Issue 22174

Summary: Export to html layout problem: right, center alignment lost.
Product: Writer Reporter: utomo99 <utomo.prawiro>
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Severity: Trivial    
Priority: P4 CC: eric.savary, issues
Version: OOo 1.1   
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Hardware: PC   
OS: Windows XP   
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Description Flags
sxw file for testing export to html problem
doc file for testing export to html
screenshot exported html at internet explorer 6, win xp
Source file with a centred image
Resulting HTML with conflicting ALIGN tags none

Description utomo99 2003-11-06 02:21:13 UTC
When exporting sxw file or doc file to html some layout problem will occur:
right, center and left alignment is not exported to html
Comment 1 utomo99 2003-11-06 02:23:07 UTC
Created attachment 10986 [details]
sxw file for testing export to html problem
Comment 2 utomo99 2003-11-06 02:24:06 UTC
Created attachment 10987 [details]
doc file for testing export to html
Comment 3 utomo99 2003-11-06 02:26:53 UTC
Created attachment 10988 [details]
screenshot exported html at internet explorer 6, win xp
Comment 4 h.ilter 2003-11-06 09:32:20 UTC
HI->ES: You or MRU
Comment 5 eric.savary 2003-11-06 13:47:46 UTC
Works for me.
Please, when reporting HTML export problem: always indicate which
browser you use to view the result (test it also yourself before
submitting) and which export format/encoding you used in Tools -
Options -Load/Save - HTML Compatibility (test it also yourself before
Comment 6 utomo99 2003-11-08 03:48:48 UTC
Utomo > ES:
if you read my attachements description you will find what you ask
screenshot exported html at internet explorer 6, win xp.
How can I make the screenshot if I didn't view it ? 

I use default setting as this is mostly used by user. and this is
mostly no need to report in the issue if we use default setting.

reopen, as there is no reason to resolve this issue
Comment 7 eric.savary 2003-11-17 17:14:15 UTC
ES->Utomo: you're right I can now reproduce it.
But to my last comments:
I meant that trying a little bit the different export/import formats
and experimenting with other browsers (if possible) *before
submitting* an issue helps us surrounding the problem and saves time.
Also, the fact that I can *see* (screen shot) you have a problem does
not make me *reproduce* this problem.
Comment 8 eric.savary 2003-11-17 17:19:51 UTC
ES->MIB: please avluate

when a css style like:

P.myclass {...text-align: left;...}

is defined and a a paragraph overrides this definition with an hard
formatting like this:

<P CLASS="myclass" ALIGN=RIGHT...>

this hard formatting is ignored by the browsers and the css style only
is affected. OOo only shows correctly shows the hard formatting.

Who's right?
Comment 9 utomo99 2003-11-18 03:01:51 UTC
utomo> ES:
OK next time I will try if possible to try more and give more data so
will be easier for developer to trace the problem. 

Just note: The CSS style is made by OOo when export, so it probably
can happens in most export to html. 
Comment 10 michael.brauer 2003-11-18 12:59:29 UTC
I didn't find a specific rule for this. However
HTML 3.2 did not define the CLASS at all, and ALIGN is deprectated in
HTML 4. Anyway, it seems to me that ignoring the ALIGN specification
is most reasonable.

Since the specifying two different values (left and right) for one and
the same property (align) in two different ways (HTML and CSS) seems
not be very consistent, and an issue that is related to resolving this
inconsistency seems not be a P3 for me.
Comment 11 eric.savary 2003-12-18 13:57:03 UTC
*** Issue 22124 has been marked as a duplicate of this issue. ***
Comment 12 utomo99 2005-08-15 07:45:32 UTC
Hi Michael Brauer, this issue and issue 22176  exist since 2003, please 
consider a target maybe 2.01 ? 
Comment 13 utomo99 2007-05-27 06:01:53 UTC
This is a basic layout for html. 
without this, the OOo will not be able to use as HTML editor. 

just my 2c
Comment 14 greyham 2008-04-03 23:40:55 UTC
Created attachment 52519 [details]
Source file with a centred image
Comment 15 greyham 2008-04-03 23:41:37 UTC
Created attachment 52520 [details]
Resulting HTML with conflicting ALIGN tags
Comment 16 greyham 2008-04-03 23:44:41 UTC
I agree that this is a serious problem, since it affects even very simple 
layouts, and make look like a very lousy HTML editor.

Looking at the attached files centre.*, the reference to the image in 
centre.html has conflicting tags:
- The paragraph tag correctly says to align CENTER,
- But the image has another ALIGN tag saying LEFT which overrides this.

If I manually delete the ALIGN= tag from the image, I get the correct result.