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Summary: Error when open 2 files
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Version: OOO320m12   
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Description octaviordz 2010-04-21 23:02:33 UTC
Steps to reproduce:
1. Have 2 created documents document1 a odt document and document2 ods document.
2. Select in the both of the 2 documents in the windows file browser.
3. Press enter so the 2 documents are opened by OpenOffice.
4. Change anything in any of 2 documents try to save it.
5. The problem appears cause it shows you the save dialog despite the fact that
those documents are already saved, you only want to edit it. But OpenOffice open
those documents like if they were just new documents but with information.

Notes: This problem just happen with this specific documents types as far as I
have seen. 
Another Problem that I suppose is related is that if you try to open 2
documents; doc1 a ods and doc2 xls open office does NOT open either.
Comment 1 navneet 2012-06-14 03:13:22 UTC
I replicated the bug on my HP laptop running Windows 7 professional SP1 having the configuration: Intel Core2 Duo CPU, 64 bit, 1.8 GHz, 3GB RAM. I think that there is another bug associated with the “Save As” dialog box showing up. The other bug is that, the original file names are also changed to the default names, i.e. “Untitled1.” (and “Untitled2, since I tested with 2 files as well). The names are replaced as soon as the files are selected and the “Enter” key is hit. I believe that this bug is more fundamental to the bug originally reported.
In my follow-up tests, I discovered that this is not just the case with 2 files, but with more than 2 files. The original reporter was correct about the combination of the files. The steps I followed are the same steps that had been taken by the original reporter, “octaviordz,” but for more than 2 files, I:

1.	Installed the latest version of Open Office
2.	Followed the same steps as provided in comment having the following       date, time, and reporter: 2010-04-21, 23:02:33 UTC, octaviordz.
3.	Created another file with the extension .odt
4.	Selected the all the three files and hit enter

Then, I did another follow up test in which I saved information in the files to see if the information is lost. In this test, I followed the same steps, but this time, before selecting the files and Hitting enter, I save information in the files.

After this test, I found out that there was no information lost.
The results are presented in the additional comments. I have taken a screen shot of the titles when more than 2 files are opened.

This bug is very important for the customers because, change of file names without the knowledge of the users is unacceptable. This may cause the files to be lost, or overlooked by the users.
Comment 2 navneet 2012-06-14 03:14:30 UTC
Created attachment 78309 [details]
Screen Shot of the failure
Comment 3 Cem Kaner 2012-06-18 18:44:14 UTC
Naveet and I worked through this replication together on system with windows 7 quadcore-64-bit and open office 3.4 (A00340m1 build 9590).

First, we open files from Windows explorer. The files have trivial content (1 word each). We open doc1.odt and doc2.ods by selecting both in Explorer. OOo opens both but the two open files have the names untitled1 and untitled2. On the file menu, there is a Save As command but not Save (Save is greyed out). After adding text to the odt file, both Save and Save As are available, but both take us to the Save As dialog, asking for a file name. (Calc only shows the Save As dialog, even after adding a little text.) If you look at the Explorer window, no new names are added to the list of files (there is no "untitled 1" in progress shown on the window) until you save one of these files with a new name.

Next, we try opening the files from the OOo main dialog (the one that shows all the open office applications). Select File|Open from that dialog and then select the odt and ods files from the list in the File Open dialog. In this case, both files are opened with their proper names.

Navneet demonstrated in his work that the same problem arises with 3 files, as long as they are selected from the Explorer window.

Finally, we replicate the fact that when we select an ods file and an xls file together, Windows does not open them. Right-clicking to pull up a context menu does not show a save option. This is true even when we set OOo as the default application for opening xls files. Similarly, Windows will not open xls and doc files at the same time and does not show the open option in the context menu when one of each of these is selected. It appears that Windows will not simultaneously open two apps that it sees as different. We are not convinced this is a bug or that it is a bug of OOo. It appears to be a design choice in Windows.
Comment 4 Alan Wilson 2013-02-27 02:13:04 UTC 3.4.1

AOO341m1(Build9593) – Rev. 1372282

Gateway laptop running Win 8.

I also found that when you select an ods and an odt file with Windows Explorer, the files are titled Untitled1 and Untitled2.
Comment 5 Marcus 2017-05-20 11:28:07 UTC
Reset assigne to the default "".