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88 issues found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
122619 Impress ui arielch RESO FIXE PresentationMinimizer step 1: listbox not translated 2013-07-01
122678 General ui arielch RESO FIXE Clicking New Document toolbar item crashes 2013-07-21
80654 General code issues RESO FIXE Java locale is set based on UI language rather than locale setting 2016-10-20
125868 General help issues RESO FIXE AOO crashes if JRE (Java) is not installed (using help search or picture/makros) 2016-12-17
122500 Build To code orw RESO FIXE Impossible to build with Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition 2013-07-11
81186 Base code ericb CLOS NOT_ Sun Report Builder extension causes OOG680_m3 to crash 2007-09-05
80858 Internat ui ivo.hinkelmann CLOS FIXE UI of the RPT has not translated strings 2013-08-07
80652 General code kurt.zenker CLOS FIXE Tools -> Options -> Crash 2007-08-20
85371 Base code marc.neumann CLOS IRRE cannot open query in SQL view which works fine in 2.3.1 2008-02-25
91519 Installa code olaf-openoffice CLOS WONT Can't start DEV300_m23 2008-07-17
92388 General ui thorsten.martens CLOS FIXE Application Frame crashes after closing of window 2009-01-03
92798 General code thorsten.martens CLOS FIXE Mac: No automatic restart after office crash 2009-03-25
75273 Draw ui christian.guenther CLOS FIXE Vertical Position display wrong for vertical elongation nearby page size 2007-09-21
86327 Impress ui christian.guenther CLOS FIXE Customer animation crash when using fade-in 2008-02-29
88987 porting MacOSX ericb CLOS FIXE Java based stuff not working on Mac/PPC (was: Base cannot connect with (HSQL-)Database) 2009-01-03
85822 Base code frank.schoenheit CLOS FIXE [RPT] Crash when changing the font of a field 2008-02-16
92968 General code frank.schoenheit CLOS FIXE Dataloss: Document AutoRecovery loads previous version of file instead of backup file 2009-07-20
108377 Base code frank.schoenheit CLOS DUPL Forms with setting 'Add data Only = Yes' broken 2010-02-14
108748 Impress viewing graphicsneedsconfirm CLOS DUPL Crash of presentation mode at the start of animation 2010-02-03
96276 Draw ui groucho266 CLOS IRRE Crash if right clicking on a picture 2009-01-14
98546 distribu www hans_werner67 CLOS DUPL Automatic Update Check not reliable 2010-07-21
90326 Calc programm issues CLOS DUPL No more VBA support 2013-08-07
121802 General ui issues CLOS FIXE Update images carrying version number and "incubator" text 2013-11-22
109407 Internat ui ivo.hinkelmann CLOS FIXE [ES] Duplicate Spanish translation name of formulas 2013-08-07
81299 Base code marc.neumann CLOS FIXE Copy Table from one database to another crashes 2007-09-17
85639 Base code marc.neumann CLOS FIXE mysql odbc: updates and insert on currency fields result in 0 value 2008-02-11
93288 Base code marc.neumann CLOS FIXE Can't edit tables, queries, forms, and reports 2009-02-14
94433 Base code marc.neumann CLOS FIXE Database is not accessible after rename tables 2008-10-06
94455 Base code marc.neumann CLOS FIXE database document corrupted after renaming a table 2009-03-30
97159 Base code marc.neumann CLOS FIXE Query doesn't work any more 2009-02-25
100116 General code marc.neumann CLOS FIXE Properties of form controls not usable 2009-04-17
112274 Base MySQL Co marc.neumann CLOS FIXE Update resultset not possible any more 2010-07-28
114173 Base code marc.neumann CLOS FIXE Primary key in Base Forms are not shown 2010-10-15
73079 Writer save-exp michael.ruess CLOS FIXE Position of drawing object isn't correctly saved 2013-08-07
74154 Writer editing michael.ruess CLOS DUPL formulas not shown when opening document 2007-02-05
87908 Writer formatti michael.ruess CLOS DUPL Number format changed in Templates 2008-04-16
102434 Writer save-exp michael.ruess CLOS FIXE WW8: Background color of table cells in (exported) DOC format not shown 2013-08-07
103374 Writer save-exp michael.ruess CLOS FIXE WW8: Exporting a table with more than 12 columns to winword 97 (.doc) becomes corrupt 2013-08-07
106142 Writer save-exp michael.ruess CLOS DUPL [WW8] conversion to .doc crashes Writer 2009-10-21
111652 Writer open-imp michael.ruess CLOS FIXE DOCX: Crash when opening certain complex document on Unix 2011-03-07
93337 Impress code oc CLOS FIXE Office hangs or crashes when opening certain .pptx file 2008-09-07
95423 Calc open-imp oc CLOS FIXE OpenOffice Calc crashes when opening particular file (see attachment) 2013-08-07
92668 Base ReportBu ocke.janssen CLOS FIXE Crash when SRB can't connect to MySQL DB 2008-08-20
93559 Base ReportBu ocke.janssen CLOS FIXE Report Builder 1.0.5 cannot be installed 2008-10-10
95277 Base code ocke.janssen CLOS FIXE changing textfield to list box in a form crashes 2008-12-16
117798 Base code ocke.janssen CLOS DUPL Input new tuples ignore 0.00 € 2012-06-13
92147 Installa code olaf-openoffice CLOS FIXE no dict DE in Installation Packages 2010-04-06
98257 Installa ui olaf-openoffice CLOS FIXE OOo 3.0.1-RC2 Windows with JRE fails to install JRE 2009-01-25
118846 Base code r4zoli CLOS FIXE ODBC connection crash AOO 2012-05-30
112067 Calc open-imp spreadsheet CLOS IRRE Importing CSV - Numbers recognized as Text with 'ticks 2013-08-07
89121 Installa code stefan.baltzer CLOS FIXE Process required, to add language specific extensions ... 2008-08-25
92804 General code stephan.bergmann.secondary CLOS FIXE OOo crashes, when I try to open an existing document (access violation) 2008-09-01
80952 document Online h thomas.klarhoefer CLOS FIXE Crash if searching "Hintergrundbild" in the help 2007-12-05
91313 General ui thorsten.martens CLOS DUPL [gtk filepicker] labels missing 2008-07-07
95133 Calc editing thorsten.martens CLOS FIXE Lock-file lost when opening a file with linked data 2013-08-07
98223 General code thorsten.martens CLOS FIXE DEV300_m39: Application doesn't start: missing 2009-03-25
107904 General ui thorsten.martens CLOS DUPL Backup for the document recovery is not updated. 2017-05-20
75086 Draw open-imp wolframgarten CLOS FIXE Dataloss: Drawings created with 2.0 corrupted 2007-03-22
92827 General code wolframgarten CLOS FIXE crashes when opening attached documents 2008-09-07
95274 Impress save-exp wolframgarten CLOS FIXE saving this odp to ppt causes impress to crash 2008-12-16
95286 Impress open-imp wolframgarten CLOS FIXE impress crashes opening this powerpoint file 2009-01-25
105382 Impress open-imp wolframgarten CLOS FIXE Freeze when open an existing presentation with multiple master pages 2009-10-15
75178 Draw viewing Armin.Le.Grand CLOS IRRE Text field on layer 'Controls' invisible 2007-07-10
123478 Draw editing Armin.Le.Grand CLOS FIXE CRASH when applying lots of color properties changes to greyscale raster graphics 2014-04-03
122682 Writer editing awf.aoo CLOS FIXE Crash when deleting content 2017-05-20
90178 Build To code eric.savary CLOS FIXE "File already exists" warning dialog is empty 2008-08-04
99227 gsl code eric.savary CLOS FIXE incorrect display of numbers in vertical ruler 2009-03-17
122647 General code hdu CLOS FIXE Python linked against system OpenSSL 2017-05-20
110901 Internat code CLOS FIXE [CWS OOO321L10n] Wrong File Names of Located Files 2013-08-07
119367 Impress code issues CLOS DUPL AOO 3.4 crash, if you stop by ESC animated presentation 2012-07-04
122787 Native-L de issues CLOS OBSO Translation Improvement 2018-01-28
106934 document Online h ivo.hinkelmann CLOS IRRE Pictures missing at help page 2009-11-16
122468 Native-L de jsc CLOS FIXE German translation update for AOO 4.0 2013-12-09
91509 Base ReportBu marc.neumann CLOS FIXE Crash when resizing a custom shape object 2009-07-20
70122 Writer formatti michael.ruess CLOS FIXE text wrapping wrong 2013-08-07
74740 Calc editing oc CLOS FIXE Notices not fully displayed during input (text invisible when editing notes) 2013-08-07
115088 General ui olaf-openoffice CLOS FIXE The task "open" in the startcenter doesn't work as expected 2011-03-06
122591 Calc open-imp orw CLOS FIXE Link to External Data crash 2017-05-20
93828 porting code philipp.lohmann CLOS FIXE Aqua: crash in SalAquaFilePicker::updateSaveFileNameExtension() 2008-12-15
100003 Calc editing spreadsheet CLOS DUPL Calc freezes when opening this document 2009-03-09
98418 gsl code stefan.baltzer CLOS FIXE Numeric Footnote and Endnote references does not Obey Context Option 2009-04-16
85918 General ui thorsten.martens CLOS DUPL "general internet error has occured"-Message on Template Save 2008-02-06
62174 gsl code tora3 CLOS FIXE VCL.xcu still needs correction of misspellings on real font names. 2006-12-15
93797 Impress viewing wolframgarten CLOS FIXE Video does not play back in-place 2008-10-02
99123 Impress code wolframgarten CLOS FIXE Hyperlink is lost on import if assigned to transparent object. 2009-02-26
92244 General ui nesshof CLOS DUPL Link contains very old informations 2008-08-07
127140 Installa code arielch CLOS FIXE Installer includes VC package older than 4.1.2 2016-10-28
127165 App Dev scriptin issues CLOS FIXE Clicking "No" in Java dialog causes abnormal exit on FreeBSD 2017-05-20
88 issues found.