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17 issues found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
121971 Draw save-exp issues UNCO --- ODF: Invalid because draw:connector is missing svg:viewBox attribute 2017-05-20
114228 Impress save-exp issues ACCE --- Impress: Generating invalid ODF documents containing hyperlinks to other slides 2017-05-20
95421 Writer save-exp arielch RESO FIXE ODT: Media type for png thumbnail not set. 2013-03-30
92221 xml code frank CLOS FIXE RNG: property text:id at element <text:list> has to be replaced by property xml:id 2009-07-20
90780 Writer save-exp jogi CLOS FIXE RNG: Error:element "text:outline-style" is missing "name" attribute 2013-08-07
112652 Base ReportBu marc.neumann CLOS FIXE ORB: report builder not handle correctly NULL values 2017-05-20
109272 Writer save-exp michael.ruess CLOS FIXE ODF: internal bookmarks for direct cross-references to heading and numbered paragraphs not exported correct 2017-05-20
110694 Writer save-exp michael.ruess CLOS FIXE text:style-name not allowed at <style:list-level-style-image> 2013-08-07
114107 xml code michael.ruess CLOS FIXE [xmloff] ODF: invalid style:text-combine-start-char attribute 2017-05-20
91299 xml code orw CLOS FIXE rng: Error:tag name "style:label-alignment" is not allowed. Possible tag names are: <list-level-label-alignment> 2008-08-19
110691 Writer save-exp orw CLOS FIXE text:id and xml:id at <text:changed-region> and <draw:text-box> 2017-05-20
90986 Writer code jogi CLOS FIXE RNG: Missing , in fo:clip values 2013-08-07
115743 General code michael.ruess CLOS FIXE ODF: manifest.xml lists all directory instead of (sub)documents only 2011-01-24
115789 xml code michael.ruess CLOS FIXE No manifest:version attribute in manifest:manifest element 2011-01-24
116149 xml code orw CLOS FIXE [xmloff] ODF: OOo could export style:num-prefix/suffix on image lists 2017-05-20
114162 Writer save-exp os_ooo CLOS FIXE ODF : attribute "config:type" has a bad value. 2017-05-20
97198 Impress save-exp wolframgarten CLOS FIXE ODF 1.1, table:table element in presentation 2017-05-20
17 issues found.