Issue 34756

Summary: copy/paste does not work when xclipboard is active
Product: Impress Reporter: timbaldwin <timbaldwin>
Component: editingAssignee: AOO issues mailing list <issues>
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Severity: Trivial    
Priority: P5 (lowest) CC: issues
Version: OOo 1.1.3Keywords: oooqa
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Hardware: PC   
OS: Linux, all   
Issue Type: FEATURE Latest Confirmation in: ---
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Description timbaldwin 2004-09-28 20:21:42 UTC
When the xclipboard program is active, copy/paste of graphics objects or
complete slides in the slide sorter does not work.  Text can still be
copied/pasted when xclipboard is running.  As soon as xclipboard is closed,
graphics objects and slides can be copied/pasted again.  This is true or 1.1.2
and 1.1.3 at least.
Comment 1 wolframgarten 2004-09-29 07:41:41 UTC
Reassigned to Christian.
Comment 2 peter.junge 2004-09-29 08:05:11 UTC
@CGU: This one should be closed invalid. The reason that only text is C&P while
xclipboard is active is xclipboard itself. It's just designed to handle only
text. AFAIK there's no way for applications to work aroud it.

Comment 3 timbaldwin 2004-10-05 19:38:57 UTC
Is there any way to pop up a warning to the user (based on some return code) in
this situation that says go close xclipboard if you want to C&P objects?  I
found myself spinning my wheels for a long time trying to figure out why I could
not C&P in Impress when it was something this simple.  Anyway, it's not critical
but if we can save someone else the headache someday, that would be good.
Comment 4 thackert 2004-11-21 07:07:23 UTC
There was no additional entry for nearly 2 months ... Could this issue be closed
by the original reporter? He could always reopen it, if needed ... ;)
Comment 5 grin 2004-11-29 14:17:16 UTC
By the way same "amazing" effects could be done by using a gnome clipboard 
manager (I forgot the name because I became so angry), and probably by using 
other clipboard managers. Copy/paste [oocalc at least] simply breaks and falls 
apart, and there is no way to see why unless you happen to be lucky or search 
your ass off. 

I tried to determine whether it's possible *to make sure* that OOo does not use 
external copy/paste garbler^Wmanager but there seems to be no way. I am just 
searching the BTS for a bug of my ACTUAL copy/paste bug, which seems to be 
inpossible to solve (for now, still looking). Probably OOo uses something to 
handle copy/paste, and that something screws it up. Defining "something" in this 
context (or actually being able to make sure that OOo does NOT use any external 
somethings) would be fantastic. Dunno whether it could be done though.
Comment 6 christian.guenther 2004-12-13 16:42:55 UTC
I think this is a feature and not a bug.
xclipboard doesn't work with graphics therefore we should ignore xclipboard when
we copy paste graphics.
Please have a look.
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Comment 8 m8t 2009-11-02 11:25:44 UTC
I can confirm that this issue is still existing, but the bug is definitely in
xclipboard and not OOo.

When copying images to the clipboard, xclipboard stores it as it were text. In
fact the image cannot be pasted in any image application like gimp.
Comment 9 bettina.haberer 2010-05-21 14:59:15 UTC
To grep the issues easier via "requirements" I put the issues currently lying on
my owner to the owner "requirements".