Issue 60116

Summary: StandaloneDocumentInfo unit test.
Product: App Dev Reporter: Oliver Brinzing <oliver.brinzing>
Component: apiAssignee: mikhail.voytenko
Status: CLOSED FIXED QA Contact: issues@api <issues>
Severity: Trivial    
Priority: P3 CC: issues,
Version: 3.3.0 or older (OOo)   
Target Milestone: ---   
Hardware: All   
OS: Windows XP   
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3 test files zipped (*.sdw, *.sxw, *.odt)
The unit test for StandaloneDocumentInfo none

Description Oliver Brinzing 2006-01-06 08:50:35 UTC

as one can read, i still have problems using XStandaloneDocumentInfo ...
using the code snippet to read and write the documentinfo from different files
causes the following problems:

              *.sdw                *.sxw                     *.odt
           read     write      read     write            read     write

oo 1.1.5    ok        ok        ok       fails           fails    fails
oo 2.0.1   fails   fails        ok       fails            ok      fails



REM  *****  BASIC  *****
Option Explicit

Sub Main

	On Local Error Goto ErrorHandler

	Dim oSM, oDesk, oInfo As Object
	Dim sFile as String
	Dim sTitle as String

	sFile = "E:\test.sdw"
'	sFile = "E:\test.sxw"
'	sFile = "E:\test.odt"

        oSM = CreateObject("")
        oInfo = oSM.createInstance("")

	sTitle = oInfo.getPropertyValue("Title")
	msgBox sTitle

	oInfo.setPropertyValue("Title", "Hello World")

	Exit Sub
	MsgBox Error() & Chr(13) & Erl() & Chr(13) & Err()
End Sub
Comment 1 Oliver Brinzing 2006-01-06 08:52:00 UTC
Created attachment 32950 [details]
3 test files zipped (*.sdw, *.sxw, *.odt)
Comment 2 stephan.wunderlich 2006-01-06 10:58:04 UTC
sw->as: the problem with the sdw-files is most likely issue 36993 ... but the
fact that we can't store document info in the other files looks like a new issue
to me.
Comment 3 stephan.wunderlich 2006-01-06 15:28:46 UTC
setting target
Comment 4 Oliver Brinzing 2006-06-08 17:44:46 UTC

just noticed, that instantiating the service
"" via OO 2.0.3 RC 5 causes
a crash  :-( 

SO 8.0 PU 3 is also affected ...

so please change target milestone/priority ...

Comment 5 andreas.schluens 2006-06-20 12:31:50 UTC
The last described problem is not realy a problem the StandaloneDocumentInfo service. 
It's a problem of the introspection of basic. Because basic tries to call the new created 
service before it was realy initialized ... because this service must be called within its 
method loadFromURL() first. Calling any other method before will throw an exception or 
produce a crash. Reason: without a related document this service cant work.
see #i59538# for further informations.

Comment 6 andreas.schluens 2006-06-20 12:37:15 UTC
Comment 7 andreas.schluens 2007-01-02 10:16:50 UTC
Comment 8 2007-10-25 07:06:28 UTC
Created attachment 49137 [details]
The unit test for StandaloneDocumentInfo
Comment 9 mikhail.voytenko 2007-10-25 11:58:19 UTC
The tests show that the scenario works well now for all the mentioned types of
the documents. So the original problem was solved by the reimplementation of the
service that was done some time ago.

Since the problem is not reproducible, I am changing the title and use the bug
to integrate the provided unit test in one of the next framework cws.
Comment 10 mikhail.voytenko 2007-10-25 11:59:33 UTC
The unit test will be integrated for OOo2.4.
Comment 11 mikhail.voytenko 2007-12-04 11:17:38 UTC
The patch has been integrated into fwk79 cws.
Comment 12 mikhail.voytenko 2007-12-04 12:53:27 UTC
The test is integrated into fwk79.
Comment 13 mikhail.voytenko 2007-12-14 14:01:44 UTC
Development issue, verified by myself.
Comment 14 mikhail.voytenko 2008-02-28 09:30:48 UTC