (면적 -> 영역) 2013-08-07
84107 Writer code CLOS FIXE translate error in "page" tab in "page style" dialog 2013-08-07
85213 Internat helpcont CLOS FIXE regular expression help translation error 2013-08-07
85217 Writer ui CLOS FIXE [zh_CN] Translation error in Word Count dialog 2013-08-07
85219 Internat ui CLOS FIXE [Zh_CN] translation error in Standard Filter dialog 2013-08-07
92466 Internat ui CLOS FIXE Translation error in Resolve Conflict dialog 2009-07-22
92853 Internat helpcont CLOS FIXE [zh-CN]menu item Inconsistent with help content 2013-08-07
92855 Internat ui CLOS FIXE [zh-TW]Inconsistent translation of "Function" and "Virable" in Math 2013-08-07
99072 Internat localeda CLOS FIXE Translation error in bullet and numbering 2013-08-07
99442 Internat localeda CLOS FIXE unsuitable translation in search and replace dialog 2013-08-07
80888 Writer open-imp andreas.martens CLOS FIXE Titles of some html files become to garbage. 2013-08-07
90273 gsl code eric.savary CLOS FIXE Aqua: Japanese characters wrongly rotated in vertical writing. 2009-07-20
83262 porting MacOSX ericb CLOS DUPL Delete key don't work 2007-11-28
97167 porting MacOSX ericb CLOS FIXE MacOSX : update VCL.xcu for MacOSX for Japanese 2009-05-26
85713 porting MacOSX hdu CLOS DUPL MacOSX : Japanese : Default Japanese User interface fonts 2008-06-02
89552 porting code hdu CLOS DUPL Wrong fallback UI fonts for Japanese version 2008-06-05
92464 Internat ui issues CLOS OBSO Unlocalized contents in message box when save a read only document with the same name 2019-07-23
125971 Writer editing issues CLOS IRRE Bring a table on the second page by pressing "enter" above it close OpenOffice. 2017-05-20
86730 General ui joerg.skottke CLOS DUPL Tools/Sort... No default Korean/Japanese sort order 2008-05-30
85925 porting code maho.nakata CLOS FIXE MacOSX : Japanese : Font fallback system 2009-07-20
85403 Writer code michael.ruess CLOS FIXE Numbering with circled-digit, 11-20 can't display in Chinese Version 2013-08-07
86557 Writer code michael.ruess CLOS WONT DDE link doesn't work for table with UTF-8 name 2008-02-29
101022 General code michael.ruess CLOS DUPL Some Unicode punctuation characters turn into Western Fonts 2009-08-21
115758 General code michael.ruess CLOS FIXE [AutoCorrect] "Correct TWo INitial CApitals" doesn't work well for zh 2017-05-20
85261 Internat localeda oc CLOS FIXE Date Format Error 2013-08-07
99947 QA testscri ooo-extensions-website_de CLOS FIXE opening biblio.odb, the data on row 1 and column 1 is "BOR04" rather than "GUR00". 2009-03-06
76247 Writer formatti pflin CLOS FIXE Text grid enhancement for better CJK support 2013-08-07
95806 Writer open-imp requirements CLOS WONT Shift-Jis isn't recogniced 2013-08-07
91952 Calc ui spreadsheet CLOS DUPL SC: Date Format error 2008-08-20
92064 Calc ui spreadsheet CLOS DUPL Link to External Data: some links make OOo crashed 2008-07-24
92200 Calc ui spreadsheet CLOS NOT_ Wrong interconversion between SBC case and DBC case in ZH 2008-08-14
92786 Calc ui spreadsheet CLOS FIXE Show wrong hint dialog when cancelling Insert Further object dialog 2008-10-30
92790 Calc ui spreadsheet CLOS NOT_ Wrong: Input "%" to Subject box on inserting hyperlink 2008-08-15
99837 Calc formatti spreadsheet CLOS NOT_ Cell format: [DBNum?] don't work 2010-09-07
104019 Calc code spreadsheet CLOS FIXE Wrong LEN() function in ZH OOo 2011-02-10
80891 Writer editing stefan.baltzer CLOS FIXE character in the forbidden list sometimes appears at the home of line 2013-08-07
83481 Writer code stefan.baltzer CLOS FIXE "Enclosing character" controls in "Asian layout" tab in character dialog keeps wrong selection 2013-08-07
84417 General chart stefan.baltzer CLOS FIXE Unable to edit existing chart title with IME or clipboard 2013-02-24
85712 porting MacOSX stefan.baltzer CLOS FIXE MacOSX : Japanese : Default Japanese font 2009-07-20
89430 General chart stefan.baltzer CLOS FIXE Asian strings truncated in Smooth Lines dialog 2013-02-24
92514 Internat localeda stefan.baltzer CLOS FIXE Date format error. 2013-08-07
95051 General chart stefan.baltzer CLOS FIXE Asian strings truncated in scale tabpage 2013-02-24
101555 General code stefan.baltzer CLOS DUPL Incorrect default CJK font when create document with context menu 2009-07-29
107915 Writer formatti stefan.baltzer CLOS FIXE vertical writing mis-rotates CJK-characters outside of the unicode base plane 2013-08-07
82456 General chart thomas.klarhoefer CLOS FIXE Default Asian font setting is not correct for New Chart 2013-02-24
92128 General chart thomas.klarhoefer CLOS FIXE Asian Typography for Charts - customize spacing between Asian, Latin and Complex text 2013-02-24
84981 Writer code thomas.lange CLOS IRRE spellcheck do wrong in English version of writer with Chinese character 2013-08-07
87130 Build To code vladimir.glazounov CLOS DUPL Build breaks in /svx/source/unodialogs/textconversiondlgs - illegal escape 2008-11-05
87857 Impress ui wolframgarten CLOS FIXE Asian Layout "Vertical Title, Text, Chart" is empty 2008-07-07
102129 Impress formatti wolframgarten CLOS IRRE [ZH]Apply Date and Time, save and reload, date on Footer becomes yy/mm/dd 2013-08-07
89107 Internat ui yuko.ohsumi CLOS FIXE [JA] translation issues related to Share Document 2013-08-07
89109 Internat ui yuko.ohsumi CLOS FIXE [JA] different translations for "Trend Line" 2013-08-07
90424 Internat ui yuko.ohsumi CLOS FIXE [JA] The translation for Sheet of Calc should be "SHITO" not "HYOU" 2013-08-07
84741 Internat localeda oc CLOS FIXE Time Format error in Chinese Format 2013-08-07
83480 Writer code stefan.baltzer CLOS FIXE Can not change focus with arrow key in "Asia typography" tab in paragraph dialog 2013-08-07
136 issues found.