Issue 595

Summary: [RFE] restrict input len in formatted fields (was: error entering)
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Status: ACCEPTED --- QA Contact: marc.neumann
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Priority: P3 CC: issues
Version: 619   
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Description issues@www 2001-03-23 14:42:06 UTC
I was very happy to see that OpenOffice was able to sort and to store my 
bibliography and to use it in a text without effort. Great but it doesn't 
My computer:
PC with a Celeron 500
320 Mo RAM
1Go free on the Linux partition
Linux 2.4.1 (built)
binaries of OpenOffice 619
XFree 4.0.1 (binaries)
Gnome 1.2.0 (built)
(Do you need more informations???)

In the bibliography database manager (not the beamer viewer) I'm just not 
allowed to write a Title that contains more than 80 characters. But what I 
don't understand that is when I want to use this database in my text, 
OpenOffice shutdown without any massage.
I've managed to write the entire title in the beamer.


PS: I'm student and have to write my PhD report and want to use OpenOffice 
instead of the other $oft ...
Comment 1 marc.neumann 2001-03-23 15:29:33 UTC
The bibliography part is a wordprocessor part and not a database access part so 
I change the product.  
Comment 2 stefan.baltzer 2001-04-06 15:59:06 UTC
Reassigned to Eric Savary
Comment 3 eric.savary 2001-04-06 17:25:58 UTC
> (Do you need more informations???)

Well, the main one: what do you exactly when you say:
"when I *want to use this database in my text*, 
OpenOffice shutdown".
While inserting an entry? Editing it? Inserting a Bibliography index??
-> this I cannot reproduice.
For the other problem (80 chars. only): ok, submission to developpment.
NOTE: in the future, please, 1 Problem=1 Issue in IssueZilla... don't mix! Thank you! 
Comment 4 eric.savary 2001-04-06 19:40:50 UTC
After a short test (current build), all text fields are limited to 75 char and 
50 for 'Author' and 'Title' (which can content usually the longest strings).
As Stephane says, the Beamer part of the Database accepts much more characters 
in each field.
Comment 5 Oliver Specht 2001-04-10 07:53:16 UTC
Comment 6 Oliver Specht 2001-05-16 08:06:35 UTC
The columns are limited in the database table and so the edit fields restrict 
the length.
The beamer doesn't care about the length :-(. 

Comment 7 Frank Schönheit 2001-05-16 10:29:26 UTC
The behaviour of the controls in the bibliography is not a bug, but a feature :)

In general, a text field can have a maximum text length. If -1 is specified for 
this, no restrictions apply when entering the text. If 0 is specified (which is 
the case for the bibliography controls), the field obtains the length 
restrictions from the underlying database field.

In our case this means that the edit field looks at the table field, which is 
defined as "text, length 80" (or something like that), so it limits it's input 
this way, too.

The controls in the grid view of the bibliography are not completely the same 
as the others (more precise: in the grid control formatted fields instead of 
edit fields are used). The bug here is that these fields behave different, 
regarding the maximum text length.

I'll fix this for the formatted fields, i.e., after this the input in the grid 
is restricted the same way as in the lower controls.

This restriction is no bug, as everything you enter _more_ than the limit would 
be rejected (more precise: cutted, more or less silently) by the database 
driver, as there's simply no room in the dbf file.

So if you want to have more characters than this limit, you would need to 
adjust the bibliography table so that the fields are allowed to contain more 
data (you could use the table design component for this, to be invoked from the 
context menu of the table in the data source browser).
Comment 8 stx123 2001-05-17 17:58:53 UTC
P2 -> P3
no guarantee for next build (632), or Frank?
Comment 9 Frank Schönheit 2001-05-18 12:27:28 UTC
no guarantee :)

I have heavy work load at the moment, so may be this will take a while.

The more as it's no "fix" for the original "bug" Stephane submitted, but a new 
(small) feature.

Stephane, what about the other effect you described herein? The office crashing 
if you try to "use the database in your text"?
Comment 10 Frank Schönheit 2001-12-11 10:19:15 UTC

can you confirm that in the latest build (641B), the office does not crash anymore?
The change with the field length is still pending, I just want to get ridd off this crash ...

Comment 11 Frank Schönheit 2002-02-13 09:27:26 UTC
changing the Summary for easier recognition

assumed that the crash does not happen anymore (could never reproduce
it) due to missing feedback from Stephane
Comment 12 Frank Schönheit 2002-12-19 14:31:12 UTC
target milestone set to OOo 2.0
Comment 13 Frank Schönheit 2003-07-15 15:36:31 UTC
changing to ENHANCEMENT
Comment 14 marc.neumann 2003-09-25 13:24:46 UTC
"According to the roadmap
( this issue was retargeted to
OOo Later."
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change subcomponent to 'none'
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Reset the assignee to the default "".