Issue 37577

Summary: Autocompletion should accept only correctly spelled words.
Product: Writer Reporter: mrosin <mattr>
Component: editingAssignee: AOO issues mailing list <issues>
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Severity: Trivial    
Priority: P3 CC: flibby05, issues
Version: OOo 1.1.2Keywords: oooqa
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Hardware: PC   
OS: Linux, all   
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Description mrosin 2004-11-22 08:09:51 UTC
Also the autocomplete and autocorrect functions do not recognize the words
“autocompleteâ€, “autocompletionâ€, “autocorrectâ€, or “autocorrection†(I guess it
wants them to be hyphenated). That said, I really like the otherwise wonderful
autocompletion feature as it reduces wear on my hands.
Comment 1 michael.ruess 2004-11-22 08:30:38 UTC
reassigned to SBA.
Comment 2 mkenczler 2005-02-04 09:01:52 UTC
YESS. It is a serious issue, occurring in every version since 1.0.0 on all 
platforms. The word gathering algorhytm of autocorrect should filter the words 
through the actual speller. If not, it will offer misspelled/mistyped words, 
which is completely against the very feature.
Comment 3 flibby05 2005-03-10 14:54:38 UTC
confirm with 19m81
Comment 4 stefan.baltzer 2005-03-10 17:56:54 UTC
SBA: Only when AutoSpellcheck is checked (->red wavy underlines under misspelled
words), the words that get the spellcheckers "blessing" get collected. This is
the designed behavior => Not a defect but an enhancement.

Note: IMHO this should not be changed without an option "Collect all words
without spellchecking" 
(1) For performance reasons (load/cache/use the dictionaries)
(2) For the simple "pleasure" of AutoCompleting "Whatever I write because I know
I'm always right" - These users exist, too :-)

Reassigned to requirements.
Comment 5 stefan.baltzer 2005-03-10 17:59:49 UTC
SBA: To be considered too: 
(1) What about words that have [No Language] set?
(2) What about words from an unsupported language?
Comment 6 cemkaner 2005-03-21 15:54:28 UTC
For any words not in the dictionary, the user can easily add them to the
dictionary. So, if I like my idiosyncratic speelings, I can add them to my
directionary and autocomplete them. I don't think this is an argument against
revising (in my view, fixing) this feature.

I would accept performance as an argument against spellchecking words before
putting them in an autocomplete list, if there actually was a noticeable
performance hit (I'm on a faster-than-average machine and might not notice a
performance hit), but otherwise I agree with mkenczler's comment that this is a
serious issue because it fundamentally reduces the value of the feature.
Comment 7 mkenczler 2005-03-24 12:12:16 UTC
Checked with 19m86 win32 hungarian.
Bug has been killed. (I.e. misspelled/mistyped words do not appear as
Comment 8 hwtan 2007-01-03 03:52:44 UTC
With word completion enabled and collect words selected, Writer collects any
'word' that is mixed with number. For example, it will collect 'slkd12dfj'
'good2dk'. It may be a result of not checking the words with numbers set in
Options-Language Settings-Writing Aids, but I think the two features should be
separated in the sense that words collected should not simply base on the green
light given by the Writing Aids setting.

The word completion should have the option of allowing user to include custom
'words' into the auto-completion list but should not collect mis-spelt words
Comment 9 cb474 2009-12-17 01:51:10 UTC
I didn't even know about this feature, until I had to delete my user preferences
file due to other problems and it got turned on with the new auto-generated user
preferences file. Then it started willy-nilly suggesting misspelled words.

I now understand this is because it "collected" words I had previously made
typos with when I typed them. To me it just does not make any sense that just
because I don't have automatic spell checking turned on, I want the autocomplete
function to collect misspelled words. I find the red squiggly lines annoying.
That doesn't mean I think everything I type is correct. I use F7 to spell check.

In the end, having misspelled words, because of typos, in the autocomplete word
list completely undermines the functionality of the feature. I understand that
people may want to collect words that are not in the dictionary. But the default
behavior as it stands seems really flawed to me. It doesn't really serve people
who don't want world collecting spellchecked, any better than those who do.
Unless you are a 100% perfect typist and speller, you're going to get errors.

Perhaps if you have automatic spell checking turned off, the word collection
function should ask before it collects a word that's not in the dictionary,
either at the instance that it collects the word or when you close the document
it could present a list of words. Or it could spell check new autocomplete
words, when you run the spellchecker with F7.

I recognize that there may not be a super elegant solution to this situation.
But as it stands the feature seems really flawed and self-defeating to me.