Issue 12243

Summary: When "lpstat -s" returns a ridiculous number of printers
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Version: OOo 1.0.2   
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Hardware: Sun   
OS: Solaris   
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Description stpierre 2003-03-11 19:22:10 UTC
At the location where I work, "lpstat -s" (LPRNG 3.5.1 on Solaris 8) returns a
ridiculously long list of printers.  Consequently, it takes a ridiculously long
time (on the order of an hour) to start OOo.  Even if OOo could parse the list
from LPRNG (see bug 12242), the resulting list of printers would be useless.

In order find out why it was taking so long for OOo to start, I had to run truss
on it.  It would be nice if there was either a timeout or some sort of user
feedback (or both) so that the user could determine what was going on.  The
"timeout" could be implemented as a maximum number of bytes returned by lpstat
before it aborts the process.
Comment 1 thorsten.martens 2003-03-31 08:15:48 UTC
TM->BH: This one is an enhancement, please have a look, thanks !
Comment 2 eric.savary 2003-04-16 15:31:53 UTC
Set to "NEW"
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Comment 4 stpierre 2008-05-20 06:47:25 UTC
I tried OO.o 2.2, the latest installed version, on a Linux box and on two Sun
boxes running Solaris 2.9.  I am not authorized to install the latest version of
OO.o, but I expect them to upgrade to 2.4 soon.

On the Linux box, it loads quickly and when I attempt to print a document it
gives me an accurate list of local printers.

Both Sun boxes are still running LPRng 3.5.2.  On both boxes, doing a "lpstat
-s" takes a very long time.  Because the solution to bug 12242 is to upgrade
LPRng, I don't expect the output of "lpr -s" to be usable by OO.o.

However, one Sun box (using a shared installation of OO.o 2.2) has no problems
loading a document, although the only printer available is the "Generic
Printer".  The other Sun box, same OS level and OO.o installation, first prints
"sh: lpget: not found", then hangs when trying to load the same document.  In
this case, an inspection of the running processes shows that OO.o is running
"lpstat -s".  Its been running for about half an hour now, and it still isn't
done.  The first box has /usr/bin/lpget, whereas the second box does not.

The problem this issue was created for is that when a system command (in this
case "lpstat -s") takes a long time to complete, certainly longer than
reasonably expected, then perhaps OO.o should provide some sort of feedback to
the user, if not outright timeout with an error message.  At this point I can't
be certain this is still a problem with OO.o.  Either somebody can recreate the
problem by replacing a system command OO.o is known to invoke with a script that
just sleeps for a really long time, or I can re-confirm this when we get OO.o
2.4 installed.  That could be as late as the end of the summer.
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