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70707 2 0 code Trivial P3 --- "Extras - Options - Openoffice.org Writer - Contents/Print black" does not work or PDF export
76385 5 0 ui Normal P3 --- "JRE Defective" notification window loops and is modal.
75199 3 0 open-import Trivial P3 --- "Maximum number of rows" message used when there are too many columns
117592 2 0 ui Trivial P3 --- "More options" buttons and others with ▼▼ double down arrow label: text misaligned too far down to bottom
50176 8 0 ui Trivial P3 --- "Save to" of images embedded in text (and other?) documents
15251 2 0 code Trivial P3 --- "Snap to Grid" doesn't work correctly
122765 2 0 help Normal P3 4.1.11 %WRITERCOMPATIBILITYVERSIONOOO11 is not replaced in help file
118286 2 0 ui Normal P5 (lowest) --- 'Autosave' doesn't actually autosave.
77402 2 0 formatting Trivial P3 --- 'Keep Ratio' in Picture dialog box calculates relative size wrongly
38065 2 0 ui Trivial P4 AOO Later 'Layer Invisible' setting not respected in Page Pane (slide browser)
94624 3 0 formatting Trivial P3 --- .doc equations and matrices not displayed correctly
52755 2 0 installation Trivial P3 --- .pps files should open in presentation mode as with PowerPoint
54926 3 0 save-export Trivial P3 AOO Later 1.9.128 layer visibility in slide sorter and main view
71615 2 0 chart Trivial P4 --- 3D pies: something similar to floor or wall is missing
77973 2 0 formatting Trivial P3 --- A better way of treating numbers/dates?!
7065 14 0 ui Trivial P3 --- A wizard for Page Numbering
70567 6 0 code Trivial P3 --- ACCESSIBILITY: Make Apache OpenOffice usable for speech recognition
62642 2 0 ui Trivial P3 --- ALT and ENTER do not open the file menu
4306 6 0 ui Normal P3 --- AOO File dialog opens *.lnk itself as document instead of opening linked document
22062 2 0 ui Trivial P3 --- Ability to change thickness of lines in hatching

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