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30 issues found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
114503 General ui issues UNCO --- Colon in wrong location in Templates dialog, for RTL UI 2014-01-29
31004 Writer code issues CONF --- Search in Hebrew 2018-12-16
43654 General code issues CONF --- unicode pasted as escape codes instead of actual characters 2013-07-30
105347 Impress editing issues CONF --- Right to Left bullets paragraph direction incorrect 2013-02-07
15970 Internat BiDi issues ACCE --- [calc] cells with dates in Hebrew format should be RTL automaticly 2017-05-20
121193 Internat BiDi issues ACCE --- Alt+Arrow & Cmd+Arrow move cursor in the opposite directions, in RTL text editing 2017-05-20
123308 Internat BiDi issues REOP --- Basic Formatting Shortcuts don't function when typing in another language. 2016-11-07
9795 Internat BiDi oc CLOS FIXE HTML export prefrences are missing Hebrew in the character set list 2013-08-07
9794 Internat BiDi dirk.voelzke CLOS DUPL Hebrew user data entered during setup displays as question marks in the options 2013-08-07
123746 Writer ui issues CLOS IRRE Writer changes font size in Hebrew text when word is underlined 2017-05-20
16900 Internat BiDi jogi CLOS FIXE XHTML Export using wrong encoding for Hebrew 2013-08-07
10030 Internat BiDi michael.ruess CLOS FIXE Hebrew RTF file opens without spaces 2013-08-07
15991 Internat BiDi michael.ruess CLOS FIXE incorrect tooltip display for RTL footnotes 2013-08-07
16248 Internat BiDi michael.ruess CLOS FIXE |When imporing word files, Hebrew text written in word art dissapears completely 2013-08-07
16278 Internat BiDi michael.ruess CLOS FIXE WW8: CTL table direction property is 2 bytes not 1 2013-08-07
19813 Internat BiDi michael.ruess CLOS FIXE writing in bold in Hebrew does not export correctly 2013-08-07
22350 Writer ui michael.ruess CLOS DUPL I can't open the attached file (created in msword) 2013-08-07
13159 Internat BiDi oc CLOS FIXE OO Calc: No UI to control sheet directionality 2013-08-07
28127 Internat BiDi oc CLOS FIXE Ability to display Jewish date using the Hebrew numbering system 2013-08-07
15996 Internat BiDi stefan.baltzer CLOS FIXE indents / margines for RTL footnotes are incorrect 2013-08-07
17516 Internat BiDi stefan.baltzer CLOS FIXE numbering missing an option to number using the Hebrew alphabet 2013-08-07
124905 General help tal CLOS FIXE Help Text isn't right-aligned, in Hebrew/Arabic languages 2017-05-20
10029 Internat BiDi thorsten.martens CLOS IRRE Hebrew folder names incorrectly disply as escaped characters in error messages 2013-08-07
107662 ui code uineedsconfirm CLOS IRRE Truncated UI elements in RTL 2011-03-21
9833 Internat BiDi ulf.stroehler CLOS FIXE Font with Hebrew glyphs do not display a name in the object bar font menu 2013-08-07
10347 Internat BiDi ulf.stroehler CLOS FIXE Bad Hebrew font used in menus, combos, tooltips and forms 2013-08-07
16299 Internat BiDi xslf CLOS IRRE When underlined fonts are substituted, spaces are lost 2003-11-17
15945 Internat BiDi requirements CLOS IRRE Date in header incorrectly changes from Hebrew to English when importing word file 2013-08-07
24901 Base code weko CLOS DUPL dBase uses incompatible character set -> use System instead 2013-08-07
126889 Writer formatti issues CLOS NOT_ cannot change typing direction to Right to Left 2016-03-25
30 issues found.