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396 issues found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
28020 ui ui issues UNCO --- Sort Gallery Items 2013-02-07
1575 Writer formatti issues CONF --- Tabulator positions unchangable when selection contains different tabs 2013-08-07
2131 Calc formatti issues CONF --- RFE: ability to merge cells already merged 2013-08-07
2997 Writer ui issues CONF --- Allow search and replace of character styles in "Find and Replace" 2013-08-07
3104 Calc formatti issues CONF --- Add percentage resizing of objects within the "Size and Position" 2013-08-07
3178 Calc editing issues CONF --- IBAN Validation should be supported in speadsheets (IBAN = International Bank Account Number) 2013-08-07
3329 Writer formatti issues CONF --- Should be able to disable page break before endnotes and footnotes 2013-10-01
3545 Writer ui issues CONF --- Easier Cropping and rotating of images 2017-05-15
3692 Writer code issues CONF --- Implement 90 deg text rotation in table cells 2019-06-27
4414 General ui issues CONF --- Allow for MSOffice file associations post-install 2014-02-28
4579 Writer configur issues CONF --- Special Character Shortcuts 2018-06-21
4770 General chart issues CONF --- offer a vertical x axis and horizontal value axis also for line charts (not only for bar charts) (allow swapping axes) 2013-09-25
4996 Calc save-exp issues CONF --- 'Save As' filetypes should include an EXCEL REV 4.0 format. 2013-02-07
5018 Writer editing issues CONF --- autocorrect failures: em dash and smart quotes 2013-08-07
5085 General chart issues CONF --- extrapolate regression lines (extend trendlines) (forward/backward forecast) 2013-09-25
5145 xml external issues CONF --- add export to XSL-FO (xslfo) 2013-02-07
5156 Math ui issues CONF --- colors in formulas 2018-09-04
5489 Calc formatti issues CONF --- Merging cells can erase the borders of the cells on the far right and lower edge of the selected area. Excel in contrast maintains the outside borders. 2013-08-07
5787 General chart issues CONF --- easy creation of charts with errorbars 2013-09-25
5802 Calc editing issues CONF --- It must be possible to type in "Test" as well as "test" in two cells without having to turn off AutoCorrect. However, and MS Excel behave the same way today. 2013-08-07
5998 Math ui issues CONF --- Custom Alignment of Math 2013-08-07
6010 General ui issues CONF --- Add ablility to Print/Preview OLE indepent 2017-05-20
6426 Writer editing issues CONF --- Make 'Fields...' menu choice available when input field is highlighted 2013-08-07
6540 Writer formatti issues CONF --- Freely move, position and anchor table(s) like Frame objects 2014-02-09
6761 Calc code issues CONF --- Automatic update of number format of cells in case of change 2017-05-20
6953 Writer editing issues CONF --- Improvement to Text-to-Table tool 2019-07-16
8006 Writer viewing issues CONF --- hide whitespace between pages feature 2013-08-07
8275 Draw formatti issues CONF --- more border types (dashed, dotted, etc) 2013-04-19
8339 Calc editing issues CONF --- Enable merging a number of rows or columns in one action. All rows or columns of a selected cell matrix get merged. 2013-08-07
8532 Writer configur issues CONF --- Menus: Outline Numbering menu item belongs in Format menu, not Tools 2013-08-07
9392 Calc editing issues CONF --- Pressing the "delete" button on a selected cell should not necessarily bring up the "Delete Contents" popup dialog. Excel also does not bring up a dialog on deletion of a cell. 2018-08-28
9429 Writer editing issues CONF --- “Compare Document” can't find Inserted frames 2013-08-07
9663 Writer printing issues CONF --- Form Letters: Print to new document window. 2013-08-07
9885 General chart issues CONF --- hide entries in legend 2013-09-25
10283 Math code issues CONF --- supscripts and subscripts 2013-08-07
10284 Math code issues CONF --- Support MathML 2.0 2013-08-07
10610 Writer formatti issues CONF --- Format|Default does not revert to default Numbering 2013-08-07
10704 General chart issues CONF --- gantt chart 2013-09-25
11138 Math code issues CONF --- Italicized punctuation marks 2015-06-09
11154 Calc open-imp issues CONF --- Needed is the ability to use all the Calc database functions (dsum, dget etc) but with the range being direct from the datasource (F4). That is for example, the ability to sum up the sales for the month direct from the datasource and return a single cell 2013-08-07
11571 Math ui issues CONF --- Changing <?> to {?} 2013-08-07
11609 Writer save-exp issues CONF --- preserve Extended spacing of characters on export to HTML (Netscape setting) 2013-08-07
11792 Writer formatti issues CONF --- Paragraph Style Organizer doesn't explicitly show inherited settings 2013-08-07
11890 General chart issues CONF --- Ability to directly edit legend text / modify series names 2013-09-25
12122 Writer save-exp issues CONF --- convert spaces at beginning of line to &nbsp; on export to HTML 2013-08-07
12269 Draw open-imp issues CONF --- import filter for Paint Shop Pro images (.psp and .pspimage) 2013-02-07
12686 General ui issues CONF --- Tabbed Document Windows 2019-02-01
12802 General chart issues CONF --- resize data ranges by dragging 2013-09-25
12817 General ui issues CONF --- Export to PDF from commandline 2013-08-07
12891 General ui issues CONF --- Insert | Graphic over graphic opens Graphics dialog (should offer option to replace image) 2017-05-20
13178 Calc open-imp issues CONF --- Calc uses too much memory (was: Calc hangs after loading a large Excel Spreadsheet) 2013-02-07
13352 gsl code issues CONF --- export gradients to SVG via <linearGradient/> 2017-05-20
13435 Math ui issues CONF --- add "therefore" math symbol 2013-08-07
13645 Writer editing issues CONF --- moving rows and columns in a table (don't overwrite but move target cells) 2016-04-27
14487 Writer editing issues CONF --- Allow Editing Sub-Documents of a Master-Document and Save Changes 2013-08-07
14506 General chart issues CONF --- Convert MS PivotChart to DataPilot Chart 2015-05-10
14559 Math ui issues CONF --- Symbols in the formula editor 2013-08-07
14893 Calc formatti issues CONF --- Excel displays Grid lines on a per sheet basis, Calc on a per document basis 2013-09-02
15274 Calc open-imp issues CONF --- Improvement of CSV file import: 1.) Opening .TXT files should not bring up Writer, 2.) It should be easy to set the text delimiter to "none" if it is not needed, 3.) The formats set for the text file columns in the CSV import dialog should be carried over 2013-02-07
15379 Writer save-exp issues CONF --- Add ability to resize inserted pics (save pics with reduced resolution) 2019-04-06
15505 Writer editing issues CONF --- Pictures not correctly included into selection 2013-08-07
15532 Writer editing issues CONF --- Ability to select multiple columns/rows in table without dragging 2013-08-07
15533 Writer editing issues CONF --- Method of selecting should not determines what is deleted (table/column/row) 2013-08-07
15582 Writer ui issues CONF --- Implement 'Apply changes' option 2014-05-03
15675 Calc open-imp issues CONF --- Words of stacked text are displayed on top of each other after import instead of being displayed as originally aligned (words are staying parallely). 2013-08-07
16730 Writer formatti issues CONF --- Enhance page styles to allow graphical elements like water marks 2013-08-07
16745 Writer editing issues CONF --- Make creating a booklet WYSIWYG 2013-08-07
16758 Calc editing issues CONF --- The function 'autoincrement' should also consider common used textstrings added to numbers (like 1'st', 2'nd', 3'rd' , 4'th'...). MS Excel does this. 2013-08-07
16793 Calc open-imp issues CONF --- OOO should import the existing Excel Data Range as a Spreadsheet Database Range. Then there should be a way to reconnect the range to an existing query in the DSB. 2013-08-07
17039 Writer ui issues CONF --- Master documents: add instructions regarding changing used templates 2013-08-07
17387 gsl code issues CONF --- PDF-export should support handouts, notes, etc (impress - WYSIWYG export to PDF) 2013-02-07
17473 Writer ui issues CONF --- keyboard shortcut for accessing objects 2013-02-07
17608 Writer formatti issues CONF --- Drag and Drop Margins to make WYSIWYG Better 2013-08-07
17685 Installa code issues CONF --- add "Open read-only" ("View") to the Explorer (file manager) context menu 2013-08-07
17747 Writer programm issues CONF --- Macro recorder does not record graphics layer 2013-08-07
18004 Writer viewing issues CONF --- Line Number / Row Number (column) of Cursor Position Should Be Shown in Status Bar 2019-06-30
18585 General ui issues CONF --- add ability to open & save compressed files (gz & bz2) 2013-08-07
18748 Calc editing issues CONF --- At autocompletion TAB-key-use no longer leads to cell travel 2015-12-17
19291 Writer viewing issues CONF --- Split Windows for single document 2014-11-04
19292 General ui issues CONF --- Split Windows for Multiple Files 2013-08-07
19503 Math ui issues CONF --- redesign Math formulas fonts selection dialogue 2013-08-07
19690 Writer viewing issues CONF --- Clearly identify the Writer UI from HTML UI,so user will not confuse&make mistake 2013-08-07
20819 General chart issues CONF --- add polynomial regression type 2017-11-30
21486 Math code issues CONF --- adjust position of vector, tilde, etc. to the slant of the base letter 2013-08-07
21588 General chart issues CONF --- export chart as postscript, image (PNG, BMP...) or pdf 2016-05-01
22405 Writer formatti issues CONF --- Feature request: An easy way to create watermarks with text 2013-08-07
22406 General ui issues CONF --- Mozilla / Firefox-like plug-in (stand alone) for viewing OOo documents online. 2013-02-07
22697 Calc editing issues CONF --- make Right click (contectmenu) functions (Cut, copy, Paste) available in Formula input line 2013-08-07
23103 Calc viewing issues CONF --- freeze selected columns/rows using context-menu, include selected rows/colums 2013-08-07
23764 Math ui issues CONF --- Write periodic decimal numbers, with the appropiate hat. 2013-08-07
23973 Calc editing issues CONF --- In Excel double-clicking on the edge of a cell allows to quickly move the cursor/selection between (and within) filled and non-filled blocks/areas of cells. Calc does not behave like that. 2013-08-07
24066 General chart issues CONF --- Excel chart filter: Character formatting in text objects lost 2013-09-25
24593 Writer editing issues CONF --- Auto updating Table of Content (TOC) (only when not modified manually) 2015-05-07
24798 Calc save-exp issues CONF --- Add support for XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language) 2013-08-07
25626 Calc open-imp issues CONF --- When pasting/importing date data into a spreadsheet a warning should appear if the base/null date is different between the source document and the target document. 2013-02-07
26755 Calc editing issues CONF --- Spreadsheet should not implement all of excels order of precedence for worksheet operators. For example, in Excel "=-X^2 + B" is not equal to "=b - X^2". 2014-02-05
26928 Calc open-imp issues CONF --- User defined rules are not possible for validation. This causes problems with importing .xls files using constraints on a field. 2018-01-05
27262 General ui issues CONF --- document-converter: should read "[ ] StarOffice / 1.X" 2013-02-07
27377 Writer formatti issues CONF --- Character formatting not retained in entries of TOC, table lists, etc. 2017-05-20
27804 General chart issues CONF --- user defined text for data point labels 2013-09-25
27836 Draw open-imp issues CONF --- import/export filter for Corel Draw formats 2013-02-07
28936 ui ui issues CONF --- Preview the formatting and style. 2014-05-14
29012 General chart issues CONF --- surface chart - 3d plot - contour plot 2013-12-18
29311 General ui issues CONF --- Use obect's name (or original filename) for the filename inside zip archive 2013-08-07
29364 Writer formatti issues CONF --- Add Character Style Dropdown List to object toolbar 2019-01-13
29885 Writer editing issues CONF --- Warn the user when the bibliography data source has been deleted or renamed 2013-08-07
31798 Writer code issues CONF --- Number of characters - wrong count for German typewriter-teachers 2013-08-07
31933 Calc save-exp issues CONF --- Excel export: map number formats to Excel built-in formats instead of user-defined formats 2013-08-07
33392 General ui issues CONF --- Options -> Colors needs buttons to load a color palette or should be able to load the color palette from more places 2013-02-07
33433 gsl code issues CONF --- PDF-export should support black & white output 2013-02-07
33793 General chart issues CONF --- template for charts 2013-09-25
34078 Calc open-imp issues CONF --- Enhancement of CSV import, i.e. with fixed format files (no field delimitter) leading and trailing spaces should be automatically eliminated like in Excel. Also opening a .TXT file in Calc should not automatically bring up Writer. 2013-08-07
34093 General chart issues CONF --- Force linear regression curve to go through zero point (origin) or other Y-value defined 2014-01-14
35329 Calc formatti issues CONF --- Importing data from an existing query from Datasource Explorer does not copy/carry over column formats. 2013-08-07
35718 Calc editing issues CONF --- ODFF: Excels subtotal function knows two parameter sets. One to include hidden cell and one to exclude hidden cells. should behave the same way. 2015-03-17
36118 Writer save-exp issues CONF --- Save a section as a new document 2013-08-07
38698 Writer formatti issues CONF --- support "legal outline numbering" (format levels independently) 2013-08-07
39283 bibliogr ui issues CONF --- create bibliography entry by using drag and drop from database beamer 2013-02-07
39306 General ui issues CONF --- After language change, ooo should offer automatic restart 2019-08-26
39411 Writer formatti issues CONF --- Free positioning of outline number and chapter name (allow number on the right side of heading) 2013-08-07
39557 Writer editing issues CONF --- search for " should (optionally) find typographic quotes as well 2013-08-07
39582 Writer formatti issues CONF --- add support for run-in headings (next paragraph starts at the same line) 2013-08-07
40578 General chart issues CONF --- warn the user when choosing "logarithmic regression" with data series containing zero (0) 2013-09-25
41118 Writer code issues CONF --- printing of even and odd pages (add odd/even to left/right-pages string in UI) 2013-08-07
41193 Writer editing issues CONF --- add ability to remove (a selection of) hard formatting usng Search & Replace 2013-08-07
41919 Writer formatti issues CONF --- Scrolling like Mozilla Firefox 2013-08-07
42770 Writer formatti issues CONF --- add option to prevent single-letter words at end of line (No way of regulating the "orphanned" and widowed letters in a line.) 2013-02-07
42946 General chart issues CONF --- Error Bars for X values 2014-11-20
46307 Impress open-imp issues CONF --- Support RC4 encryption to load password protected PPT(Powerpoint)-files 2017-03-05
46910 Writer formatti issues CONF --- start the foonote area relative to the last line of the page (instead of from the bottom-margin of the page) 2013-08-07
47897 Writer open-imp issues CONF --- Writer could not build index from external document / Index empty due to Word's "RD" fields 2013-08-07
49240 Writer editing issues CONF --- possibility desired, that unused styles are not overwritten when pasting text 2013-08-07
49971 General chart issues CONF --- Histogram chart 2013-09-25
50659 General ui issues CONF --- Default focus on dialogs does not preselect texts 2013-02-07
50765 General chart issues CONF --- Option to Automatically Put Units on a Scale 2013-09-25
51182 General ui issues CONF --- Keep Ratio when resizing graphic object 2013-02-07
51429 Calc formatti issues CONF --- Search and replace w/o color changes cell color 2013-08-07
51525 General code issues CONF --- Support legacy encodings when opening Microsoft Office documents (Ability to select code page on import of non-Unicode text/document) 2013-08-07
52620 Math ui issues CONF --- improvement for writing derivatives / derivations (add prime, double-prime & triple-prime to opensymbol) 2013-08-07
55140 Draw editing issues CONF --- turn "tools/options/Draw/General/Copy when moving" on by default (maybe get rid of that option) 2013-02-07
55454 Writer editing issues CONF --- Possibility to move a bookmark from one place to another 2013-08-07
55596 Draw open-imp issues CONF --- OOo drawing and GIMP image (xcf) 2013-08-07
55746 Writer open-imp issues CONF --- CSS div and span classes should turn into paragraph and character styles (HTML-import) 2013-02-07
55747 Writer editing issues CONF --- find and replace: move "Current selection only" to standard options 2013-02-07
59812 Writer ui issues CONF --- For a multi-page table, insert continuation indicators on each page ("continue on page #" or similar) 2013-02-07
61513 Writer save-exp issues CONF --- outline numbering: no space when saving as .txt file 2013-02-07
61589 General ui issues CONF --- resize or make some dialogues as well as dropped down menus and other text showing controls resizable (as well as save their size + back to default option) in order to get rid of some scrollbars in them or to avoid users having to scroll the text 2014-03-26
61762 Writer formatti issues CONF --- Add option to convert ALL Numerals based on lingual context (autocorrect/autoformat) 2013-02-07
61763 lingucom other issues CONF --- Automatic hyphenation permits words to break between pages. 2013-02-07
62584 Writer printing issues CONF --- Implement n-up printing for mail-merge ("2 pages per sheet") 2013-02-07
62841 Writer formatti issues CONF --- margin numbers for paragraphs on outer margin (columned layout or mirrored page style) 2013-02-07
62879 Writer ui issues CONF --- Adding RTL/LTR buttons to toolbar should enable enhanced language (CTL) support or alert the user 2013-02-07
63905 General chart issues CONF --- Provide animation of charts 2013-09-25
64670 Impress editing issues CONF --- make slides editable in slideshow (bring back live editing mode) 2013-02-07
64728 General chart issues CONF --- allow changing of border color and fill color of chart symbols 2013-09-25
64759 Writer printing issues CONF --- allow adding printers with spadmin despite running cups (Print dialog Linux/KDE is unsatisfying) 2013-08-07
64821 General chart issues CONF --- constant value list as source data for series 2013-09-25
67687 Writer printing issues CONF --- Print multiple copies of a single page document on one page 2013-02-07
71693 General chart issues CONF --- option to change the hole size of donuts/rings 2013-09-25
75679 Writer code issues CONF --- Inserting paragraph breaks in FieldMaster.User fails 2013-02-07
81723 General chart issues CONF --- export chart as SVG 2013-09-25
90342 General chart issues CONF --- relative high for 3D charts 2013-09-25
90574 Writer save-exp issues CONF --- rename Wizard|Web Page to "Export Documents" or "Publish Documents" or simlar 2013-02-07
91386 Writer editing issues CONF --- Alternative text for hyperlink 2013-02-07
1044 Draw formatti issues CONF --- align objects relative to the object that was selected first 2013-09-12
2623 Writer formatti issues CONF --- Frame overflow boundries red arrows missing 2013-08-07
3018 Writer editing issues CONF --- Allow form-Fields to Expand and Contract Dynamically 2013-08-07
3291 Writer editing issues CONF --- Redlining turned back on after accepting/rejecting changes if previously disabled 2013-08-07
3560 Calc printing issues CONF --- In Calc defined print ranges/areas do not get copied (carried over) if one creates a copy of a sheet using the sheet copy function, not the clipboard. In Excel copying sheets includes copying set print areas. Apparently the same happens with defined heade 2015-06-24
5691 General chart issues CONF --- show tip help on chart elements also when not in edit mode 2013-09-25
6401 Writer ui issues CONF --- Allowing more than one Alphabetical Index 2018-07-19
6490 Calc ui issues CONF --- Add short cut [END+Arrow Keys], for easier range selection 2013-08-07
7372 Calc ui issues CONF --- Enhance Find & Replace for formatting in Calc 2014-03-19
9437 Writer ui issues CONF --- Change default bullet type 2017-05-20
10547 Draw ui issues CONF --- Add Unified Modeling Language (UML) symbols 2018-08-28
11684 Calc save-exp issues CONF --- Generation of clean HTML code from Excel documents, i.e. simple HTML code without unnecessary data 2016-11-13
12473 Calc editing issues CONF --- Paste special command does not support Excel's "All except borders" option 2013-08-07
12568 Impress viewing issues CONF --- Remove empty bullets in Impress 2014-02-25
13184 General chart issues CONF --- add Box plot, Whisker plot , Five-number summary 2016-05-29
13389 Impress viewing issues CONF --- Possibility to show hidden slides during the show 2013-08-07
13853 Calc open-imp issues CONF --- Chart: Data table not supported 2013-09-25
14833 Impress viewing issues CONF --- Timed presentation - show total time 2013-08-07
15756 Calc formatti issues CONF --- Calc should provide a pre-defined number format for displaying negative numbers in brackets. Example: -100.00 to format as (100.00). 2013-08-07
16791 Calc formatti issues CONF --- Importing full table data from the Data Source Browser (tool that gets activated by pressing F4) does overwrite/remove cell formatting. Copying and pasting single data fields per drag and drop does not change the formatting. 2013-08-07
17993 Calc code issues CONF --- Add wildcards to the standard autofilter 2014-03-20
18728 Calc open-imp issues CONF --- Import DBF files - supress Character set selection dialog at each access. This makes batch/frequent use easier. Perhaps we should store the last used code page. 2017-10-31
20209 Writer ui issues CONF --- make "no fill" equal to "color and 100% transparency" 2013-08-07
24669 Calc viewing issues CONF --- Quick Sheet Selection (In MS Excel, right-clicking on the scroll arrows for the sheets brings up a menu with a list of sheet names from which sheets can be selected.) 2013-08-07
25555 Calc open-imp issues CONF --- Rowheight is different in OOo compared to Excel 2013-08-07
28503 General chart issues CONF --- user defined text labels for specific values on axis - vlookup 2013-09-25
29918 General chart issues CONF --- Charts with prefix multipliers (kilo, mega, nano) 2013-09-25
30783 General chart issues CONF --- Allow direct labeling of Scatter Lines in plotting 2013-09-25
33882 General chart issues CONF --- better title defaults for xy plots 2013-09-25
34931 General ui issues CONF --- splash screen should display various modules that are loading 2013-08-07
36424 General chart issues CONF --- ability to lock font size per element 2013-09-25
36672 General chart issues CONF --- styles concept for chart components 2020-04-14
37137 General chart issues CONF --- Tying lines/objects to specified axis/coordinate positions 2013-09-25
39445 General ui issues CONF --- RFE: It should be possible to switch all toolbars togethers to 'text'-view 2013-02-07
40781 Writer ui issues CONF --- multiple windows in different modes 2013-08-07
42575 Calc formatti issues CONF --- Per-page format setting 2013-08-07
49336 General chart issues CONF --- You should be able to put datalabel when you create a chart in the wizard 2013-09-25
52474 General thesauru issues CONF --- If word is selected together with space, thesaurus cannot find it 2013-02-24
53722 Writer ui issues CONF --- Selection of multiple words doesn't auto-complete selection 2013-02-07
54571 Math ui issues CONF --- Long division symbol not available (add long division bracket ot opensymbol) 2013-02-07
64692 General chart issues CONF --- Spline per series (Smooth or not each curves independently) 2019-12-03
64693 General chart issues CONF --- Smooth area chart (splines for areas) 2013-09-25
64694 General chart issues CONF --- Pie chart with a second bar chart. 2013-09-25
64695 General chart issues CONF --- Pie chart with a second pie chart 2013-09-25
64698 General chart issues CONF --- Add a shadow to value the legend 2013-09-25
64699 General chart issues CONF --- Force a line break in legend text 2013-09-25
64700 General chart issues CONF --- Customize area and border properties for data point labels 2013-09-25
64704 General chart issues CONF --- Ability to fix the maximum and minimum property of axes from a spreadsheet cell 2013-09-25
64731 General chart issues CONF --- Format a single line segment in Line or XY charts 2013-09-25
64733 General chart issues CONF --- Button to reset 3D rotation settings 2013-09-25
64813 General chart issues CONF --- Allow more than one regression line for one series 2013-09-25
64825 General chart issues CONF --- Link series names, data labels and titles from cells with formulas 2013-09-25
4077 Calc open-imp issues CONF --- Correctly import excel files including pivot tables (e.g. support for more than 8 columns) 2013-08-07
13079 General chart issues CONF --- function plotter 2013-09-25
20636 General chart issues CONF --- custom hatching 2013-09-25
26617 Writer ui issues CONF --- Insert-table controller should adapt to actual selection 2014-05-04
35800 Installa code issues CONF --- web based meta-installer like in J2SE installer on 2013-08-07
64705 General chart issues CONF --- Allow to change spacing between axes and axes labels 2013-09-25
64706 General chart issues CONF --- Add a shadow on the series. 2013-09-25
101762 General code issues CONF --- Incorrect Capitalisation of German Sharp S (add U+1E9E as ß for Find and Replace/and Upper to Lowercase) 2013-02-07
9214 Impress code issues ACCE --- exact timing for Impress Effects (speed, delay) 2013-08-07
1257 Draw ui issues ACCE --- Change how 'allow quick editing' works 2013-02-07
1920 ui ui issues ACCE --- Tools|Options→print: use tabpages instead of radio buttons to seperate printer/print to file 2013-02-07
2642 Calc code issues ACCE --- Export fram tables to html 2013-08-07
3028 General ui issues ACCE --- Best way to maintain multiple output formats 2013-02-07
3984 Draw code issues ACCE --- Fill gradient should get rotated too at object-rotation 2013-02-07
4000 Impress code issues ACCE --- Export presentations to "SVG wrapped in SMIL" 2013-08-07
4122 Writer open-imp issues ACCE --- importing spreadsheet as data source resets the cell format 2017-05-20
5193 Calc ui issues ACCE --- Cannot add or delete points in a Belzier Curve/Line in Spreadsheet Application 2013-08-07
5206 General ui issues ACCE --- Automagic filename guess 2014-02-26
6408 General ui issues ACCE --- Setting default font for Calc and Draw/Impress 2013-02-07
6493 General ui issues ACCE --- Allow autocorrect settings to vary between apps 2013-02-07
6737 General ui issues ACCE --- Make font history available in all font dialogues. 2013-02-07
7081 General ui issues ACCE --- Put mouse focus of selection in the middle of drop down list boxes content 2013-02-07
7138 General ui issues ACCE --- write-protection on document-level 2013-02-07
7186 General ui issues ACCE --- Re-work on help agent concept 2014-06-03
7235 General ui issues ACCE --- Show warning if fonts not found 2013-02-07
8105 Impress ui issues ACCE --- HTML Export of Pres: Give a text alternative to navigation in web presentations 2013-08-07
8237 Calc code issues ACCE --- Define names error. 2013-08-07
9031 General ui issues ACCE --- Date Format default from Windows ignored 2013-02-07
9103 Draw code issues ACCE --- More text options should be available for draw-object 2013-02-07
10433 ui ui issues ACCE --- Second wheel of mouse doesn't scroll horizontally 2013-02-07
10933 Calc code issues ACCE --- Data sorting by using more than 3 items (columns) 2013-08-07
12454 ui ui issues ACCE --- Shortcut For Capital/Lowcase letters (e.g. shift+F3) 2014-11-18
12533 Impress formatti issues ACCE --- Auto-size slide contents 2013-08-07
13455 Draw formatti issues ACCE --- please support crows foot connector endings in Draw 2013-02-07
16775 General chart issues ACCE --- easier control of chart graph size 2013-02-24
16794 Calc formatti issues ACCE --- Refreshing Database Range resets cell formatting 2013-08-07
18809 General chart issues ACCE --- Export chart as htm from calc sheet 2013-02-24
22975 Calc ui issues ACCE --- Cannot resize rows or cell if in read only mode 2017-02-22
23417 Calc formatti issues ACCE --- Support for enhanced fraction format in Excel needed. In Excel it is possible to set the format for fraction to a special divisor (e.g ??/16). 2017-05-20
74992 General chart issues ACCE --- Offer multiple sets of default colors for charts 2013-09-25
1130 Draw code issues ACCE --- Keep tree structure when importing into gallery 2013-02-07
1464 Impress ui issues ACCE --- Presentation of selected objects 2013-08-07
1704 Calc ui issues ACCE --- add keyboard shortcuts to add the current date and current hour 2013-08-08
2121 General ui issues ACCE --- import templates of earlier SO versions as a whole 2013-02-07
2944 General ui issues ACCE --- Find & Replace within selected text/cells 2013-02-07
3276 Impress ui issues ACCE --- Cannot interrupt and re-start a slide show at any point 2013-08-07
3467 Draw ui issues ACCE --- Abiltiy to put in a scaling factor 2013-02-07
3730 Writer ui issues ACCE --- Cannot tell which foundry when selecting a font 2013-08-07
3985 Draw ui issues ACCE --- 3D rotation could be improved 2013-02-07
4195 Draw ui issues ACCE --- Flip 3D objects 2013-02-07
4401 General ui issues ACCE --- gpg integration for encryption? 2013-02-07
4496 Calc code issues ACCE --- "Range Justify" feature 2013-08-07
4624 Writer code issues ACCE --- Add individual margins on same page to Writer 2013-08-07
5014 Installa ui issues ACCE --- no java/script support installed: doesn't list components requiring java 2013-08-07
5466 Writer ui issues ACCE --- i must close configuration windows to go back to my text 2013-02-07
5580 Impress ui issues ACCE --- Save all slides of a presentation into numbered graphics files in one step 2013-08-07
5981 General ui issues ACCE --- Lack of visible output when lpd not running 2013-02-07
6179 Calc ui issues ACCE --- Add context menu for button to select all cells of a spreadsheet 2013-08-07
6336 ui ui issues ACCE --- Preselection of default values 2013-02-07
6338 ui ui issues ACCE --- Global Shortcut Handling 2013-02-07
6427 Writer ui issues ACCE --- Provide better prompt in Insert input field dialogs 2013-08-07
6428 Writer ui issues ACCE --- Change format of prompt text in Input field Edit dialog box 2013-08-07
6429 Writer ui issues ACCE --- Change display of input field from 'Input field' to prompt text 2013-08-07
6494 General ui issues ACCE --- Better and more logical warning when saving and working in alien file formats 2013-02-07
6736 General ui issues ACCE --- Mall all(!) objects visible in Navigator 2013-02-07
6798 General code issues ACCE --- New empty text box should not vanish when loosing focus 2014-09-24
7083 gsl code issues ACCE --- mouse cursor represent current possible actions; has issue with text boxes 2013-02-07
7373 General ui issues ACCE --- Colorpicker resizing ; but for increasing "viewable area" (also colorpicker redesign) 2013-02-07
7466 Writer ui issues ACCE --- Incorrect document name in the "window" menu 2013-08-07
7512 ui ui issues ACCE --- Selection colour 2013-02-07
7569 Draw code issues ACCE --- Wordwrapping text in shapes 2013-02-07
7570 Draw code issues ACCE --- Keyboard shortcut for single copy duplications 2013-02-07
7722 Calc ui issues ACCE --- Cells Columns that are larger than screen jump when scrolling 2019-03-06
8268 Calc ui issues ACCE --- Grouping of auto-input and auto-correct in one dialog 2013-08-07
8272 Calc ui issues ACCE --- insert columns without using next columns formatting 2013-08-07
8325 Calc ui issues ACCE --- update copied formulas functionality 2013-08-07
8338 Calc ui issues ACCE --- Enter descending numbers in spreadsheet 2013-08-07
8642 Base code issues ACCE --- Bibliography database editor not starting if data source points to invalid DB 2013-08-07
8665 Writer ui issues ACCE --- Ability to copy using the context menu in read only documents 2013-08-07
9359 Writer ui issues ACCE --- Insert Special Character dialog needs re-think 2013-08-07
9473 ui ui issues ACCE --- too much colour dialog 2013-02-07
9484 Calc code issues ACCE --- query re spreadsheet options 2013-08-07
9512 Calc code issues ACCE --- Paste special as value 2013-08-07
9802 Writer ui issues ACCE --- WW import doesn't currently support Table Looks that modify the contents of the table 2013-08-07
10243 Draw ui issues ACCE --- Network equipment cliparts for creating network diagrams 2013-02-07
10356 Writer ui issues ACCE --- there should be a character counting option without counting spaces. 2013-08-07
10534 General ui issues ACCE --- Writer doc linking Calc Spreadsheet 2013-02-07
10611 Writer ui issues ACCE --- Style / renumbered correct "Page Count" field (page count for sections) 2013-08-07
10615 Writer code issues ACCE --- Line Numbers for PHP, HTML 2013-08-07
10642 Impress ui issues ACCE --- Gradient for Text 2013-08-07
10815 Writer ui issues ACCE --- Converting Line break to paragraph break 2013-02-07
11050 Writer ui issues ACCE --- Toggling edit record on/off does not set doc modified flag 2013-08-07
11063 Writer code issues ACCE --- option to compare two open documents 2013-08-07
11186 Calc ui issues ACCE --- text overflow over formulas with empty result 2013-08-07
11660 Draw formatti issues ACCE --- Zig-zag lines as line style 2013-02-07
12019 Writer formatti issues ACCE --- Field codes shown in table that should be displayed as text 2013-08-07
12219 Impress formatti issues ACCE --- Page numbers cannot start at values higher than "1" - Importance see description 2019-04-05
12387 Writer editing issues ACCE --- Autocorrect: allow double space after punctuation marks 2013-08-07
12499 Writer open-imp issues ACCE --- Paste drawing replaces selection 2013-08-07
12519 Calc ui issues ACCE --- Column drag behavior from Data Source Browser to Calc 2013-08-07
12521 Base code issues ACCE --- Change column order in Data Source Browser by dragging 2013-08-07
12522 Base code issues ACCE --- Change sort order by clicking on column headers 2013-08-07
12523 Calc ui issues ACCE --- Inhibit column titles when dragging from Data Source Browser 2013-08-07
12528 Calc open-imp issues ACCE --- Paste from Calc to Data Source Browser 2013-08-07
13141 Writer ui issues ACCE --- Paragraph style "Heading 10" is listed between Heading 1 and Heading 2 2013-08-07
13321 Writer ui issues ACCE --- Add function "toggle small capitals on/off" to customization possibilities 2013-02-07
13866 Writer viewing issues ACCE --- Entries not alpha sorted in selection box 2013-08-07
14308 Draw configur issues ACCE --- Greeting card template 2013-02-07
14483 Calc formatti issues ACCE --- Borders to Cells are not linked to other cells 2013-08-07
14900 Calc ui issues ACCE --- Excel supports the ability to print individual objects 2013-08-07
15206 Impress editing issues ACCE --- Soft formatting also for the Edit Engine 2013-08-07
15355 Writer ui issues ACCE --- OO doesn't put changes in database into existing documents 2013-08-07
15427 Impress formatti issues ACCE --- Easier manipulation of slide backgrounds 2013-08-07
15604 Calc formatti issues ACCE --- Named ranges conflicts 2013-08-07
15667 Calc formatti issues ACCE --- External links aren't automatically removed 2013-08-07
15736 Calc viewing issues ACCE --- multiple page preview 2013-08-07
15879 General code issues ACCE --- Implement Seascape orientation 2013-02-07
16008 Writer formatti issues ACCE --- Author field doesn't appear until after save 2013-08-07
16192 Calc formatti issues ACCE --- When saving DBF as other format, field names keep type and size info 2013-08-07
16361 Calc formatti issues ACCE --- create Math formula from Calc formula 2013-08-07
16642 Calc formatti issues ACCE --- Allow patterns as cells background 2015-09-26
16769 Calc ui issues ACCE --- should not be able to select fly-out menus with no choices 2013-08-07
16786 Calc formatti issues ACCE --- Need better control of regexp in vlookup 2013-08-07
16841 General ui issues ACCE --- more intuitive zoom for page preview (seitenansicht) 2013-02-07
16912 Calc formatti issues ACCE --- have "line wrap" turned on for freshly merged cells standardly 2013-08-07
17575 Calc formatti issues ACCE --- bad cell formats e.g. >2 conditionals rejected w/o feedback 2013-08-07
17745 Calc formatti issues ACCE --- Auto Outline does not detect nested outlines 2013-08-07
18101 Draw ui issues ACCE --- application background cannot be changed 2013-02-07
18615 Writer viewing issues ACCE --- Print preview zoom option: Two page, Whole page, Text width, Page width 2013-08-07
18730 Calc ui issues ACCE --- Notify the user when a file in read only mode is closed by the other user 2013-08-07
20251 General ui issues ACCE --- user-defined default font for all applications (not only wordprocessor) 2013-02-07
20948 Calc formatti issues ACCE --- Goto Special 2013-08-07
21323 Calc viewing issues ACCE --- Cannot Distinguish Between Hidden Cells 2013-08-07
21379 Calc ui issues ACCE --- Ability to break a column of text into several. 2013-08-07
21384 Calc ui issues ACCE --- treatment of external (web) data sources (data type not always detected correctly) 2013-08-07
21548 General code issues ACCE --- Suggested improvements to the Basic IDE 2014-02-11
21886 Calc editing issues ACCE --- make it work to add a point to a name of a sheet 2013-08-07
23528 General ui issues ACCE --- Resizing each object within a selection on one hit 2013-02-07
23582 General ui issues ACCE --- Spacing Controls in Forms 2013-02-07
24256 Math code issues ACCE --- Exporting to HTML should turn Formulae into MathML (not GIFs) 2013-08-07
24886 Calc printing issues ACCE --- Unable to select different collumns to print 2013-08-07
25079 Writer formatti issues ACCE --- Register / Index sorting should be possible alphabetical 2013-08-07
589 Calc ui issues ACCE --- minimal height rows labels obscure each other 2013-08-07
3078 General ui issues ACCE --- Feature that cause to auto-version at the specified frequency 2013-02-07
3181 Calc ui issues ACCE --- Autofilter drop-down lists are limited to width of column 2013-02-07
3210 gsl code issues ACCE --- CMYK printing 2013-02-07
4639 Installa ui issues ACCE --- Dialog should clarify what's (not) in "minimal" and "typical" installs. 2013-08-07
4658 Draw code issues ACCE --- Improve Draw - add FIG and EPS display 2013-02-07
4698 Calc ui issues ACCE --- Allow hard setting of Header/Footers font size in Calc 2013-08-07
4792 Calc ui issues ACCE --- Deselect table after removing standard filter 2013-08-07
5452 Base code issues ACCE --- ADO - Universal Data Files (UDL) for connection string 2013-08-07
5909 Draw ui issues ACCE --- New arrow style : empty and shifted from center line 2013-02-07
6077 ui code issues ACCE --- Ability to create nonexistent file from command line 2015-04-17
6341 ui ui issues ACCE --- Order of Categories in the shortcut assignment dialog 2013-02-07
6735 Calc code issues ACCE --- Pop-Up Help Agent on AutoFormatting action 2013-08-07
6751 General ui issues ACCE --- Draw Object - Callout 2013-02-07
7179 Calc code issues ACCE --- Scroll lock does not work 2017-08-15
7346 General chart issues ACCE --- shadows of 3D chart on floor 2013-02-24
7349 Draw code issues ACCE --- Add JPEG2000 filter for graphics 2013-02-07
7368 Calc ui issues ACCE --- Allow independent Undo/Redo for every sheet in Calc 2013-08-07
7729 Draw ui issues ACCE --- Embedded hyperlinks in html export can not get activated 2013-02-07
7730 Draw code issues ACCE --- support hyperlinking in SVG export 2013-02-07
7760 Writer ui issues ACCE --- Option to force users to adhere to style sheets 2013-08-07
7833 General ui issues ACCE --- Proposal for document map mode and user-defined content attributes. 2013-02-07
8059 General ui issues ACCE --- Opening Bad Word Files fails silently 2013-02-07
8132 Draw code issues ACCE --- Connectors that automatically evade shapes 2013-02-07
8235 Calc ui issues ACCE --- Feature realting to Draw functions in SO. 2013-08-07
8921 Installa ui issues ACCE --- TLD BZ for Belize missing from installation choices 2013-08-07
10090 Impress code issues ACCE --- Laser-point "cursor" pointer. 2013-08-07
12527 Calc ui issues ACCE --- Query from within a formula 2013-08-07
14973 Calc configur issues ACCE --- Calc does not regard starting day of week 2013-08-07
17971 Writer formatti issues ACCE --- Add CSS support to HTML export. 2013-08-07
18134 Calc formatti issues ACCE --- Implementing A Binary, hex, oct, etc. cell number format 2013-08-07
19290 Calc formatti issues ACCE --- Need one "Grand Total" Line per function selected 2013-08-07
19935 Draw ui issues ACCE --- Tool for measuring angles in draw objects 2013-02-07
20370 gsl code issues REOP --- Q-PCD MSInteroperability-33: embedd fonts into the document 2017-05-20
29508 Writer editing issues REOP --- allow use of different fonts within one field 2013-08-07
39230 Installa ui issues REOP --- User installations should get preset values from user's system account (first/last name, initials) 2017-05-20
53513 Writer formatti issues REOP --- shortcut assignation to style definitions (save shortcut-assignments in document/template) 2013-08-07
59942 Writer ui issues REOP --- When a multi-page table breaks, insert its caption 2013-02-07
396 issues found.