Issue 60820

Summary: Unable to reapply the same font color multiple times (reopen)
Product: Impress Reporter: milossramek <milos.sramek>
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Version: OOo 2.0.1Keywords: needmoreinfo
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Description milossramek 2006-01-19 12:44:08 UTC
I propose to reopen issue 57083.

The "Format Paintbrush" does not work for text in Impress, as it was described
by wg in his/her answer. Even the help says: 

"Text within drawing object or within Calc cells is selected
Not supported"

This feature would, of course, solve the problem of 57083.

Moreover, I think there is mess in "font color" functionality.

In Writer, there are two "font color" buttons possible, which look the same but
behave differently (see attachment) : One functions in the way as proposed in
57083 (after selecting a color, the bar in its icon stays all the time the same
and can be used to repeatedly apply the same color - not available in Impres),
one which behaves as wg has described.

I think it is a serious problem, that "Format Paintbrush" does not work in
Impress. Now, if I want to highlight a piece of text in the same color as some
other piece of text, I have to open the "Font color" dialog, where I see about 5
similar colors. Which is the correct one? This is not an easy task to find it,
since color appearance depends on its background. The only possibility I know
about now is to try one after another  and to check the result.  This is
definitely not efficient and frustrating a lot.
Comment 1 wolframgarten 2006-01-19 12:59:33 UTC
I just tested this: format paintbrush works in impress. 
1.Have a textobject with a red font color.
2. Have another textobject with standard (black color).
3.Select the first object, click the paintbrush tool, click on the second
object: the font color is adapted.
The five similar colors are not the default. I do not know how they got in
there. Can you provide a step-by-step description how you get there?
And where did you find the quotation that you use some lines up from here? I did
not find it.
Comment 2 milossramek 2006-01-19 13:18:35 UTC
We are talking about different things: it works in textobjects, but not in
"normal" impress text (see the attached document, the second page - word
"Volume" is highlighted, but the "format paintbrush" icon is deactivated. This
is the problem.

What about the two "font colors" icons? I think users would be happy with just
one, namely the "enriched".
Comment 3 milossramek 2006-01-19 13:41:54 UTC
Sorry. I forgot to address the other two things. 

The color dialog is the default one I allways have and I do not know is it is
possible to change it.
In the attachment there is now a third page, showing a violete piece of text
("Volume") and the font color dialog. My question is, which of the violets in
the dialog is the one in text? At this point I would propose to simplify the
color dialog to, say default 8 colors and a "more" button. And, perhaps, make
these defaults dependent on the chosen color scheme of the presentation, so that
they are allways nice and adjust appropriately, if the color chme is changed

I got the quotation from OO help, "Copying Formatting With the Format
Paintbrush".   For "Drawing object" this behavior is OK, but for the "normal"
Impress slide text it should work as it does in Writer.
Comment 4 wolframgarten 2006-01-19 15:25:15 UTC
The two font color icons is a writer problem. Thats where it should be adressed.
Please write a new issue for that. Thanks.
Comment 5 wolframgarten 2006-01-19 15:49:03 UTC
The problem that a words formatting between other words in a text object cannot
be used for format paintbrush is simply a missing implementation of this
function (
Http:// ,
scenarion7). Since this is not a bug I change this issue to enhancement and
reassign it.
I had a quick look to powerpoint: it has the functionality so it would be nice
if OOo has it, too.
Comment 6 Edwin Sharp 2014-04-23 12:18:33 UTC
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