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158 issues found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
98548 Base code issues UNCO --- [MSSQL]Memory leak when opening tables via ODBC 2013-01-29
119647 App Dev api issues UNCO --- File->Open dialog box not redrawn 2015-04-13
110325 General www issues UNCO --- Crashes during saves or image manipulation when memory is low. 2017-05-20
121218 Impress formatti issues UNCO --- Hyperlinks visited and unvisited. Hyperlinks, once visited, do not take the "visited hyperlink" colour specified by user in tools. 2019-11-15
90569 Calc code issues CONF --- pasting a column or row in a cell freezes Calc for some minutes 2017-05-20
103885 Writer code issues CONF --- slow or crash with documents in web layout 2017-05-20
54334 Impress ui issues CONF --- Performance: Much too slow scrolling in slide sorter for moving slides 2017-05-20
58282 General code issues CONF --- unload unused modules 2013-02-07
71272 Writer editing issues CONF --- 40 MB RTF file requires many system resources; editing VERY slow 2017-05-20
76556 Writer editing issues CONF --- Openning and editing this document is too slow 2017-05-20
76955 Writer open-imp issues CONF --- WW8: opening 600kb mixed-language doc is very slow 2017-05-20
82869 General chart issues CONF --- performance: 3D charts render very slow 2013-09-25
85029 Impress viewing issues CONF --- Serious regression in graphics performance 2017-05-20
85161 Calc code issues CONF --- Datapilot painfully slow 2013-08-07
88761 Calc viewing issues CONF --- Spreadsheet: major performance loss when using text auto wrap 2013-06-07
94058 General code issues CONF --- Performance-Very slow to show contents 2013-01-29
95290 Calc viewing issues CONF --- very slow to redraw while scrolling this document 2013-01-29
96336 Calc formatti issues CONF --- Filtering is unacceptably slow with attached file. 2017-05-20
96961 General chart issues CONF --- performance: Chart duplicates data in spreadsheet 2013-09-25
97724 General chart issues CONF --- performance: consider to not recreate all shapes in case titles are modified 2013-09-25
97749 General chart issues CONF --- performance: meta-sdr-object for charts - shape creation for big symbol charts is too slow 2017-05-20
98471 Base ReportBu issues CONF --- RPT: Performance problems in Wizard with many table entries 2013-08-07
98993 Calc formatti issues CONF --- OOo stops responding when applying a custom AutoFormat style 2013-01-29
99371 Calc editing issues CONF --- Copy-paste of columns very slow 2017-05-20
101726 General code issues CONF --- Speed up autocorrect replacement table loading time 2017-05-20
101942 Calc programm issues CONF --- save and open file too slow 2013-01-29
103015 Impress code issues CONF --- OpenOffice impress consumption 90% CPU when opened a simple .ppt file 2013-08-07
103497 Calc editing issues CONF --- regregression: editing medium size table slow (quite annoying to work with) 2014-01-15
104045 Calc viewing issues CONF --- Filtering is unacceptably slow 2017-05-20
107412 Writer ui issues CONF --- Record changes: Show the dialog from i9195 in a more intuitive way 2013-08-07
111693 Calc open-imp issues CONF --- Calc is taking more cpu utilization with low performance 2013-07-19
112705 Calc open-imp issues CONF --- Spreadsheet hangs with "Adapt row height" when opening XLS 2014-08-25
114268 Writer editing issues CONF --- common form document are very slow to load 2017-05-20
118752 Calc editing issues CONF --- Calc freeze after merge 2 column(with content) 2013-01-23
120538 Calc open-imp issues CONF --- Opening attached spreadsheet now takes 5-6 minutes in 3.4 where as it takes a few seconds on previous versions. 2012-08-12
123429 Calc open-imp issues CONF --- Calc is unacceptably slow in opening the attached XLSX file (Cornell) 2014-04-18
123791 Calc open-imp issues CONF --- .ods opens slowly, needs several minutes 2014-04-19
123858 Calc open-imp issues CONF --- Needs too much time to open document with CHART 2014-03-18
123900 Calc code issues CONF --- Very slow switching to Chart Edit Mode 2014-01-21
123919 Calc open-imp issues CONF --- Calc is unacceptably slow in opening the attached XLSX file (BG8) 2013-12-26
124022 Calc open-imp issues CONF --- OpenOffice is unacceptably slow in opening the attached file (elections.xlsx) 2015-03-17
124704 Calc open-imp issues CONF --- particular .xlsx document fails to open within acceptable time (unacceptably slow) 2019-07-23
124714 Calc open-imp issues CONF --- Calc hangs opening the attached XLSX file (bosino.xlsx) 2016-01-11
124779 Writer viewing issues CONF --- A document cannot be viewed correctly 2014-05-01
125256 Writer open-imp issues CONF --- ODT document with many userfields opens slow 2014-07-16
38739 Impress code issues CONF --- Performance going down since SRC680m62 2017-05-20
98735 Calc open-imp issues CONF --- Freeze when importing Excel XML file 2013-08-07
102620 gsl code issues CONF --- PDF export takes longer than in previous version 2013-07-30
102716 Calc editing issues CONF --- Calc is very slow for some operations (with many notes) 2019-06-04
112915 Calc open-imp issues CONF --- Calc: Extreme performance issue with a file 2017-05-20
124445 General scriptin issues CONF --- AOO Basic execution slow 2014-03-20
126846 General ui issues CONF --- Analysis Task: Major Recurring Data/Operation Loss/Corruption Situations 2016-08-30
18380 Draw ui issues ACCE --- extremely slow/low performance save, load, copy, paste, move etc with many objects 2017-05-20
62295 Writer open-imp issues ACCE --- very slow (37 minutes) to load small (77KB) .sxw file 2017-05-20
75399 ucb code issues ACCE --- let store save some megabytes of memory 2013-03-11
91684 Writer open-imp issues ACCE --- SwDoc::DoIdleJobs() shouldn't run while SW is very busy with loading documents 2017-05-20
101370 Draw code issues ACCE --- performance: speedup vclcanvas::fill*Gradient() 2017-05-20
102943 Internat code issues ACCE --- meta-issue for tracking non-baseplane unicode problems 2017-05-20
105116 Impress ui issues ACCE --- Opening odp file freezes Office (allshapes.odp) 2017-05-20
55112 General ui issues ACCE --- regression: OOo 2.0 GUI response is very slow; usability is affected 2013-08-07
98907 Draw ui issues ACCE --- performance: rendering charts takes much longer than before 2017-05-20
70544 Writer code issues REOP --- Reuse the original stream of OLE object from the MS document on loading. 2017-05-20
121200 performa code issues REOP --- [Regression][Automation][Performance]Severe downgrade to save xls sample files. 2014-02-27
128278 Calc programm issues REOP --- sorting a calc table by a custom sort rule 2020-02-09
60368 gsl code sven.jacobi RESO FIXE Toolbar icons should not have gamma correction 2009-04-23
119646 *Testpro ui elish CLOS IRRE When some text is selected and new text is typed over the resulting change does not show up 2017-05-20
102627 General code groucho266 CLOS DUPL Extremely high memory and CPU consumption opening certain documents 2009-07-12
117931 General ui issues CLOS OBSO Printing in OO 3.3 *much* slower than printing in OO 3.2.x 2018-07-04
46264 Base code marc.neumann CLOS DUPL Accessing Large ODBC Databases 2009-04-22
57008 Writer save-exp michael.ruess CLOS FIXE performance: Slow saving and loading as ODF 2013-08-07
83778 Calc viewing oc CLOS FIXE Filtering of large amounts of data takes to long 2013-08-07
83784 Calc editing oc CLOS FIXE Pasting of about 185000 cells takes to long 2013-08-07
91146 Calc open-imp oc CLOS FIXE Negated large arrays slow application 2013-08-07
66963 General chart thomas.klarhoefer CLOS FIXE Excel file with large graphic crashes calc for memory usage 2013-02-24
84550 General ui thomas.lange CLOS FIXE performance problem after installing several extensions 2010-03-22
84257 Draw code Armin.Le.Grand CLOS FIXE avoid repeated find in object list when deleting the sdrview 2008-04-29
100922 gsl code Armin.Le.Grand CLOS FIXE performance: speedup stl::priority_queue usage in drawPolygon() 2009-06-22
100951 gsl code Armin.Le.Grand CLOS FIXE performance: avoid expensive clipping call 2009-06-22
79578 General ui bjoern.milcke CLOS FIXE ole replacement image is requested much too often (getPreferredVisualRepresentation) 2008-01-16
99670 General code carsten.driesner CLOS NOT_ Mozilla libraries should be rebased 2009-09-15
8601 ui ui flybrick CLOS IRRE Performance: Slow Screen Redrawing in All Apps 2009-11-01
72822 Calc open-imp frank CLOS FIXE slow performance loading 560k Excel file 2013-08-07
81332 Calc editing frank CLOS FIXE DeleteArea unnecessarily broadcasts multiple changes to identical listeners already notified. 2013-08-07
81336 Calc code frank CLOS FIXE Implement caching strategy for VLOOKUP and MATCH 2013-08-07
73245 Base code frank.schoenheit CLOS FIXE Base 2.1 odbc access to as/400 slower than in 2.0.4 (one SQLTables/SQLColumns call for *every* table) 2009-07-20
88693 Writer ui frank.schoenheit CLOS FIXE Document is scrolling slow with some dozens of control fields 2013-08-07
101367 Draw code groucho266 CLOS FIXE performance: speedup vclcanvas::CanvasBitmapHelper::getSize() 2017-05-20
106127 gsl code hdu CLOS FIXE Some speedups for basegfx in CWS vcl106 2009-12-08
124269 General code hdu CLOS FIXE memory leak in drawinglayer's TextLayouterDevice::getTextArray() 2014-04-01
13653 Writer code issues CLOS IRRE master document links update really slow 2017-05-20
101539 QA testscri issues CLOS OBSO [Automation] Eliminate unused parameter for hNewDocument/hCloseDocument 2017-05-20
120466 General code issues CLOS IRRE Save performance are unstable during the performance test 2017-05-20
120597 General www issues CLOS IRRE PVT execution task for build 1371686 2017-05-20
122736 Calc viewing issues CLOS FIXE Performance severely degraded using multiple charts. 2017-05-20
122827 Calc save-exp issues CLOS FIXE calc slow saving in xls 2014-07-07
124313 Draw editing issues CLOS FIXE [SVG] very bad performance in viewing and editing with special svg graphic 2017-05-20
125382 Writer formatti issues CLOS DUPL Onscreen Dropshadow on colored text is wrongly the identical color, hence blurry and ineffectual (major). Worked previously as black shadow in Writer and Calc. 2017-05-20
81857 General code joerg.skottke CLOS FIXE Charts slow down macros 2008-03-12
101084 Writer save-exp joerg.skottke CLOS FIXE Collection of frames for export is ineffecient 2013-08-07
101925 General chart joerg.skottke CLOS FIXE Performance: metafile creation is requested superfluously during inplace editing 2013-02-24
101928 General chart joerg.skottke CLOS FIXE Performance: superfluous paint calls while entering chart and inplace editing 2013-02-24
105289 General code joerg.skottke CLOS NOT_ Loading multiple documents has slowed down considerably on UNIX-like OS 2009-09-29
99928 General chart kyoshida CLOS IRRE performance: Loading calc with charts lasts more then twice a s long as before 2013-02-24
121136 Calc open-imp leiw CLOS FIXE Improve Spreadsheet performance in some area 2013-07-12
53779 Base code marc.neumann CLOS FIXE querying DISTINCT values from a dBase table is incredibly slow with larger data sets 2008-09-21
76606 Base code marc.neumann CLOS FIXE Performance problem - "pasting" 65000x20 table from Calc to Base takes hours on 2.4GHz Pentium4 2009-07-20
81223 Base code marc.neumann CLOS FIXE first-time open of a form containing list boxes filled from large table is too slow 2008-03-10
96432 Base ReportBu marc.neumann CLOS FIXE RPT: multi-selection of controls in the design is too slow 2010-02-22
32526 porting code matthias.huetsch CLOS FIXE some findings about seeks with osl file functions 2010-07-26
57679 General code matthias.huetsch CLOS FIXE Startup: reduce rdb file iowait time 2010-02-22
50983 General ui michael.ruess CLOS FIXE Saving document to a network drive is slow 2009-10-07
88989 Writer formatti michael.ruess CLOS WONT Images move/misalign when Inserted into Master Document 2008-05-09
99568 General code michael.ruess CLOS FIXE Improvement of SfxItemPropertyMap/Set 2009-07-02
100683 General code michael.ruess CLOS FIXE Handling relative URLs needs to be improved 2009-07-03
100722 Writer save-exp michael.ruess CLOS FIXE Compressed files do not need to be compressed again in Storage 2013-08-07
80153 Writer open-imp mikhail.voytenko CLOS DUPL simple document needs 90 seconds to be displayed 2013-08-07
82141 Writer viewing mikhail.voytenko CLOS FIXE An activation of embedded object created by OOo2.3 is slow because of stored printer. 2013-08-07
99077 General code mikhail.voytenko CLOS FIXE Unnecessary copy of temporary file when saving ODF document 2017-05-20
101093 General code mikhail.voytenko CLOS FIXE Performance loading charts from XLSX very poor 2009-07-09
89976 Calc code oc CLOS FIXE Calc Performance of computations 2013-08-07
95967 Calc editing oc CLOS FIXE Long lag when changing a value in document 2013-08-07
96758 Calc open-imp oc CLOS FIXE Chart import performance of XLSX 2013-08-07
99828 Calc code oc CLOS FIXE Formula compiler string handling optimization 2017-05-20
99959 Calc save-exp oc CLOS FIXE Save performance: don't use GetInputString with its number handling 2017-05-20
99960 Calc save-exp oc CLOS FIXE Save performance: document's null date is queried repeatedly 2017-05-20
101126 Calc save-exp oc CLOS FIXE Save performance: collect formatted cell ranges more efficiently 2017-05-20
101254 Calc open-imp oc CLOS FIXE Broadcaster areas insertion performance bottleneck 2017-05-20
101398 Base code ocke.janssen CLOS FIXE initially-displaying a document with many controls is very slow 2009-08-05
102140 Base code ocke.janssen CLOS FIXE table/query data is loaded twice when opening from with the database application 2009-07-24
84276 Internat code ooo CLOS FIXE avoid repeated loading and unloading of localedata lib 2013-08-07
102773 Writer open-imp orw CLOS IRRE Extremely high memory and CPU consumption opening certain documents 2013-08-07
123457 Writer open-imp orw CLOS FIXE Unacceptably slow in opening the particular 1800 pages ODT file (OOoFAQ) 2014-04-03
125055 Writer ui orw CLOS FIXE Opening some documents is much slower in AOO 4.1 2017-05-20
125179 Writer open-imp orw CLOS FIXE Opening complex docx document takes several minutes (but succeeds) 2017-05-20
40827 Writer save-exp os_ooo CLOS FIXE MailMerge: Performance of creating individual documents is very slow 2013-08-07
54531 General code os_ooo CLOS DUPL Performance: Creating documents with Mail Merge WIzard is too slow 2008-06-12
103059 Writer code os_ooo CLOS FIXE performance hit on DEV300 m50 when loading a document with many frames 2017-05-20
97908 Calc open-imp spreadsheet CLOS NOT_ Opening document surprisingly slow 2009-07-12
80815 Writer code stefan.baltzer CLOS FIXE Word count differs from MS Word 2013-08-07
100172 General code stefan.baltzer CLOS FIXE performance: framework::KeyMapping should be reused 2009-05-08
100177 General code stefan.baltzer CLOS FIXE performance: impl_ts_getLocale result should be reused 2009-05-08
112730 gsl code stefan.baltzer CLOS FIXE graphite: slow performance with Graphite fonts in large docs 2017-05-20
100884 General code stephan.bergmann.secondary CLOS FIXE improve pagein effectiveness 2009-06-03
111573 Writer formatti swneedsconfirm CLOS NOT_ Right-mouse button has a very slow reaction or fail to open the in-context menu 2010-06-22
112797 Writer viewing swneedsconfirm CLOS DUPL Slow rendering of certain table 2010-07-01
79576 Writer open-imp thomas.klarhoefer CLOS FIXE Stored replacement images of charts are destroyed on load 2013-08-07
83708 Calc editing thomas.klarhoefer CLOS FIXE After editing a cell (when I press enter) calc freezes for a couple of seconds and then moves to the next cell. It doesen't matter whether the cell is referenced to by other cells or not, or if the cell is used by charts, performance is still bad 2013-08-07
97722 General chart thomas.klarhoefer CLOS IRRE performance: rendering of big line charts is to slow in inplace edit mode 2013-02-24
83243 porting code thorsten.martens CLOS FIXE psapi.dll is loaded and unloaded everytime osl_getModuleURLFromAdress is called 2009-05-04
96389 ucb code tobias.krause CLOS DUPL Internet/proxy connection default timeout (3 min.) is too long 2009-07-12
101424 Internat localeda weko CLOS FIXE [PT_BR] Update autocorrection for pt-BR (causes Performance Problem) 2013-08-07
101491 Draw ui wolframgarten CLOS FIXE performance: metafile creation got extreme slow - Calc hangs trying to open particular EXCEL document with charts 2009-07-30
102063 Draw viewing wolframgarten CLOS FIXE performance: Metafile replacement images are requested for charts even if they are not visible 2017-05-20
108636 General chart wolframgarten CLOS FIXE Spreadsheet with chart unusable slow 2017-05-20
126207 Writer editing issues CLOS NOT_ search feature causes program to crash 2017-05-20
127085 Calc editing issues CLOS NOT_ Repeated crashes requiring recovery 2016-08-28
127215 General accessib issues CLOS IRRE Fatal crashes, Fatal Error - Bad Allocation 2019-10-31
128011 General accessib issues CLOS IRRE After Win10 update; Open Office Freezes for a period, Crashes, often loosing everything since the last save. 2019-01-29
158 issues found.