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126980 2 0 formatting Critical P5 (lowest) 4.2.0 Crashes Page Styles
128356 4 0 editing Critical P2 --- Track Changes and Annotations on text range can cause corruption. Applies to 4.x (all versions?)
12686 24 0 ui Major P3 --- Tabbed Document Windows
12891 22 0 ui Major P3 --- Insert | Graphic over graphic opens Graphics dialog (should offer option to replace image)
14613 10 0 code Major P3 --- problem with pictures copied from msword, slash/backslash issue
22831 4 0 code Major P4 --- Scroll Slider scrolling of large database tables stops at record 40
46307 8 0 open-import Major P3 --- Support RC4 encryption to load password protected PPT(Powerpoint)-files
57904 3 0 formatting Major P3 --- Layer control from Version 1.1. discontinued
60475 2 0 open-import Major P3 --- Insert/File.. and insertDocumentFromURL lose paragraph style of last paragraph
63827 7 0 editing Major P3 --- Copy/Paste unformated text of a numbering styled text
104879 3 0 ui Major P3 --- make automatic backups turned on by default
114497 4 0 configuration Major P3 --- Mail Merge E-Mail: "Find outgoing mail server Fail" with particular mail servers
119272 2 0 code Major P3 --- user directory file size grows to 160mb due to bundled extensions
120610 5 0 ui Major P3 --- Documents created from Windows shell context menu have language set to NONE, causing spell checking to fail
121231 2 0 ui Major P3 --- Charts in spreadsheet: Allow changing from internal table to data range and vice versa
121772 4 0 code Major P3 --- Insert - Object - PlugIn fails with error message
121865 4 0 configuration Major P3 --- Auto-correct, auto-numbering, auto-anything is annoying (very)
121930 113 0 spell checking Major P3 --- Tracking Issue for Spell Checking Not Working
124203 3 0 chart Major P3 --- Appearance of symbols in formula during GUI are not equal for Windows 7 and Windows 8
125006 3 0 save-export Major P3 --- Calc Consistently crashing, usually with "Fatal Error - Bad Allocation"

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