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23792 3 0 BiDi Trivial P3 --- find & replace : insert special character lack full unicode range
30149 3 0 BiDi Trivial P3 --- Wrong location of images in imported Hebrew file
64400 11 0 GNU make Normal P3 --- Test Summanry
57043 2 0 MacOSX Trivial P3 AOO Later Complete the feature "send active document as " on Mac OS X for other mua's
83268 2 0 MacOSX Trivial P3 4.x MacOSX: UI font for Japanese
90686 4 0 MacOSX Trivial P3 --- Missing proxy icon in OOo document windows
97921 2 0 MacOSX Trivial P2 --- Cannot get proper rendering of Arabic script with Scherezade font
40813 2 0 Online help Trivial P3 AOO PleaseHelp use different terms for Draw and Impress: "page" vs "slide"
54487 2 0 Online help Trivial P3 AOO PleaseHelp Focus on Tools-Options dialog should be set to the right side to enable context help
58985 2 0 Online help Trivial P3 4.x Help doesn't pop up with help for tab on is at in Options
98549 2 0 ReportBuilder Trivial P2 OOo 3.1 RPT: SRB not working with DEV300M40
126064 2 0 accessibility Normal P3 --- no printing
30692 3 0 api Trivial P3 --- Starbasic runtime function ChDir(<string>) not working
66985 3 0 api Trivial P3 --- Auto complete in Basic IDE
74651 2 0 api Trivial P3 --- Removing a graphic image does not change isModified()
4770 4 0 chart Trivial P3 --- offer a vertical x axis and horizontal value axis also for line charts (not only for bar charts) (allow swapping axes)
5085 3 0 chart Trivial P3 --- extrapolate regression lines (extend trendlines) (forward/backward forecast)
6521 9 0 chart Trivial P3 --- formatting single characters in titles - subscript or superscript in chart titles
7635 2 0 chart Trivial P3 --- creating a chart in a spreedsheet in a writer doc is impossible (ole in ole is not editable)
8099 4 0 chart Trivial P4 --- Chart title from a cell

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The Most Frequent Issues page lists the known open issues which are reported most frequently, counting the number of direct and indirect duplicates of issues. This information is provided in order to assist in minimizing the amount of duplicate issues entered into Apache OpenOffice (AOO) Bugzilla, which saves time for Quality Assurance engineers who have to triage the issues.

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