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121930 113 0 spell checking Major P3 --- Tracking Issue for Spell Checking Not Working
3790 43 0 code Trivial P3 --- RTF: Import Word 97-2000 RTF for Drawing Objects (Shapes)
13791 37 0 ui Trivial P3 --- Text flowing around table should not require frame
20878 34 0 code Trivial P3 4.0.0 Q-PCD Show spaces at end of a wrapped line in Writer
7747 31 0 code Normal P2 --- Impossible to select all with menu 'Edit -> Select all' if document starts with Table
87244 28 0 code Trivial P2 OOo 3.0 save as hangs OOo on Vista SP1 - integrated
17171 28 0 ui Trivial P3 --- Paragraph cannot be longer than 65534 characters
20327 26 0 code Trivial P3 AOO Later Q-PCD ThirdPartyIntegration-MMP-01 PDF Export
12686 24 0 ui Major P3 --- Tabbed Document Windows
19690 23 0 viewing Trivial P3 --- Clearly identify the Writer UI from HTML UI,so user will not confuse&make mistake
13026 23 0 code Trivial P3 --- import/export of connectors needs to be improved
69749 22 0 code Trivial P3 --- Consolidate precision of binary representation and decimal rounding
24500 22 0 ui Normal P3 --- Pasting table content into existing writer tables
12891 22 0 ui Major P3 --- Insert | Graphic over graphic opens Graphics dialog (should offer option to replace image)
8275 21 0 formatting Trivial P3 AOO Later more border types (dashed, dotted, etc)
106961 19 0 i18npool Trivial P3 --- Option to directly set decimal and thousands separator to own liking, regardless of any locale settings
58014 19 0 formatting Trivial P3 --- default language not set if document created over windows context menu
7553 19 0 code Trivial P3 --- Performance issue opening document containing Internet reference
4579 19 0 configuration Trivial P3 --- Special Character Shortcuts
3692 19 0 code Trivial P3 --- Implement 90 deg text rotation in table cells

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