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115 issues found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
62123 Writer editing issues CONF --- Outline paragraphs does not behave intuitively when assigning bullets 2013-08-07
36611 Writer viewing issues CONF --- Heading numbering in conditional/hidden sections is still counted 2017-05-20
43981 Writer code issues CONF --- control over numbering-field shading 2013-08-07
45592 Writer editing issues CONF --- too complex newline editing near numbering/bullet lists. 2013-08-07
46184 Writer formatti issues CONF --- Customize Bullets and Numbering 2016-08-14
56053 Writer open-imp issues CONF --- WW8: Outline numbering wrong in second level when first level not linked to style 2017-05-20
56201 Writer editing issues CONF --- Also adapt new default bullet for list created by AutoFormat 2017-05-20
56630 Writer code issues CONF --- Unassigned outline attribute "Show Sublevel" is set to "1" when saved 2017-05-20
56851 Writer editing issues CONF --- Undo on changing hard format of numering label does not work 2017-05-20
57052 Writer editing issues CONF --- Num label highlighting not refreshed on Undo of demoting 2017-05-20
57314 Writer formatti issues CONF --- Automatic Outline Numbering should be easily removable 2013-08-07
57352 Writer code issues CONF --- Continuing of Numbering does not work when multi selection is processed 2017-05-20
58447 Writer code issues CONF --- Copy & paste of numbering into a numbering continuous source numbering 2017-05-20
59088 Writer open-imp issues CONF --- WW8: sometime outline numbers not displayed though styles correctly assigned to levels 2017-05-20
59213 Writer ui issues CONF --- bullet and numbering buttons are not shown pressed 2013-08-07
59363 Writer formatti issues CONF --- Heading 2 as follow of Heading 1 will produce wrong outline numbers 2017-05-20
59461 Writer viewing issues CONF --- no space between outline numbering number and heading in scrollbar tooltip 2013-08-07
61352 Writer formatti issues CONF --- Include outline settings into "Load.Styles" process for "Numbering" option 2013-08-07
61576 Writer ui issues CONF --- ux-ctest: Manual bullet lists created with special characters are not beeing recognized by AutoCorrection 2013-08-07
61776 Writer formatti issues CONF --- Bullets in outline numbering disappear after reopening the file 2017-05-20
62471 Writer code issues CONF --- ASSERT: <InsAttr(..)> - PaM in front of label, but text node has no numbering rule set 2017-05-20
62635 Writer code issues CONF --- undo does not restore numbering level after pasting into different level 2017-05-20
64713 Writer editing issues CONF --- Outline dialog overwrites indents of Heading style 2017-05-20
64881 Writer editing issues CONF --- controlling numbering indent with mouse not possible 2017-05-20
65001 Writer editing issues CONF --- Tab Key should demote group of selected bullets correctly 2013-08-07
65055 Writer formatti issues CONF --- Keep small bullets as default in old documents (like sxw) 2017-05-20
65787 Writer formatti issues CONF --- Can't use name "Outline" for list style 2017-05-20
66122 Writer open-imp issues CONF --- WW8: numbered paragraph is displayed in wrong level and "start with" number 2017-05-20
66405 Writer formatti issues CONF --- Heading 2 paragraph of HTML document in second level after reopen 2017-05-20
67588 Writer open-imp issues CONF --- WW8: Word outline numbering names change 2013-08-07
67772 Writer editing issues CONF --- Large table with bullets very slow creating new bullets 2017-05-20
68078 Writer formatti issues CONF --- Restart of numbering should not be mandatory after a preceding higher paragraph level 2013-08-07
68231 Writer editing issues CONF --- Deleting numbered paragraph will also delete preceeding table 2017-05-20
68709 Writer editing issues CONF --- Moving numbering inents via mouse does not work as specified 2017-05-20
68711 Writer editing issues CONF --- Hard format for number label changes character style 2017-05-20
68714 Writer editing issues CONF --- Backspace does not work correctly when numbered para has indents 2017-05-20
69459 Writer formatti issues CONF --- lists don't get assigned a default style 2017-05-20
69507 Writer editing issues CONF --- Copy/paste of numbered paragraphs into other numbering is not intuitive 2017-05-20
69561 Writer open-imp issues CONF --- heading paragraph <text:h> not numbered, if paragraph style provides list style 2017-05-20
69644 Writer editing issues CONF --- Placing cursor sometimes erroneously gives dragging guides for (numbering) indents 2017-05-20
69694 Writer formatti issues CONF --- Tab does not change Outline level for first paragraph in document 2017-05-20
69853 Writer editing issues CONF --- Auto-indenting from numbered list will not intuitively go away 2017-05-20
70113 Writer ui issues CONF --- Numbering toolbar not shown when numbering type is "None" 2017-05-20
71837 Writer open-imp issues CONF --- WW8: paragraphs having "no list style" as hard attribute imported in numbering context 2017-05-20
73282 Writer formatti issues CONF --- Pasting bulleted text from WebPage/HTML source should use new bullets 2017-05-20
74764 Writer open-imp issues CONF --- WW8: outline levels not assigned in certain Word document 2017-05-20
75663 Writer editing issues CONF --- autoformat does not start numbering on paragraph if previous numbering has been deleted 2017-05-20
76560 Writer code issues CONF --- pasting a numbered list will create one numbered paragraph too less 2017-05-20
78524 Writer editing issues CONF --- Auto-capitalisation of letter "i" hinders Automatic numbering (New entry in Engl. AutoCorr list) 2013-08-07
78935 Writer formatti issues CONF --- Outline numbering do not work after bullet lists when copy-pasting html data 2017-05-20
80001 Writer editing issues CONF --- Numbered lists (you get 1. 2. 3. by default) should respect last used num format 2013-08-07
81197 Writer formatti issues CONF --- Sub-Document Numbering 2017-05-20
81431 Writer formatti issues CONF --- WW8: hard formatted indent of heading not regarded on import 2017-05-20
81739 Writer formatti issues CONF --- problem with bullets following a numbered entry/list 2017-05-20
82401 Writer formatti issues CONF --- Change default distance to text in numbering styles 2013-08-07
84681 Writer ui issues CONF --- Chinese character Numbering error for list numberings >100 2017-05-20
85517 Writer open-imp issues CONF --- Word import breaks chapter numbering, putd hard number on certain paragraph 2017-05-20
85581 Writer code issues CONF --- Always Promote/Demote Via Tab/Shift Tab Key in Numbering/Bulletlist 2013-08-09
86466 Writer formatti issues CONF --- WW8: indents in numbered paragraph wrong 2017-05-20
86475 Writer editing issues CONF --- Outline number vanished after copy/paste and undo redo of text block 2017-05-20
89180 Writer formatti issues CONF --- Wrong default Bullet when changing from number to bullet in list style 2017-05-20
89225 Writer ui issues CONF --- Add New Default Bullets to Numbering/Bullets Dialog 2017-05-20
89258 Writer formatti issues CONF --- Promote/demote incorrectly disabled on bullets toolbar for unnumbered headings 2017-05-20
92156 Writer formatti issues CONF --- Formatting issues when using "outlined" numbering 2017-05-20
92429 Writer formatti issues CONF --- Inconsistent character formatting of numbering font 2017-05-20
93970 Writer formatti issues CONF --- Follow paragraph of heading has same level though own list style 2017-05-20
93999 Writer formatti issues CONF --- Using "decrease indent" button in list must adapt tab position 2017-05-20
95006 Writer formatti issues CONF --- Wrong level when pasting in numbering/bullet lists 2017-05-20
95328 Writer formatti issues CONF --- Restart level 2 numbering is not saved after non-list paragraph 2017-05-20
96891 Writer ui issues CONF --- Numbering dialog should show tri-state when more then one level selected in text 2017-05-20
98043 Writer editing issues CONF --- successive list style paragraphs items have same label number due to wrong outline import 2017-05-20
98046 Writer save-exp issues CONF --- Custom Outline numbering (settings) is altered when exporting to Word 2017-05-20
98748 Writer formatti issues CONF --- Roman numeral outline numbering has improper indents 2013-08-07
99693 Writer open-imp issues CONF --- WW8: Import flubs Word and RTF hanging indents in lists in certain cases 2017-05-20
100190 Writer formatti issues CONF --- If numbering is restarted, you can't move up the second item to become the first one 2017-05-20
100262 Writer editing issues CONF --- "Restart Numbering" on first list item not preserved 2017-05-20
100497 Writer save-exp issues CONF --- WW8: tab position in numbered Heading wrong after export 2017-05-20
101028 Writer save-exp issues CONF --- WW8: export changes indent of 2nd level in list 2017-05-20
101294 Writer formatti issues CONF --- "Numbering off" sets wrong level for outline paragraph 2017-05-20
101984 Writer formatti issues CONF --- indent position in unnumbered heading paragraph not restired by undo 2017-05-20
102422 Writer save-exp issues CONF --- WW8: Unexpected tab in headings after export 2017-05-20
103264 Writer save-exp issues CONF --- WW8: Bullet tab space heavily enlarged on export 2017-05-20
103312 Writer code issues CONF --- WW8: Wrong default bullet size after saving and re-loading as doc 2017-05-20
106308 Writer printing issues CONF --- Headings numbered when printing/pdf-exporting selection with list 2017-05-20
107026 Writer formatti issues CONF --- Pasted numbered list should not be continued 2017-05-20
109113 Writer open-imp issues CONF --- Inserting file containing a numbered list messes up numbering 2017-05-20
109152 Writer open-imp issues CONF --- Inserting a file containing a list in its first paragraph loses list property in some cases 2017-05-20
112977 Writer code issues CONF --- Changes to outline numbering in a template not applied to documents linked to that template. 2017-05-20
9437 Writer ui issues CONF --- Change default bullet type 2017-05-20
26315 Writer code issues CONF --- Numbering style can't be deleted when used by paragraph 2013-08-07
42280 Writer formatti issues CONF --- Numbering and List paragraph styles should have numbering style by default 2013-08-07
120620 Writer save-exp issues ACCE --- [Feature]Add the List Level attribute for paragraph styles in Aoo Writer 2017-11-03
41923 Writer code issues ACCE --- RFE: PDF Export of multiple outline numberings 2017-05-20
59002 Writer formatti issues ACCE --- Paragraph style assignment in outline dialog gets corrupted 2017-05-20
61977 Writer viewing issues ACCE --- List style from paragraph style not assigned in text anymore in OO2.0.0 document 2017-05-20
68704 Writer code issues ACCE --- WW8: Space numbering in Outline Numbering is not retained 2017-05-20
68833 Writer ui issues ACCE --- bullet lists: changing indents instead of demotion in bugdoc 2017-05-20
23723 Writer ui issues REOP --- Specification: Bullets and Numbering Part 2 2013-08-07
122306 Internat localeda arielch RESO FIXE Calc fails transforming galician month's names in format DMY 2013-05-14
2448 Writer code michael.ruess RESO FIXE Use spaces with bullet points 2013-08-07
93908 xml code michael.ruess CLOS FIXE ODF of unordered list contain a label suffix, which is not shown nor set in the UI 2017-05-20
103745 Writer formatti michael.ruess CLOS FIXE Numbering of list gets messed up after save+reload when inserting bullet list into numbered list 2013-08-07
62750 Writer open-imp michael.ruess CLOS FIXE Nested bullet lists imported incorrectly from HTML 2013-08-07
103634 Writer printing michael.ruess CLOS FIXE Paragraph Numbering Reset when printing selection 2010-11-09
103711 Writer open-imp michael.ruess CLOS FIXE WW8: hanging list indent imported incorrectly 2013-08-17
105414 Writer open-imp michael.ruess CLOS FIXE WW8: bullet list starts outside tablecell when importing 2013-08-07
105562 Writer formatti michael.ruess CLOS FIXE WW8: Numbering format not retained at import 2013-08-07
106218 Writer open-imp michael.ruess CLOS FIXE trashed outline numbering in ODF 1.1 text document created by OOo 3.x 2013-08-07
107610 Writer formatti michael.ruess CLOS FIXE Paragraph style assignments in Outline of template lost from second level on 2013-08-07
72740 Writer editing orw CLOS OBSO Creating new bulleted paragraphs takes very long time (list styles also in use) 2017-05-20
83951 Writer open-imp orw CLOS FIXE WW6: outline not imported, thus no TOC entries displayed 2017-05-20
93630 Writer formatti orw CLOS FIXE WW8: wrong style assignment for outline numbering imported 2017-05-20
102034 Writer open-imp orw CLOS FIXE Wrong .DOC outline import 2017-05-20
116149 xml code orw CLOS FIXE [xmloff] ODF: OOo could export style:num-prefix/suffix on image lists 2017-05-20
118500 *Testpro testscri issues CLOS NOT_ BUG 1203 Testing the Appointment link NEW 2017-05-20
115 issues found.