Issue 4698

Summary: Allow hard setting of Header/Footers font size in Calc
Product: Calc Reporter: jmiller <jmiller>
Component: uiAssignee: AOO issues mailing list <issues>
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Priority: P5 (lowest) CC: bob-openoffice, don.troodon, issues
Version: OOo 1.0.0Keywords: rfe_eval_ok
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Description jmiller 2002-05-09 18:29:28 UTC
When I change the scaling of a page (under page setup) to anything other than
100%, the font size of the header and footer scales with the page scaling.  If I
take a small page and enlarge it to fit the full page, the header and footer
text size should not change.
Comment 1 frank 2002-05-13 09:13:18 UTC
Hi Falko,

another one for you.

Comment 2 frank 2002-05-13 09:14:28 UTC
Ooops, it seems to be a feature not a bug, so I have to change the
Issue type.

Comment 3 falko.tesch 2003-10-17 06:56:35 UTC
Wait a minute, what is wrong with that?
Of course if you change the scale of the page (preview) than
_everything_ scales.
Comment 4 falko.tesch 2003-10-17 06:57:50 UTC
Comment 5 jmiller 2003-10-17 13:26:48 UTC
Wow, I guess you may get some really stupid people submitting issues,
but some of us are smarter than you'd care to give us credit for.  The
comment made when the issue was closed is totally unrelated to the
original problem.  Here's the original problem as detailed as I can
make it:

I'm working in spreadsheet.  I go to print preview and click on the
page format button.  I set up a header and/or footer, with a
particular font size.  Then, I go to the "sheet" tab of this "format
page" window and near the bottom are two options - one is
"reduce/enlarge" and I can set a %.  The other is "fit to N pages". 
If I change either of these (either making the page larger or smaller
or fitting a large document to 1 page) the font size in the header and
footer changes.  This has absolutely nothing to do with the scale of
the page in the preview window.  It is physically changing the font
size of the printed text to fit onto fewer pages.  But when forcing
more text onto a page, the header and footer sizes should NOT change.

I urge you to actually try it to see what I mean.  Make a large
spreadsheet and go into page preview.  You'll see everything,
including the header and footer are nice and legible, and that you get
one entire page in your preview window.  Now go and change your
settings to "fit to 1 page" and you will still see one page in your
window, with much smaller text for the main body.  But, you will also
see that the header and footer sizes have changed, and they should
not.  Maybe that's a personal opinion not shared by everyone and
that's why you chose to do it that way.  But it's definitely not
something so stupid as changing the scale at which the page is viewed.

Oh, and I'm now using version 1.1.0 and the problem still exists in
that version.  Does it normally take more than a year to look at
submitted issues?
Comment 6 frank 2003-10-17 14:04:57 UTC
*** Issue 21244 has been marked as a duplicate of this issue. ***
Comment 7 dbertolo 2003-10-17 14:27:00 UTC
What about an option "scale header/footer"? I would like to choose whetever to 
scale the header/footer when I want to scale a page. 
Comment 8 falko.tesch 2003-10-20 10:14:40 UTC
Allow hard setting of Header/Footers font size in Calc
For the moment when scaling the to-be-printed spreadsheet to a defined
number of pages or a scale in percent headers and footers get scaled.,
Add an option that allows to disable such scaling of headers and
footer instead.
Comment 9 falko.tesch 2003-10-20 10:14:52 UTC
Comment 10 delorea 2006-09-13 09:23:53 UTC
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Comment 11 bettina.haberer 2010-05-21 15:16:55 UTC
To grep the issues easier via "requirements" I put the issues currently lying on
my owner to the owner "requirements".