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6230 issues found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
86939 General ui issues UNCO --- File->Save on remote file fails after network outtage 2014-02-21
92174 Impress viewing issues UNCO --- impres failed multiple times during add effects and also during slideshow view 2017-05-20
98742 Impress programm issues UNCO --- impress motion path handles create not responding mode 2013-02-07
101972 Base code issues UNCO --- Crash when open a table using IBM UniOLEDB, ADO and OO 2013-02-02
102526 Impress save-exp issues UNCO --- impress breaks fonts for some unicode characters when saving as ppt 2015-04-18
104509 Impress editing issues UNCO --- Impress crashes when editing file with many graphical objects 2017-05-20
112441 Calc code issues UNCO --- iseven() / isodd() | EN <- != -> DE | ist[un]gerade() 2013-02-02
112845 Draw formatti issues UNCO --- Shape formatting is reset to default after copy-paste (OODraw) 2013-02-07
117727 General code issues UNCO --- Orphaned soffice.bin processes while using ABCPDF 7 2013-02-02
126063 App Dev api issues UNCO --- JavaFx Extension causes OpenOffice to crash in Linux 2019-04-29
14842 Writer ui issues UNCO --- Let the Combi-Box automaticly adjust the size 2014-04-24
27709 Impress ui issues UNCO --- on right click icon config keyboard option offered 2014-06-04
29312 Impress ui issues UNCO --- Make adding alternate slide designs to presentation easier 2014-04-29
41805 Impress editing issues UNCO --- Change order, from Modify effect is not high enough 2014-04-29
41810 Impress editing issues UNCO --- connector 'follows' object 2015-04-13
47593 Impress editing issues UNCO --- Add a DOM-tree view 2014-04-25
56666 Impress formatti issues UNCO --- play all effects at once for outlines 2013-07-30
58668 Draw ui issues UNCO --- wrong wording in slide browser /draw 2017-05-20
60820 Impress editing issues UNCO --- Unable to reapply the same font color multiple times (reopen) 2014-04-23
62356 Impress formatti issues UNCO --- Extend slideshow style to charts 2014-04-24
62869 Impress ui issues UNCO --- Show the animation sequence number on the main screen 2014-05-05
62978 Impress ui issues UNCO --- Show Slides>Objects and custom shows in Navigator 2014-05-04
67501 Impress viewing issues UNCO --- tracking shots with OOo-Impress 2014-05-05
68309 Base code issues UNCO --- Forms and 2 or more tables 2013-08-07
69196 Base code issues UNCO --- Insert Row does not work when editing Table 2013-10-16
70013 General ui issues UNCO --- NFS+Samba file locking causes data loss 2014-02-21
74233 General ui issues UNCO --- file open on one worksopace shows up on new workspace 2014-03-08
75645 General ui issues UNCO --- Calc/Writer/Impress: display sometimes misses by one pixel while scrolling 2014-02-13
75699 Base code issues UNCO --- [Informix ODBC] Query design converts timestamp of midnight to date only 2013-08-07
76773 Calc code issues UNCO --- Commands reversal in the Italian version: P.RATA - INTERESSI 2014-06-21
77866 Writer formatti issues UNCO --- letter wizard/german letter template incorrect 2017-05-20
78166 Infrastr Bugzilla issues UNCO --- Issue tracker unusable at large font sizes and small window sizes 2013-02-07
78978 Impress editing issues UNCO --- gluable callouts. 2014-04-23
79923 Draw editing issues UNCO --- Insert a caption under an image 2013-02-07
80611 Internat ui issues UNCO --- Base-12 in TCM(Korean), Some layout is broken 2013-02-07
82617 Impress formatti issues UNCO --- missing feature for numbering 2013-06-08
82717 Draw editing issues UNCO --- grow/shrink a object (not only proportional resize) 2014-01-31
83459 ui ui issues UNCO --- OOo opens impossible big window 2017-05-20
84630 General ui issues UNCO --- "direct save" (drag-and-drop save) e.g. to Nautilus 2016-10-21
85386 xml code issues UNCO --- big odt can't converted to docbook 2013-07-30
85601 Impress ui issues UNCO --- provide option to reload images from link when slide is shown 2014-05-04
86770 Base code issues UNCO --- Query Data via NotesSQL (ODBC) causes OOo and Lotus Notes crashes (worked on OOo 1.1.5) 2013-02-07
87462 Writer save-exp issues UNCO --- export to pdf in an old master document does not export the right font 2017-05-20
87624 Writer viewing issues UNCO --- Aqua text rendering slow - 3.0.0_080314 PPC 2013-02-02
88017 General ui issues UNCO --- From Ubuntu 8.04, User can not save *.odt in Windows compressed NTF drive 2014-03-02
88474 Calc ui issues UNCO --- date and time format not localized in Calc doc sharing messages 2014-01-28
89355 Draw formatti issues UNCO --- .wmf file with text created by openoffice-draw not compatile on linux and window OS 2014-07-24
90568 Base ReportBu issues UNCO --- [Adabas] Tablefilter gives error message 2013-02-02
91131 Math ui issues UNCO --- provide more symbols: alphabetic greater than 2013-08-07
91277 Impress editing issues UNCO --- Ways to align motion paths precisely 2014-04-23
92354 General ui issues UNCO --- Command + <key> equivalents don't work with different languages 2013-02-02
92524 General ui issues UNCO --- Chemsketch ole-objects (chemical structures) inserted from file shown as placeholder 2014-03-06
92589 ui ui issues UNCO --- Styles and Formatting: «Automatic» should also display current style 2013-02-02
92641 Internat ui issues UNCO --- Diacritics input is not correct 2014-01-15
93400 Installa ui issues UNCO --- Installer lost critical functionality and has become unusable in Dev300m30 2013-02-03
93525 Impress ui issues UNCO --- add Notes Sorter view similar to Slide Sorter 2014-04-29
94777 General code issues UNCO --- General input/output error writing ODF file to network share 2014-02-21
96325 General ui issues UNCO --- Pages do not display properly on a vertical screen 2014-02-08
97541 Internat ui issues UNCO --- Impress ignores locale date format 2013-02-02
97669 Calc open-imp issues UNCO --- Calc wrongly changes dates 2014-09-30
98150 Base ReportBu issues UNCO --- target db tables are wiped out upon connection via Unix ODBC within OOo 3 - Base 2013-02-02
98374 utilitie code issues UNCO --- Extentoolbar names are not displayed anymore 2013-02-07
98381 ui ui issues UNCO --- Documents and templates dialogue, fails to highlight first line of file list 2013-02-02
98771 Infrastr Website issues UNCO --- *Testproduct component missing from /issue_handling/submission_gateway.html 2013-02-07
99503 Draw save-exp issues UNCO --- spaces missing in exported PDF for font TheSansMonoConNormal 2013-02-07
99606 App Dev api issues UNCO --- 4 copies are printed out when CopyCount=2 2013-02-24
99988 Calc viewing issues UNCO --- Value Highlighting cannot be disabled in Calc 2014-05-15
100008 Draw ui issues UNCO --- Text Direction from Top to Bottom Button does not appear in the tool bar when selected 2013-02-07
100400 Impress code issues UNCO --- animation of a single point 2014-05-05
100402 Impress code issues UNCO --- add new foil with all animations ended 2014-05-04
100814 Draw editing issues UNCO --- drag and drop location of entered text on lines 2013-08-11
101146 Draw formatti issues UNCO --- Floating Table is not compatible with various file types 2013-02-07
101280 Base ReportBu issues UNCO --- Report creation with ODBC source hangs application 2013-02-02
101320 Impress save-exp issues UNCO --- Partial Conversion of Presentation document to HTML in Linux using OO APIs 2013-08-07
101481 General ui issues UNCO --- Meaningful user message when unable to Save a file in Read Only Mode 2014-03-17
101686 Base code issues UNCO --- Selecting relations by mouse too difficult 2013-02-07
101890 Impress viewing issues UNCO --- Opening Powerpoint files (.ppt) that have embedded Flash 2013-06-18
102498 App Dev api issues UNCO --- ParagraphStyles.Header style defining problem 2013-02-24
102568 General code issues UNCO --- assertion failed tpp.c __pthread_tpp_change_priority 2014-03-08
102798 Internat ui issues UNCO --- [JA] File that has Japanese name is always overwrited without confirmation. 2013-02-02
102824 Impress editing issues UNCO --- Endnotes and footnotes in presentations 2013-02-07
103891 General ui issues UNCO --- Writer/Presentation: Slow to open document when wireless is activated 2014-02-21
104397 Impress formatti issues UNCO --- Problems when inserting a calc in Impress 2015-04-18
105429 Impress viewing issues UNCO --- Bad visualization of presentation in some computers but not others 2013-02-07
106148 Draw configur issues UNCO --- No Erase Feature in Draw 2013-02-07
106651 Impress ui issues UNCO --- Project Renaissance: Rounded corners 2014-04-29
107094 Base code issues UNCO --- Form edit window size shrinks with each save, close and reopen 2013-02-02
107224 Base code issues UNCO --- after copying a table with data, can not open due to "unknown column in order clause" 2013-02-02
107361 Impress save-exp issues UNCO --- Impress will not save -- and locks up all of OpenOffice 2013-11-11
107521 Draw editing issues UNCO --- edit points on curve: smooth points may change to corner type 2013-06-10
107800 Impress printing issues UNCO --- Print format not selectable 2013-02-02
108393 General code issues UNCO --- Can't read from samba shared folder 2014-03-01
109803 Draw ui issues UNCO --- color chooser 2013-02-07
109875 Draw editing issues UNCO --- Regression in Draw 3.2: arrows disappear after update from 3.1.1 2013-02-07
110117 Base code issues UNCO --- Turning off alias options in Advanced settings does not remove aliased table name from SQL 2013-02-07
110181 Internat ui issues UNCO --- ooo320m12版本_空格不能自动换行 2013-02-02
110305 Impress save-exp issues UNCO --- Exported PDF of specific impress (odp) file doesn't show bullets in text area 2015-04-10
110497 Base ReportBu issues UNCO --- Open Office Base crashes on save then recovery fails 2013-02-07
110572 General code issues UNCO --- Constant crashes 2014-07-19
110952 Draw editing issues UNCO --- Transparent dialogue box 2013-02-02
111334 Draw formatti issues UNCO --- Position mismatch when metafile string converted to polygon. 2013-02-02
111391 Draw code issues UNCO --- Wrong expression for "lock aspect ratio" in options 2013-02-07
111688 Draw editing issues UNCO --- Snap to grid drift 2013-02-02
112126 Base code issues UNCO --- Query wizard doesn't keep table relations 2013-02-02
112205 Writer save-exp issues UNCO --- attibutes draw:fill="solid" and draw:stroke="solid" not saved 2017-05-20
112257 Impress viewing issues UNCO --- Slow 2013-02-07
112418 Draw editing issues UNCO --- General input/output error when opening PDF file 2013-02-02
112461 Impress open-imp issues UNCO --- Freezing when opening presentations made with Office Powerpoint 2007 2013-07-30
113544 General ui issues UNCO --- OpenOffice crashes while opening certain .doc and .xls files 2013-02-02
113765 Draw save-exp issues UNCO --- export to HTML doesnt generate Image Map to implement Hyperlinks 2017-01-25
114080 General code issues UNCO --- Erorr in desktop::copy_recursive() (userinstall.cxx) when a directory should be copied which only contains a symlink 2014-03-01
114110 Draw open-imp issues UNCO --- PDF Documents do not open correctly 2013-02-07
114335 Draw viewing issues UNCO --- Reset of styles of object with a name at copying from the Navigator 2013-02-07
114616 Draw formatti issues UNCO --- Text in table does not change in size on the screen. 2013-02-07
115611 Impress save-exp issues UNCO --- Metfile translation on export to powerpoint format 2013-02-07
116507 Draw viewing issues UNCO --- Desktop view is crapped with bad lines 2013-04-02
116678 Draw viewing issues UNCO --- Flowchart arrows do not render when kde4 theme view changed 2013-02-07
116801 Base code issues UNCO --- Postgresql SDBC Driver Heuristics for detecting primary key don't work 2013-02-07
117024 Draw open-imp issues UNCO --- PDF import extension - General Input/Output Error 2013-02-02
117172 Draw editing issues UNCO --- Drawing Crashes on Win 7 Pro SP1 when adding a Rectangle 2018-04-12
117214 Base code issues UNCO --- Erroneous date displays from query results of timestamp fields vary according to SQL parser activation 2013-02-02
117228 Impress editing issues UNCO --- Master pages 2015-04-11
117337 Impress printing issues UNCO --- Certain Slides Won't Print With Notes Option 2017-05-20
117499 General code issues UNCO --- Installed scanner not available 2017-05-20
117660 Math code issues UNCO --- font size changed in formulas when importing from Word 2014-04-28
117669 Writer formatti issues UNCO --- Crash when trying to create a new page style 2013-06-18
118036 xml external issues UNCO --- XSLT export filter ignores encoding 2016-10-25
118920 Draw formatti issues UNCO --- while opening a pptx file, images in Impress distorted 2013-06-15
119288 Draw ui issues UNCO --- The busy cursor is not displayed while converting to 3D. 2013-04-13
119297 Infrastr Blog issues UNCO --- Social media account 2014-04-30
119503 Writer ui issues UNCO --- [From Symphony]Picture display incorrectly one properties contour is checked 2014-05-23
119969 Writer save-exp issues UNCO --- exporting odt to doc 2013-08-07
120415 Draw editing issues UNCO --- Crash after apply gradient to a square shape 2017-05-20
120430 Draw save-exp issues UNCO --- [non-pro] Error: SVGActionWriter::ImplWriteActions: unsupported MetaAction # 2017-05-20
120520 Impress formatti issues UNCO --- OpenOffice 3.4 - Item animation not working 2013-04-03
120900 Impress editing issues UNCO --- The bullets is wrong after promote or demote 2019-11-26
121157 Impress viewing issues UNCO --- Third Party Presentations .pptx frequently trigger recovery process after loading 2013-06-09
121433 Impress viewing issues UNCO --- Inserted pictures sometimes vanish randomly from the file 2017-05-20
121526 Draw code issues UNCO --- [AW080] some of the predefined custom shapes are missing in document 2013-02-16
121537 Impress code issues UNCO --- [AW080] Text box in ppt makes AW080 hang and crash 2013-06-04
121640 Base code issues UNCO --- Database in odb file cannot be moved with external database 2013-02-06
121668 Draw save-exp issues UNCO --- Export to HTML generates wrong image map when page margins are non-zero 2014-02-03
121785 Writer formatti issues UNCO --- 'Update styles' command does not function 2013-02-23
121893 Calc viewing issues UNCO --- Crashing on change screeens 2013-05-21
121902 Draw viewing issues UNCO --- image disapears after turning & reflecting or reflecting & turning 2013-03-15
121973 Impress formatti issues UNCO --- Template could not include in the right panel-[Available for use] 2019-11-15
122117 Base code issues UNCO --- Connection to the data source "database name" could not be established. an unknown error occured. 2013-04-21
122297 Base code issues UNCO --- CRASH when open Extension Manager from Base 2013-05-21
122333 App Dev api issues UNCO --- When I click the insert tab the graphic option is not available. 2013-10-10
122382 Base code issues UNCO --- AOO fails when using wizards only with WIN 8 2013-05-27
122672 Base code issues UNCO --- Open Close of Table 2014-08-22
122674 Base code issues UNCO --- Preview on/off 2014-01-29
122780 General ui issues UNCO --- FREEZE when Click 'Insert Section -> Insert' dialog is incorrectly activated by 'Edit -> paste' 2014-05-27
122900 Draw open-imp issues UNCO --- PDF import of SCAN with combined picture + text contents: Some text wrongly in foreground 2013-09-04
123434 Calc ui issues UNCO --- All functions show "err 509" after update from 4.0.0 2016-03-10
123469 General ui issues UNCO --- Need possibility to kill 1 single soffice.bin file-open process for 1 document with problems without killing simultanuous soffice.bin processes 2014-03-16
123656 General ui issues UNCO --- CRASH when save odt/ods/csv files from Files menu 2013-11-15
123977 Calc code issues UNCO --- Negative value is generated when set the indent to 99pt in a cell 2017-05-20
124017 Calc editing issues UNCO --- Windows 8.1: Copy-Paste from/to Browser fails 2014-01-12
124173 Calc formatti issues UNCO --- underlining if too long when a non secable minus is used in text 2014-02-17
124198 Calc printing issues UNCO --- Page Footer: wrong font and truncated at the right 2014-02-20
124218 Calc editing issues UNCO --- Unable to edit or enter matrix with ctrl+/ or ctrl+shift keyboard 2014-02-11
124249 Calc editing issues UNCO --- <f12> does not group 2014-02-18
124280 Build To code issues UNCO --- automatically save as ooxml file in UT/FVT 2014-02-26
124402 Impress editing issues UNCO --- It is possible to put vector object (line, rectangle, ellipse,...) over slide edge 2014-03-11
124446 Writer formatti issues UNCO --- strictly striking @ pages settings 2014-03-26
124502 Draw open-imp issues UNCO --- when insert-picture-from file, cursor jumps to the end of the document 2014-03-26
124560 Calc ui issues UNCO --- 'Layered Button Bar' for sub-total closes before Deleting sub-totals for multiple data ranges 2014-03-31
124699 Writer ui issues UNCO --- focus changes to Toolbar after click into table or numbering 2014-04-24
124709 Draw ui issues UNCO --- Slide 1 page pane artifact 2014-04-19
124737 Installa ui issues UNCO --- Envelopes print 90 degrees to normal. 2014-11-19
124748 Impress editing issues UNCO --- Past of text and other formats into a text box doesn't work 2014-06-09
124749 Writer editing issues UNCO --- Paste of text and other data-formats not possible 2015-10-06
124756 Calc help issues UNCO --- Calc, asks for a password, I don't know how or where to apply a password 2014-07-02
124765 General accessib issues UNCO --- Error Condition using SAVE AS 2015-10-03
124772 Writer formatti issues UNCO --- Outline Numbering: Position settings corrupted 2014-05-09
124817 Base code issues UNCO --- Does not recognize the mysql-connector-x.x.x-java-bin.jar file 2014-05-11
124824 Calc viewing issues UNCO --- different absolute text size on different resolution displays 2014-05-06
124840 Calc formatti issues UNCO --- CRASH when ... 2014-05-07
124843 Writer open-imp issues UNCO --- Wrong page orientation when Writer opens docx with different orientation pages 2016-11-26
124870 Writer editing issues UNCO --- Crash / Freeze when typing Chinese with Microsoft Pinyin 2014-05-14
124876 Calc save-exp issues UNCO --- After saving Spreadsheet and exporting recipient cannot open 2014-05-12
124955 Writer editing issues UNCO --- CRASH when edit .odt from Version 3.4.1 (or lower?) 2014-05-22
124962 Calc editing issues UNCO --- Very Limited Undo 2014-05-23
124977 Calc editing issues UNCO --- CRASH with error message 2014-06-03
125006 Calc save-exp issues UNCO --- Calc Consistently crashing, usually with "Fatal Error - Bad Allocation" 2019-12-26
125012 Writer save-exp issues UNCO --- PDF Export Issues 2017-10-02
125018 General ui issues UNCO --- OO can't open or save documents on a samba share on a nas 2014-06-02
125019 Writer open-imp issues UNCO --- CRASH with message "Open Office has stopped working" for particular document 2014-06-03
125047 App Dev api issues UNCO --- Bug in the what's new for English Dictionaries 2014-06-05
125052 Calc editing issues UNCO --- Wildcards behaving unexpectedly in pivot table 2014-06-05
125097 Calc open-imp issues UNCO --- ODS inconsistent between Apache OpenOffice and LibreOffice 2014-08-18
125113 Impress formatti issues UNCO --- Inconsistent chart formatting when imported from Calc 2015-04-18
125117 App Dev api issues UNCO --- SystemShellExecute call from BASIC doesn't pass arguments on Mac OSX but does on Windows 2014-06-24
125119 Calc editing issues UNCO --- Shift+Delete hangs application 2015-06-17
125138 Calc editing issues UNCO --- Sudden crash 2014-08-18
125162 Calc formatti issues UNCO --- numbers as dates 2014-10-14
125174 Writer editing issues UNCO --- Make edits, save file (increment name), close file, open new file, style edits gone 2016-04-17
125177 Calc formatti issues UNCO --- scatter plot 2014-07-02
125181 Draw editing issues UNCO --- When I Insert Picture from File, it changes the fill of a random shape to a Bitmap of that image. 2017-02-14
125206 General code issues UNCO --- Format > Page > Manage > Landscape layout 2017-05-20
125230 Writer open-imp issues UNCO --- Libreoffice / Openoffice checkbox compatibility issue 2016-11-04
125253 Calc ui issues UNCO --- Scrolls right when scrolling left on magic mouse. 2014-08-05
125294 Calc formatti issues UNCO --- Bad date data transfer from Excel CSV report 2017-05-20
125314 Writer viewing issues UNCO --- Fuzzy text rendering under OS X 2015-11-15
125328 Writer editing issues UNCO --- Multiple Crashes 2017-04-08
125333 Writer viewing issues UNCO --- Can not open a PDF file 2014-07-30
125395 Calc formatti issues UNCO --- Draw Functions - Arrows rotate after re-opening file. 2014-08-13
125398 Writer code issues UNCO --- Animation is not have in libre office 2014-08-09
125404 General ui issues UNCO --- Document window is being replaced when Find&Replace dialog is open 2015-06-14
125416 Draw open-imp issues UNCO --- Draw crashes when importing pdf 2014-08-18
125454 Writer editing issues UNCO --- Independence of the left and right pages. 2014-08-18
125456 Writer open-imp issues UNCO --- Opening Word Doc Crashes System 2014-08-19
125462 Base code issues UNCO --- Forms:Fields are directly displaying in Table columns(sometimes) 2014-08-19
125582 Calc open-imp issues UNCO --- can't open document that i could previously open with former OO version 2015-04-18
125601 Writer code issues UNCO --- Reference pointing to wrong illustration in the master document 2017-05-20
125614 Writer editing issues UNCO --- Editing of textboxes is incorrect and not usable in full functioning 2016-11-05
125772 Base code issues UNCO --- in query my list sorted by the date, but in reports - don't can get sorted output 2015-12-15
125866 Impress editing issues UNCO --- slide show not returning to correct number 2019-11-15
125961 Calc viewing issues UNCO --- Rotating text in cells causes misplacement 2014-12-28
126104 Writer code issues UNCO --- Problem with Text align in SVG 2015-10-28
17446 Impress ui issues UNCO --- Impress could include sync with music 2014-05-04
35456 Impress viewing issues UNCO --- PPT-style "Integrated Outline" view 2014-04-23
57004 Base code issues UNCO --- macro recorder does not work in embedded Base forms 2013-02-07
71429 Impress open-imp issues UNCO --- We should support round line endings 2014-04-25
106361 Writer editing issues UNCO --- Option to ignore particular hidden text for "paste as unformatted text" 2014-03-23
109918 Impress viewing issues UNCO --- Quirks in zoom in impress 2013-11-14
112768 Draw code issues UNCO --- Scrolling with table activated 2013-02-07
123240 Calc ui issues UNCO --- 'Advanced filter criteria' range name of applied filter should stay in selector 2014-01-28
126186 App Dev api issues UNCO --- Linux: Dir function should sorted in alphabetical order 2015-03-19
126398 Impress save-exp issues UNCO --- Empty text-boxes in exported HTML (from impress) render self-closed DIV, leading to matryoshka-doll-like nested pages 2015-08-02
126683 Writer editing issues UNCO --- can't insert text beyond page width of 25.5" 2016-10-28
126974 Calc editing issues UNCO --- Trying to change a cell and getting error message 2017-05-20
127145 Writer formatti issues UNCO --- Outline Format Inconsistent 2017-03-05
127170 Calc editing issues UNCO --- Copy to Clipboard of a Column Causes Crash – (Copy of Row Does Not) 2016-10-18
127247 Calc editing issues UNCO --- crash when pasting column contents from google sheets onto openoffice column 2016-12-13
127367 Calc editing issues UNCO --- using tabs 2017-03-20
127377 General ui issues UNCO --- Screen Scaling 2017-03-27
127380 Calc open-imp issues UNCO --- Calc Crashes when trying to open after creating second scatter plot graph 2017-03-30
128241 Writer editing issues UNCO --- 48/5000 Inserting table brings error message #REF! 2019-12-17
66603 Draw code issues CONF --- weird rteentrancy while rendering linked image 2013-08-07
72480 Draw editing issues CONF --- OOo crashes when deleting text within a drawing component 2017-05-20
73025 Base code issues CONF --- Connecting to PostgreSQL via ODBC OOo crashed 2013-08-07
79998 Impress editing issues CONF --- crash on deleting last bullet 2013-02-07
81946 Draw code issues CONF --- Writer crashes when scrolling through document containing many large images 2017-05-20
92425 Impress code issues CONF --- Insert the file and close it,the presentation crashed. 2017-05-20
92492 Writer ui issues CONF --- [MWEx] cannot connect to MediaWiki in options dialog 2018-12-11
97396 Calc save-exp issues CONF --- OO3/Linux crashes on saving xls to ods in headless mode 2013-01-29
99685 Writer code issues CONF --- Crash on exit after working in large document 2017-05-20
101034 Writer editing issues CONF --- uncheck the "Snap to characters",change font size, text layout confused 2013-01-29
104908 Impress code issues CONF --- OpenOffice abnormally terminates with Opencards plug-in 2017-05-20
105442 Impress open-imp issues CONF --- Embeded flash crashes Impress 2017-05-20
106646 General ui issues CONF --- Crash when closing documents 2013-07-30
109050 Impress viewing issues CONF --- Impress crashes when switching to another output device via FN+F5 2017-05-20
110102 General ui issues CONF --- The user interface language cannot be determined. 2013-06-06
111310 Writer open-imp issues CONF --- Writer loops when loading certain document 2017-05-20
113192 Writer editing issues CONF --- Freeze when deleting text formatted with a specific font 2017-05-20
113973 General code issues CONF --- Click "Target in Document" in Hyperlink dialog, crashes OOo 2013-01-29
116115 General code issues CONF --- OOo crashes at importing emf files which include characters encoded by the Shift-JIS (cp932) code 2013-08-07
116556 Impress open-imp issues CONF --- slides with text boxes and animations are not imported correctly 2013-08-07
6939 General chart issues CONF --- Suggested enhancement to x-y charts (but not only to them) 2013-09-25
7234 Base code issues CONF --- Link function in Data Source Administration times out 2017-05-20
11969 App Dev api issues CONF --- How to get text fields from the API 2013-02-24
15704 gsl code issues CONF --- OOo does not ask for manual paper feed before envelope printout (was: Problem printing envelopes) 2017-05-20
24602 gsl code issues CONF --- Converted Mac fonts are not correctly recognized 2013-07-30
26896 Base code issues CONF --- Floating numbers in fields of MySQL database form are altered 2017-05-20
29704 Writer ui issues CONF --- Bibliography entry modify doesn't work 2013-08-07
29842 Writer ui issues CONF --- Documents freezing OOo 2013-08-07
29911 bibliogr ui issues CONF --- Allow export of bibliography 2013-02-07
30898 Writer code issues CONF --- Incorrect behaviour of hidden paragraph fields 2017-05-20
34927 Writer open-imp issues CONF --- OOo does not display images properly in rtf file 2017-05-20
35076 Internat BiDi issues CONF --- BIDI buttons should switch to RTL with any font/language 2013-08-07
38000 Draw code issues CONF --- Bullet attributes corrupt unbulleted text 2017-05-20
39215 Writer editing issues CONF --- Framemaker+XML-like working 2013-08-07
40504 xml external issues CONF --- User defined Parameters for XSLT Filter 2013-02-07
40732 Writer save-exp issues CONF --- Export to PDF embeds font with "no-embed" flag 2013-02-07
43015 Draw printing issues CONF --- Can't Print in Draw 2017-05-20
43654 General code issues CONF --- unicode pasted as escape codes instead of actual characters 2013-07-30
44116 Calc save-exp issues CONF --- Displaying non-accurate width of numeric field 2017-05-20
44828 Calc code issues CONF --- tools-detective-trace for cross-sheet formulae 2019-09-13
45835 Writer formatti issues CONF --- page-style doesn't refresh after pagebreak on 1.9x 2013-08-07
46111 Writer open-imp issues CONF --- Indenting problems when importing Ms Word Doc into OOo Writer 2017-05-20
46854 Writer editing issues CONF --- Paste icon is never active in Draw text boxes 2013-08-07
47398 Writer save-exp issues CONF --- Saving file to disk takes a long time 2017-05-20
47805 General ui issues CONF --- Base disappears leaving a hs_err_pid####.log No recreation 2013-02-07
48254 Writer viewing issues CONF --- Text repaint error while scrolling in Writer window that exeeds second screen boundary 2013-08-07
48827 Writer formatti issues CONF --- Keyboard navigation in formatting dialogs 2013-02-07
49094 Writer editing issues CONF --- Direct cursor should work when a text is selected 2013-08-07
49237 Impress ui issues CONF --- Calc OLE with empty rows disturbes look of document 2017-05-20
50800 Writer viewing issues CONF --- HTML comments - export to PDF 2013-08-07
51436 Internat code issues CONF --- In Calc, Optimal Height incorrect for Khmer fonts, leading to partial display of text 2017-05-20
51614 Writer formatti issues CONF --- Tabulator at same position as indent isn't set 2017-05-20
51671 Impress open-imp issues CONF --- motion paths with customized paths imported from powerpoints break the path 2013-08-07
51944 Writer editing issues CONF --- Insert hyperlink with pushbutton does not work after save 2013-08-07
52094 Impress editing issues CONF --- Undo does not work for action "Standard Formatting" in Text objects 2017-05-20
52365 Writer formatti issues CONF --- Tabstops and formatting in keyword index not working when using multiple columns 2017-05-20
52467 Writer editing issues CONF --- Cannot edit mailmerge fields in Read Only documents 2013-08-07
52518 Impress save-exp issues CONF --- Exported flash crashes player 2017-05-20
52931 Writer open-imp issues CONF --- Loading the Tox of MS Doc should not waste a lot of time. 2017-05-20
53246 Draw formatti issues CONF --- Text format not preserved when copying draw from OODraw 2017-05-20
53453 gsl code issues CONF --- Buttons get exported as transparent buttons in PDF 2013-07-30
53543 Writer open-imp issues CONF --- rtf import crashes 2017-05-20
54051 Writer editing issues CONF --- WW8: obsolete tabstop in TOC imported; distorts TOC view on update 2017-05-20
54063 Impress formatti issues CONF --- Color pull down menu should not synch with selection 2013-02-07
54413 Writer formatti issues CONF --- WP: Wierd Conversion Error page-number fields not supported 2017-05-20
55050 Writer code issues CONF --- DDE links set to Manual update don't work with non-OpenOffice apps 2013-08-07
55442 General code issues CONF --- Opening a master document blocks all other documents 2017-05-20
55770 General ui issues CONF --- Menu system does not support multi-screen display 2013-02-07
55872 Writer viewing issues CONF --- Zoom "optimal" should adapt to different page-sizes/orientations 2013-02-07
56391 Writer ui issues CONF --- Autocaption preview does not update 2013-08-07
56459 Writer open-imp issues CONF --- WW8: Roman numbering imported with wrong font in char tsyle 2017-05-20
56575 ucb code issues CONF --- .odt Files can't be save over mounted Webdav Directory 2013-07-30
56904 Writer code issues CONF --- WW8: Conditional Text Broken in Ver. 2.0; worked in 1.1.5 2017-05-20
57157 Writer editing issues CONF --- bad copy paste function with simple text. 2013-08-07
57176 Writer open-imp issues CONF --- Large HTML-TABLE-Files will be wrong imported 2013-08-07
57259 Draw editing issues CONF --- wrong size of DRAW objects in printout 2013-08-07
58610 Writer editing issues CONF --- Alphabetical Index - default mode for "Combine identical entries" should depend on locale 2017-06-25
58770 Writer formatti issues CONF --- RTF: header/footer settings corrupted on export 2017-05-20
58986 xml code issues CONF --- XForms: xml bindings doesn't appear until doc reopen 2017-05-20
58995 Writer editing issues CONF --- Undo line numbering 2013-08-07
59195 Impress open-imp issues CONF --- PowerPoint tables are imported incorrectly 2013-08-07
59246 Impress ui issues CONF --- Slide sorter: changing display when switching away and back to application window 2017-05-20
59352 General ui issues CONF --- show docked windows titles 2013-02-07
59487 Impress viewing issues CONF --- Animation error when read by Powerpoint 2017-05-20
59576 gsl code issues CONF --- Can't copy text from PDF exported from OOo 2018-01-18
60635 Writer code issues CONF --- The "target in document" window holds up editing 2017-05-20
60703 Writer ui issues CONF --- Date Format in "Edit Field: Variables" Dialog 2013-08-07
60831 Writer save-exp issues CONF --- RTF: very often graphics (pictures) are lost on export 2017-05-20
61013 Impress editing issues CONF --- Items get hidden as you edit other items 2017-05-20
61097 Writer ui issues CONF --- Not all Index entries are right aligned. 2017-05-20
61890 Writer configur issues CONF --- FoxPro for DOS files could not be read as dBase 2013-02-07
62029 Writer save-exp issues CONF --- changes in picture contour are not saved 2017-05-20
62320 Draw programm issues CONF --- Layer.IsVisible does not work in macro 2017-05-20
62465 Writer save-exp issues CONF --- Some chars like äöü or a long "-" are disapearing when exporting to pdf 2017-05-20
62823 Writer save-exp issues CONF --- Reopening a sxw-file with OO 1.1.4 after saving with OO 2.0.1 gives wrong variable contents 2017-05-20
62935 Impress printing issues CONF --- Not printing handouts 2017-05-20
62949 Writer editing issues CONF --- Pasting frame inserts RTF content as ASCII text from clipboard 2013-08-07
63118 Writer save-exp issues CONF --- xhtml->pdf: <H1> not stored as bookmark 2013-08-07
63315 General ui issues CONF --- Insert of OLE object with not existing name or of wrong type causes strange behaviour, even crash 2017-05-20
63384 Writer formatti issues CONF --- Labels: Applying format to single frame changes whole page, and can't undo 2017-05-20
63448 Base code issues CONF --- Cannot edit anything in Sybase SLQAnywhere tables via JDBC 2013-02-07
63545 Writer save-exp issues CONF --- Style attributes don't override tag parameters 2013-08-07
63562 General code issues CONF --- OOo File\Send\"Document as email" displays Outlook "Choose profile" eventhough Outlook is running already. 2013-08-07
63875 General ui issues CONF --- Unabilaty to save a document ('unable to write') because of removed temporary files. 2017-05-20
64014 Writer formatti issues CONF --- proposal to use external style sheets for Writer documents 2013-02-07
64104 Calc ui issues CONF --- using cursor keys: very slow scrolling with templates window open 2017-05-20
64209 Calc code issues CONF --- Enhance consolidation to be able to be also case unsensitive 2013-08-07
64242 Writer formatti issues CONF --- Index has empty lines if TAB is before eol (also bibliography) 2017-05-20
64924 Writer ui issues CONF --- Previous drawing from Navigation button does not work on last object 2017-05-20
64926 Writer save-exp issues CONF --- Export / Import ISCII encoded Text 2013-02-07
65028 General ui issues CONF --- Cannot change / add icons for menu items 2013-02-07
65038 Calc save-exp issues CONF --- Calc - 2.4MB file with miniscule amount of data in the file. 2013-08-07
65105 General ui issues CONF --- Several OOo functions not shown in WIN taskbar 2013-02-07
65139 Writer editing issues CONF --- picture moving using keyboard, only down when anchored to paragraph 2017-05-20
65317 Writer code issues CONF --- Files format is defected 2017-05-20
65550 ucb www issues CONF --- ODMA-UCP: Basic Script and Instructions 2013-02-07
66020 Writer open-imp issues CONF --- html document not accepted as such, but handled as a normal WRITER doument 2017-05-20
66319 Writer editing issues CONF --- Image titles for documents in different languages 2013-02-07
66672 Impress viewing issues CONF --- Rehearse Timings does not work 2017-05-20
67095 Writer formatti issues CONF --- Writer does not save alternative date formats 2013-08-07
67298 Draw formatti issues CONF --- "keep scale" with cropping not exact 2017-05-20
67513 Writer formatti issues CONF --- Feature req: Suppress hyphenation in styles. 2013-02-07
67978 Writer formatti issues CONF --- order of TOC-bookmarks in navigator and after PDF-export 2017-05-20
68064 Draw editing issues CONF --- Aberrations in DRAW printout 2017-05-20
68222 Impress printing issues CONF --- Impress printing handout slide borders without reduced transparency aspect leads to almost invisible borders 2017-05-20
68432 Writer printing issues CONF --- Loss of righthand end of lines in letter after inserting envelope 2013-08-07
68533 Writer formatti issues CONF --- WW8: Paragraphs of list styles do not regard new "Start" value 2017-05-20
68780 Calc editing issues CONF --- Case replacement from sort lists 2013-08-07
68787 Writer editing issues CONF --- The "Edit index entry" dialog can't follow the edited text 2013-08-07
69013 Writer save-exp issues CONF --- WW8: wrongly exported position of object crashes WW2000/2002 2017-05-20
69092 Calc ui issues CONF --- there is no way to set image as background for cell 2013-08-07
69245 Writer formatti issues CONF --- Margins Not updated in labels 2017-05-20
69797 Writer printing issues CONF --- Cannot print ssh server document 2013-08-07
70135 Calc formatti issues CONF --- DataPilot gives percent results in an unreasonable number format 2017-05-20
70429 Writer formatti issues CONF --- endnotes and headers 2013-08-07
70465 Writer viewing issues CONF --- Spread the pages out horizontally 2013-08-07
70823 Impress printing issues CONF --- Impress, handout view - please provide separate control to choose between stacked and side-by-side slide arrangement 2013-02-07
70987 Impress editing issues CONF --- Mouse/cursor selects text when keyboard used to move between textbox 2017-05-20
71406 Writer formatti issues CONF --- Content won't stay on same page - wrong evaluation of "keep" attribute 2013-08-07
71530 Writer editing issues CONF --- Metafichier GDI Paste can't be pasted from orCAD 2017-05-20
71748 Impress save-exp issues CONF --- memory leak exporting to PowerPoint or HTML 2013-08-07
71917 Impress save-exp issues CONF --- open many files; modify one and save it; closing Impress think all files needs saving 2017-05-20
71988 Writer formatti issues CONF --- User-defined indexes lack some options available for alphabetical index 2013-08-07
72309 Native-L no issues CONF --- Two different choices for txt import with the same name (unicode) 2013-07-30
72680 Writer save-exp issues CONF --- Bullets and numbering not RTL when saving RTL document as HTML 2013-08-07
72746 Draw ui issues CONF --- Menu redraw problem 2013-08-07
72886 Writer editing issues CONF --- Navigator buttons "Promote/demote Chapter" do not work with tables 2017-05-20
73277 Draw editing issues CONF --- Referenced Draw file causes lockup 2017-05-20
73525 Writer printing issues CONF --- Envelope top margin defauts to 2.19" 2017-05-20
73831 Writer formatti issues CONF --- "NextRecord" breaks conditional formating 2017-05-20
74423 Impress open-imp issues CONF --- Balloons are incorrectly resized during import. 2013-02-07
74826 Calc viewing issues CONF --- Right and bottom borders: Thin and thick line interchanged 2013-07-21
75775 Calc save-exp issues CONF --- SYLK File from Calc Has Critical Different with the one from Ms. Excel 2013-08-07
75847 Writer save-exp issues CONF --- WW8: HTML >> ODT >> DOC conversion produces invalid file; no valid paper format 2017-05-20
75968 Writer open-imp issues CONF --- Poor conversion of legal files (i.e. pleadings paper) from WordPerfect 2013-02-07
76460 Writer save-exp issues CONF --- Export adds unwanted page break in HTML 2013-08-07
77825 Writer formatti issues CONF --- Page styles lost on mailing 2017-05-20
78809 Writer editing issues CONF --- "Delete to End of Paragraph" deletes the next para when cursor isplaced in an empty paragraph 2013-08-07
79453 Impress code issues CONF --- pdf export: support for animation & transition 2013-02-07
79586 Writer formatti issues CONF --- unwanted substitution of ITC fonts by a completely unrelated font family 2017-05-20
79618 Writer ui issues CONF --- The new title page dialog is not generic enough 2013-02-07
79859 Draw code issues CONF --- The program has inherant instabilites in draw. 2017-05-20
80616 Math code issues CONF --- Add "double arrow" and "arrow denied" symbols to math font(s) 2013-02-07
81027 General accessib issues CONF --- Problems with accessibility and screen reader JAWS 2013-11-04
81190 Writer formatti issues CONF --- Content disappears when formating as two-column layout 2017-05-20
81498 Impress open-imp issues CONF --- objects are placed differently in OO than in office 2000 2013-08-07
81941 Writer ui issues CONF --- formatted field text loss using tab key 2013-02-07
82315 Writer save-exp issues CONF --- Searching for text in items saved as Word documents 2017-05-20
82318 Writer formatti issues CONF --- Suggest: add a mask feature to writer 2013-02-07
82349 Writer editing issues CONF --- OLE Spreadsheet object gets resized to a cell size after save and edit. 2017-05-20
82482 Writer save-exp issues CONF --- Forbid insertion of biblio entry without shortname 2017-05-20
82949 Draw ui issues CONF --- Postscript rendering : strange pattern instead of color 2013-02-07
83152 Writer ui issues CONF --- Autotext window: activating button autotext by short cut, doesn't show menu 2014-02-19
84471 Impress viewing issues CONF --- Some pictures are shown only in design mode. not in slideshow. 2017-05-20
84683 General code issues CONF --- visible buttons submenu have a blank option 2013-02-07
85081 Calc formatti issues CONF --- checkbox's jumping 2013-01-29
85279 Writer save-exp issues CONF --- new control flag to control pdf-export of objects/graphics 2017-05-20
86312 Impress viewing issues CONF --- Low quality antialiasing of bitmap images 2017-05-20
86994 Calc viewing issues CONF --- Cannot scroll down on a cell 2013-01-29
87723 Impress open-imp issues CONF --- st9bad_alloc / could not load input document 2013-01-29
87837 Draw save-exp issues CONF --- incorret export to emf, wmf 2013-08-07
88540 Writer editing issues CONF --- Unable to exit group within frame after a sub-group has beed edited 2017-05-20
88620 Writer editing issues CONF --- Double-click white space to select 2013-08-07
88862 Writer formatti issues CONF --- WW8: screwed up numbering when importing, due to custom style in outline 2017-05-20
89192 Calc programm issues CONF --- formula evaluation 2013-02-07
89328 General chart issues CONF --- object names containg '/' breaks files 2013-09-25
89454 ui ui issues CONF --- Customize - Keyboard: Remember temporary changes when switching between applications. 2013-01-29
89871 General ui issues CONF --- Printer warnings - paper size & paper orientation options should be on by default 2013-08-07
90168 Calc viewing issues CONF --- Newly inserted sheet cannot be viewed in Page Preview 2013-01-29
90272 Impress save-exp issues CONF --- ppt export: Imported movie objects lost on Save 2013-08-07
90592 Writer editing issues CONF --- figure paste into frame fails at top of page 2017-05-20
91174 General code issues CONF --- UIConfigurationManager of statusbar/toolbar loses properties (e.g. HelpID) at the storing settings 2013-01-29
91186 Writer formatti issues CONF --- WW8: Loss of auto-indent format when exporting 2017-05-20
91732 Writer formatti issues CONF --- Large text fields not foramatted correctly 2013-01-29
91965 Math ui issues CONF --- Offer more intuitive way to 'div' operator 2013-02-07
92268 General ui issues CONF --- Text in messagebox goes garbage in File->Wizard 2013-01-29
92399 Draw save-exp issues CONF --- Rasterized export distorted when page height too large 2013-08-07
92435 Impress viewing issues CONF --- ppt import: Text alignment is incorrectly displayed 2013-08-07
92446 Draw viewing issues CONF --- Uneven scales 2017-05-20
93414 gsl code issues CONF --- PDF export -artefacts in exported SVG image 2015-03-31
93552 Impress viewing issues CONF --- overlayed and animated objects tend to disappear 2013-02-07
93554 Impress open-imp issues CONF --- reading PowerPoint in Presentations 2013-08-07
94367 Writer ui issues CONF --- Fields/References sorts table numbers as text instead of numerically 2017-05-20
94565 Writer editing issues CONF --- Alphabetical index: allow marking pages as entry range even if the keyword doesn't appear on every page 2013-08-07
94861 Impress open-imp issues CONF --- PPT-import: altered font appearance (esp. color and position) upon saving an Impress file from OOo2.4 or 3.0rc4 (and below) as MS Powerpoint 97/2000/XP and re-opening it with OOo3.0rc4 2013-08-07
94932 General spell ch issues CONF --- Buttons in spellcheck windows are mis-aligned. 2013-02-24
95083 Impress installa issues CONF --- according to global documentation, cntrl +b should be bold in all applications 2017-05-20
95218 Writer viewing issues CONF --- Viewing HTML source corrupting Arabic text in the source file 2013-08-07
95259 gsl code issues CONF --- Misplacement of Separation characters in BiDi text 2013-11-04
95320 General ui issues CONF --- Inconsistent labelling of unsaved documents 2020-08-05
95776 Base code issues CONF --- Saving a macro does not save the work 2013-02-07
96151 Impress formatti issues CONF --- Superscript, subscript fail in conversion to .ppt 2013-08-07
96199 Impress viewing issues CONF --- Performance: Slide show is slow when the document include some big images (>3MB) in a page 2017-05-20
96200 App Dev scriptin issues CONF --- Unable to Edit Macros with Error in Base Form 2013-02-24
96393 Impress printing issues CONF --- StarOffice 8 Update 12: greyscale Handout printing produces empty pages 2017-05-20
96488 Draw ui issues CONF --- unnamed shapes cannot be marked via navigator 2017-05-20
96508 Impress editing issues CONF --- find in selected text is always disabled 2017-05-20
96545 Writer formatti issues CONF --- tables not displaying the content of cells when having fixed row height 2013-08-07
96548 Draw editing issues CONF --- Text object selection behavior is inconsistent 2017-05-20
96561 Draw ui issues CONF --- rulers don't refresh properly 2017-05-20
96958 Writer open-imp issues CONF --- Problem in importing big HTML files in Writer 3.0 2013-08-07
97166 Impress viewing issues CONF --- Flawed Graphics Preview 2017-05-20
97279 Writer save-exp issues CONF --- PDF export: font used for hyphen is different from rest 2017-05-20
97448 Writer ui issues CONF --- Press and release Ctrl to to move the cursor site to the screen center vertically in writer. 2013-02-07
97489 Impress formatti issues CONF --- Text Toolbars disappearing after focus change 2013-08-07
97598 Impress ui issues CONF --- Can't access Impress' horizontal scrollbar in OLE mode 2017-05-20
97788 Writer code issues CONF --- XIndexReplacer is not working in OOo3.0 2013-08-07
97816 Impress editing issues CONF --- button to open file not visible in presentation mode 2017-05-20
97824 Base code issues CONF --- Table list does not refresh after changing external db 2013-08-07
97968 Impress code issues CONF --- Double-click Default can't display Slide Design dialog after creating a new page/slide 2013-02-07
98011 Writer ui issues CONF --- [Notes2] Notes are unreadable if you use a light font 2013-08-07
98125 Writer formatti issues CONF --- false positioning of some hebrew characters 2017-09-13
98426 Writer open-imp issues CONF --- WW8: all graphics imported on first page and cover each other 2017-05-20
98482 Writer formatti issues CONF --- At line end, break URLs after slashes, no hyphen added 2013-08-07
98643 Writer save-exp issues CONF --- Export to PDF takes few times longer than in OO,2.0 2017-05-20
98936 Writer formatti issues CONF --- Derived paragraph style gets wrong list style from parent 2017-05-20
99251 Draw open-imp issues CONF --- EMF: Rotated text in imported .emf is not at correct angle 2013-08-07
99484 Impress viewing issues CONF --- slide shows outline text twice (one time vertically) 2013-08-07
99571 Impress ui issues CONF --- Fix context menu for plugin shapes 2017-05-20
99573 Impress ui issues CONF --- No option to change / edit / check the path of a media file 2017-05-20
99687 Impress formatti issues CONF --- outline to presentation heading 2 malfunction 2017-05-20
99801 Impress open-imp issues CONF --- ODG opened via recent documents opens in Impress not Draw 2017-05-20
99803 Impress editing issues CONF --- de-iconifiying makes slide title become selected 2017-05-20
100055 General ui issues CONF --- synchronize "load url" bar and "recent documents" sub menu 2013-02-07
100252 Calc save-exp issues CONF --- Error 522 only after a save or autosave. Perfect otherwise. 2014-03-03
100390 Writer printing issues CONF --- Bullets appear in Writer on screen, but not in printed or PDF export output 2017-05-20
100565 Impress viewing issues CONF --- Image Not Visible In Slideshow 2013-02-07
100706 Writer editing issues CONF --- Paste Special - please allow to independently select link and format 2013-08-07
100923 Writer open-imp issues CONF --- insert a reference as graphic of a bookmarked page in the same document. 2013-02-07
100933 Writer editing issues CONF --- Styles applied wrongly 2017-05-20
101115 Writer editing issues CONF --- moving a linked frame by drag-and-drop breaks link 2017-05-20
101122 Writer viewing issues CONF --- Last line of a particular page cut horizontally on reload 2017-05-20
101191 Writer save-exp issues CONF --- Text in textbox disappear when exporting file to PDF 2017-05-20
101216 Writer code issues CONF --- ConditionalText: inverse logic for property "IsConditionTrue" 2017-05-20
101321 Impress save-exp issues CONF --- Changing colors in EMFs with Eyedropper screws characters upon change of OS (Linux<->Windows) 2017-05-20
101407 Draw save-exp issues CONF --- Formatting information of cropped images lost when saved 2017-05-20
101664 Writer editing issues CONF --- RTF: Changes/Record flag not retained when re-importing 2017-05-20
101717 Impress editing issues CONF --- Slide Pane goes blank when slide is edited 2017-05-20
101742 General ui issues CONF --- Mouse wheel doesn't work when set to "One screen at a time" 2013-01-29
102055 Impress printing issues CONF --- Printing Handouts - layout moves 2017-05-20
102103 Writer code issues CONF --- find replace searching for font with color white finds color black/automatic instead 2013-08-02
102216 Writer save-exp issues CONF --- Some characters of MathType formulas are thinner when exported as pdf 2017-05-20
102237 General code issues CONF --- Extension update fails [registry database corruption?] 2013-01-29
102351 Impress code issues CONF --- Bullet Management 2017-05-20
102374 Writer ui issues CONF --- Control (Ctrl)/Command (Cmd)-Click to select layered objects should be the default behavior 2013-08-07
102401 Writer viewing issues CONF --- When switching page layout from single page to book mode (2 pages) in Writer, Page no changes "heavily". 2017-05-20
102527 Draw ui issues CONF --- Scaling problem on editing draw OLE 2017-05-20
102626 Calc ui issues CONF --- Sorting on selection defaults to sorting on Right column 2013-01-29
102686 Writer save-exp issues CONF --- problem with PDF exporting 2017-05-20
102765 Impress formatti issues CONF --- wrong text-color if background is changed to black 2017-05-20
102945 Calc editing issues CONF --- Mark affected cells by colored border also/already when edit formula 2013-06-19
102960 Writer formatti issues CONF --- Support for document Tab order when exporting to PDF 2013-08-07
102965 Impress formatti issues CONF --- Open ppt or odp file with all text properities set to "Resize Shape To Fit Text" 2013-08-07
103069 Writer editing issues CONF --- Edit and print of .doc document fails, closing crashes Writer 2017-05-20
103348 Impress code issues CONF --- Format Default on selection should not reset paragraph properties 2017-05-20
103355 Impress open-imp issues CONF --- EMF import - bitmap filling igored, arrow missing head 2013-08-07
103548 Impress formatti issues CONF --- Impress subscript text gets condensed 2017-05-20
103842 Impress formatti issues CONF --- In the version 3.1 with Impress,a slide is not the same at design time than at presentation time 2017-05-20
103897 General code issues CONF --- Thai text in some UI elements will be displayed overlapped on Windows Vista / Windows 7 2013-08-07
104062 Writer formatti issues CONF --- MAC: Better fallback font for fonts without Cyrillic subset 2017-05-20
104110 Calc formatti issues CONF --- Oo calc, inserted rows gets format from row above. 2013-11-28
104518 Impress ui issues CONF --- Sound will not be played if Presentation has been opened via net 2017-05-20
104537 Impress ui issues CONF --- Text Formatting Toolbar bug 2017-05-20
104545 Impress open-imp issues CONF --- WW8 - Chart inserted in PPT under Windows broken after re-opening the file in Impress 2013-02-07
104563 Impress save-exp issues CONF --- Problem on "Export as pdf" function 2013-08-07
104777 Impress code issues CONF --- Bug with textbox with shadow and animated text 2017-05-20
104843 Impress open-imp issues CONF --- PPT-import : Numbering are wrong 2013-08-07
104847 Impress open-imp issues CONF --- [ZH] Numbering missed when saving as ppt and reloading 2013-02-07
104872 Impress formatti issues CONF --- [ZH] Insert fields (Date and Time) were not localized 2013-02-07
105160 Calc save-exp issues CONF --- Visual c++ Runtime error when saving xls or do other Save /export actions 2013-01-29
105231 Draw save-exp issues CONF --- Wrong text encoding in exported PICT files 2013-01-29
105534 Writer editing issues CONF --- Fill format mode should use current selections list level, when applicable 2013-08-05
105763 Calc printing issues CONF --- OOo violates attribute table:print="false", if all sheets have print range none 2013-08-19
105770 Draw editing issues CONF --- after any minutes any Objects cannot mark 2013-01-29
105879 Impress save-exp issues CONF --- Saving .ppt file looses slide images 2013-08-07
106169 Calc viewing issues CONF --- Calc "Column Selector" to Hide/Show(Unhide) Columns/Rows (Like Layers) 2014-01-13
106243 Impress viewing issues CONF --- graphic errors in eps pictures 2013-08-07
106328 Internat i18npool issues CONF --- Date Format MM and DD missing in Chinese ([DBNum2]/[NatNum2][$-804]) 2017-05-20
106438 Draw ui issues CONF --- Wrong bounding box upon EPS import/wrong aspect ratio 2013-01-29
106457 Writer editing issues CONF --- Complex Table change column width bug 2017-05-20
106546 Draw open-imp issues CONF --- Import of presentation text boxes not correct in version 310m19 2013-08-07
106642 Impress formatti issues CONF --- Style links are lost when I open my presentation in another client 2017-05-20
106727 Draw save-exp issues CONF --- PDF export of transparent lines broken 2013-08-07
107232 Writer save-exp issues CONF --- pdf generation of txt files with size > 20M doesn´t work 2017-05-20
107314 Impress ui issues CONF --- Impress enters infinite loop if JRE not selected 2013-01-29
107426 Impress save-exp issues CONF --- Saving as .ppt with linked pictures loses the links. 2013-08-07
107565 Writer formatti issues CONF --- Strikethrough formatting extends beyond selected range 2017-05-20
107673 Impress code issues CONF --- incorrect animation undo actions 2017-05-20
107874 Calc editing issues CONF --- Can no longer create hyperlink on image in Calc cell 2013-08-27
107883 Impress open-imp issues CONF --- Links gone from grouped images 2017-05-20
107996 Writer ui issues CONF --- Certain columns in complex table cannot be formatted when selected via column selector 2017-05-20
108034 Writer code issues CONF --- mail merge shouldn't stop email sending on error 2013-08-07
108170 Draw editing issues CONF --- connector line spacing has no effect 2017-05-20
108296 Calc open-imp issues CONF --- Page Break are incorrect in some archives xls 2013-01-29
108338 Writer open-imp issues CONF --- WW8:does not import "Distributed" text correctly 2017-05-20
108391 Calc open-imp issues CONF --- Opening exported ODS to XLS in Excel does not show graph subtitle 2013-01-29
108482 Impress save-exp issues CONF --- Wrong information in hyperlinks when exported as PDF with notes 2014-05-29
108581 Impress code issues CONF --- version 3.2 animation 2017-05-20
108698 Impress save-exp issues CONF --- Presentation with Notes not saved properly in Power Point file format 2018-01-10
108771 Impress ui issues CONF --- No Anti Aliasing of fonts in edit view/presentation view in windows 7 2017-05-20
108799 Draw code issues CONF --- [loc] line width of font work objects in inches in Dutch version 2013-02-07
108800 Draw ui issues CONF --- Font work tool bar: active choise in selecting font distance is black, thus invisible 2013-01-29
109036 Writer save-exp issues CONF --- RTF: graphic position in frame lost on export 2017-05-20
109148 Impress save-exp issues CONF --- WordArt in ppt file displays as diagonal line when saved to odp 2013-08-07
109317 General ui issues CONF --- Automatic mnemonic generation not applied to the top level menu bar items 2014-01-29
109439 Writer save-exp issues CONF --- PDF export produces mixed page sizes 2013-08-07
109808 Writer formatti issues CONF --- open office writer corrupts the numbering format in a document prepared with ms office 2003 2017-05-20
109834 Calc editing issues CONF --- Calc converts '%2B' in URL to '+' in .xls file 2013-08-09
110139 Writer save-exp issues CONF --- WW8: paragraph attribute "Outline level" is not exported 2017-05-20
110299 Calc save-exp issues CONF --- very slow saving and loading time 2013-09-28
110332 Impress editing issues CONF --- Merging master slide having the same names 2017-05-20
110399 Writer save-exp issues CONF --- Warn user to "Please verify if your document has been properly recovered" after recovery. 2013-08-07
110701 Draw save-exp issues CONF --- Draw exports invalid EMF files 2013-08-07
110719 Base code issues CONF --- Date-select-field doesn't work correct after select-field 2013-01-29
110762 Writer save-exp issues CONF --- Merged table cells not supported by docbook import/export 2013-08-07
110834 Calc save-exp issues CONF --- Choose the endofline char in text exports. 2014-01-11
111012 Impress viewing issues CONF --- Certain Graphs Display Incorrectly In Presentations 2017-05-20
111031 General ui issues CONF --- Recently used files combo box in "insert picture" of OOo dialogs contains all document types, not only pictures 2017-02-11
111211 Calc editing issues CONF --- "Deleting in merged ranges not possible" Calc 3.2.12 2013-07-29
111288 Writer editing issues CONF --- undo does not restore formatting when tracking changes is enabled 2017-05-20
111289 Writer editing issues CONF --- Spell checker should ignore plain text URLs 2013-08-07
111489 Writer open-imp issues CONF --- Incorrect Equation Editor behaviour with Word 2003/2007 XML docs 2017-05-20
111605 Impress formatti issues CONF --- Hyperlink text stucked on one line in impress 2017-05-20
111660 Impress formatti issues CONF --- Field "File Name" does not accept format change 2017-05-20
111670 Writer code issues CONF --- RTF: import ignores pagebreak in 3rd party document (Nisus Pro) 2017-05-20
111685 Calc open-imp issues CONF --- OOo version 3.2.0 crashes when loading spreadsheets prepared on earlier versions 2013-07-29
111888 Math code issues CONF --- problem using nested superscripts imported from a document with MathML 2014-12-26
112135 Writer editing issues CONF --- Pasting a nested table overwrites whole outer table 2017-05-20
112389 Calc ui issues CONF --- empty pages suppression in print raneg only works from 'Tools-Options', not from 'Printer Settings' 2013-01-29
112670 Impress editing issues CONF --- strange (copy-paste) X window selection result 2017-05-20
112717 App Dev vba issues CONF --- MS-EXCEL VBA Macro Rows property 'OutlineLevel' does not supported by Calc 2013-02-24
112799 Writer formatti issues CONF --- Wrong font height for Cambria Math 2017-05-20
112810 Impress formatti issues CONF --- Auto size not compatible with microsoft office 2013-08-07
112817 Writer formatti issues CONF --- wrong presentation of "r" + U+0325 2017-05-20
112838 Writer editing issues CONF --- Pasting numbered list adds numbering to sub-content 2017-05-20
112863 General code issues CONF --- Tabloid(11x17) Printing not working 2015-03-04
112870 Impress viewing issues CONF --- Display Errors during presentation 2017-05-20
113118 App Dev scriptin issues CONF --- macro with mailmerge & mysql trows last DB row 2017-05-20
113127 Calc code issues CONF --- error in Find & Replace 2013-01-29
113153 Impress open-imp issues CONF --- imported ppt file can't play audio 2013-08-07
113477 Writer formatti issues CONF --- Cannot create template with specific "per chapter table of content" 2013-08-07
113510 Writer save-exp issues CONF --- Option "Default save format for existing documents" 2013-08-07
113651 Writer editing issues CONF --- Cannot edit text because of Comment 2017-05-20
114047 Draw editing issues CONF --- Connector - not selectable after the first connection 2017-05-20
114749 xml code issues CONF --- Presentation table size becomes larger after save .ppt to .odp 2013-01-29
114777 Impress formatti issues CONF --- PDF Export: misaligned images 2013-08-07
115222 Impress formatti issues CONF --- Footer formating in PPT-files 2013-04-25
115255 Calc open-imp issues CONF --- OpenOffice Calc losing data when importing XLS file 2013-02-13
115526 Writer code issues CONF --- Inconsistent letter generation using MailMerge to send E-mails 2017-05-20
115637 General code issues CONF --- OLE file include in Impress 2017-05-20
115693 Impress save-exp issues CONF --- Conversion to PPT 2013-01-29
115850 Impress open-imp issues CONF --- PPT(x) import: strange math-symbols 2013-08-07
115920 Impress open-imp issues CONF --- Import slide with embedded video messes up the slide 2013-01-29
115921 Impress open-imp issues CONF --- Import slide does not show the first lines of text as Powerpoint does (have to click first) 2013-08-07
116304 Impress code issues CONF --- Not automatic show when anaimation speed changed 2017-05-20
116334 Impress viewing issues CONF --- non-existent object/file 2017-05-20
116341 Writer save-exp issues CONF --- pdf export corruption - on document with Numbering and Chinese Text 2013-08-07
116645 Calc code issues CONF --- listbox - allow reference values for source cell range 2014-01-15
116668 Impress editing issues CONF --- objects disappear when pasting slide between presentations 2017-05-20
116671 Impress open-imp issues CONF --- Background is lost, when importing single slide 2017-05-20
116692 Calc save-exp issues CONF --- Calc hangs on save to PXL format 2013-08-27
116723 Writer open-imp issues CONF --- DOC to PDF conversion and MS Office 2007 2018-12-12
117123 Writer printing issues CONF --- Mirrored pictures are printed as not mirrored 2013-08-07
117289 Calc code issues CONF --- DataPilot - Grouping - Subtotals appear twice 2014-01-11
117768 Impress formatti issues CONF --- display errors 2013-08-07
117858 Impress viewing issues CONF --- Zoom + key doesn't work in Impress notes 2013-08-07
118236 Calc ui issues CONF --- ISBLANK() returns FALSE instead of #VALUE! 2014-03-19
118271 Calc editing issues CONF --- Need DocInformation Fields Equivalent Data for Calc 2014-01-11
118891 Writer formatti issues CONF --- Formatting being lost after reopening document 2017-05-20
118958 General ui issues CONF --- Crash when try copy from WIN 'File - Open' dialog. 2017-05-20
119060 Calc editing issues CONF --- Copying cells to clipboard always adds a newline at the end 2019-12-04
119219 Impress save-exp issues CONF --- Saved RTF has issue in encoding Latin1 characters 2013-01-29
119226 Calc formatti issues CONF --- Rogue user defined formats can't be permanently deleted 2013-12-05
119338 document Online h issues CONF --- Autosave did not save 2017-05-20
119396 Calc formatti issues CONF --- CSV file format 2012-06-14
119419 Writer viewing issues CONF --- Hidden Text Disappeared 2013-07-10
119691 Calc formatti issues CONF --- text direction of X axis label in chart changed to horizontal when open the .xls 2012-06-15
120002 Writer editing issues CONF --- style incorrect; corrected style reverts to incorrect upon saving 2013-02-08
120067 Calc ui issues CONF --- If the typed date is in 18th century, the output comes date-1 2012-08-31
120206 Writer editing issues CONF --- Mark for index entries can become separated from the text 2013-02-07
120707 Draw editing issues CONF --- When converting to bitmaps, thick lines with line cap 'Flat' generate additional space 2012-09-05
121084 Writer editing issues CONF --- Paste from clipboard done twice 2016-11-03
121115 Calc open-imp issues CONF --- Opening a CSV file with several OO windows already open causes Text Import box to appear in unexpected location 2014-03-28
121119 Writer open-imp issues CONF --- AOO take too long time for export the sample from odt to pdf and cause freeze. 2012-10-23
121242 Writer open-imp issues CONF --- Writer changes the image colors from .doc files 2012-10-23
121429 Writer open-imp issues CONF --- Justified Format lost in .docx bullet text list 2013-08-19
121489 Writer formatti issues CONF --- Format -> Paragraph -> Text Flow -> Breaks -> Insert... doesn't honour "Above paragraph" spacing on the first page. 2012-12-17
121708 Math ui issues CONF --- Tokens, (like 'cdot') in Formula Editor are shifted 2020-01-19
121714 Calc save-exp issues CONF --- fields containg line feeds are not surrounded with necessary quotes after copying to clipboard 2014-07-09
121889 Calc viewing issues CONF --- no view width borders 2013-05-31
121987 Writer editing issues CONF --- Can not resize picture on landscape and on text direction is Right-to-left 2013-04-10
122281 App Dev api issues CONF --- In data table the data series is 3 columns (x,y,buble chart size) is not available in dummy Bubble chart 2013-10-01
122490 Writer printing issues CONF --- Print Preview and Export to PDF repaginates document, which causes the index to be incorrect 2013-06-08
122645 General ui issues CONF --- new and edited files unable to be saved 2013-07-02
122839 Writer ui issues CONF --- VoiceOver not able to track writing cursor and read entered text 2017-02-17
122844 Writer printing issues CONF --- printing with script and mailmerge does not recognize the changed printer 2013-08-09
122893 Calc open-imp issues CONF --- 4.0.0 Calc: Crash on multiple linked data update 2013-10-27
122898 Calc ui issues CONF --- Multiple cell selection not visible until completed 2013-08-12
122901 Impress editing issues CONF --- Can't copy/paste multiple cells from a chart 2013-08-12
122940 Writer save-exp issues CONF --- Reopening a saved file destroys the layout 2017-05-20
123010 Draw editing issues CONF --- Drag and Drop strings causes ugly artifacts 2013-08-11
123056 Calc programm issues CONF --- After/during execution of particular Basic macros, hyperlinks to cells will not work 2013-10-08
123061 Calc code issues CONF --- Non modal dialog is modal when it is called from top level menu. 2013-08-22
123205 Writer editing issues CONF --- Multi-page Table of Contents formatting incorrect 2013-09-09
123300 General ui issues CONF --- Unify usage "More Options" <-> "More" 2013-09-20
123552 Calc editing issues CONF --- Switch to Overwrite Mode makes character at cell caret position invisible 2013-10-28
123826 Writer open-imp issues CONF --- The "Fill-in" field's content lost when importing .docx 2014-02-24
123880 General help issues CONF --- Missing function syntax 2014-04-05
123881 Calc open-imp issues CONF --- Can't open file anymore 2017-05-20
124080 Writer ui issues CONF --- [Sidebar]: 'Change By' spinbox buttons inactive if caret not at most right position 2014-02-04
124240 Writer help issues CONF --- Help Poor for 'Smooth Scroll' 2014-02-19
124403 Writer ui issues CONF --- form letter print dialog: Pages range related to target document instead of source document. 2014-03-13
124964 Calc programm issues CONF --- RATE function blows up 2014-05-23
124998 General ui issues CONF --- Pickers for Color, Linestyle and similar can be opened 2 times 2014-05-28
125384 Writer printing issues CONF --- Graphics lost on prints and pdf 2014-08-13
125635 Writer programm issues CONF --- Writer's document is blocked when writien mail address is activated as hyperlink. 2016-09-30
125954 Writer configur issues CONF --- Sending document as Email removes invisible content - this should be a configuration option 2016-05-02
126043 Writer editing issues CONF --- Writer crashes when a table is moved over a page break. 2020-03-22
20866 App Dev api issues CONF --- Need to have access to the sheet name change event 2013-02-24
25113 Writer code issues CONF --- Color of the underlined text 2013-08-07
26509 Writer code issues CONF --- print to pdf and Fields showing 2013-08-07
29751 Writer code issues CONF --- Number of variables in text document is limited 2017-05-20
32806 Writer code issues CONF --- Heading 1 with border and shadow wrong in masterdocument 2017-05-20
34959 Impress formatti issues CONF --- Bullet point indenting broken on delete 2017-05-20
35799 Writer viewing issues CONF --- opening non-maximised toolbar drawing fault 2017-05-20
38547 Writer ui issues CONF --- Bookmarks consisting soleley of spaces can be created but not deleted 2017-05-20
39435 Writer formatti issues CONF --- Upper Border Margin in ToC title gets doubled 2013-08-07
42338 Writer code issues CONF --- web page using a stylesheet not displayed /laid out correctly within writer window 2013-08-07
42424 Writer viewing issues CONF --- When hovered over a footnote reference in the text, footnotes appear in one line regardless of the length of footnote 2013-05-01
46535 Impress viewing issues CONF --- images are not properly presentated in slide show 2017-05-20
47342 Writer ui issues CONF --- UI-Zoom Function Scrambles Displayed Text in Writer 2013-08-07
48130 General ui issues CONF --- OOo seems to hang on saving, useless progress bar 2013-02-07
50380 Writer ui issues CONF --- auto-recognition of numbering should create a numbering style, not a hard numbering attribute 2014-04-07
50725 Calc open-imp issues CONF --- Can not open pocket excel file 2013-08-07
55427 Draw printing issues CONF --- Colour print problems: Print quality modes with white text on black objects 2017-05-20
56997 Writer formatti issues CONF --- Mismatches between UI measures (rounding errors displayed) 2017-05-20
63453 Writer open-imp issues CONF --- On loading html, data loss, bunching of images 2013-08-07
68556 Calc viewing issues CONF --- cell content gets bad spacings when entering edit mode 2017-05-20
70250 General ui issues CONF --- Buttons don't use system font /color using Simple Plan XP Theme 2013-02-07
75744 Impress formatti issues CONF --- must resize text box two times before the resizing is effective 2017-05-20
76495 Writer viewing issues CONF --- copy gif animate picture from SD to SW, the picture dithers 2017-05-20
78106 Base code issues CONF --- wrong vertical align in report's data field 2013-08-07
79196 Impress open-imp issues CONF --- Images broken when importing ODPs created with earlier OOos 2013-08-07
80371 Base code issues CONF --- copy table wizard: allow to specify a null date for columns where non-date values are imported as date values 2013-08-07
88153 Writer editing issues CONF --- Cut & Paste of table within same document or into new document looses table name 2013-08-07
88899 Writer formatti issues CONF --- First selected Rows in TABLE become deselected when selection exceeds visible area at the bottom 2017-05-20
93951 Calc editing issues CONF --- discontinued (non rectangular) cell selection cannot be applied after drag&drop 2013-01-29
94342 Impress formatti issues CONF --- Blank font size in table changes text incorrectly 2017-05-20
95893 Calc formatti issues CONF --- Links in MSO 2003 Excel files randomly doesn't show in Calc 3.0.0 2013-04-26
96081 ui icon issues CONF --- New 'Navigator' Icon not intuitive 2013-07-30
96630 Writer formatti issues CONF --- Cannot set text frame before/behind figures 2017-05-20
101438 Writer open-imp issues CONF --- WW8: Writer imports slightly wrong left/right page margin size (3.18 instead of 3.17cm) 2017-05-20
101681 ui ui issues CONF --- The menubar doesn't integrate with the choosen theme in Gnome 2013-07-30
101909 Writer open-imp issues CONF --- PDF displays "hidden" formatting marks (dotted underline) when hidden is set in paragraph style 2017-05-20
102166 Writer editing issues CONF --- Cursor not going over character 2017-05-20
103397 General ui issues CONF --- Wrong mouse pointer view "moving hand" instead of "pointing figner hand" when hover hyperlink 2014-05-13
104256 ui ui issues CONF --- a glitch in the "customize toolbar" dialog 2013-07-30
104699 Impress viewing issues CONF --- Impress crashes when using huge resolution (2560x1600) in presentation mode 2017-05-20
105910 Writer editing issues CONF --- Paste into new document forgets painting some text 2017-05-20
106621 Writer open-imp issues CONF --- RTF: wrong font size imported in header 2017-05-20
108239 Impress viewing issues CONF --- Copy paste table from excel good, slideshow bad 2017-05-20
111056 Writer formatti issues CONF --- Automatic language switching is inaccurate / inconsistent 2013-01-29
115810 Writer formatti issues CONF --- Manual Break - Line Break with style 2013-08-07
122277 Writer ui issues CONF --- Allow direct access to Manual Page Breaks - properties and deletion 2013-09-29
25794 Writer code issues CONF --- Support Mac screengrab/quicktime TIFF images embedded to documents 2013-02-07
29906 Writer code issues CONF --- Bibliographic endnotes missing from (X) HTML export 2013-08-07
32173 Writer ui issues CONF --- mouse selection of text and Alt key menu activation periodically break together 2013-08-07
54971 bibliogr ui issues CONF --- missing format possibility for bibliographic indexes 2017-05-20
70828 General ui issues CONF --- font history not working in Impress 2013-02-07
72980 General ui issues CONF --- counter is wrong when a document is printed several times 2017-05-20
80895 Writer save-exp issues CONF --- Chinese characters will be garbages when saved as MS95 form. 2017-05-20
84503 General spell ch issues CONF --- [ES] : "amiguito" not recognized 2013-02-24
89248 Writer ui issues CONF --- Incorrect drawing of tree lines in Fields dialog 2017-05-20
90720 General ui issues CONF --- Gallery Double Click Issue 2017-05-20
91064 Math ui issues CONF --- Wrong english strings for elementary mathematical functions 2013-01-29
105466 General ui issues CONF --- Incorrect display of "root" point on Windows in OOo filePicker 2013-01-29
111913 Draw ui issues CONF --- URL displayed for unreachable linked graphics should not be part of the drawing content 2013-02-07
113251 Base code issues CONF --- Must be able to use Run SQL Command Directly in all views 2013-08-07
118669 Writer formatti issues CONF --- Can't set paragraph margin over 10 cm 2013-01-31
118750 Writer open-imp issues CONF --- Pictures imported upside-down 2013-02-09
118770 Calc ui issues CONF --- Content changed when opening an .xls file 2013-07-05
126180 Math ui issues CONF --- Closing Math without saving the document crashes AOO 2018-02-11
126756 Writer editing issues CONF --- Pictures Inserted into Footnotes Disappear Upon Exiting Writer 2015-12-30
126875 Impress viewing issues CONF --- Presentation Not Automated 2016-03-31
126954 Calc open-imp issues CONF --- Excel spreadsheet starts to open then hangs 2016-05-06
63296 Writer code issues ACCE --- crash when trying to run the launcher macros 2017-05-20
91726 General code issues ACCE --- Online Update sometimes crashes on Windows 2000 2013-08-07
15741 Writer ui issues ACCE --- Paragraph markers (carriage return line feed) do not seem to be imported/interpreted correctly from an Acces MDB memo-type field into an OO datasource field. 2017-05-20
22360 Writer ui issues ACCE --- Numbering/Bullets previews invalid 2019-07-16
22427 gsl code issues ACCE --- Poor inter-character spacing in Arial font 2017-05-20
29920 Writer code issues ACCE --- Alignment error in table of content with 2 columns 2017-05-20
36616 General code issues ACCE --- window geometry 2013-02-07
44297 Impress save-exp issues ACCE --- Character problems while exporting Impress to a ppt file 2013-08-07
45480 ui ui issues ACCE --- ugly colours in the top bar 2013-02-07
46864 General scriptin issues ACCE --- Password Protected Libraries do not deploy properly 2017-05-20
47404 Impress open-imp issues ACCE --- Useless Error message from presentation wizard when opening a .pps file 2017-05-20
47854 Draw editing issues ACCE --- Members of groups don't behave when accidentally modified 2017-05-20
54898 Impress open-imp issues ACCE --- PPT-Export: text indentation is not saved properly 2013-08-07
55937 gsl code issues ACCE --- Cursor movement broken for combining characters in text boxes in dialogs 2017-05-20
56273 App Dev api issues ACCE --- URL seems to be an unsupported one 2013-02-24
57735 Writer viewing issues ACCE --- Wrong spacing with unicode Hebrew fonts 2017-05-20
58559 Impress save-exp issues ACCE --- PPT Export: Sounds are not played within PPTViewer 2003 2013-08-07
59076 gsl code issues ACCE --- Typographic en-space printed as squares 2017-05-20
61708 Draw code issues ACCE --- hyperlink text replaced by hyperlink 2013-02-07
63057 Writer save-exp issues ACCE --- Images in MailMerge to HTML are not shown in Result 2017-05-20
63126 Writer save-exp issues ACCE --- Arabic text don't Precisely exported to PDF 2017-05-20
63309 Writer save-exp issues ACCE --- WW8: Line end style of drawing is not re-imported as such 2013-08-07
64779 Installa code issues ACCE --- ALLUSERS MSI property is being ignored 2013-08-07
66530 Impress save-exp issues ACCE --- Unable to save powerpoint (.ppt) without destryoing content 2013-08-07
67629 Writer code issues ACCE --- make spacing view information for headings available for PDF bookmarks/navigator/TOC 2013-08-07
68193 Draw formatti issues ACCE --- Problems when applying background color to multi page doc 2017-05-20
69190 Impress save-exp issues ACCE --- strange Impress behave with drawing objects 2017-05-20
70906 document Online h issues ACCE --- unlisted command line options in OOo's built-in help 2020-06-07
71028 Writer formatti issues ACCE --- Page reformatting is not consistent 2017-05-20
71421 Draw printing issues ACCE --- Layer settings ignored when batch print 2017-05-20
72278 Internat ui issues ACCE --- [JA] Please translate the term concerning 'Group' of Calc into Japanese 2017-05-20
76193 Calc code issues ACCE --- Timefield shows h:60 instead of h+1:00 2017-05-20
76385 General ui issues ACCE --- "JRE Defective" notification window loops and is modal. 2020-03-10
79254 Impress formatti issues ACCE --- arrowheads move itself 2013-08-07
85418 Math ui issues ACCE --- Exporting issues for Formulas in Openoffice Writter using Darklooks theme (ubuntu) 2013-08-07
93966 Writer save-exp issues ACCE --- export to xhtml fails, save to html successes 2013-08-07
106959 Calc viewing issues ACCE --- Err 509 when I add "=3,4+19" 2013-07-30
112980 Writer ui issues ACCE --- page size not correct shown 2017-05-20
121800 Impress open-imp issues ACCE --- Destruction of text art in import from pptx 2013-03-09
30184 Writer ui issues ACCE --- Some keyboard shortcuts not settable 2013-08-07
50818 Writer code issues ACCE --- Masterdocument - Include documents in reverse order 2017-05-20
51908 Installa ui issues ACCE --- Installation wizard language pack string truncation 2013-08-07
70879 document Manuals issues ACCE --- API documentation for programmatic toolbar: name of images for icons in toolbar for basic URL not described 2013-02-07
99447 General ui issues ACCE --- The preview content is wrong for "Small capitals" 2017-05-20
49670 General ui issues ACCE --- clicking arrow buttons in font dropdownlist scrolls too much at first time 2017-05-20
93245 Build To configur issues ACCE --- Configure ignores missing g++ 2017-05-20
127254 Build To configur rbircher ACCE --- Remove the Mozilla part 2018-12-16
89974 Writer programm issues REOP --- Rendering of Thai Script Corrupted 2013-11-14
92614 General www issues REOP --- OOO300M1 (Build:9324) failed to read Chinese file name 2013-01-29
109586 Calc ui issues REOP --- Function "TIME()" in Portuguese version is wrong 2013-08-07
11559 Writer ui issues REOP --- Editing graphics in openoffice 2014-04-01
20049 Writer code issues REOP --- Error 'An API call exited abonormaly' 2017-05-20
25227 Impress code issues REOP --- Mac OS PowerPoint is crashing if loading exported ppt document 2013-08-07
59287 General code issues REOP --- OOo fails to request proxy authentication / proxy configuration scripts not supported 2019-07-21
62985 General ui issues REOP --- Missing text in buttons, menus, lists--until user profile removed in en_GB builds on Windows 2013-02-07
66846 Base code issues REOP --- Out of memory when opening large tables 2013-08-07
90841 Writer formatti issues REOP --- An option to properly ignore line breaks in fields and indexes 2014-06-24
100936 Writer formatti issues REOP --- Tables - Turn number recognition off by default 2015-05-28
101669 Impress save-exp issues REOP --- OOo crashes when export to PDF 2013-02-07
110506 Impress programm issues REOP --- 3D object interactions lost when upgrading Open Office 2017-05-20
114520 Writer programm issues REOP --- API: field at the beginning of a paragraph is "merged" with following word (if any) 2017-05-20
116320 Writer formatti issues REOP --- Unicode "word joiner" (\u2060) won't work appropriate 2013-01-29
119733 Calc viewing issues REOP --- Spreadsheet crashes with message "Due to an unexpected error, crashed. 2019-12-09
121343 Writer ui issues REOP --- Writer does not properly format hyperlink text on page 2014-04-13
121955 Installa code issues REOP --- Cannot build redland module while building open office from source on Mac OSX 10.6(Snow leapord) 2013-03-25
123725 Calc editing issues REOP --- [Enhancement] Better defaults for database range dialog 2018-11-30
127991 Calc editing issues REOP --- Write in combined cells 2019-01-03
114132 Calc save-exp issues RESO FIXE When saving a spreadsheet the cells formatted as date are modified 2013-04-24
92112 Calc ui RESO FIXE [zh-CN]Typo error in Solver->Option dialog: Engine 2013-08-07
120393 Draw editing Armin.Le.Grand RESO FIXE 0.01 cm displacement when pasting 2013-07-12
95260 Calc save-exp issues RESO FIXE Export to CVS should ignore blank as text delimiter 2014-01-12
110347 Calc programm issues RESO FIXE Error with the Data > Subtotals Sum 2013-08-02
111017 Calc ui issues RESO FIXE Chi-square dist function problem 2013-07-29
112087 Calc ui issues RESO FIXE Filter result shows lines not fulfilling filter criteria 2013-07-28
114416 Calc open-imp issues RESO FIXE OOo fails to import scrollbar 2015-02-01
115340 Draw ui issues RESO FIXE file export drop down reverts and forgets 2013-02-03
118217 Writer editing issues RESO FIXE writer keeps crashing 2013-08-07
121344 Draw editing issues RESO FIXE Hyperlink dialog does not save frame and name fields 2013-06-12
121507 Draw code issues RESO FIXE Does not read comma as delimiter of parameter in enhanced-path of custom shape 2013-07-12
121876 General ui issues RESO FIXE Selected tab text displays in a hard-to-read font. 2013-03-19
121906 Base code issues RESO FIXE Problem Importing CALC spreadsheet data to define and populate a new table 2013-04-21
100889 Writer ui ivo.hinkelmann RESO FIXE Typographical error in printing dialog 2013-08-07
86382 General code mikhail.voytenko RESO FIXE Overwrite PDF w/out confirmation 2009-03-21
113725 Calc formatti morvangerard RESO FIXE Chart Inverts Columns In Bar Modality 2013-07-29
100686 Calc code nospam RESO FIXE wizards: Euro converter wizard don't work when searching for calc documents in a dir 2013-08-07
107661 General code thorsten.martens RESO FIXE mouse wheel operates on field where cursor is 2013-01-09
35756 Calc open-imp daniel.rentz RESO FIXE Excel Import: Spaces in formulas not imported 2013-08-07
90257 General code thorsten.martens RESO FIXE Read only alert! 2009-06-02
70450 Native-L www caolanm CLOS NOT_ Crash OOo start on Fedora Core 5 2012-01-31
22612 gsl code dan CLOS IRRE Printing Problems 2004-04-05
17459 porting code ed CLOS IRRE Cannot save in OpenOffice format - crashes every time 2004-10-15
98879 Impress printing graphicsneedsconfirm CLOS IRRE impress stops responding, and comes back after minutes 2009-02-04
104607 Draw formatti graphicsneedsconfirm CLOS IRRE Selection randomly stops working 2009-09-01
108668 Draw ui graphicsneedsconfirm CLOS DUPL Format->Position and Size: Menu won't open 2010-01-26
44569 Native-L www issues CLOS NOT_ problem in copying bound fields 2012-01-31
123024 Calc open-imp issues CLOS IRRE AOO 4.0 hung when opening a large Excel 2010 workbook (or converting it via the File/Wizards/DocConverter) 2016-11-03
124437 Calc ui issues CLOS NOT_ Opening password protected files not possible 2014-03-26
46132 Base code marc.neumann CLOS NOT_ Report wizrd 2006-05-31
70188 Writer viewing michael.ruess CLOS NOT_ text documents kill X server and Gnome 2006-10-09
57794 Base code needsconfirm CLOS DUPL oo crash when loading a form or recording a query 2006-05-31
59449 Installa ui olaf-openoffice CLOS NOT_ zh_TW installer does not work 2005-12-16
72635 Installa code olaf-openoffice CLOS NOT_ Can't install RPMs after using alien 2006-12-23
36215 Infrastr _openoff sanavia CLOS FIXE Submition of ssh key 2008-04-29
56736 distribu www stx123 CLOS IRRE Virus discovered in installed files for OO 2.0 2007-05-05
107778 extensio presenta sven.jacobi CLOS DUPL Presentation minimizer doesn't install on Linux-x64 2010-10-09
31508 General code thorsten.martens CLOS NOT_ signal 11 on start of any of the subprograms 2004-07-20
101562 General ui thorsten.martens CLOS IRRE Crash during startup 2009-05-18
113194 Installa code thorsten.martens CLOS DUPL Installation terminates with 1935 2010-07-16
109028 General code CLOS IRRE Palooca crashes Open Office 3.1-3.1.1 Calc 2010-11-28
45989 Base code berend.cornelius CLOS DUPL Cannot use Wizards for new table or forms. 2006-05-31
20207 Impress ui bettina.haberer CLOS IRRE Slides view is slow 2010-02-07
111921 Calc editing blueeon CLOS IRRE funtion paste not work in linux 2012-08-31
72381 document Online h caolanm CLOS DUPL zh-CN: crash when click the result of help search 2007-05-15
111787 General code caolanm CLOS IRRE Centos 5.5: OOO does not start after installation 2010-07-09
22441 Impress ui christian.guenther CLOS IRRE Open Office crashes after Slide Show exits from full screen mode. 2005-01-29
30364 Impress code christian.guenther CLOS IRRE Graphics disappear from Presentations 2007-08-15
31207 Impress code christian.guenther CLOS IRRE Impress loops in Outline view after opening document 2005-02-15
37751 Impress ui christian.guenther CLOS DUPL Impress interaction on text box occurs without mouse-click 2005-03-10
38134 Impress open-imp christian.guenther CLOS IRRE import of objects in presentation is not working. 2005-02-14
38521 Impress open-imp christian.guenther CLOS FIXE Saved presentation cannot be reopened 2005-04-01
39024 Impress save-exp christian.guenther CLOS IRRE Unable to create a user defined template 2005-01-06
40460 Impress code christian.guenther CLOS FIXE The sound is out of order / does not play 2005-06-09
42847 Impress save-exp christian.guenther CLOS FIXE Presentation arbitrarily loosing data 2005-04-21
46171 Impress editing christian.guenther CLOS IRRE Setting title of slide causes GUI hang, CPU usage 100% 2005-04-11
56569 Impress viewing christian.guenther CLOS NOT_ Impress hard crashes the computer when running a large file. 2005-12-15
56763 Impress editing christian.guenther CLOS NOT_ Impress crashes when editing text 2005-12-15
57921 Impress save-exp christian.guenther CLOS IRRE Crash Recovery looses changes in Impress 2006-03-01
58010 Impress printing christian.guenther CLOS IRRE Printing unusable, only produces lots of empty pages 2006-01-24
59316 Impress ui christian.guenther CLOS IRRE Presentation Crashes on Updating Custom Animations 2006-04-10
60779 Impress viewing christian.guenther CLOS IRRE Win ME OO.o (2.0) Impress Crash (custom amination - Fly in) 2006-01-28
62947 Impress viewing christian.guenther CLOS DUPL Blue Screen in windows when viewing ppt slide in slide show mode 2010-07-09
69549 Impress ui christian.guenther CLOS DUPL Impress Wizard Crashes 2006-09-15
71202 Impress open-imp christian.guenther CLOS DUPL System Crash & Corruption of Hard Drive when using " Impress" to import and execute *.ppt slide show 2007-02-26
74196 Impress viewing christian.guenther CLOS IRRE crash when scrolling powerpoint presentation file (sample) 2007-02-07
75377 Impress code christian.guenther CLOS IRRE Crash when deleting outlines with backspace 2007-06-27
75421 Impress ui christian.guenther CLOS DUPL Crash when changing to fullscreen/windowed mode 2008-06-13
78113 Draw save-exp christian.guenther CLOS IRRE Export PDF crashes on a certain ODG file 2007-09-12
78356 Impress viewing christian.guenther CLOS FIXE Problems while viewing a presentation in the fullscreen mode. IMPORTANT! 2008-06-17
79302 General ui christian.guenther CLOS FIXE Problems with multiple formula objects: size distorted and content exchanged 2008-07-03
85350 Impress code christian.guenther CLOS FIXE autopilot presentation crashes if extension is installed 2011-03-15
86062 Impress ui christian.guenther CLOS IRRE some of the Shapes are not installed 2008-03-27
29401 Base code christoph.lukasiak CLOS NOT_ Mozilla addressbook access fails and hard to diagnose 2006-05-31
36174 Base code christoph.lukasiak CLOS FIXE Form, Sub Form and new data insert 2006-05-31
53448 Base code christoph.lukasiak CLOS IRRE base form wizard crashes 2006-05-31
76029 Impress viewing christoph.lukasiak CLOS FIXE eps figures re-sized 2007-08-29
82645 Base code christoph.lukasiak CLOS IRRE table copying fails when creating new primary key 2008-08-27
52015 Impress editing clippka CLOS FIXE crash on 'slideshow' animation preview ... 2005-07-26
68812 Impress ui clippka CLOS IRRE Simultaneous modification of several equations by editing only one 2009-07-12
109613 Impress ui clippka CLOS IRRE Modifying Bezier curve points crashed Impress 2010-05-31
43112 App Dev api david CLOS NOT_ odoc.close doesnt work in windows 2013-02-24
66000 Infrastr Mailing davide CLOS IRRE Mailing lists still have problems with some mail domain 2008-05-18
31509 General code ed CLOS IRRE Crashes OS after x days (when passw is required for wakeup?) 2005-01-22
33053 Installa code ed CLOS IRRE MAC OS X 10.3.4 SOUND OUTPUT CRASH 2005-01-22
71599 General code eric.bachard CLOS FIXE Cannot paste in search and replace fields 2011-02-09
30740 Writer code eric.savary CLOS IRRE Caret Tracking / Tablet PC TIP not working correctly 2004-09-02
30757 Writer code eric.savary CLOS NOT_ Master document headers do not reflect those set in sub-documents 2004-09-06
36380 Writer ui eric.savary CLOS NOT_ Font information is not transported correctly over the accessbridging (Java Accessbridge) 2006-02-08
39268 General ui eric.savary CLOS FIXE format menu empty in m65 2005-02-07
40510 Writer open-imp eric.savary CLOS IRRE oowriter 1.9.69 is not able to open an 1.9.58 document 2005-03-04
41871 Writer viewing eric.savary CLOS NOT_ text written w OOo 1.1.0 cannot be opened w OOo 1.1.4 rc 2005-02-21
44187 Writer editing eric.savary CLOS DUPL OpenOffice crashes on every paste from MS Word Viewer 2005-03-21
44802 Writer editing eric.savary CLOS FIXE reproducible crash when undoing auto-capitalization 2013-08-07
48142 Writer save-exp eric.savary CLOS FIXE crash when saving new word processor document 2013-08-07
49036 Writer editing eric.savary CLOS IRRE Pasting- Copied text from Adobe Reader 7.0 2005-07-15
49555 Writer ui eric.savary CLOS FIXE a bookmark in a table causes all up coming bookmarks to get lost while saving (HTML) 2013-08-07
49659 Writer formatti eric.savary CLOS FIXE Masterdocument: crash when updating links 2013-08-07
49825 Writer save-exp eric.savary CLOS DUPL Can not open ODT created by export from html document 2013-08-07
50654 Writer formatti eric.savary CLOS IRRE Writer do not remeber the document headers/styles for PDF Bookmarks 2005-06-20
51697 General code eric.savary CLOS IRRE Copy, switch document, paste, switch again = cut 2005-07-28
51809 Writer formatti eric.savary CLOS NOT_ Icons for Justification are washed out, Cant see them 2005-08-02
52109 Writer open-imp eric.savary CLOS NOT_ 1.3 document contaning an index cant be imported by 1.9 2005-08-01
54890 Writer editing eric.savary CLOS DUPL Crash after Copy&Paste 2005-10-25
55892 gsl code eric.savary CLOS FIXE Incorrect handling of conjunct consonants of U+0930 in Devanagari 2008-03-19
57801 Writer open-imp eric.savary CLOS NOT_ Frequent crashes opening and saving documents 2005-11-30
58148 Writer editing eric.savary CLOS FIXE Freeze when inserting a Index - No response and eat 100% of CPU 2005-11-21
58721 Writer formatti eric.savary CLOS DUPL Figure references messed up in master document 2006-08-29
58889 Writer code eric.savary CLOS DUPL can't change table in bibliography 2006-02-09
60388 Writer ui eric.savary CLOS DUPL WMF file crashes application when saving 2006-01-13
61315 General code eric.savary CLOS IRRE security bug in the document converter 2006-02-08
62275 Writer save-exp eric.savary CLOS IRRE Disappearing text , work not auto saving 2006-02-22
62653 Writer programm eric.savary CLOS FIXE OO crashes without dialog, usually after several CTRL+Zs 2013-08-07
65066 Writer open-imp eric.savary CLOS FIXE writer doc can't be opened when saved with password 2013-08-07
65094 Writer save-exp eric.savary CLOS FIXE OOWriter crashes when saving a compared document 2013-08-07
70625 Writer viewing eric.savary CLOS NOT_ Cannot open an odt file in Khmer unicode language 2006-11-10
71014 Writer open-imp eric.savary CLOS IRRE OO crashes when opening a document gen by tex4ht 2007-08-27
71348 Writer editing eric.savary CLOS DUPL Embedded Pictures content disappears when saving 2010-02-17
71672 Writer editing eric.savary CLOS DUPL copy crash 2006-12-18
71790 Writer save-exp eric.savary CLOS DUPL "Unable to Create Backup Copy" > No Copies Saved 2007-02-28
71954 Writer code eric.savary CLOS NOT_ OO crashes on Copy/Paste 2007-01-10
72161 Writer ui eric.savary CLOS DUPL [A11y] No way to get at indentation information in Writer. 2007-08-22
74550 Writer ui eric.savary CLOS IRRE crash system when scroll wheel mouse in font list 2007-03-17
80988 Writer editing eric.savary CLOS IRRE Open office word processor crashes when numeric input fields are changed in a table. 2007-09-24
82003 Writer editing eric.savary CLOS DUPL Split table causes crash 2013-08-07
82143 Writer save-exp eric.savary CLOS IRRE OOWriter crashes when saving (segfault) 2013-08-07
82333 Writer save-exp eric.savary CLOS NOT_ Saving explodes settings.xml files within odt files 2008-01-22
83092 Writer editing eric.savary CLOS NOT_ Save file && import image 2008-02-01
83326 Writer formatti eric.savary CLOS NOT_ Styles die 2008-03-24
83986 Writer editing eric.savary CLOS IRRE writer/web crashed while code / view switch 2008-02-01
83999 Writer code eric.savary CLOS NOT_ OpenOffice 2.3 CRASH when pasting with accessibility enabled 2007-11-30
84026 Writer code eric.savary CLOS FIXE LOCKUP via plain html paste from firefox 2008-01-11
90054 Writer editing eric.savary CLOS NOT_ Crash on pasting text from webpage 2008-06-10
90458 Writer open-imp eric.savary CLOS IRRE OOo3.0beta Writer crashes when reading HTML file 2008-06-14
90735 Writer ui eric.savary CLOS NOT_ fonts displayed are thin, weak, malformed 2008-07-17
90737 Writer