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Summary: Calc terms should be changed to be more distinct, Change spreadsheet to workbook
Product: Calc Reporter: peschtra <peschtra>
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Description peschtra 2005-03-12 20:12:11 UTC
It would be more clear if the term in Calc which describes the whole file was
changed from Spreadsheet to Workbook. This is true for 2 reasons:

1) Currently the term for the whole file is Spreadsheet and the term for one
sheet in the whole file is sheet. I think this is redundant and confusing. If I
refer to a spreadsheet I want to be referring to one sheet, not an entire file
or collection of individual sheets. This is especially tricky when trying to
write documentation, because I say "the spreadsheet properties" or something
like that, the user who is reading will probably think I am referring to one
sheet, while in OOo speak I am referring to the whole file.

2) I hate this reason, but here I think it makes sense. This change would put us
more in line with the terminology that MS uses. I think for something like this,
it makes more sense to try to work with standard nomenclature. 

The second reason alone wouldn't be enough to merit the switch, but I think the
two reasons together warrant some serious consideration to this change. We need
to be able to be clear in our help files and in documentation. Making this
change will allow this.
Comment 1 swisher 2005-03-21 20:20:39 UTC
FWIW, Lotus 1-2-3 uses "workbook" and "worksheet", while Quattro Pro uses
"notebook" and "page". (Yes, they are both still around.) So there is more than
one other vendor that uses workbook/worksheet. 
Comment 2 mipsv 2005-04-05 16:04:08 UTC
 This is probably a good idea.  This way users with limited OOo experience (and
potentially more experience with other commerical apps) will not discount the
functionality of the OOo Calc functions.  I think Workbook might be a TM however
something like OpenBook or OBook or just as descriptive would work just as well? 
Why change? To ease training and transition work and cost. However an
explanation might be ok.
Comment 3 swisher 2005-04-05 16:37:35 UTC
There is no need to invent alternatives to "workbook"; it is not a trademark.
"Workbook" is used by both MS Excel and Lotus 1-2-3 (owned by IBM). It is not
claimed as a trademark by either Microsoft
<> or IBM
<>. Further, "workbook" is an ordinary
dictionary word, and therefore not trademark-able. 
Comment 4 frank 2005-04-08 09:43:27 UTC
IMHO we do not need a change here. If you talk about spreadsheet normally an
Application is meant. If you want to talk about a special Sheet you will
normally name it.

I think we should not try to clone Excel. And MS nomenclatura isn't in any way a

Nevertheless I re-assign it to requirements for evaluation and decission making.

Comment 5 peschtra 2005-04-08 23:48:12 UTC
FST -- One reason for the change would be for writing documentation where you
aren't always naming a specific sheet, you are being more general, as I
explained in my initial message.

I am wondering what you argument against this is? I don't care if we clone
excel. I just want a differentiation made between the spreadsheet document as a
whole and a sheet in a spreadsheet.

Look right there, I had to use 12 words to clarify what I meant. This could be
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