Issue 44189

Summary: Bibliography entry in document is not reflecting updated values in Bibliography database
Product: bibliographic Reporter: nabosaq <nabosaq>
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Priority: P3 CC: 1983-01-06, atlanx, eric.savary, guaza, issues, openoffice, vulcain
Version: OOo 2.0 BetaKeywords: oooqa
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Description nabosaq 2005-03-05 21:55:15 UTC
(Nasser Abosaq, Seema Gandhi. 03/05/05)

The Bibliography entry in writer document is not reflecting the new values 
after updating the Bibliography database.

Steps of producing the bug:
1.	Open new document in Open Office
2.	Insert Bibliography entry in the writer document(insert -> Indexes and 
Tables -> Bibliography Entry)
3.	Pick any short name and click insert
4.	Open Bibliography database and update the year field for that record
5.	double click the Bibliography entry in the writer document, then click 
on edit button
6.	The value of year shown in the “edit Bibliography entry” is the value 
same as before updating the Bibliography database.

 When inserting the same Bibliography entry again in the same document, A 
message popups, "Want to overwrite the data" , then we noticed the updated 
value of year is shown for both entries.
Comment 1 eric.savary 2005-03-07 23:41:45 UTC
ES->OS: yes, entries should update automatically or at least show an update
war4ning when changed from mthe main database frontend. Reversed, modifiing an
inplace entry is not reflected in the main database frontend.
Comment 2 Oliver Specht 2005-03-08 08:16:37 UTC
->es: Sorry, this is neither a defect nor worth a 2.01 target! 
There has never been a connection between the database and the entries in the
Changed to enhancement, target OOo later, reassigned to requirements
Comment 3 Matthias Basler 2005-03-08 22:59:15 UTC
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Comment 4 Matthias Basler 2005-03-08 23:06:06 UTC
In the meantime several people, including me, have made this request.
So obviously this link between the DB and the document's entries is somehow
needed. How else is it possible to correct an error that one discovers after
having already inserted 100 references of the faulty entry into the document.

(I know it is hard to realize with the current bibliographic facilities.)
Comment 5 Matthias Basler 2005-03-09 10:30:38 UTC
Pierre Martineau suggested:

> On another hand updating changes in the doc when the database is changed
> is a much easier task than 4. I would rank it 1-2. Actually, Bibus is
> doing this quite easily. The idea is simply that you have to look to all
> the references in the doc (a simple api call), then for each ref you get
> the identifier (very easy), then you look in the database for this
> identifier (quite easy), then you reinsert the citation according to the
> values in the database (a simple call).

In general, I agree. There might be some sideeffects, however: Just imagine that
person A creates the references, then sends it to person B which has a
completely different database with this entry not existing or, by chance, with a
completely different entry with the same identifier.

To circumvent this, a dialog could pop up asking:
  Do you want to replace all occurrences of 
  Yes, No, Cancel

This would solve this minor problem.

Pierre further wrote:
> This must be however an option
> and must be only started by the author to avoid overwriting
> modifications done in the text. We could add an option when you right
> click in the Bibliographic index stating something like "update
> references from db".

I totally agree.
Comment 6 Regina Henschel 2005-06-12 00:54:58 UTC
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Comment 7 flibby05 2005-09-22 21:52:53 UTC
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Comment 8 atlanx 2006-03-21 23:46:55 UTC
I have added my email address(add cc) to this bug because I'm interested to know
it it is fixed.
Comment 9 dnwilson 2006-03-22 04:55:49 UTC
 The problem reported is design limitation of the current bibliographic 
facilities, so there is no bug or defect. Each time you insert a bibliographic 
entry the data is copied from the database into the bibliographic entry 
fields. This is the case for multiple entries of the same citation. No 
connection is maintained between this data and the database. If citation needs  
to be corrected, this has to be done by deleting and reinserting the corrected 
citations, using the bibliographic entry->edit option for each instance of the 
citation, or hacking into the document source xml file and doing a global 
search and replace.  
The solution is proposed in the bibliographic project development plans. See  
Comment 10 bornmw 2007-09-10 14:34:59 UTC

There is no design limitation in OO:
ODT format keeps all information required to keep it in synch with the database.
In particular, you can use the ODT text:bibliography-mark attribute
text:identifier to make the synchronization needed.
I assume the identifier is the key which function is to connect bibliographical
data from ODT to DB.
This function has never been realized, which is a defect (am I wrong?)
So the only thing needed is to implement the synchronization.
Comment 11 bornmw 2007-09-11 21:44:04 UTC

I've written a small Java program that fixes this bug.
It updates ODT with bibliographical info from DBF.
It took me one day, and I can't understand why this bug is
still here TWO YEARS after being reported.
I'm sure it will take not much effort to adopt my program into OO.
Anyone interested in it?
Comment 12 dnwilson 2007-09-16 02:24:36 UTC
I have no objection to this being done, but Bibliographic project people are
concentrating their efforts on the redeveloping the bibliographic functions
rather than improving the existing one. Two years ago I would have been very
keen to have this fix put in. But now we are looking at the bibliographic
changes need for OpenOffice version 3.
Comment 13 richlv 2007-10-26 20:56:00 UTC the meantime, managing bibliography is pain in the ass and i was told 
that it is unusable.
i'm sorry, i usually try to be very polite, but it's very late here, and i have 
been battling this issue for quite a while ;)

bornmw, does your program work with the default bibliography database ? if 
yes,where could it be obtained ?
Comment 14 bornmw 2007-10-26 22:58:37 UTC
The fix is published here:

It works for me...
richlv, I would really be pleased if you could try it to see if it works for
anyone else but me :)
Comment 15 arauzo 2008-03-31 17:20:11 UTC
Probably this issue can be solved adding an option to Tools/Update menu. In this
case, automated update of indexes should be done before printing as indicated in
Issue 25710.
Comment 16 Michael Osipov 2011-04-29 20:38:25 UTC
Any update on this?
Comment 17 Michael Osipov 2011-04-29 20:38:41 UTC
Any update on this?