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121478 16 0 www Normal P3 --- Launching fails with error message "Unidentified Developer"
48878 2 0 www Trivial P3 --- Spanish pack spell check doesn't work
45128 7 0 www Trivial P3 --- Silent Failing is Bad Practice (Font fallback and Glyph Fallback)
41304 2 0 www Trivial P3 --- KDE plugin: Vertical lines in treeview dialogues, garbled fonts
41289 2 0 www Trivial P3 --- setup reguires glib2.3, in system req. glib2.2.0 is mentioned
29232 2 0 www Trivial P3 AOO PleaseHelp New Component Request - Desktop Publisher
14468 4 0 www Trivial P5 (lowest) AOO Later Fulltext search
126436 3 0 viewing Normal P5 (lowest) --- scaling OOWriter in Windows 10
125707 2 0 viewing Trivial P3 --- Impress Note View jumps back to 1st Slide when I click the slide pane background
120159 2 0 viewing Normal P3 --- Hidden start slide shown in slide show
119623 2 0 viewing Normal P3 --- [From Symphony]Font color are changed from black to white when open the .pptx file
114239 4 0 viewing Trivial P3 --- In a large Writer document, Comment notes are not displayed at file open.
109050 2 0 viewing Trivial P2 --- Impress crashes when switching to another output device via FN+F5
108087 2 0 viewing Normal P3 --- Find may not find hits in rows hidden by filter
106360 6 0 viewing Trivial P3 --- Slide elements lose anti aliasing in slide show mode
100616 2 0 viewing Trivial P3 --- Handout view shows empty thumbnails
94514 3 0 viewing Trivial P3 --- [Notes2] Option to print notes inside of the text
82275 5 0 viewing Trivial P2 --- Created animated GIF too slow & ties up computer
67620 2 0 viewing Trivial P4 --- Make ToolTip for page/chapter on Scrollbar configurable
62744 2 0 viewing Trivial P3 --- EPS with Transparent Preview

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