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Summary: Sorting information with other information in the same row
Product: Calc Reporter: chadmatthews <chadmatthews>
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Priority: P5 (lowest) CC: elish, issues
Version: OOO310m9   
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Hardware: HP (PA-RISC)   
OS: Windows XP   
Issue Type: DEFECT Latest Confirmation in: 4.0.0
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Description chadmatthews 2009-04-21 16:21:28 UTC
In spreadsheet listed in URL, "U.S.DividendChampions.xls"

Click and hold cell "H7" and drag to cell "H121" for example, in order to sort
"Yield" column by ascending or descending order.  

When "ascending order" button is clicked, nothing happens, or one random number
will be misplaced.  Very odd issue.  

In MSExcel, after performing the same steps and clicking "ascending order" a
dialogue box comes up and asks "Would you like to expand current selection?", 

This option enables all of the information in the respective rows to be sorted
along with the information that originally needed sorted.  

After trying to perform the same action in different columns, I noticed that
information in cells that have a formula (*e.g. =((J12/I12)-1)*100) can not be

Another example, 

Cat 3
Dog 1
Fish 2

If this information was setup in a spreadsheet, and I wanted to sort ascending,
I should be able to highlight the column with the numbers, click a sort
ascending button, then have the option to have the other information be sorted
with it. Instead of just having the numbers column sorted.  So the information
would sort with it like this:

Dog 1
Fish 2 
Cat 3
Comment 1 chadmatthews 2009-04-21 16:22:21 UTC
Created attachment 61709 [details]
Basic Financial spreadsheet
Comment 2 vseredkine 2009-04-27 01:12:51 UTC
I can reproduce that on system Windows XP with version OOO310m9 (build:9396).
I'd separated this issue in two deffects issues. I'd let know 
that "U.S.DividendChampions.xls" is originally is 'read only'. But it doesn't 
matter the problem is defenitely appears. It could be one issue.
The problem with sorting <Cat-Fish-Dog> sould be another issue.
Comment 3 marina_hitekschool 2009-04-28 00:03:41 UTC
I reproduced it on system Windows XP, with version OOO310m9. I also think that
this issue consists of the two different issues. I would like to clearify that
first issue only occurs if you try to sort information in cells (for example,
column "Yield") which has a formula. In this case some numbers changes their
position within the column randomly. In other cases this feature works normally.
Second issue occur as described. But after trying different things I have a
doubt if this is an issue at all? If you want to sort two or more columns in
"ascending order" or "descending order" accordingly, you should select those
columns and choose one of these options. In this case you will receive that you
Dog 1
Fish 2
Cat 3
Interesting thing happens if you have only one column
with next information in cells:
Cat 5  - one cell
Dog 4  - one cell
Fish 7 - one cell
If you will try to  organize it, for example, in descending order, you could end
up like this:
Cat 5
Fish 7
Dog 4.
Comment 4 chadmatthews 2009-04-28 02:48:11 UTC
So this issue seems to be a multi-issue.  I currently do not have time to split
this up into the 10 separate issues it should be into.  

This is a defect issue with the random numbers in sorted columns with formulas.
This is a defect issue with inability to sort a column with information that
would need to be expanded.
This is a defect issue with random sorting with blank cells with information
sorted in a specific column.
Comment 5 Edwin Sharp 2013-05-24 14:05:20 UTC
Highlighting H7:H121 and clicking Sort Ascending brings the Sort Range dialog window with option extend selection to A1:P123 which is wrong.
Instead of auto-guess, user should define table boundaries.

AOO400m1(Build:9700)  -  Rev. 1479897
2013-05-21 12:47:39 (Di, 21 Mai 2013)