Issue 58758

Summary: stylist and navigator window states not restored
Product: General Reporter: avagula
Component: uiAssignee: andreas.schluens
Status: CLOSED FIXED QA Contact: issues@framework <issues>
Severity: Trivial    
Priority: P1 (highest) CC: andre.schnabel, andreas.schluens, bluedwarf, chne, issues, josef.latt, lars_o_hansen, pavel, stx123,
Version: OOo 2.0.1Keywords: oooqa, regression
Target Milestone: OOo 2.0.1   
Hardware: All   
OS: All   
Issue Type: DEFECT Latest Confirmation in: ---
Developer Difficulty: ---
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the patch for this issue, which is not complete none

Description avagula 2005-12-01 21:26:56 UTC
Thanks for fixing toolbars state remembering. It works now.
Now the Stylist and Navigator window states are not remembered.
- open stylist and navigator
- close session
- open session
- windows not present, equal were they docked or floating
Comment 1 lars 2005-12-03 22:21:40 UTC
cannot reproduce in OOo 2.0.1 RC2: Navigator and Stylist get restored if 
opened in a previous session.
Comment 2 lars 2005-12-03 22:22:16 UTC
Comment 3 avagula 2005-12-04 12:00:45 UTC
Does not work in m143. 
You have properly closed session? (including quickstarters etc.
And have you deleted user settings before switching to new milestone?
Comment 4 lars 2005-12-04 12:03:45 UTC
Ok, sorry, I didn't close Quickstarter (but anyway: who does?)

confirmed on Windows XP Pro SP2 with OOo 2.0.1 RC2
Comment 5 avagula 2005-12-04 12:27:43 UTC
lars: you cannot prevent quickstarter from closing, when you shut down computer ;)
btw, all opsystems have not quickstarter, or they are not working as expected
with 2.0 (depending its own issues).
Comment 6 pmike 2005-12-08 13:58:50 UTC
I would like to restore style filter setting too (Automatic, Hierarchcal, All
Styles, etc.). In latest build (m144) it always fallback to "Automatic", even if
OOo wasn't closed. Just open/close Stylist.
Comment 7 bluedwarf 2005-12-08 17:59:56 UTC
I received a report from curvirgo which says the same thing.
I could reproduce this problem on Linux with m141 but I couldn't with 2.0.

Then I find that i51628 may affect this issue. Not sure, however I hope my
advice helps.
Comment 8 bluedwarf 2005-12-09 04:05:10 UTC
Added as and cn:

I tested some cases with m141 and found that m_nRefCount_* has never been
decreased to 0 and the destructer of m_pDataContainer_* have never been called
for some reason. So OOo cannot write out Views.xcu, which saves the states of
any windows of OOo.

There's almost no doubt that the change of fwk21 cause this problem. Please have
a look. -> as, cn

Curvirgo's report in Japanese help me pursue this issue. Thanks.
Comment 9 andreschnabel 2005-12-10 17:15:24 UTC
worked in 2.0.0 -> regression
Comment 10 andreschnabel 2005-12-10 22:14:48 UTC
*** Issue 59189 has been marked as a duplicate of this issue. ***
Comment 11 bluedwarf 2005-12-12 04:22:45 UTC
Created attachment 32296 [details]
the patch for this issue, which is not complete
Comment 12 bluedwarf 2005-12-12 04:29:37 UTC
I attached a patch for i58758. However, it is not complete to solve this issue.

The visibility state is now stored and read correctly but the position and size
state is not. We have to continue to investigate this problem.
Comment 13 merschmann 2005-12-12 07:31:54 UTC
OOo 2.0.1RC4 on W2K has obvously read my configuration data on update from 2.0.0
and by now I have the Stylist and Navigator window "always on and docked"

@Andre: Can we raise priority for this? I see it as "basic functionality"
Comment 14 andreas.schluens 2005-12-12 07:41:52 UTC
AS->bluedwarf :
The problem occures since issue #56589# (cws[perform06]) was fixed. And sorry .
.. but your patch isnt the right one. It would turn back the changes made for 
#56589#. The right fixe would be: call "flush()" inside every SetXXX() call.
see checked in version on cws[fwk29].
Comment 15 andreas.schluens 2005-12-12 07:44:35 UTC
Comment 16 andreas.schluens 2005-12-12 07:46:10 UTC
Comment 17 jolatt 2005-12-12 09:45:30 UTC
The target milestone for this bug seems to be a joke.
You should consider to delay the realease of OOo 2.01 to solve this bug.
This (the realease) concerns also Issue 59188. 
Comment 18 jolatt 2005-12-13 13:31:20 UTC
IMO this is a basic functionality. If this is really fixed, it should be 
integrated in OOo 2.01.
Comment 19 bluedwarf 2005-12-14 03:19:48 UTC
I agree with jolatt. As volkerme reported, this bug may inconvenience those who
are using 2.0.

The problem, the position and size states are not kept correctly, was specific
to IceWM window manager which I mainly use.

I confirmed the fix of fwk29 works correctly on Knoppix 4.0 (KDE) with my own
build. You can download my build from

curvirgo also confirmed the fix of fwk29 with Gnome 2.10 and on Windows XP with
his own build.
Comment 20 mdxonefour 2005-12-14 10:31:25 UTC
md: This will be addressed in 2.0.1
Comment 21 lars 2005-12-14 20:05:25 UTC
*** Issue 59353 has been marked as a duplicate of this issue. ***
Comment 22 carsten.driesner 2005-12-15 14:41:23 UTC
*** Issue 59188 has been marked as a duplicate of this issue. ***
Comment 23 stx123 2005-12-15 20:12:04 UTC
*** Issue 59188 has been marked as a duplicate of this issue. ***
Comment 24 andreschnabel 2005-12-15 21:09:28 UTC
verified in 2.0.1RC5 german