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32 issues found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
117204 Writer formatti issues UNCO --- ACC: A heading in writer document doesn't expose ROLE_HEADING to AT-SPI. 2014-03-05
117206 Writer formatti issues UNCO --- ACC: A hyperlink in writer document doesn't expose correct role and URL to AT-SPI. 2014-03-05
117256 Writer formatti issues UNCO --- ACC: A list box in writer document doesn't expose ROLE_LIST to AT-SPI. 2014-03-05
117260 Writer formatti issues UNCO --- ACC: A section in writer document is not visible to AT-SPI. 2014-03-09
117274 Calc formatti issues UNCO --- ACC: A spin button in spreadsheet doesn't expose ROLE_SPIN_BUTTON to AT-SPI. 2013-12-03
117542 Writer open-imp issues UNCO --- ACC: AT-SPI accessible tree omits objects which are not visible on the screen. 2014-04-02
117547 Writer open-imp issues UNCO --- ACC: A writer document doesn't implement the Collection interface of AT-SPI. 2014-03-05
124790 Writer formatti issues UNCO --- Formatting attributes i.e. bold, justification, and centering, not announced with NVDA 14.1 and JAWS15.0 when pressing shortcut key; in NVDA user hears "File for search not Found" when pressing . at the end of the sentence. 2014-05-01
125900 Draw ui issues UNCO --- [sidebar] Position value view and input limited to 2400 2014-11-25
126028 App Dev api issues UNCO --- XAccessible Object of DrawPage doesn't have children 2018-07-01
118748 Writer configur issues UNCO --- accessibility - High Contrast Mode enabled by default makes dark themes unusable 2014-04-14
93395 Calc ui issues CONF --- AutoFilter drop-down is not accessible via keyboard 2013-06-17
102940 Writer code issues CONF --- a11y: provide LABEL_FOR and LABELED_BY relations for caption-object-relationship 2017-05-20
111935 ui ui issues CONF --- text-deleted events for bullets and numbers are delayed until new text is inserted 2013-01-29
114744 ui ui issues CONF --- active-descendant-changed events missing when navigating amongst Calc sheets 2013-01-29
115606 General ui issues CONF --- Search tool bar information about re-search is not accessible 2017-05-20
116143 Writer editing issues CONF --- Image (picture/graphic) alternative text (title and description) disappears when changing anchor from paragraph to character 2016-07-28
117512 General code issues CONF --- Provide API to check if assistive technology is active 2013-08-07
117740 Writer code issues CONF --- Windows Magnifier doesn't follow the insertion point 2013-10-08
121767 ui AccessBr issues CONF --- [META] ACCESSIBILITY - Windows - issue tracking for Assitive Technology support [ia2] 2014-05-16
122379 General ui issues CONF --- [sidebar] regression in cursor navigation of some content panel toolbars closing toolbar rather than moving focus for selection 2020-03-04
122547 Calc ui issues CONF --- Menu 'Data - Filter - Advanced Filter' should open dialog with cursor in Filter Criteria dropdown 2013-10-19
124140 General ui issues CONF --- Allow changing cursor shape/color 2014-04-02
124360 General accessib issues CONF --- Writer: info about recorded changes not exposed via accessibility APIs 2014-03-07
124363 General accessib issues CONF --- Writer: Spelling errors not exposed semantically via accessibility APIs 2014-03-11
124364 General accessib issues CONF --- Writer: Misspelled word not exposed in Spelling and Grammar dialog 2014-03-07
87261 Impress ui issues CONF --- No accessibility events generated when viewing a presentation (workaround available) 2017-05-20
103230 gsl code issues CONF --- Tables not accessible via Voice Over 2013-07-30
97270 Draw editing issues CONF --- A11y: No insert cursor viewable in HC mode 2013-07-30
127311 Base code issues CONF --- Form Properties > subform > Data tab: Cannot tab out of Link Master Fields or Link Slave Fields. 2017-03-12
121193 Internat BiDi issues ACCE --- Alt+Arrow & Cmd+Arrow move cursor in the opposite directions, in RTL text editing 2017-05-20
123308 Internat BiDi issues REOP --- Basic Formatting Shortcuts don't function when typing in another language. 2016-11-07
32 issues found.