Issue 4989

Summary: Printing to large format printers
Product: Draw Reporter: skiani <skiani>
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Priority: P3 CC: issues, rb.henschel
Version: OOo 1.0.0Keywords: oooqa
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Hardware: PC   
OS: Windows 2000   
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Description skiani 2002-05-17 17:05:42 UTC

I'm trying to print a large poster to an HP Design Jet printer. When I select
the printer setting I tell it to print either E-size or custom 36"x50" (for
which roll stock is loaded. But, when I go to the page size settings I do not
see the page sizes that the printer is capable of. It lets me configure a custom
size page that meets the paper size. But I can't print to it that size, it says
I must trim, scale or posterize. It seems to me there are some missing functions:

1. If I select a printer that has certain paper sizes avaible I should be able
to pick those sizes when I do page setup.

2. If I page set up to a particular page size it should select that paper size
from the printer. And if the paper is not loaded it should tell me (actually
that maybe an os function?).

3. It should let me print a page size that printer supports.
Comment 1 skiani 2002-05-19 15:25:08 UTC
I just noticed that the maximum page size is limited to 47.24" in
either direction. This limitation should be eliminated considering the
wide avaliability of large format ink jet printers (every department
in our building has atleast one 36" wide per group). There are larger
than we have as well.
Comment 2 wolframgarten 2002-06-11 09:11:39 UTC
Reassigned to Wolfram.
Comment 3 wolframgarten 2003-04-04 14:13:20 UTC
Reassigned to Thorsten.
Comment 4 thb 2003-04-04 20:14:37 UTC
As I have no such printer available, I cannot truly reproduce this bug. 
independence of the page format and the printer's page was intended, for somewhat 
fuzzy reasons. Generally, the page format in the Draw application was more or less 
used to provide the user with an impression on where the visible output lies. You can 
put stuff all over the place, it's not limited to the page shown.
The "shrink to fit" 
dialog only comes up if the page format set is truly smaller than the printer's page 
size, so I suspect that your printer might subtract some non-printable border from the 
nominal size.
Finally, the limitation to "A0" paper size is AFAIK due to limited 
internal precision. I hope this will change for 2.0, so I accept the bug for this 
Comment 5 skiani 2003-04-07 03:19:23 UTC
I have access to several different large format printers so I can test
it for you. One work around to part of the problem for page size is to
use impress and import from powerpoint. If I make a very large sheet
in powerpoint OOo opens it and keeps the large page size. Still can't
print though. Thanks!
Comment 6 thb 2003-04-08 18:54:40 UTC
What do you mean by "can't print"? Still the "shrink to fit" dialog popping up? 
elaborate on that precision issue: we can surely _represent_ more than A0 
coordinates internally. But for working with the document, several times the output 
precision is required, a simple example is when you move objects partially off the 
visible page. For PowerPoint import, we seem to favor the the document's setting over 
our internal limits, YMMV when actually working with such a document.
Comment 7 skiani 2003-04-08 23:41:14 UTC
OK, I just tryied 1.1Beta and it now let's me print and doesn't say I
have to scale! I just printed a 56"x24" storyboard on an HP DesignJet
1055CM and it came out good. I had to manually set the paper size on
the printer setup. I can't actually tell the paper size in OOo when I
change the page size it maxs out at 46.85x34" and if I hit ok it

Seems that the minimal fix left would be to allow for larger pages
(this print can do much longer than 56"). The second priority item
would be the linking of the page size to the printer such that the
printer will know the size paper I have set.
Comment 8 thb 2003-04-16 10:27:08 UTC
See also issue 13461.
Comment 9 thb 2003-09-12 18:21:59 UTC
Comment 10 marc.neumann 2003-10-15 14:24:23 UTC
"According to the roadmap
( this issue was retargeted to
OOo Later." 
Comment 11 Regina Henschel 2007-04-10 14:05:27 UTC
Perhaps this can be handled together with issue 4219?
Comment 12 thb 2007-04-10 16:42:08 UTC
@regina: yep, issue 4219 will surely solve the limit in page size. That would
leave linking initial printer page format selection to document page size, right?
Comment 13 thb 2012-07-13 20:47:53 UTC
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