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49356 2 0 ui Trivial P3 AOO Later zoom factor doesnt change
63114 2 0 code Trivial P3 4.x xmlsecurity: Implement way for selecting profiles
62490 2 0 open-import Trivial P3 --- xls import of pivot tables does not create in sheet controls
29671 2 0 ui Normal P3 --- wrong 'word count' when recording changes
39994 2 0 ui Trivial P4 --- word-wide drop cap is not quite right
14410 4 0 code Trivial P3 --- word count: list by main doc, headers, footers, endnotes, etc
123423 2 0 formatting Normal P3 --- when shrinking an image or object anchored "as character" at beginning of test line, the text below is not adjusted to the new size
59453 18 0 editing Trivial P2 --- warn before pasting into "too many" cells
25857 2 0 ui Trivial P3 --- vertical split compresses sheet tabs into left of split
61673 2 0 ui Trivial P3 --- ux-ctest: Floated toolbar covers cursor position or selection in document.
66981 4 0 programming Trivial P3 --- using shell macro command in impress invokes macro twice
119272 2 0 code Major P3 --- user directory file size grows to 160mb due to bundled extensions
27804 2 0 chart Trivial P3 --- user defined text for data point labels
40813 2 0 Online help Trivial P3 AOO PleaseHelp use different terms for Draw and Impress: "page" vs "slide"
19196 2 0 ui Trivial P3 --- use auto-complete from document appropriately everywhere (eg find dialogue)
127789 17 0 ui Normal P5 (lowest) 4.1.8 update error(s) including program and extension
3932 2 0 ui Trivial P3 --- units for composing html pages: no pixels available
115674 2 0 code Trivial P3 --- unit test sfx/GlobalEventBroadcaster fails unconditionally
33799 2 0 code Trivial P3 --- unability to insert fields into objects
62130 2 0 ui Trivial P3 --- ui for wrap around picture is different in context menue and properties dialog

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